Good Fortune Ch. 06

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Anna stirred and took a deep breath. The smell of lovemaking was still strong; she didn’t think she’d closed her eyes long, certainly less than an hour. She was on her side with an arm and a leg propped on her friend Paula’s body. She could feel the softness of Paula against her thigh and calf, arm and hand, and along her chest and body. Paula was definitely in shape, but she didn’t have the more firm toned feel of Diana. Diana was draped over Paula from the other side. As Anna sorted out the sensations, she was pretty sure that she felt Diana’s hand resting on her arm, and their knees were bumping.

Anna smiled as she remembered the wild toy play that brought them each to multiple orgasms and had so exhausted them. Anna felt that familiar warmth of excitement begin to grow in her groin again as the proximity of her beautiful friends began renewing her desire. She opened her eyes and the sight of the naked flesh caused the breath to momentarily catch in her chest. Paula’s was the most tanned of the three friends and her full chest was gradually rising and falling right in front of Anna’s eyes. Anna lifted her head to catch a glimpse of Diana. She saw Diana’s hand draped over her arm leading back to the upper part of her side, the swell of her hips discernible over Paula’s body. Her bobbed blonde hair fell over her face and pillow mixing with Paula’s longer brunette hair.

With a sigh Anna gingerly pushed herself up and rolled over and off the bed. Her dresser, and the now unruly assortment of toys, was on the other side. She padded to the other side of the bed. A few toys were actually on the bed next to Diana and most of the rest that had been used were on the floor. She was determined that her evening’s sexual exploits were not yet finished, but a shower was in order . . . and cleaning a few toys for reuse seemed highly appropriate. She looked around then picked up Diana’s strapon (which she’d been using), Paula’s new double-ended dildo (which had been used on her), and one of Paula’s larger dildos (which Diana had been using).

Anna entered the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower, letting it warm as she filled the sink with sudsy water with which to wash the toys. With the toys soaking in the sink she stepped into the shower and sighed her content at the liquid comfort. She was still lathering her hair when she thought she heard a liquid plunk and saw a shadow pass on the other side of the shower curtain. A few moments later she heard the toilet flush and gave out a squeal of surprise as the water changed from hot to sauna hot.

The curtain shifted as a hand pulled back the far end. Diana’s head peered around the edge and one foot was already stepping in as Diana asked, “Do you mind some company?”

Diana knew Anna well enough to know there was no problem with that. Anna gave her friend a big smile and beckoned her in. Anna was just sticking her head under the shower to rinse her hair when she felt Diana’s hands intertwine with her own in her hair. A moment later she felt Diana’s body pressed closely against hers and she smiled with pleasure. As she continued to run her hands through her hair she felt Diana run a soft washcloth around her body. Having her back and butt rubbed felt absolutely glorious especially as it pressed her body closely against her friend’s. Then Diana stepped away and she felt the washcloth against her chest and abdomen. The other hand was also active rubbing around her arm, her side, her breast . . . she felt her nipples grow and become more sensitive to the stimulation. She opened her eyes as Diana moved the washcloth down to rub Anna’s shaved pussy. Anna trapped the arm there as she stepped in close and gave Diana a tender open-mouthed kiss. With one hand on the back of Diana’s head and the other on Diana’s firm ass, she began slowly spinning a half circle until Diana was now under the main flow of the shower.

Anna reached down and grabbed the shampoo. On her way back up with it she couldn’t resist stopping for a moment to lick one of Diana’s pink nipples. She stood the rest of the way up, squirted shampoo liberally into her hand, then reached her hands up to rub them through Diana’s hair. She lifted her head (before the shampoo had a chance to drip down) and gave Diana a deep kiss as she continued to caress Diana’s head. Their bodies felt so wonderful pressed together in the wetness of the shower. Just when she thought it couldn’t feel any better she felt the warmth and softness of another body press in behind her. With her eyes still closed as she kissed Diana she nearly swooned sandwiched between her beautiful friends.

She finally broke off the kiss with Diana and reached down to pick up the washcloth from a ledge in the shower. She turned around and smiled at Paula. Paula smiled back and said, “I hope I’m not interrupting?”

Anna whispered back, “Not at all. You can’t believe how good it feels to stand between your two beautiful, naked, wet friends in the shower. Only you’re not very wet yet. I’m almost finished,” she continued as she rubbed down her legs. “You can step in; get some water.” She hugged her friend and touched lips for a gentle kiss as she carefully spun a second friend in closer to the shower. When Anna porno opened her eyes again she saw that Diana had finished rinsing her hair and starting on the rest of her body. Anna handed the washcloth to Paula with a wink, “Here. Why don’t you give Diana a hand.”

