Good. Getting Better.

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My flight was on time. Within fifteen minutes of landing, I was signaling a cab outside the baggage claim. I had the cab bring me to the hotel where he was staying. I collected a keycard from the reception desk and went up to his penthouse suite. I saw the VIP pass he’d left for me beside the pink roses.

Nine and a half weeks. That’s how long it’s been since we last met up. I had to grin, thinking of the book with just that title.

One of these jaunts would have us somewhere tropical and half naked soon enough. I showered the travel grime from my body and soul, dressed and headed out to the arena to catch the last hour of his show.

I could hear the arena rocking from the furthest edge of the parking lot. I directed the uber driver to the back area and paid the man. Both of the security guys were locals out here, so I waited patiently while they made the calls. Timmy, Kian’s head of security was outside in what seemed like seconds.

“Dari, hi, how are you doin tonight? Did you have an easy flight?”

“Doin pretty good so far, Tim. The flight was smooth as silk. How’s the family?” I chatted, as he scanned my pass, nodded to the two local boys and led me inside.

I was already wishing I’d worn my flats, instead of these ridiculously high stilettos, but he loves the way they make my legs look, tanned and svelte. Ah, the crazy shit we do for lust and mind blowing sex. With only three minor delays, he got me backstage in the wings.

Every time I lay my eyes on him, my brain shuts off, my heart does a stuttering two step and falls flat at his feet. I know I’m so totally lost to him, but that has to wait, for him. To see him, bathed in a pale gold spot, highlighting him in a glowing aura, is pure magic.

Where the light touched, his broad shoulders, his long, toned thighs, revealed not only his powerful manliness but also his raw sexuality. Listening to him sing, his voice a husky, honeyed whiskey that could bring tears to your eyes, or send those chills racing over your body, like it was doing to mine right now.

I watched him stroke the neck of his guitar, with those huge but, oh so gentle hands, and shivered, remembering how those same hands had traveled over my skin. I knew the second he saw me, felt his eyes swiftly taking in the mile of naked legs, the mini skirt, the snug sweater, my grin. He actually paused for a second or two. I think I might have caught him drooling and that made something else in me go haywire and goofy.

“Well, well, well …wow…” I watched him swallow his tongue, regain his wits, grinned that sweet grin that sold him to millions, that one that told me, he’s got news to share, good news, and he’s got something else up his sleeve.

Okay, I’ve gotta explain, we’ve been seeing each other for almost two years, as often as we could make it with our crazy careers and schedules. He’s been going through a fairly nasty divorce, for the last three.

Celebrity does have high prices, and not only monetarily. I know that myself. I watched him straighten up, shift his guitar, stroke its neck.

“I have something good I’d like to share tonight.” He began softly, capturing every ear in the seventy five thousand seat arena. “Since everybody already knows what’s been goin on in my life these last few years, I may as well, just make the official announcement tonight, here. My battle is over, completely final, forever and ever, amen.”

The crowd erupted, howling, hooting, whistling and screaming with joy. He gave them a moment, enjoying the sharing of this joy. No doubt, giving so many fans time to tweet, share, and post the news to any and all viral streams.

He motioned to one of the handlers to take his guitar, as he stood. Ka-thud, my heart hit the floor. You heard that right. From the crown of his hat, to the well-worn boots, total package, yum, made me drool.

He motioned to the crowd, his voice a soft shh, a whispered, “I’ve got more.”, until they quieted again. He grinned at them. “Ready? I want y’all to meet someone.” He strolled into the wings for me, taking my hand and leading me onstage.

“This is Dari.” I couldn’t focus on anything but him as I stood, shaking like a leaf, beside him. “This is Dari. She’s the woman in my life.” kırşehir escort His voice caressed while his hand, at my back gave strength. “The only one, what else can I tell you but she gives me joy.”

I looked up, finally, at this murmured sentence, meeting those warm, deep pools of amber caramel brown, seeing everything, seeing him lay bared, for me, in front of thousands. I took a deep breath, smiled, sighed and kissed him.

In his arms, everything fell away, just us. His hands slid from my shoulder to my ass, pulling me tight against him. I was dazed and seeing stars when our lips parted.

“I wrote this for you. Sit right here, you’re lookin’ a little pale and starry eyed.” He sat me on his stool, as another handler brought another. “I was feelin’ kind of blue, one day not so long ago. I know I was missing you, because it came out in this song. And something else came out in it too, listen.” A stagehand brought out his guitar and he started strumming.

I listened to every word, every note, feeling his ache from missing me, feeling his hope for when we would be together, my own heart thumping and throbbing until his last line. “Because, girl, I’ve lost my heart to you. I love you.”

Tears filled my eyes, tears of joy, I guess. He repeated the very last line again, making those joyful tears spill over.

He leaned over, kissed me gently, making the crowd sigh. Another handler came out onstage, this time with a box of tissues, making us both laugh. I wiped my tears away, letting this fizzy feeling fill me from the tips of my toes to my head.

