Gold Digger Rescue

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Gold Digger Rescue Chapter one – Rescue

We didn’t have a lot of luck on our shark fishing trip, but we did have some luck in other areas, if you know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink! Sean, Freddy, and I were heading back home in Freddy’s SeaRay Sundancer after about 10 hours of no sharks on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May.

We were coming back into Indian Rocks Beach when we caught sight of a good sized single sail yacht that was evidently in trouble. A short, stocky, balding guy was waving at us, so we pulled closer.

“Everything ok?” Sean yelled at the guy when we were close enough to be heard.

“My electric’s out! Can you call a tow boat for me?” the little guy yelled back.

“We can give you a tow!” Sean replied. We didn’t mind helping the guy. Those frigging tow boats charged an arm and a leg. They’d charge the guy a cool grand for towing a fifty-foot boat. We pulled alongside and saw that his boat’s name was “Crime Doesn’t Pay.”

The little guy invited us on board, so we tied up to him and clambered over the rail. “Chris Matthews,” I introduced myself, shaking the stocky little dude’s hand.

“Barney Shalowitz.” he answered. (I swear, he was a dead ringer for George on the Seinfeld TV show!) “We were trolling out and all of a sudden, nothing! No lights, no engine, no fridge, nada. We’ve been anchored here about three hours now.”

“What a beautiful boat!” I complimented, looking around at the beautiful teak decking and wheel. The antique brass portholes and railings gleamed, and everything looked ship-shape and Bristol fashion. “Have you had her a long time?”

“I actually bought her at a police auction about two weeks ago.” Barney replied. “She’s a former drug runner. I’ve been sailing smaller craft since I was a kid, but I know dick-all about engines. I’d sail her back, but the wind’s veered and we’re on a lee shore. I’ve never sailed a boat this large, and I’m afraid I’ll run her aground if I try to tack out to sea.”

“That was a good call, Barney” I told him. “You’d need a lot of sea room to keep this beauty off the beach.” The little guy looked pleased to have his judgment validated. “I’m a fair hand with a wrench. Mind if I take a look below?” I asked. “Sean and Freddy here will hook you up and we can tow you back. Those towboats are just legal ripoff operations, and we all hate to see anybody stuck out here. Believe me, we’ve all been in the same circumstance.”

“Go ahead.” Barney said. “My wife and daughter are down there, so let me make sure they’re decent, first.” He opened the hatch to the cabin and shouted, “Sandra! Bekah! Some guys are here to help us out! Can you come up on deck, please?”

An exquisite blue-eyed blonde in a black string bikini came up from below deck, followed by a cute teenage girl in a green one. I was startled, because I knew the blonde. Her name was Sandy Andrews when I had known her before, but I guessed it was Sandy Shalowitz now. Sandy was thirty-two, same age as me, but Barney had to be fifty. I wasn’t really surprised that Sandy was so much younger than her husband, she was a gold digger when I had known her ten years previously. I never got in her pants because I didn’t have any money at the time, but she had always been friendly enough.

I had been working in Panama City Beach as a lifeguard back then, and Sandy was a stripper at a club called Big Daddy’s. My roommate, Curtis, was dating Sandy’s roommate, Evie, who was a waitress at the same club. Curt and I used to get amused watching Sandy when the four of us would go out clubbing, as she would always try to find a doctor or a lawyer to hook up with. Somebody always lied to her to get in her pants, but when she found out they were broke, she’d be on the prowl again. Sandy had a baby daughter, and back then she was looking to use her fabulous body and face to land herself and her baby a lifetime of security. It looked like she had succeeded.

Sandy looked startled to see me, but hid it well. She said a warm, “Hello, Chris! Still in the rescue business, I see!” and gave me a hug. She explained to Barney that we’d known each other in school and that we had been lifeguards on the same beach once or twice. I didn’t know what game she was playing, but for the sake of our old friendship I went along with her story. “Have you seen Evie at all?” I asked her. She told Barney that Evie was her roomie that had once had a torrid romance with me.

Her explanation put Barney at ease. Another girl in my past laid to rest any suspicions that Sandy and I had ever been involved. I understood why she told him that, but was curious as to the reason for her lie. I guessed that she was trying to hide her past as a stripper, and that was okay by me. I had no axes to grind with her.

Sandy introduced the pretty brunette teenager that had followed her on deck as Rebekah. Rebekah had fair skin and freckles to go with her light brown hair, and was struggling with acne. She was wearing a lime green bikini that was quite fetching on her long, lanky frame. I estimated her age at fifteen or sixteen. She gave me a brief, nervous smile. “Rebekah or Becky, which do you like better?” I asked.

“Bekah.” she replied, looking at the deck shyly.

“Well, Bekah, if you’ll take the wheel to keep the rudder straight, your dad can ride up in Freddy’s boat and show us where to go, and Sandy can show me the engine compartment. Sound good?” I asked generally. Everyone was agreeable, so I followed Sandy below deck while her husband clambered over to the Sea Ray.

When we reached the engine compartment, Sandy put her hand on my arm. “Thanks for backing up my story to Barney, Chris. He doesn’t know about my past, and if he ever finds out he’ll divorce me at once. He’s a New York lawyer, and an Orthodox Jew to boot. We got married six months ago.” She looked at the deck. “He doesn’t know about Cheyenne, either, so please don’t say anything.” (Cheyenne was her daughter’s name.) “The only way his family would accept our marriage was to convince them I was still a virgin.”

“You got married six months ago and his family thought you were still a virgin?” I asked. “What are they blind or something? How could a woman as spectacular as you still be a virgin?” Sandy smiled at the compliment and kissed me on the cheek!

“His mother wants a grandson so badly it pretty much makes her blind to anything else.” the blonde bombshell replied. “Barney told her I was a virgin and was willing to convert to Judaism, so she accepted the match. The old bitch hates my guts, but if I give her a male grandchild, she’ll accept anything, including me.”

“Where’s Cheyenne?” I asked gently, not knowing where this was going.

“Cheyenne’s in a foster home.” she replied, her liquid blue eyes filling with tears. “After I moved to Clearwater a few years ago, I got involved with an asshole that claimed he owned a trucking company. The only thing he was trucking was cocaine, from Miami to Atlanta. I got busted in the car with him with a kilo of coke. Since it was my first offense, and I didn’t have any coke in my blood sample, the State had to let me walk, but Human Services took Cheyenne from me. That was a year ago. I had just started waiting tables at an oyster bar in Clearwater when I met Barney.”

“Oh, Sandy,” I responded sympathetically, taking her in my arms to let her cry a little. I really felt bad for her. Sure, she was a gold digging tramp, but she had a good heart. She was dumb, though, and still hadn’t figured out that one way or another, we all have to pay for what we get. Like the song says, every form of refuge has its price.

“How old is Cheyenne now?” I asked, very conscious of how warm her body was as she leaned into me, and how very few clothes we were wearing. Sandy smiled gratefully up at me, blinking back tears, and nestling a little closer. “Can you get her back?”

“She’s thirteen. The lawyer says there’s a chance, but I have to figure out a way to tell Barney about her. It’s all such a mess!” she sobbed, burying her face against my chest. I let her cry herself out, feeling sympathetic, but enjoying the shit out of having her so close to me. My cock was fully erect, making a tent in my shorts. I couldn’t control myself, Sandy was just so fucking hot!

I gave a start when the beautiful ex-stripper reached down to grab my dick and begin slowly jacking it through my shorts! “Mmmmm,” she hummed, “You’re a big one, aren’t you baby? Evie said you had a big dick! I should have been riding you when we were in P.C.” (I had fucked Evie a few times when Curtis was passed out drunk.)