Paula eagerly turned to Diana. She was a little too eager for she overbalanced as she reached toward her friend and ended falling against her. Paula’s body pushed Diana against the shower wall, nearly hitting Diana’s head against the showerhead on the way. Diana gave out a squeal as she pressed against the cold-feeling wall. “There, there,” Paula comforted, “Let Paula warm you up.” And with that Paula wrapped her hands around her friend and gave her a passionate kiss, the water flowing over them. They quickly ran out of breath and parted to pant for air.

Anna grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She made sure more towels were set out for her friends. She stepped to the sink and noticed that most of the toys that they had used were now in the sink . . . maybe all of them. She set a hand towel on the counter and began washing and rinsing the toys, setting them on the towel to dry. As she went through them she heard the continue splashing of water over her friends, the occasional squeak of a foot moving on the shower floor, gentle murmurings, and a few decidedly sexual groans as intimate contact was made in the process of washing.

Anna heard the water turn off and watched the shower carefully in the bathroom mirror as the curtain opened and her naked friends stepped out. She happened to be washing one of Paula’s larger dildos at the moment, so when she caught Paula’s eye she brought the dildo suggestively to her mouth and slowly sucked it in. The evocative gesture quickly turned hilarious as Anna began sputtering soap out of her mouth since she’d forgotten to rinse the dildo first. Paula burst out in laughter quickly joined by Diana as she figured out what had happened. Anna rinsed the dildo then lowered her head so she could rub some of the taste off her tongue onto her towel.

She removed the towel as she used it to begin drying her hair, stepping into the less humid bedroom for a moment. She flattened down her mousy brown hair and rewrapped the towel around her as she went to the linen closet for fresh sheets. As she began on one corner of the bed, she found Diana similarly clad on the opposite side aiding her efforts. They soon had the new sheets on with an extra towel under the sheets in the still-moist middle section of the bed.

When the sheets were set Diana circled around to her friend. She was stepping in for a hug as she said, “You know, at work sometimes, it’s all I can do to keep my hands off of you and Paula. Do you remember the staff meeting last Tuesday, when I was reporting last month’s progress, and I couldn’t remember a few of the figures?” Anna nodded yes, with a creeping smile. “Well, I had just looked around the table, and of course you and Paula were there, and I suddenly imagined you fucking Paula with that strapon and my mind flew right out the window.” Anna giggled in her friend’s arms. “Of course now I’ve actually gotten to see you fucking Paula with the strapon and that was so much better than my imagination.” She pecked Anna on the lips.

“I’ve been wondering . . .” Diana said as she eyed Anna speculatively. “You’re so petite, but you’ve got such a sexual appetite. Did you know when I pushed that double-headed dildo in you that I got this much in?” She stepped back and indicated the distance with her fingers. “I’ve been wondering how much you can take, or that you’re willing to take. She stepped over to the dresser with one arm around Anna. “I want to see if you can take this.” Diana held up Paula’s thickest dildo and looked at her friend.

Anna shrugged her shoulders noncommittally. “Not all at once. I think we should work up to it, but the one’s you’ve already taken are almost that big. I want to try it too. I don’t know . . . it’s almost like being violated, but in a willing way. Something that large taking you.”

Anna shrugged again. “I’ve thought about trying something that large . . . but only theoretically. We can try.” She batted her eyes at Diana, “Be gentle with me.” They both giggled. Their giggle hushed quickly as they kissed again. Their towels were soon on the floor as their hands began roaming each other’s bodies.

Diana stepped back. “I’ll go get a couple toys from the bathroom if you want to choose a couple from the selection still on the dresser.” Diana stepped out as Anna rummaged through the selection. Anna found the two largest, second thoughts quickly giving way to her adventurous spirit. She thought that Diana was probably getting one they’d used earlier that evening, which was pretty big, and the two-headed dildo, which was also pretty big, but by far the longest.

Diana stepped back in again. Anna looked up reflectively, “Is Paula alright?”

Diana chuckled. “She’s fine. She’ll be back in a minute.” Diana wrapped her arms around Anna, still clutching the toys in her hands. She guided Anna onto the bed with her. She rolled over on top of Anna then continued the roll so that Anna was on top of her. She lay kitty-corner across japon porno the bed as she gave Anna a long, sensuous kiss. The toys dropped to her side as her hands began caressing Anna’s shoulders, back and derriere. After a minute she pulled back, though it was hard to do with Anna eagerly returning their kiss. “Anna, honey. I love kissing you, but would you be a sweetheart and switch ends so that I can give your pussy some loving attention?”