Again he kissed me, murmuring against my lips to meet him in his dressing room backstage. I think I nodded, letting the tissue handler lead me off and back to his room.

In his dressing room, wandering dazedly among his stuff, clothes, guitars, I tried to find my brain and make it work again. No such luck, as it was still zooming on his declaration of love.

The besotted thing, formerly known as my brain, was plotting scenarios, envisioning dreams of golden lights, passionate sex and gossamer hopes. I grabbed two fistfuls of hair, right by my temples and gave myself a good shaking. It had taken him almost three years to say the words.

Almost an hour later, he came in, alone for a change. He stood just inside the door, leaning against it, watching me.

“I love you.”

“I know, have known for some time actually.” I answered softly, raising my eyes to meet his. “And I’m terrified, to be honest.” I took a deep breath, let it out. “And I’m very much in love with you.”

His arms opened wide and I walked shakily into them, resting my cheek on his chest with my arms circling his waist and his around my shoulders, feeling like I’ve finally found home. “What do we do now?”

“Same as we have been, just publicly, without reservations. I’ve missed you, something fierce.” He said, raising my chin, making me meet his gaze. I saw his heart clearly in his eyes, felt my own jerk and thump crazily.

“I want to be able to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, holding your hand, kissing you until your brain is a puddle. To walk with you down a sidewalk, dance with you in the rain, without worrying about pictures popping up, or crazy photographers jumping out of the bushes. Live our life together.”

“Well…I can’t start any journey if I stand still, right?” I asked gazing into those amber eyes I’ve known my whole life.

“Right. Be with me. Be mine, for the rest of our days.”

“Key, yes. We’ve got this.” I smiled up at him, feeling so much love for this man.

“Good. Now let me feed you and ravage you like I’ve been dreaming about for the last month and a half.”

“Mmmm, sounds like a plan.”

We moved together through the umpteen corridors and alleyways until we found ourselves outside, backstage. I’d managed to call the same uber driver who’d brought me to the arena and he was nearby and would be delighted to return me and Kian to the hotel. He pulled up a few minutes later and we climbed in.

“Hey, thanks for calling me again! I’m glad I was still in the area.”

“I am too! How long until we’re back at the hotel?” I asked, feeling Kian’s fingers sliding kocaeli escort under the skirt wore.

“Oh, just a few minutes.” Our driver answered. I kept his fingers from delving too deeply into my overheated puss, earning me a scowl. He has an incurable case of Roman hands and Russian fingers whenever he’s within three feet of me. Gently, I pressed my lips to his.

“Please. Just a few minutes, my love.” I whispered against his lips. His grumpy sigh was his patient acceptance. His fingers curled around me and snuggled me close to his side. I sank pliantly at his side, letting his warmth flow over me. Seven minutes later we pulled up to the hotel.

After paying our driver, I let him lead me through the lobby to the elevators, feeling his hand slide from my hip to my ass and back. I could feel him almost vibrating with pent up need as we entered the elevator. As the doors closed he turned to me, his hands yanking me to him, his mouth attacking me, setting my own need ablaze.

I vaguely remember the doors opening, his door opening. His fingertips trailing lightly as he slid my clothes to the floor, as he moved me through his suite and into his bedroom.

“I’ve waited long enough.” He growled, pinning me to the bed with his mouth and hands. I writhed beneath him, shimmying skin to skin, squirming restlessly under his assault. “You’re just as needy as I am, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t even answer, couldn’t make the words, nodded. A groan rose from me as my hips ground against his cock, sliding his head into the opening of my cunt. In a blink, our eyes met and he sank bone deep into me. That soft groan grew teeth and snarled with primal power.

My legs wrapped around his, entangling to gain leverage to move with him, to ride him. Sliding, shoving my hips under him, humping up to slap against him, to fill myself on his cock, keening with wave after wave of pleasure. My teeth dragged against the skin of his shoulder as I shivered under his adept fingers.

Kneading, guiding, massaging, clutching tight and driving me wild beyond wild. I held onto him, one hand gripping his flexing hip the other clawing his back, as his eyes blazed down at me, fierce and conquering. Warrior eyes.

His thrusts grew faster, harder. I held his gaze as long as I could, watching him watching me cum hard on his cock. The tsunami wave took me with it, trembling like a leaf, shuddering, bucking with and against him. Dimly, I heard his snarling howl of release, felt his big body jerking and shuddering around me, in me.

I could feel his heart hammering against me, his chest rising and falling with each heavy pant, his legs still twitching. I felt him shift, rising onto his elbows, leaning over me. I opened my eyes, finding him gazing down at me, his face vulnerable and open.

“I think that’s been the quickest.” He panted softly.


“I don’t think I’ve ever felt a hunger like that.”


“Really. I haven’t. Nothing that demanding, that powerful. Like an animal.”


“Yes. Primal.”

“I liked it. You made me feel needed, wanted.”

“Round two, I’ll take my time and savor you completely.”