Sandy squatted down and pulled my shorts off, making a pleased little exclamation when my boner popped free and slapped her nose! “What a beautiful cock!” she breathed. “And so hard! Barney has trouble getting it up. He’s got a lot of hangups.”

The gorgeous blonde ex-stripper expertly swirled her hot tongue around the velvety knob of my cock, jacking the steely shaft with one hand and caressing my ass with the other!

“Oh, damn, baby that’s hot!” I told her. She smiled naughtily at me, thrust her finger up my ass and started sucking my dick like a goddam vacuum cleaner! I nearly shouted, it was so fucking good!

It had been a couple of weeks since I had fucked anybody, so it didn’t take long for this blonde goddess to get me off! My engorged fuck tool exploded into her hungrily sucking mouth, spewing a big wad of steaming spunk for her to eagerly swallow! She licked and sucked my balls after I finished, thoroughly cleaning my spent prick with her tongue, milking out the last drop of sticky jizz!

“That was delicious, Chrissy,” she said seductively, pressing her lips to mine for a lustful kiss, moaning as our tongues dueled with each other, my hands busy kneading her shapely ass!

She pushed away from me. “We need to figure out a way to get together, Chris, I want that dick!” She turned and went back up the companionway, me watching her magnificent ass as she went! Man, did I intend to fuck the shit out of that married slut just as soon as I could get her alone!

I turned around and unfastened the cowling from the engine compartment to see what was up. Whoever had used the boat for smuggling had adapted and reinforced the hull for two big in-line six diesel motors. The dual props would no doubt make this innocent-looking sailboat fly across the water like a scalded cat! As I had figured, there was a bare spot on a battery cable that had shorted against a strut. Five minutes and some electrical tape would have made a quick repair, but I needed an excuse to get together with Sandy! I removed the starter solenoid and put everything back into place.

When I went back up on deck, I discovered that the guys had slowed enough to let the yacht catch up to the Sea Ray, allowing Sandy to climb over. I couldn’t blame them, she was a fine looking piece of ass!

That left me alone on the yacht with Rebekah, whom I noticed was glaring at her parents with something akin to hatred. I sat down next to the startled teen, and said, “Y’know, if looks could maim, your folks would probably have to be carried off that boat in a basket.”

The pretty little brunette giggled. “I just can’t stand them, either one of them. Look at Sandy, over there shaking her ass for those guys, and my dad just standing there, watching her do it. Useless prick.” She was mad again.

“Maybe that’s how they get off.” I said. The teenager looked at me, startled. She wasn’t used to an adult speaking to her as another adult. “Maybe it’s their little game. Your dad might like watching other men react to Sandy shaking her ass.”

“Ewwww!” she exclaimed, looking horrified, but excited at the same time! She wasn’t used to being spoken to frankly about sex, especially by a grown man. “That’s weird! You really think so?”

“Maybe, I dunno.” I replied. “People are weird in general. Who am I to judge? It’s hard to think of our parents as men and women, just human beings that are as horny and sick and perverted as the rest of the world. Want a beer?”

“Sure!” she blurted, and I had only thought she looked startled before! She was definitely not used to being treated as an adult! I hollered over to Sean and he tossed me back a couple of cold ones. I caught one in each hand, which also impressed Bekah. She accepted her beer, interest growing in her eyes.

I caught her gaze, and she quickly looked at the deck, embarrassed. “Smile!” I told her. “It’s a beautiful day, and being pissed off keeps you from joining the party! Don’t waste your time hating and being mad. It puts people off, and someone as beautiful as you should be smiling, not frowning.”

Bekah colored up like a sunset, but her smile was as bright as the dawn! She looked at me shyly, and asked, “Do you really think I’m beautiful?” She was beautiful indeed, and very, very young and vulnerable. She had a little acne, but she would soon be over that. Otherwise, she was a bit lanky, but in a couple of years she would be a tall and strikingly beautiful.

“You’re going to be a supermodel.” I told her, and her grin grew even bigger. The look she was giving me now was adoring, and I realized I had made a conquest. Bekah was ready to do whatever I wanted, and I started having erotic fantasies about a hot three-way with her and Sandy. This was turning into a very successful fishing trip, sharks or no sharks!

“I’m not gonna be a model with this pizza face!” the hot little girl said, gesturing at her zits. She was fishing, too, for another compliment! I decided to play along. I wanted her cherry!

“What, your acne?” I asked Bekah, pretending I hadn’t even noticed it. “Aww, it’s not that bad! But you can clear it up in no time if you start taking birth control. Google it!” I said, responding to her incredulous look. “That’s what all the models in the teen fashion mags use! Clears it right up. And a girl that looks like you do could swap places with any of them!” She beamed happily.

It took us about another hour and a half to reach Barney’s place. It was in Pass-a-Grille, an exclusive little community built on the strip of land between the inland waterway and the Gulf of Mexico, just south of St. Pete Beach.

The house was very nice indeed, a two-story Spanish-style villa with a big lawn, a dock and a boathouse. Barney must have been fucking loaded! The place must have set him back four or five million, waterfront property in St. Pete Beach wasn’t cheap, especially in Pass-a-Grille! I felt bad again for Sandy. This was what she thought she’d always wanted, a rich husband and a mansion. Now that she finally had them, though, she was finding out that wealth and property aren’t everything.

We manuvered the sailboat into the big boathouse and tied it off. Barney offered us money, but Freddy waved him off again, telling him,” Glad to help. I’ve been in the same spot a dozen times.”

Sean added, “Just do the same thing for somebody else, if you can. We all need each other at sea. Those towboat companies are vultures.”

Barney was impressed by our generosity. I went over to show him the perfectly good solenoid I’d taken off his boat’s engines. “This is your problem. This solenoid was shorting against the engine block.”

“If you say so,” he said, inspecting the part with a blank expression on his face.

I said, “It’s Sunday, and the parts store closed early. I’m starting a seawall project in St. Pete Beach in the morning, so if you’d like, I can get the part and come by and install it on my way to work. It won’t take me twenty minutes.”

“That would be awesome!” Barney agreed enthusiastically, thinking he would save a mechanic’s fee as well as the tow. “I’ll have to be in the office at nine, but Sandy and Rebekah will be here. I’ll leave some cash to reimburse you.”

That was fine by me, I didn’t want his money. I wanted to fuck his wife and his daughter, if I got the chance! “Should be about thirty bucks or so. See ya then!” I climbed back into the SeaRay and waved at the girls as we sped away.

* * *

The next morning, I went by the parts place and got another solenoid and a battery cable. I live on a houseboat docked at Mermaid Marina in Indian Rocks Beach, in between St. Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach. They give me the berth for free in exchange for keeping the docks and seawall in shape. I’ve always worked on the waterfront or on the sea. It’s a great place to live, to stay in shape, and to meet scores of hot women! I get more ass than a toilet seat!

I called Barney at his office to let him know it would take about an hour or so before I got to his place. He said he would call and let the girls know I was coming. Perfect. I was going to be coming, all right! I licked my chops in anticipation of Sandy’s steamy cunt, and hoped I’d get to pop the cherry of that hot little teenager as well! I jumped onto my SeaDoo and headed down the Waterway to Pass-a-Grille.

When gaziantep eskort bayan I arrived at their dock, I scoped out the security camera above the boathouse door. I immediately went into the boathouse, jumped into their boat and repaired it. That took all of seven minutes, and when I was done, I exited the boathouse the way I had entered it and jumped back onto the SeaDoo. That way, Barney would see me entering and leaving in a timely fashion if he decided to check the security monitor. I maneuvered the SeaDoo into the boathouse and tied it off to the yacht.

