Going for the Goldie

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I must have slept late because the house was empty when I woke up. I went out to get coffee and found a powder blue satin thong on the kitchen counter with a handwritten note from Alice. “I wore this after a date last night. You might notice a small stain. That’s my date’s cum that leaked out of me. Put it on and wait for Goldie. Don’t wear anything else.”

The stain wasn’t really that small, but I stepped into them and pulled them up. Her size was just enough to fit, but very snugly, holding my cock tightly, almost restricting it. Between that, the memories of last night and the anticipation of what was coming, I was soon leaking and adding to the stain.

It was a very long hour wondering what this was all about before I heard the door open.

Goldie walked in looking more than a bit imposing. A black leather bustier and tiny micro skirt was it. Well, except for the boots. The thigh high boots with the heels that had to be illegal. And the bag. When she set it down, it sort of jingled. Her face was done in a way to exude sex. Dark eyes, glossy red lips. Her long black hair was pulled up to the top of her head, a golden band gathering it and forming an extreme pony tail that cascaded down her back.

Walking towards me not even wincing at the height of the heels that would hobble most women, our eyes never broke the gaze between them. Hers was determination. Mine had to be fear. Without saying a word, she lowered her hand to my crotch and took hold with those nails I’d suffered under earlier.

“Hey asshole, how’s it feel to be wearing the thong your sister wore after she got fucked last night?”

Now how the hell was I supposed to answer that?

“I’m waiting for an answer asshole. Unless you want me to squeeze harder?”

“Um, no that’s OK” I grimaced, “I like wearing them.”

“Say it asshole … tell me you like wearing her thong smeared with cum from the guy who fucked her.”

I did as she commanded, only to get her to release her iron grip on my balls. But hell, I really did like wearing a thong with some guy’s cum that had leaked out of my sister’s cunt. I mean, it certainly wasn’t the first time.

Goldie let go of me and removed the thong, now soiled twice.

She had me lay on the couch, knelt between my legs and put her mouth to work again. Taking each ball in her mouth she clamped her teeth down making me think she was going to bite them off. Using both hands she worked up and down the shaft stroking me. I looked up to see the wall mirror behind her showing her skirt hiked up and her bare ass fully visible. Only it wasn’t completely bare. There appeared to be a chain stretched between her magnificent cheeks.

Stopping for a moment, she had me pull down the zipper holding the bustier closed. It was so tight that it almost popped open making her spectacular tits bounce gaziantep escort kız free. Enthralled with them, I made the same mistake again causing her to scream “NO!”

“Dammit. You fucked up again asshole. I was going to have to rub them but now you don’t get to touch them today. You’ll NEVER Fucking learn!! “

What could I say after that? Nothing.

She straightened to shrug the garment off, so I figured I’d at least be able to see them. Curses, foiled again!! Under the leather was a chain pretending to be a bra with small padlocks covering her nipples.

At least she went back to work on my cock. I was afraid she might not. With both hands again she pumped it until it spewed all over that wonderful chest. I though I was in real trouble. But not even close. She used her hands to rub it into them like some sort of skin cream.

“I was going to have you do this, but you fucked up and tried to touch them again.”

She stood up in front of me and turned around.

“Unzip my skirt and take it off.”

No argument from me there. Under it was another chain. Turning around slowly, I could see that this was a chain pretending to be a thong with three more small padlocks arranged down her the middle over her mound. She blew my mind when she moved one her fingers still wet with my cum down to her crotch and moving the locks aside, rubbed it along her slit. But who needs a mind when your sister is all but masturbating inches from your face with a finger she just used to rub your cum into her tits after jacking you off?

But it wasn’t over. Holding the locks aside, she said “Use your tongue and make one lick right here,” using her bright crimson index finger nail to point to her slit glistening with my own cum. “One lick asshole, just one.”

She was smooth as silk and tasted heavenly. Once I got to her fingernail she used it at the tip of my nose to push me away and let the locks go which did nothing really to cover her at all.

“Someday, I might teach you to eat pussy almost as good as your wife does.”

I was lost in the thought of my wife’s head between my sister’s legs.

“Almost, because a guy can never eat pussy as well as a woman.”

I was sure gonna try if she ever gave me the chance.

“Now, let’s get to work before your cock tries to come to life again,” she said as she reached into the bag she’d brought.

She brought out chains. More chains. And more locks. Damn Goldie and her locks. And then something else, bigger and cup like. She told me to stand with my legs parted. Putting one of the chains around my waist, she dropped a portion of it down behind me, then reached between my legs to pull it up into my ass crack. The next thing out of her back of bitch tricks was a plastic bag with a cloth wrapped escort kız gaziantep around an ice pack. I swear the ice cold rag she grabbed me with shrunk me to half my normal flaccid size. The cup like device turned out to fit tightly over my now shrunken cock and had rings to attach to the chain with … you guessed it … more locks.