Anna pecked her friend once more then readily adjusted her body to a 69 position with Diana. She also loved kissing Diana, but the view on this end was fabulous as well. The first time the friends had become lovers Diana’s pussy hair was trimmed a uniformly short length. Since then Diana had shaved her pussy and Anna was enthralled with beauty of those . . . well, pouty lips. She smiled to herself as she leaned forward and gave Diana’s clit a soft kiss. She shivered briefly as felt Diana’s lips close over and suck slickly her own clit.

Anna reached for one of big dildos (not the gigantic one yet) that that was on the bed. She set it back on the bed between Diana’s legs, then leaning forward she licked wetly up and down Diana’s pussy lips. She felt Diana hum appreciatively while sucking over her own clit and the additional vibration sent a fresh wave of shivers down her spine. Anna poked her tongue as far as she could into Diana’s love hole and tasted the strong flavor of Diana’s arousal. She followed up quickly with a finger to test and see how wet Diana’s pussy was. Outcome: it was getting wet, but wasn’t wet enough yet. She thought it likely that her own pussy was moistening rapidly as she squeezed her eyes closed when Diana flicked the tip of her tongue over Anna’s clit.

She reached for the dildo in front of her pausing distractedly along the way, opening her mouth over Diana’s clit. She concentrated long enough to grip the dildo and bring it up to her mouth. Anna shivered in enjoyment yet again while she opened her mouth wide to engulf the dildo to dampen it. She tried hard not to swallow so she could cover it slickly as quickly as possible. She vaguely thought that she’d never given head to a guy with a head this big before and she was in for some serious stretching if she had one this size, and another even bigger pushed in her pussy. She gave Diana’s clit another quick suck while testing her pussy again for wetness: better. Anna was running out of concentration and patience so she used the fingers of one hand to spread Diana’s pussy lips while grabbing the dildo firmly in the other hand poising the head right at the entrance. Anna gasped as Diana sucked more powerfully on her own clit, once again losing focus for a moment. When she reopened her eyes (she didn’t remember shutting them) she saw the dildo poised – – she decided to dip it on her tongue once more quickly, then brought it down and slowly and steadily inserted it into Diana’s hole. It was Diana’s turn to gasp at the sensation of the large dildo penetrating her pussy hole.

Paula had finally come into the room. She was mesmerized by the site of her two friends performing 69 on each other and decided not interrupt. She distractedly reached down to play with herself and was stymied as she realized she couldn’t rub her pussy while the strapon was attached. It had taken her a few minutes to figure out how it worked and mostly to adjust the straps to her body. Then there may have been a couple minutes pressing her bottom against the counter while the anal plug provided strong stimulation. Paula stood by the door looking down for a moment and decided to grab the cock in her hand and begin yanking it up and down. Yeah. She wasn’t going to come anytime soon doing that, but stimulation to both her cunt and ass was very enjoyable.

Paula watched as Anna inserted the dildo into Diana’s cunt. Diana’s head arched back with a gasp, then she returned to suck Anna’s clit with renewed vigor. Diana was feeling around with one hand to find the dildo she had set down, and with the other hand she was inserting a finger into Anna’s pussy. Paula could see that Diana’s finger came back wet, and Diana barely hesitated before beginning to insert the dildo in Anna’s hole. Diana pushed and pulled it, in an inch, back a half inch, in an inch back a half inch, and systematically inserted it until she could push it in no further. Anna’s whole body stiffened with the sensation and she stopped doing anything else but feeling the dildo fill her cunt.

Paula saw the other dildo, the big dildo, sitting next to Diana and knew what Diana wanted to do next. She knew from experience that as good as it felt a person couldn’t do much else after playing with it. Plus, the strapon being a size or two smaller wouldn’t feel nearly as impressive after the large dildo. It was time to get involved.

Paula crept onto the bed near Diana’s head. She positioned her knees to either side of Diana’s head, and placed a hand over Diana’s hand so she could help guide it back out of Anna’s now dripping wet pussy. Diana momentarily lost focus as a particularly strong wave of pleasure coursed through her body. With the dildo finally out Paula positioned the strapon cock behind Anna’s pussy lezbiyen porno and with a thrust of her hips, and Diana’s help, the strapon cock slid smoothly in. As it entered Paula leaned forward and made sure that her breasts rested fully on Anna’s back. With one hand she reached around Anna’s chest and gently kneaded and caressed one of those cute pert breasts. Paula gave a few thrusts, adjusted her knees, thrust again, moved the hand on which she was resting much of her weight, and then finding her balance she began rhythmically pumping in and out of Anna.