When I climbed aboard, Sandy came up from below deck, totally naked! I took a minute to gaze at her perfection. Sandy would have graced the centerfold for any men’s magazine you’d care to name. She was tall, five-eight or nine, with straight, honey blonde hair that hung down to her waist. Her face was gorgeous, and she worked hard on her body. She had a flat, firm belly, and long, long legs that led up to her perfect ass, her thighs muscular and hard. Her firm tits were perfect, too, not too big and not to small, about a 34 C cup, with puffy pink aureola and hard nipples that poked out a half inch! I was happy to she that she had tan lines from her string bikini, tan lines have always been a big turn-on for me!

“Jesus, your beautiful!” I exclaimed,

Sandy smiled with appreciation at my inspection of her hot body, her white teeth gleaming in her tanned face, looking me over with the same hungry look I was giving her! “You’re pretty hot yourself, studly!” she replied.

I’m six-two, a hundred and eighty-five pounds soaking wet, none of it fat. I’m tanned bronze and really fit, as I said, because I make my living on the waterfront. My hair is brown, bleached blonde by the sun, and curly. (I wear it short, but not too short, because the ladies like to run their fingers through it.) I’ve got a big dick, or so my lovers tell me. I’ve never measured it or anything, but I’ve slept with a lot of women, and they say it is, so I believe them. My shaved nuts and the tan lines from my speedo make it look even bigger.

Sandy threw herself into my arms for a hot, lustful kiss before dropping to her knees to shuck my shorts and suck my dick! She opened her perfect lips wide to slurp in the purplish helmet, fondling my nuts and jacking the hard shaft of flesh with her hot little hand! Then she kissed, licked, and sucked my balls while she slapped and pinched my ass!

I knelt and shoved Sandy back to lay on the deck. She spread her long legs wide, reaching up to pull my throbbing meat between her soaking pussy lips! I crammed my cock deep into her honey hole, not waiting for any more goddam foreplay! My dick was so hard it throbbed, and I needed to fuck this hot blonde slut, not make love to her! She gasped as my raging boner penetrated her, thrusting into her tight, wet slit all the way to my fat nuts! The horny blonde moaned lustfully, hooking her knees over my shoulders, giving me better leverage and allowing me to plunge into her twat as deeply as possible!

She began cumming almost immediately and her spewing hole became slicker than snot! “Oh, Jesus, Chrissy, you’ve got a big dick!” she groaned. (See?) “I’ve been up all night thinking about your hard cock! Fuck me, baby, fuck me like ya want to! Fuck me like a slut! I’m gonna wiggle my cunt all over that big dick!”

I fucked in and out of her soaking gash like a goddam freight train, the horny blonde stripper eagerly responding to my urgent thrusts, the noise of our pelvises slapping together as loud as pistol shots in the cavernous boathouse! “God! Damn! Fuck! Me! Chris! Aaah! Aahh! Yeah! Fuck!” Sandy shouted as I hammered her cunt, my rock hard fuck pole slamming into her again and again!

I rabbited my steely fuck meat in and out of her juicy cunt, fast and hard, splattering her salty love juices all over us and onto the deck, her tight, wet pussy making loud slurping and squelching sounds as I plowed my prick in and out of her sopping hole! “Fuck me! Listen to my hot twat suck that big cock! Fuck it! Dick me, baby!” she yelled! I slammed and crammed her soaking gash while she pinched and slapped her big titties! I reached down to maul and knead her sweet ass cheeks while I fucked her, thrusting my big index finger up her ass! Sandy shouted as she came again, salty cum flooding her meat-packed hole! She was so wet I felt no friction at all on my hammering dick, so I decided to change positions and allow her her cum-filled twat to drain.

“Turn over, slut, I’m gonna fuck you like a bitch in heat!” I told her, breathing hard. She scrambled up on all fours and leaned over to mash her awesome tits on the deck, reaching back to spread her ass cheeks wide, offering me her dripping gash and the tight pink rosebud of her anus! I couldn’t resist the call of her cute little sphincter, so I put the head of my greasy cock against her asshole and shoved it in!

“Aaaagghh! Cock! Too big! Aaahhhggggh!” Sandy screamed as my raging cock invaded her ass! I wasn’t gentle, and she didn’t want me to be! She wanted cock, and I wanted slut! I reamed my dick into her ass all the way up to my balls and started fucking! The gorgeous blonde gyrated her ass in circles and figure eights, corkscrewing my giant dick around in her bowels as she gibbered and groaned! I pulled her mouth up to mine for a hot kiss, squeezing her big titties so hard the flesh protruded from between my horny fingers as I kept hammering her asshole with hard cock!

“I love your cock! Fuck my ass! Fuck it with that big, filthy dick, boy! Dick me goood!” The hot blonde was totally into my violent fucking, falling back to her elbows on the deck, groaning with lust! I grunted like an animal as I sawed my prick in and out of her, sweat glistening on my brow and falling from my nose to splatter on her butt! I put my hands on either side of her waist to yank her ass against my thrusting pelvis, listening to the erotic, obscene squelching and sucking sounds of hard cock slamming in and out of tiny asshole! Sandy was out of her mind from the white-hot pleasure emanating from her violated anus, the feeling of my hard body slapping against her ass cheeks, and my fat ball sack slapping against her pussy lips!

“You wiggle that juicy ass, you fucking whore!” I told the horny slut. “Milk my hard dick with that tight asshole! I’m gonna fill your nasty ass with hot spunk! Shake that ass!” I could feel my load rising as Sandy writhed her gorgeous ass on my prick, reaching between her legs to frantically fap her engorged clit!

We fucked and fucked and fucked! Both of us were totally out of our heads with lust, caring for nothing in the world but my dick and her asshole! Sandy was the hottest, horniest woman I’d ever screwed! Her entire body spasmed with another orgasm, her hot, salty cum squirting all over my balls and thighs as I hammered my steely dick in and out of her asshole! Jesus, this was hot! I tried to hold off my own climax, wanting to prolong this intense fuck as long as I could, but I couldn’t do it! I grabbed Sandy’s long, blonde tresses and yanked her head around to stuff my erupting cock into her mouth!

I filled her sluttish mouth, a huge wad of hot choad spewing into her eagerly swallowing dick sucker! She slapped and clawed my ass cheeks as I fucked her face with my spurting dick! I shot my last rope of cum onto Sandy’s hot tits as I fell back onto the deck, completely spent. She gave me an utterly depraved look as she scraped my spunk off her tits with a finger that she licked clean, leaning forward to lick our fuck juices off my cock and balls!

“Damn, baby, I should have started fucking you ten years ago!” Sandy told me, her pale blonde hair darkened with sweat. “You’re the hottest fuck I’ve ever had! I’m not going to be able to get enough of your big dick!”

“That’s a good thing,” I told her in reply, “because I’m going to be fucking you all day! I intend to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow! You’re a hot piece of ass, Sandy, and that’s no lie!”

Sandy smiled and licked her lips lewdly. “I’ll bet you say that to all the sluts!” she laughed, and stood up to turn around and wiggle her ass for me. She put a foot on either side of my head to allow me a clear view of her dripping cunt, and then squatted on my face! I grasped an ass cheek in either hand and eagerly licked her taint from pussy to asshole, darting my tongue into her freshly-fucked rectum and cunt, flogging the sensitive button of her clit! Sandy groaned and ground her sweet gash against my mouth, rubbing my nose between her sweet ass cheeks! The hot slut fell forward to suck my flaccid member into her mouth, sucking hard and fondling my nuts!