“That’s a good fit for now. We’ll leave you like that for the rest of the day. I want to see how you get used to it.”

I was more than stunned. She stood up and walked away in those thigh high boots and minuscule chains, all but nude otherwise. Both of us. She started to ignore me, going about a routine of trivial things. She took out her phone, selected some music, plugged in some earbuds, and off she went to the kitchen to get something to eat. That turned out to be a banana and I’m here to say, she made one Hell of a show of eating that banana. My sister was all but mouth fucking herself with that banana trying to deep throat it. Fully restricted however, my cock couldn’t rise to the occasion. As it tried, I found out the purpose of the chain stretched so tightly along my ass crack.

It became even more of an issue when she started dancing to whatever music she was listening to. Maybe undulating would be a better word. It would be called lewd almost everywhere. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, she got a message on her phone. After typing a brief reply, she took the earbuds off, put the phone down and walked back to me. Taking me by the hand without saying a word, she led me to one of the decorative columns separating two rooms. Backing me up to it, she stepped behind and clicked something around my wrists behind the pole. Bitch had handcuffed me to it. She brought a small stool, placed it between my legs and adjusted it so I could rest on it without sitting down. She moved a small, but sturdy table to just a few feet in front of me. Reaching into her bag again to retrieve something else, she moved behind me again. Reaching around my neck from behind she placed something over my mouth and clasped it behind my neck. I realized it was something to keep me from speaking.

“Enjoy the show asshole.”

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. She sauntered over to the front door and opened it wide, standing there in broad daylight nearly nude, hands on her hips, legs parted. In a moment a man entered. Their first contact was his hand between her legs. He took her naked body in his arms, crushing her to him and kissing her deeply. Breaking off, she took his hand and led him over to the table in front of me. No words were spoken and neither of them acknowledged me in any way despite my predicament.

Standing there just a few feet in front of she removed the chain bra and thong. Even though I had seen nearly gaziantep escort kızlar all of her and the small chains had really done nothing to cover her, this is the first time she was completely uncovered … well except for those insane boots. This guy, whoever he was now let his hands wander freely over her body, tits, legs, ass, cunt, wherever he wanted. Her hands were busy fishing his cock out of his pants. She lowered down to her knees and took him all into her mouth working him in, inch by inch, her lips and throat working steadily and obscenely. After a couple of minutes, she stood up and finished undressing him, then did what he had done, run her hands all over him. At one point, he cupped her breasts and put his mouth to them, licking and nibbling on them. She fell back to her knees and opened her mouth again. This is where I found out what the pony tail was for. He held it firmly while he pushed into her open mouth and literally fucked her face.

After what seemed like an hour of them exploring each other with their hands and mouths while standing, followed by the face fuck, they showed out what the table was for. Laying back on it, she took his cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. I’m handcuffed to a pole in my own living room with a gag over my mouth and my own cock restricted watching a guy I’d never seen before fucking my sister. And there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it. This went on for quite a while as he pumped in and out of her. I began to think he was some kind of robotic fucking machine. Finally he pulled out of her. She turned over laying face down on the table and he moved in behind her. Though neither of them had said a word to me or even looked at me, they made it very clear that he was going to fuck her ass. It seemed like she had made a point of positioning and opening herself in a way that there would be no doubt in my mind where his cock was going. And go it did. Slowly at first until she adjusted, but it all went in. Back to the machine like strokes, pumping and pounding, slapping his balls on her.

Before too long, he pulled out flipped her over and spewed all over her tits, the same place she had taken mine earlier. Again, her hands went to work rubbing it over them. In her first time looking at me since he arrived, she walked over to me and pressed those tits against me, inevitably transferring some of the liquid to me.

Without a word having been spoken by anyone, he got dressed and she walked him to the door to show him out.

Applause? I heard applause? Yes, it was applause. A door opened from another room and out walked my mother, my wife, my father and my other sister. They had all been watching via a concealed camera. All five of them walked up to me and my wife released me from the gag and handcuffs.

My mother was the first to speak “did you enjoy Goldie’s Locks?”

They laughed. I groaned.

Leaving the cage on and Goldie in the nude, the rest of them fully dressed, we all sat down to recap and talk. I was told this was a test to see how I would react to an explicit and extreme show involving someone close to me. I was also told it would not be the last time, but no other details were offered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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