Paula felt Anna shiver beneath her. She could see Anna trying to use the dildo on Diana, but she would thrust once or twice, then stop as her concentration faltered, then try again. Paula could feel the hair from Diana’s head brushing against her thighs and knew that Diana was working Anna’s clit for all she was worth. She felt Anna’s body shiver beneath her and Anna let out a strident “Ohh” of pleasure. It wasn’t too many thrusts later that Anna’s began uttering “Yes” over and over under her breath which changed only moments later to a long drawn out “Ooh” which quickly grew in volume. Paula was so turned on by Anna’s approach to her climax that she began thrusting with as much force as she could, Anna’s body bouncing hard against her hips with each thrust. Anna finally screamed out, “Yes. Yes, oh, yesss,” and her whole body convulsed under Paula.

Paula and Diana both knew from experience that Anna wasn’t one to stop the torture of continued sexual stimulation after the first orgasm, so unabated they continued to provoke their friend. Paula wasn’t concerned about being too rough at this point and held Anna tightly against herself as she rocketed her hips back and forth.

Diana could barely keep her lips on Anna’s jouncing clit. She intensified Anna’s pleasure by humming almost continually onto Anna’s clit. Diana was enraptured by the sight of Paula thrusting the strapon cock into Anna right in front of her eyes. It was such a turn on. Moisture from Anna’s pussy was dripping onto her face. She amused herself by realizing that with the strapon cock you didn’t have the slapping noise of a guy’s balls with each thrust. Diana clamped her mouth as firmly as she could over Anna’s clit again and pushed her tongue over the tip of the clit as hard and fast as she could. Despite the last very intense orgasm she had a feeling that Anna’s next one would be even bigger.

Anna didn’t even try to please Diana anymore. She couldn’t. The pleasure was so intense. The cock pumping. Paula’s hand cupping her breast, squeezing it. Paula’s boobs pressed against her back. Paula’s hips slamming against her butt. Diana under her. Diana’s breasts pressed against her abdomen. Hands on her thighs. The wonderful mouth on her clit. And the cock. Oh, the cock. Filling her, assaulting her over and over. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her whole body flushed with heat like fire. Then the convulsions, one intense wave of ecstasy coursing through her after another. The voice screaming (was it hers): “Yes,” “Ohh,” “Diana,” “Yes,” “Oh, Paula,” “Fuck me,” “I love that,” “Give it to me.” And then the endless scream and the moisture dripping between her legs. Paula laughing with delight on top of her. Diana, under her seemed to be surprised by something as she sputtered some incredulous remark.

Diana had never experienced anything like this before. She’d been dripping wet before, and she’d seen her friends dripping wet before. But this time her face was absolutely covered with wetness as it poured from Anna’s last climax. The cock didn’t even sound like it was meeting any resistance as it squelched in and out of the wetness.

Paula couldn’t believe the sensation of fucking her friend beneath her: it felt so good. She wasn’t sure if it was the strapon, or the incredible scents that her friends were giving off, or the sheer sensuality of three naked bodies pressing against each other . . . probably a combination . . . but she was incredibly close to cumming. Anna had slumped beneath her with the incredible intensity of her last orgasm. Paula pulled out and climbed off. She looked down at Diana and laughed when she saw Anna’s pussy juices covering her face. She reached to the floor quickly and got a towel for Diana to wipe her face on, then with a shoving motion told Diana to roll over on top of Anna.

Diana twisted her body while Paula pushed and soon Anna was on the bottom of the 69 with Diana. Paula wasted no time in snuggling up behind Diana’s rump. Anna was still in breathless wonder after her recent orgasms and wasn’t much help with the insertion, but at least the dildo had already been dropped to the side in forgetfulness. Paula reached down with her hand and guided the soaking cock into Diana’s pussy. Diana groaned in pleasure and had enough concentration to still give Anna’s clit a few licks. This revived Anna enough to realize what was going on. She grabbed Diana’s butt and lifted her mouth to Diana’s clit in a long, strong sucking motion; Diana gasped at this. Paula had meanwhile found her best position (resting her weight on her other hand this time) and was beginning to thrust into Diana. She didn’t bother starting out slow this time – – she was too close to orgasm herself to even think about going slow. And she was pretty sure that Diana was as worked up as she. She was right. Diana’s breath quickly became a ragged pant as Anna’s tongue and the thrusting strapon quickly pushed her toward orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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