Sandy had a whole bag of tricks to get my dick hard again, and she used them all! She hummed loudly around a big mouthful of cock as I sucked her wet gash and thrust my fingers up her ass! I raised my hips from the boat deck to allow her to squeeze and slap my ass, her pretty head bobbing up and down as I fucked her face! The wanton slut thrust her finger up my ass to massage my prostate, making me groan with lust while she fucked her finger in and out of my ass. After a few minutes life began to stir in my dead soldier, and I started to thrust in and out of her sucking maw. I kneaded and slapped her sweet ass cheeks, thrusting more and more hard cock into her mouth! She straightened up to catch her breath, gasping and grinding her soaked gash into my eagerly munching mouth!

I stood up and faced her, my resurrected fuck monster waving in her beautiful face! She leaned forward slowly, kissed the tip of my cock and encircled it with her hand, her thumb and fingers barely touching around its hard girth! She began to jack it slowly, flicking her tongue for quick licks of my fat purple helmet, pumping her hand back and forth on my fleshy shaft! She raised her head to lick my flat belly.

“God, I love your six-pack!” she cooed. “A hard belly turns me on like nothing else on a man. You have a perfect ass, too. I love running my hands over your hot ass cheeks! It makes me want to suck your dick and lick those big nuts!” The stunning ex-stripper dreamily licked my belly, squeezing and pinching my ass with one hand, caressing and fondling my balls with the other!

I looked into Sandy’s azure blue eyes as she sucked my cock, her perfect face bobbing back and forth on the throbbing flesh. She closed her eyes in concentration as she swallowed my hard cock, breathing through her nose as she pulled my ass to her, forcing my entire shaft of hard flesh into her mouth and down her gullet! I gently rocked my hips back and forth, fucking her face, watching the outline of my prick expand and contact her throat. This slut was an expert at pleasing a man!

I gently pushed her back down to the boat deck and lay on top of her, licking and sucking her marvelous tits! I squeezed and kneaded, sucked, licked, and kissed her treasure chest while she ran her fingers through my curly hair! I raised up to straddle her chest, placing my hard dick between her tits, mashing her beautiful fuck pillows together, fucking her big tits with my slobber covered prick! She bent her head forward to flick her tongue into my cum hole at the apex of every thrust, her hands busy squeezing and slapping my ass cheeks!

“Like my titties, baby?” the gorgeous blonde slut asked me huskily. “Do you like sucking and fucking my juicy tits? I love it! I love your big fucking cock, however I can get it! Fuck me with that big dick, Chrissy!”

I moved back to hook her knees over my shoulders and shove my raging hardon into her soaked gash once again, this time squatting over her and fucking almost straight down into her juicy twat! Sandy slobbered and moaned as I fucked her deliciously tight slit, now drained of excess fuck juice. The horny blonde stripper grinned wickedly as she flexed her vaginal muscles to grip my cock like a vise, and I groaned in ecstasy at the incredible tightness, her vaginal walls milking my dick like a fist! I could feel my balls churning, my load building!

“No! Not yet!” I yelped, yanking my cock from her voracious twat! Sandy sniggered as I gulped air, thinking about puke, her husband, anything to calm my lust! I was not ready to stop fucking this incredible sex goddess!

“I don’t get to do that very often anymore,” Sandy complained. “I used to be able to get a guy to come in two minutes flat. Not that very many of you assholes last longer than that anyhow.” She batted her hand at me, then looked at me through slitted eyes, and in a husky voice she said, “I meant that I can make you come in two minutes, Mr. Big Dick!” She crept forward and sucked my balls into her mouth, swirling her hot tongue around my nuts, grabbing my cock! “Want to bet? I’ll bet you another ass fuck that I can make you cum in under two minutes with my cunt!”

“What do I get if I win?” I asked her, smiling down at her flushed face.

“You get to fuck me in the ass!” she whispered.

“And if you win?”

“You get to fuck me in the ass!”

I cracked up. “You’re on, bitch!” I laughed. “You want top or bottom?”

“Yes!” she laughed back at me! I lay down on the deck, my turgid fuck pole standing at attention! She said, “Do you want to look at my ass or my tits?”

“Yes!” I responded. Sandy laughed again and flipped me off. The gorgeous blonde slut squatted down facing me, inserted my hard meat into her twat and started bouncing up and down! “You ready?” she grunted. “Go for it!” I replied through gritted teeth, looking at my watch.

She sat all the way down, taking the entire length of my big dick into her juicy cunt! Placing her knees on the deck, Sandy straddled my pelvis and ground her pussy onto my cock, cramming every bit of dick in her that she could! She gyrated her ass slowly, corkscrewing my dick around in her tight slit, licking her lips and thoroughly enjoying the feel of me deep inside her! She leaned forward to let me lick and suck her marvelous titties, grabbing my hands to guide them to her perfect ass!

Suddenly she straightened up and flexed her vaginal muscles as hard as she could! I gasped as her steaming snatch clamped down on me! I felt like I was fucking a goddam hot garden hose! She rocked her pelvis back and forth rapidly and violently, not exactly fucking me, but milking my dick like a cow’s tit! Sweet Jesus, I’d never felt anything like it! I raised up off the deck, shouting out loud!

“Oh my fucking God!” I shouted, “What the fuck are you doing to me? Oh fuck! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” My hands beat against the deck as I gibbered and drooled, my vision totally gone, all I could see were white starbursts as every pleasure center in my brain exploded at once! My back arched as I clawed desperately at her sweet ass, my pelvis bucking, my cock feeling like it was going to explode! It did!

I blasted cum into her merciless cunt like a volcano erupting! I saw her triumphant smile as she rode my cock like a fucking bronco buster! I spewed a load of hot spunk into her at high velocity!

My softening cock was finally released from the sweet, sweet prison of her honeyed gash, and I fell back onto the deck, my mind and body totally blown by the most incredible twat I had ever fucked! I looked at my watch. One minute thirty-five seconds! This slut was a fucking goddess!

Sandy still sat astride my pelvis, licking her fingers and looking superior. “Glad to see I haven’t lost my touch! You owe me an ass fuck, studmuffin!” she gloated. I sat up to pull her close for a hot, passionate kiss, squeezing her tight! She clung to me, moaning and whimpering as I kissed and sucked her tits and kneaded her ass cheeks! “Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod!” she moaned as I fondled and licked her, squeezed her and slapped her, biting her nipples and fingerfucking her ass!

“Don’t stop fucking me, Chrissy, I never want to stop fucking you! I love your big cock! Give it to me!” I stood up to let the horny blonde sex goddess attempt to suck life back into my spent penis yet again. She started by licking my belly some more, moaning as she licked and kissed my abs, her hands caressing my ass cheeks and fondling my balls. Then she turned me around to lick and kiss my ass, darting her hot tongue into my anus and reaching between my legs to jack my dick!

Sandy thrust her finger up my ass to massage my prostate again, and in a minute I felt blood rushing into my flaccid member! Still finger fucking my asshole, she slid between my legs to slurp first one, then the other of my big testicles into her mouth, swirling her amazingly talented tongue around them while she sucked! My dick was rock hard again after a few minutes of Sandy eagerly sucking and licking my balls and cock.

The gorgeous blonde slut fell to all fours, reaching back to spread her perfect ass cheeks wide, offering me the pink rosebud of her asshole! I placed the fat mushroom of my big, slobber covered dick against her sphincter and shoved it in! Sandy fell to her elbows, cooing lustfully!