“Round two?”

“Oh yes, my love. My first round took the blinding edge off. Round two will satisfy us both. Tell me you’re not still hungry. Tell me you don’t want more.” He smiled, that hunger still lingering in his eyes.

“I can’t. I’m always hungry for you and I always want more.”

“One of these days you’ll marry me.”

“I’ve told you the ring I’d like. Get that and I will.”

“No diamonds. An emerald from the Atocha. Right?” He chanted softly with a smile, watching me smile and nod. “That’s a promise?” Again I nodded. “I’ll see what I can do.” He grinned, leaning down to kiss me softly. I slid my fingertips through his hair, down over his shoulders, over his back, pulling him to me as I sank brainless into his kiss.

His warm body still entwined with mine, his hips slowly pulling back, letting me feel our combined sogginess. A soft groan escaped me feeling him that fullness of him leaving me, realizing that he’s growing harder by the second, let a throaty purr out.

I felt his konya escort smile against my lips, as he continued nipping and nibbling at my mouth. I felt the very tip of his cock resting wetly against my cunt entry, huge and firm, closed my lips over his tongue and gently sucked.

With a groan and a jerk, he surged his cock deep into me. I let my tongue and mouth suck his tongue as I would his cock, feeling his hips match my slow motions. His groan became a constant purr, mingling with my own.

He moved at my speed, riding me slow and steady. Filling my hole completely, pulling out and sliding his dick tip over my throbbing clit, between my soggy lips, in time with my tongue swirling over his. Sliding, stroking in with every time I sucked.

Every time his head plumbed the depth of my hole, I could feel that deep button mooching hungrily at it, sending wild ripples of pleasure through my quim. Gently, he pulled back, pulled his tongue free.

“Ready?” he asked, bumping his hips, nudging that button into overdrive, ripples grew to wavelets, to waves as he stroked out quicker, stroked in faster.

I raised my eyes to his face, seeing him smiling as he continued fucking me.

“Do you feel how hard you’ve gotten me?” I could see the animal shimmering in his eyes, his smile.

“Oh yes, I do.” I answered purring, moving my hips to grind his head and my button together, watching his eyes cross and cross again, clear.

“And you want it?”

“Oh you have no idea how bad…” he surged deep again, I squirmed on his head, gasping harshly. “…I want it… and you.”

“Show me.”

I moved with him, against him, swiveling, grinding my hips, my button on him. I watched him with every stroke, every movement, watching his animal grow strong, stronger. I let my hands grip and dig in, gaining that micro bit of leverage, humping, grinding and slapping hips together.

His low growl gained teeth, became a snarl as his inner animal took over, roughly. Humping hard into me, his full ball sac bouncing against my ass faster and faster, his manscape rubbing roughly on my hard aching clit.

I grabbed a fistful of his hair, clearing his eyes for a moment, before dragging his mouth to mine to be devoured. Hungrily. Urgently.

“Cum for me.” He growled between biting kisses.

“Oh, I’m gonna.” I growled back, pushing gently at his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist and rolled onto his back. I shifted my legs from under him, rising from his steely cock, hearing our juices squishing when I slid back down. “And I hope you will too.”

“Ride me. Just like I taught you.” He crooned gazing up at me, his hands sliding up my thighs to my hips. I slid back and forth, feeling him pulsating with every quake through me, friction electrifying my clit. His thumb dipping from my waist to rub circles over it.

Faster I rode, harder. My fingernails digging crescents into his chest as the waves of evergasms began crashing through me. Mindlessly I rode him, wildly, barely hearing him egging me faster, rougher.

His hands slid up my back, pulling me down, his chest meeting mine as he wrapped himself around me as I came. And came. And came.

“Atta girl,” he growled softly in my ear, “…mmm, you’re so very tight right now. I feel you, clenching around my cock, soaking me with your cum. Mmmm, yeah,” he bucked up into me, “…I feel even the afterquakes.”

“Af…after…gasms…” I groaned, humping over him, holding onto him tightly.

“Mmmm, I like that better. Lemme feel some more.” He groaned, rolling us over again. “Because you know how much I love feeling you like this.”

Rougher, faster he thrust into me, ratcheting the waves higher. I held on limply, overwhelmed, letting him ride me as deliciously rough as he wanted. It was decadent, hedonistic, feeling this pleasure crashing through me as I flopped bonelessly beneath him, his hot body jerking and shuddering over me, collapsing on top of me.

I woke when he climbed from the bed, taking his heat with him. I watched him sleepily, wishing he didn’t have to leave so soon, as he drove his fingers through his hair and turned back, smiling when he noticed my eyes open.

“I don’t want to leave.” He whispered.

“I don’t want you to leave.” We knew he had to. Three more months until this tour was over. Summer.

“Soon enough, we’ll have more time.”

“I know.”

“Come shower with me.” He smiled, trailing his fingertip down my neck. Still sleepy, I smiled back and threw back the covers.


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