“Ooooohh, Jesus, that’s good, baby! Fuck my ass! I want that big dick up my butt so bad!” She gyrated her sweet ass while I slowly corkscrewed deep into her bowels, reaming hard cock up her anus until my swinging balls slapped her soaking wet pussy lips! “Oh, God, Chris, so big! So good! Fuck me, baby! Oh Jesus, how can I give up this cock? Deep, baby, fuck me hard!”

I grabbed Sandy around her pretty neck, pulling her mouth to mine for more hot tongue-fucking! I held her tightly against me, our tongues thrashing, my hands squeezing and pinching her massive tits while I fucked her asshole! My pelvis slapped her beautiful ass cheeks loudly, spanking her butt cheeks with my hips and her asshole with my cock! Jesus, I couldn’t get enough of this hot blonde slut!

I ended our kiss, allowing her to fall forward and mash her big tits on the deck while she fapped her clit with one hand and mauled her nipples with the other! I put my hands on her waist to steady myself and began pile driving my hard meat up her ass! Sandy shouted, gibbered and moaned, totally overcome by the white hot waves of pleasure exploding in her asshole!

“Wiggle that sweet ass for me, Sandy! Shake that hot ass! Sweet God damn fuck! Wiggle that juicy ass!” My dick hurt, it was so fucking hard! I sawed it in and out of that gorgeous ass like a hung fucking rabbit, like a fuck machine! The wanton slut writhed under me, shoving her asshole back into my rapid-fire thrusting, wanting all of my cock that she could get!

Sandy’s cum sparkled in reflected sunlight as it squirted from her inflamed cunt. Her magnificent body thrashed and flailed, and the gorgeous blonde shouted her explosive lust as I hammered her anus! I felt myself about to erupt like a fucking volcano as well, and once more yanked my rock hard dick from her asshole to cram in her mouth! “Like hot cream, slut? Eat my fucking spunk, you hot fucking whore! Eat my cock!” I yelled as I grabbed her hair and forced her head around to stuff my prick deep into her gluttonous, sucking mouth!

“Mmmmpphh!” My spouting prick muffled her shouts as I spewed my wad into her mouth, a thick rope of hot, sticky spunk splattering her tonsils as I crammed my dick deeply into her face, straining my hips and pulling her head down until I felt her lips around the base of my cock!

I fell back onto the deck, splattering into the big pool of our fuck juices, utterly drained. I looked over at Sandy, who was a total mess. Semen still dripped from her lips, and she was trying hard not to gag on the spunk I had spewed down her throat! She swallowed hard and crawled over to lay her head on my heaving chest, idly licking and sucking my nipples.

“I’m not gonna be able to walk, baby!” she smiled lewdly. “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!” I slapped her sweet ass in reply. Sandy yelped and giggled, leaning over to give my limp cock and balls a lingering kiss!

We jumped into the water to clean up, and I grabbed a bucket to clear the deck of cum. Sandy invited me in the house, explaining that the surveillance cameras were all fake, except the ones on the front door, the back door, and the garage, and they didn’t turn on unless the front door was locked and the burglar alarm set.

We went into the big kitchen and she fixed me breakfast. Bekah was at school, she said, and wouldn’t be back until two-thirty or three at the earliest, and Barney never got home before six. “Great!” I replied. “We can still get a couple more hot fucks in before I have to leave!” She giggled.

After breakfast, Sandy walked over to my bar stool and perched in my lap facing me, her legs spread wide so she could grind her crotch into mine! I slobbered and sucked on her big strawberry nipples, squeezing and kneading those beautiful, hot ass cheeks! Sandy moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, gasping when I thrust a finger up her ass!

We kissed, long and passionately. She cupped my face with her hands when we were through, gazing into my eyes. “What am I going to do, Chris?” she breathed. “I’m a fucking mess! I’ve lost my daughter, my marriage sucks, and now I’m in love with you! What the fuck am I gonna do?”

She loved me? Startled, I must have stiffened up or something, because Sandy jumped up and burst into tears! “Damn it!” she cried, “There I go again with my big mouth! I’ll never see you again, will I? I’m sorry, Chris, I can’t help the way I feel!”

“Whoa, Sandy whoa down!” I pulled her back into my lap. “I’m in love with you too, baby, don’t worry about that. I’ve always wanted to get together, but you were always looking for something else.”

“I’m a dumb blonde, I guess,” she sniffed. “I thought a rich husband would get me everything I ever wanted. Boy, am I stupid.”

I gave her a small shake and said, “Hey! Don’t put yourself down anymore, okay? What did you think about me ten years ago?”

Sandy smiled hesitantly, then more happily as she reminisced. “I thought you were real cute, but that you were just a party animal. I liked you and all, but you weren’t serious about anything, and you didn’t make enough money to keep me and Cheyenne.”

I held her face and kissed her. “You were right. I’ve been a pussy hound and a party dog all my life. But I’m a little older now, so are you. Things are different. I’m not what anyone would call wealthy, but I’ve got my own business and plenty of money. Seems like you’ve changed, too.”

“I have,” she said bitterly. “I thought wealth and security were worth any price I had to pay to get it. I was wrong.” She looked at me with her liquid blue eyes that were, oh, so sad! “I’ve got lots of money but no friends. I’ve lost my daughter because of my desire for somebody else’s money. My own family won’t have anything to do with me. I’m rich, but I’m totally alone in the world. It’s not worth it.”

“Well, sweetie, you’ve got one friend. Me! Now, how are we gonna get your daughter back?” Sandy just stared at me, her eyes welling up with tears.

She caught my hands in hers and kissed them, holding them to her cheek. “Oh, God, do you mean it?” she whispered, tears flowing. “Don’t fool around Chris! I’ve been so alone for so long! Will you help me? What can we do?”

“I mean it, Sandy. We’ll get Cheyenne back to you.” I couldn’t believe I was saying it! What the hell was I letting myself in for? “If it costs you your marriage, then you can stay with me. I have to work for a living, babe, but I can take care of you and Cheyenne.”

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me like nobody’s business! “Oh, Chrissy, oh my baby, I love you so much!” She was still bawling, this time with relief, happiness, and renewed hope. “I’m yours, baby, I’ll do whatever you want, if you’ll just help me get out of this nightmare! Oh, you’ve made me so happy!” I kissed her and held her close.

Fact was, I really did want to help her. Sandy was beautiful and kind, but, like she said, she was dumb. I think she instinctively chased after wealthy men because she knew someone would always have to take care of her. I had discovered that I really wouldn’t mind the job! She was no doubt the finest piece of ass I’d ever had, and was at least as highly sexed as I was. (That was huge to me. I’d never really had a relationship that lasted longer than a few months, because as soon as someone started losing interest in fucking a couple of times a day, I was looking for someone else that would!)

Yeppers, I knew what I was getting into with Sandy. I didn’t have a clue as to what I was going to do to help her, though. “Would Barney really divorce you if you told him about Cheyenne?” I asked.

“No doubt about it, Chris.” she replied firmly. “His mother is an old school, devout Orthodox Jew, and he was raised as one. He knew I wasn’t a virgin when we got married, but that’s not what he told his mother. She wants a grandson, a Jewish one. Barney’s first wife, Bekah’s mom, had complications after Bekah was born that made her unable to have any more children, so he divorced her.”

“No shit? The old bag’s desire for a grandson matters that much to him?”

Sandy said bitterly, “Barney’s fucking terrified of that old bitch. Her slightest wish is his command. She’s fucked him up so bad that he’s scared to death of women in general!” She shook her gorgeous head. “He doesn’t want sex more than once every two weeks or so, and even then he can’t get it up without drinking a couple of beers.”

“Jesus! He can’t get it up with you?” I shook my head in amazement, getting a kiss on the cheek for the compliment. “He needs to go back to New York and live with his mom!”

“He probably would, if it wasn’t for Bekah.” she said. “Barney’s mother ignores Bekah completely. Because she’s not a boy. That’s fucked up, too. Bekah hates her grandmother, too, doesn’t even try to visit anymore. Last Hanukkah, she stayed here with me when her dad went to New York to visit the old hag. Before that, she always went to her mom’s.”

“Fuck. I’ll bet Bekah’s mom is thrilled to be out of that old cunt’s family. Does she see Bekah often?” I asked.

“Not often, three or four times a year. Her mom’s a couple of years older than me, and she got a pile from Barney in their divorce. That’s how I ended up signing the pre-nup from hell. She’s living the high life in Miami, and Bekah has an open invitation to come and stay as long as she likes. Bekah adores her dad, though, and never wants to be apart from him.” Sandy sounded amused. “She hated me when Barn and I got married, she thought I would steal him away from her. I’d have to steal him away from his mother to do that, though.”

She turned the amused look on me. “Bekah’s got a huge crush on you, now, you know! After you guys left yesterday, all she wanted to do was quiz me about PC and our misspent youth. She told me she wanted to use some of my birth control pills, too, some bullshit about her acne, but she wants your dick, baby! If you like sixteen year olds, she’s ready!”

I grinned. “I have to admit that I’ve thought about taking her cherry. She’s a hot little thing!”

Sandy looked at me speculatively. “Maybe you should. Most days she acts like she could use a good fuck!” She reached down to stroke my limp phallus. “And you certainly have all the cock she needs!” Her expression grew grim again. “You wouldn’t have any trouble beating her father’s time.”

“What does that mean?” I asked. Sandy gave me a look like she was waiting for me to figure something out. “You mean Barney wants to fuck her?”

“Right in one,” Sandy replied. “His eyes watch her sweet little ass every time it moves. If she’s in a bikini, he’s got a boner. He doesn’t seem to have a problem getting it up for her!” Then she said confidentially, “Bekah knows it, too! I’ve watched her shake that hot little tail for him, and the smirk on her face when he runs to the bathroom to beat off.”

“What, you think Bekah wants to ride her dad’s cock?” I asked. Sandy nodded emphatically.

“I don’t know a lot about love, Chrissy, but I know just about everything about fucking!” she declared confidently. “I can tell when somebody wants dick, and Bekah wants her dad’s!”

Wow! This was too much! My devious little mind recognized the glimmering of an idea. “Maybe I can convince her to seduce her dad.” I mused. “I could tell her that the fastest way to get you out of the picture is to go ahead and fuck him.” My idea blossomed into life! “If you just happened to be nearby with a phone camera, and caught it on video, then he’d divorce you and help get Cheyenne back for you for free! He’d do anything to prevent his mother from seeing that video!” I grinned evilly.

Sandy looked at me skeptically. “How would you convince Bekah?” she asked. “She’ll do anything you tell her if you fuck her. But she’ll forget all about her dad if you fuck her like you did me, baby!”

“Ahh, but I won’t fuck her like I did you.” I leered at her, eliciting a giggle. “Look, did you ever fuck somebody and realize that you were never really interested in them, that you were just horny and didn’t really care if you ever saw them again or not?”

“Sure. All the time. Hasn’t everybody?” asked the beautiful ex-stripper. “I mean, I’ve been on both sides of that one, the fucker and the fuckee!” She giggled again. “Sometimes it sucks, but that’s life!”

“Exactly, and that’s what I’m going to do for her.” I said. “As soon as I get done fucking her, I’ll get her talking about her pop. By the time I get my clothes on, she’ll be ready to forget about me, run right up to her dad, drop his drawers and suck his cock!”

“Oh, I’ll bet she will!” Sandy breathed, dropping to her knees in front of me! “How can we set it up to catch them on video, stud?” she asked, taking my stiffening cock in her mouth!

“Phone camera. Jesus, that’s good, baby!” I moaned through gritted teeth as she licked up and down my fleshy shaft. “Where does ol’ Barn like to hang out when he gets home?”

I had to wait a minute for her to reply, as she was busily sucking and licking my balls! “Mmmm, he eats dinner and watches the news in the den.” she said huskily, climbing into my lap to mount my hard dick! “Oh, Jesus, baby, I love your big dick!” she moaned, rocking back and forth on my engorged cock, pulling my head into her big titties! I eagerly mouthed her fabulous fun bags, sucking and biting her hard nipples, kissing and licking them as I squeezed and slapped her wiggling ass cheeks!

I stood up and Sandy kissed me lustily, licking my lips and darting her horny tongue into my mouth to duel with mine! She wrapped her long legs around me, her wet cooze still impaled on my hard prick, my hands clamped on her sweet ass while I fucked her standing up!

I set Sandy’s fine, firm ass down on the kitchen island. She lay back to hook her legs over my shoulders so I could start humping her wet cunt deep, driving my hard flesh all the way into her!

“Fuck me, Chrissy! I’ll do anything for your cock!” the horny blonde yelled, “I want to watch you fuck Bekah like this! Take her fucking cherry! Cram that big dick up her tiny cunt! Fuck me!” The idea of dicking Bekah’s tiny slit while Sandy watched turned me on big time!

“Will you lick her cunt, baby?” I asked Sandy, pile driving my dick into her faster and harder! “Will you suck her little asshole? Do you like fucking teenage sluts?”

“Fuck yeah, baby, I want to fuck that little slut! I want to ride her fucking face! I’m gonna cummm!” Sandy squirted all over my big dick! She gasped and moaned, withing her shapely hips, her hands slapping and squeezing her big titties! I pulled out of her soaking gash to let her suck me off.

Sandy spun around on the counter top to eagerly swallow my dripping cock. I reached behind her to slap her ass and she reached behind me to slap mine! That horny bitch grabbed my ass with both hands and yanked me closer, to shove more of my dick down her gullet! She shoved her finger up my ass and I blew a wad the size of Texas!

“Jesus fucking Christ! So hot! Eat my load! Suck cock, you hot fucking slut! Fuck!” I shouted, the thick wads of sticky cum rocketing into her throat! Sandy hummed loudly as she swallowed my jizz, slapping my ass cheeks and hammering her long finger in and out of my asshole!

She slurped loudly as she released my softening dick from her lips, strings of slobber dripping onto her magnificent bosoms! She pulled her finger from my anus and lewdly sucked it clean, licking her lips lasciviously while she looked up at me!

“Mmmm, your asshole tastes different from mine, baby!” she said in a husky voice. “My God, Chris, you make me feel like a kid again! I’m never gonna get enough of your cock, baby! Now that I’ve fucked that magic prick I can never go back!”

“Me either, Sandy. I’m gonna fuck you till I hurt myself!” I answered, getting a giggle and a wiggle!.

My little joke wasn’t that far from the truth! It was twelve thirty, lunchtime already! Sandy and I had been fucking for four solid hours, maybe thirty minutes of which my cock wasn’t actually inside her! I’ve fucked some fine looking women in my time, but Sandy was the first one that tried to live up to the fantasies I had had about her. She was as horny, uninhibited and enthusiastic about fucking as I was, not to mention durable!

I told Sandy that I needed to go and actually show my face at the sea wall job site I was working, and asked if she’d like to ride along. She was happy I asked, and threw us a couple of roast beef sandwiches together with a diet coke. We cruised over to the site on the SeaDoo and I checked in with the foundation foreman, telling him my materials were late getting in, but I didn’t think that would delay the project any. I was on contract, so missing a day’s work didn’t cost him or me anything.

Sandy was in a turquoise blue bikini today, and she caught the eye of every horny worker on that foundation crew, you betcha! They were all jealous as hell when she jumped behind me on that jet scooter! We headed back down the Waterway to her place, stopping under a pier for a quick fuck. The water in the Gulf of Mexico is bathtub warm in early summer, if you didn’t know, so fucking in the water is a LOT of fun!

Sandy and I laid our plans carefully before Bekah was due to get home. I was to pretend to be just showing up to work on the sailboat when I saw both girls sunbathing by the pool. Then I would complain of a headache, follow Bekah to the kitchen for some aspirin, seduce her, and then break her heart. While I was fucking her stepdaughter, Sandy would sneak in the front door and set her phone up to video the den. Then, after explaining to Bekah that I wasn’t really in love with her and vice versa, After that, I would encourage the teenager to go ahead and fuck her dad, telling her the only man that would ever really love her was her father. Sandy and I were both turned on by our dastardly plan!

I jumped on the Seadoo and hid in the boathouse, where I could keep an eye on the pool. I was in there only twenty minutes or so when Bekah came out of the house dressed in a mixed bikini, with a tiny black bottom and a little pink top that barely covered her small breasts! I let her settle on the chaise next to Sandy and waited about ten more minutes.

I paddled the Seadoo up the waterway a few hundred feet before I started it, then drove up the canal ten more houses before I turned around and came roaring back up to Sandy’s dock. I tied off the water bike and waved at the girls.

“Finally made it!” I said as the two bikini-clad beauties came over to greet me. “I got tied up with an old friend this morning.” I thought Sandy was going to bust something, trying to hold in her laughter.

“Better late than never!” Bekah quipped.

I smiled at the hot little teen, and asked, “Do you guys have anything for a headache? I’ve been out in the sun too long today.”

“Sure! There’s some ibuprofen in the kitchen, I’ll get you some.” Bekah replied. “C’mon in.”

So far so good! I winked at Sandy as I followed her stepdaughter. Sandy smiled and licked her lips. I watched the way Bekah’s hot little ass swayed as I followed her into the house, quite aware that the hot little teen knew I was watching her sweet, twitching butt!

The pretty girl got some pills from one of the kitchen cabinets and gave them to me. “Thanks, beautiful.” I told her, and swallowed a couple.

Bekah responded to the compliment the way I thought she would. She blushed and bit her lip and moved closer, gazed up at me with her pretty brown eyes and said, “You’re welcome, Chris. I want to make you feel better. I’d give you anything you wanted.”

I looked in her eyes for a long moment in mutual understanding. Bekah wanted to fuck, I wasn’t going to have to seduce anybody! The horny teenager’s gaze dropped to the swelling bulge in the front of my shorts!

“Have you ever been kissed, Bekah?” I asked her, “I mean really kissed, by a man that wants you?” She shook her head, still staring at my crotch.

“Do you want to be?” The gorgeous little brunette nodded vigorously, and I took her in my arms.

There’s a technique to kissing. A first kiss, especially with a young girl, should be tender and gentle, with very little tongue action, a brush of my lips against hers, nothing more. A young girl needs to feel safe, to encourage her to explore her feelings. I kissed her, and her breath caught when I broke away.

Bekah’s need for cock shone in her eyes! “Did you like that, baby?” I murmured. She gave a quick nod and threw her arms around my neck, thrusting her tongue into my mouth! I put my arms around her and caressed her little butt with both hands. She wiggled her ass and groaned with desire!

I peeled her tiny black bikini bottom off as we kissed, and caressed Bekah’s bare little pussy with my big mitt, teasing her moist labia and barely brushing her clitoris with my fingers. She gasped when I touched her, burning with lust but scared of the unknown! My cock became rock hard.

I picked her up by her sweet little ass cheeks and let her wrap her long, coltish legs around me. I carried her into the living room, laid her on the couch, and asked her, “What do you want to do, baby?”

Bekah immediately reached for my belt, unfastening it to pull down my shorts! She gave a little yelp of surprise when my boner flopped out, fully erect and ready for action! She hesitantly reached out to touch it, sliding her fingers along its fleshy length, watching my reactions.

“That’s it, sweetheart, go ahead and touch it.” I encouraged her. “Do anything you feel like doing. I want you so bad!”

She returned her attention to my engorged cock, grasping the big mushroom head with her little hand and squeezing the velvety knob.

“It’s so soft,” she said wonderingly, “How can something be so hard and so soft at the same time?”

“Do you like my cock, baby?” I asked the horny little teenager.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered. “It’s everything I dreamed about.”

“What do you feel like doing now?” I prodded her. “What do you want to do with it? Do you want to kiss it?” I suggested.

Bekah leaned forward to lick the head of my prick, darting her tongue hesitantly, then more confidently as I groaned with pleasure. She kissed my cum hole, running her tiny hands up and down the length of my hard fuck rod, a pleased smile on her face.

“You taste salty!” she exclaimed, “and it’s so warm! So hot and so hard!”

“Oh, yeah, Bekah!” I groaned. “Why don’t you feel my ass while you lick and suck my hard cock?”

Beckah eagerly complied, opening her mouth wide to slurp in my dick, caressing and squeezing my ass with one hand and fondling my big nut sack with the other! She became more adventurous, licking up and down my steely shaft, sucking first one swollen testicle and then the other! I was hard as a rock!

I leaned down to kiss her again, this time with a little more urgency. She responded beautifully, laying back on the couch, whimpering and moaning with lust as I kissed her neck, breasts, and belly, finally slurping in her hard little clit!

The hot little teen shouted with delight as I munched on her bald twat, bucking her hips and grinding her wet cunt into my face! She grabbed my hair to shove my head hard between her legs, groaning lustfully when I grabbed both of her sweet ass cheeks hard, spreading them to flick my tongue across her asshole! She writhed and cried out as her body stiffened, squirting her orgasm right into my face!

I straddled her face to let her lick and suck my balls again, then moved down to place the big purple helmet of my raging boner between her soaking pussy lips! I leaned down and kissed her again, nothing gentle about it this time. I kissed her to let her know that she was about to be fucked! I started to force my giant dick into her tight, tight gash!

Bekah shouted out loud when the head of my prick popped into her virgin cunt, her little hymen stretched beyond endurance! She shoved her hips upward to force more of my cock into her, yelping in pain as the membrane split open, but then bucking her ass to cram more hard cock in her slit!

“Shove it in!” she cried, desperately wanting my dick! “Fuck me, Chris! Fuck my wet pussy!” I eagerly complied to her lustful demands, gently penetrating her a little deeper with each thrust.

“Jesus Christ, Bekah, you’re a hot little slut!” I grunted as I fucked her, gradually distancing myself from her emotionally, starting to let her know that she was just another piece of ass to me. I didn’t really want to break her heart, but I had to turn her affections towards her father. The thought of the horny little tramp sucking and licking her dad’s hard dick turned me on!

Her body responded when I started squeezing and slapping her ass as I fucked her, plunging deeper into her wet hole with every thrust! She shouted with lustful pleasure and flooded my hard dick with her girlish cum! She bucked her pelvis up to slap against mine every time I plunged deep into her, squealing with lust and pain as I shoved my finger into her asshole!

“I’m gonna shoot my wad in your mouth! Swallow my hot choad!” I yelled, ripping my dick from her cunt to stuff it in her mouth! I ignored her muffled protests, filling her mouth with streams of steaming cream, jamming my dick into her mouth and forcing her to swallow! I fell back on the couch, watching Bekah with a smile as she furiously wiped the jizz from her lips, her brown eyes flashing!

“That was fucking nasty, Chris! You could have given me some warning!” She was pissed!

“Well, I couldn’t really cum in your cunt, could I?” I asked offhandedly, trying not to laugh. “Besides, spunk is good for you. I read somewhere that the average male ejaculation has like ten calories and as much protein as an egg white. You’ll get to like it after a while.”

“Asshole!” she blurted, “You don’t love me! You just wanted a piece of ass!”

“Hold it, sweetie,” I said firmly. “I never said I was in love with you! This was your idea, remember?”

Bekah turned away, furious and hurt. I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face me.

“Look, Bekah, I do care about you, you’re a great kid.” I told the fuming teen. “You’re a wonderful, beautiful girl, and you’ll make some guy a happy, happy man one day. Don’t get all pissed off over what we just did! Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Well, yeah, I guess, except when you blew your wad in my mouth! That was nasty!”

I chuckled. “I’m sorry I surprised you, Bekah. I guess I’m just used to fucking women that are a lot more experienced than you are right now. But I didn’t want to get you pregnant, so I had to cum somewhere, and older women usually like swallowing man juice! I didn’t want to hurt you.”

She bought it. “I guess I’ll like it better when I’m older…” she mused. Then the hurt of her wounded feelings returned. “I was so in love with you.” she whimpered.

“We all get caught up in those feelings when we’re young, Bekah.” I explained. “But you weren’t really in love with me. You’re just horny.” I held up my hand as she started to be offended again, her big brown eyes sparking with fury! “Hey, look, we’re all horny when we’re teenagers, honey, it’s part of growing up! And believe me, you’re growing up! You made me want you, and you’re a woman now, not just a little girl with a dream!”

Bekah started to smile, but then her anger returned! “You let me think I was special to you! You just wanted to fuck me! You don’t care about me!”

I held up my hands in surrender. “Like I said, Bekah, it was your idea to fuck, not mine! I thought I’d we’d have some fun and go about our business! Besides, love isn’t about fucking anyway.”

“What do you mean?” she asked suspiciously.

“Look around you.” I said, gesturing around us at the house and the swimming pool. “Your dad’s the one that’s provided all of this for you. He’s still at work now, busting his ass so he can provide for you and your future. I’m sure he could be having a lot more fun than sweating in a courtroom or an office all day listening to other people’s problems.”

“But he doesn’t. He goes into that grind of an office every day to make your life great. That’s love, Bekah. When you care enough about somebody to sacrifice your own fun or well being to make life better for them, that’s love. That’s family.” I touched the angry teen’s cheek. “I don’t know you well enough to make that kind of commitment, Bekah, just like you don’t know me well enough to do it for me, either. Horny is right now, love takes a long time. Understand?”

“I think so.” she replied. “But I wanted you so badly…,”

“How do you feel now?”

“I dunno. I’m angry, but I’m kind of relieved, too…” Then she giggled! “I mean, you know, that my life won’t have to change and I won’t have to hurt my dad by telling him about us, you know?

It was my turn to chuckle. “I do know.” I said, smiling. “See? All that angst and butthurt doesn’t really apply to us Bekah! You were just horny, see? I was too!”

“I guess so, Chris. I’m glad you fucked me, though, so I know what it’s all about now. It was great!”

I pulled her close and kissed her again, in a friendly fashion. “It was great. Sex is a beautiful thing, when everybody involved is on the same page. It’s a lot of fun. Someday, somebody special will make love to you, and then you’ll really know what it’s all about.”

“Isn’t that what we just did?” the little brunette asked. “Didn’t we just make love?”

“No. Remember what I told you about love, real love? That it’s all about commitment and self-sacrifice?” Bekah nodded. “When two people are in love like that, then their fucking becomes, like, something magical. Sex alone is just a friendly form of exercise with a great payoff, but when you make love to someone you’re truly, honestly in love with, no other sex will compare. Nothing feels more right, more complete, more fulfilling. But it only happens with people you love.”

The hot little teen had grown starry-eyed when I was explaining love to her, but after I finished she grew glum. “The only person that really loves me like that is my dad.”

I nodded. “Nobody will ever love you more than your dad.” I told her. “He’d do his best to stop the planet turning if you needed him to do it. He’s head over heels in love with you, and that’s the way it should be.”

Bekah blushed and smiled. “I love him, too, I guess. I’d do anything for him. I’ve had some ideas about just he and I living together, but then Sandy came along. He doesn’t really love Sandy, you know, he just wants her to give him a son.”

“Yeah,” I responded, shaking my head. “I can tell Sandy’s not really happy, and your pop too, I guess. They’re not real affectionate, are they?”

I glimpsed Sandy as she sneaked down the front hall to the door, giving me the thumbs up. The phone was planted!

“Not really,” Bekah was saying. “He doesn’t really want a son, either. He just wants to please my douche-bag grandmother. He’d be perfectly happy here with me, just the two of us.”

“Sure he would.” I agreed. “Why doesn’t he just divorce Sandy and stay here with you? Do you want to make love with your dad?”

“Ewwww, you’re sick!” Bekah made a face, pretending revulsion, but I could tell that my words had hit her close to home!

“Oh, come off it, every girl wants her dad to make love to her.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Don’t you think that’s, you know, perverted?” Bekah looked earnestly at me, needing approval.

“I think it’s perfectly normal,” I lied. “How does someone that’s so much in love with another person live with them so closely, and not be attracted sexually? I’ve seen your dad’s reaction as you walk past him in a bikini. He’d make love to you in a New York minute!” I leered. “Just like me!”

Bekah giggled, then kissed me on the cheek! “Thanks, Chris, for straightening me out about some of this stuff. I’ve been confused, but now I know exactly what I want.” She began putting her bikini back on. “And thanks for fucking me! I’m not scared of anything anymore!”

“Mission accomplished!” I thought to myself. She was going to fuck her dad as soon as he hit the couch. I put my clothes back on and followed her out to the pool to join Sandy again. “I’d better fix the boat and be on my way,” I winked at Sandy. “Is there a key to the boathouse?”

“I’ve got it here.” Sandy said, and strode toward the boathouse while I watched her gorgeous ass sway.

“Thanks for the ibuprofen, Bekah!” I said, and the little brunette gave me an offhanded wave, totally disinterested, no doubt planning on how to seduce her father.

“Everything peachy?” Sandy asked me when I reached the boathouse door.

“Like clockwork!” I replied, turning around to grab the gorgeous blonde’s perfect ass, pulling her close for a hot kiss as we entered the building.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, pulling her mouth away and grabbing for my cock! “How many more times will you fuck me with that monster cock today, big boy?”

“Not more than six or eight,” I mumbled, squeezing her ass cheeks and slurping wetly on her tits. Jesus, this girl turned me on!

I straightened up, pulling away from her despite the naked lust that shone from her face. “I need to slave your phone to mine. What’s your password?”

“Cheyenne.” she said. “Is Bekah going to come on to Barney?”

“Just as soon as she thinks you’re out of the picture.” I said. “Do you have a good reason to leave the house tonight?”

“The best,” Sandy laughed. “I’m supposed to go to the synagogue for fertility counseling with the rabbi’s wife.”

“Hard to beat that one!” I agreed, laughing. The fucking synagogue! “She’ll be in his lap one minute after you leave, riding his hard dick!”

Sandy whispered hotly in my ear, “And I’ll be in your lap riding yours!”

We kissed sloppily and groped each other for a few more minutes before I jumped back on the Seadoo and roared off to my houseboat. The evening ahead promised to be interesting, indeed!


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