Good Girl Gone Bad

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I would just like to point out before we start; this is my first story and would greatly like your feedback. I would like to thank all the support that is available on the site and two of my dearest friends who helped me describe the feelings a woman has. I have left some details unknown for you to imagine and think of yourself. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!


It was snowing outside, and 23 year old Amy was wrapped up in her duvet on the sofa, watching the morning news. As usual the meagre three centimetres of snow had shut down all attempts of transport in Britain, the trains were cancelled, the buses weren’t running, and the airports were shut. “Perfect” Amy thought, “No work for me today!” A big smile appeared on her face.

Amy lived in a big house in a secluded hamlet just outside the town of Ipswich. She had inherited the house from her late grandmother, along with enough money to pay the bills for a lifetime. The only reason she worked was to go shopping.

Amy’s family had been very strict up until recent times. Her mother had always taught Amy what her mother taught her, “Don’t marry until you’re 30, don’t parade yourself as a sex object, and don’t be seen exposed to anybody other than your husband.” Not to mention the “Don’t have sex before you’re married” kind of thing. All this, of course, was not going to be the case is Amy’s life, although she appeared to be a “good girl” to her family. All her friend’s knew of course that she was only a “good girl” because she just didn’t get caught doing things.

Amy lost her virginity at a house party when she was 15. Her family knew none of this of course, and she had been dishing out all the other various forms of foreplay to the boys (and sometimes girls) since she was only 13. However, she never exposed herself; and we will now get back to what was going through her mind…

As Amy realised it was going to be a long and possibly lonely, day; many thoughts rushed through her mind as to what she would do to keep herself occupied throughout the day. She decided that not only would she do her household chores, she would do them nude. As she thought this, a small spasm of excitement rushed through her body at the thought of possibly being caught. Although there were not many people around, it was, however, still possible.

As she nervously walked into the front room to peek outside, she had other, naughty ideas pop into her head…

After seeing that there was nobody about, she ran upstairs to her bedroom, opened the walk in wardrobe, and in front of the mirror, slowly started to take off her clothes, first her plain white, tight fitting tank top. After it sprung up from the obstruction of her 28DD breasts, she undid the clasp on her denim short-shorts and pushed them past her curvaceous hips to the floor. Standing there in just her Ann Summers bra and thong, Amy decided that this was as adventurous as she was feeling that day, so she tiptoed nervously out of her bedroom and then likewise downstairs to the utility room to fetch her polish and dusters.

It was not long before Amy was dusting and cleaning away as if she was fully clothed, and vastly improved in confidence. As she walked into the front room, to her surprise, there was old Mr. Bath outside, clearing the snow from the pavement. He was right in front of the front room, about 20 yards from the house. If he looked in her direction, he would easily see her in the well lit room.

Amy’s head told her it would be wrong to ignore him and to carry on as she was doing; after all, he was 73 years of age. A sight like that could surprise him so much it may kill him! He had always been a good neighbour to Amy, happy to fix anything for her. She loved him dearly and he was a bit like her “step-grandfather.” Somewhere in her body though, disagreed with her head, making a small trail of pussy juice seep through her thong and run down her leg. It turned her on, the thought of old Mr. Bath seeing her in such a state of dress with a feather duster in one hand. Images flashed through her mind; she was amazed at what they were, almost shocked. Her upbringing told her all of this was very wrong, but she continued dusting.

Unknown to Amy, Mr Bath had already seen her, and as he now slowly swept the path. He would glance up every now and then to see if he could see her almost naked body in the front room. Despite his age and the thought of his wife at home, his old cock started to rise and he was fascinated to Yalova Escort watch. He knew it was wrong, but he just had to.

Amy dropped her duster on the floor and instantly bent over to pick it up. This gave Mr. Bath a very good view indeed of her beautiful ass in the air. Mr. Bath was shocked that such an innocent, well-spoken, young lady participated in such naughty behaviour when home alone. “I wish it snowed more often,” he thought as he went on his way, having had enough to see for one day.

It was soon lunch-time for Amy, and she quickly whipped up some warm pineapple on toast; a strange yet scrumptious dish, which was easy to make, and very filling for a thin girl like Amy. She was just putting a piece of warm pineapple into her mouth when it fell off her fork and fell between her two beautiful tits. After trying to get it out, Amy realised that she would have to take off her bra. After doing this, she found the cool air on her big, round, pink nipples very arousing. They soon got very hard and stood out a great deal. Amy was very ashamed of herself for letting it get this far. She was soon, however, not worried, as the feeling on her nipples made her pussy even wetter.

Knowing this was not at all appropriate, she slapped herself out of it, headed upstairs, and clothed herself in jogging bottoms and a hoody, after cleaning herself up. She picked out her favourite film at the time, “Mama Mia,” and cuddled up back in her duvet in front of the telly.

Although it was only 1 o’clock when Amy dozed off halfway through her film, she somehow managed to sleep all the way through till 11 o’clock in the morning the next day on the sofa in the lounge.

She woke with a start from her slumber and for a minute or two wondered where she was. “Oh of course!” she exclaimed to herself aloud. “Oh, better get showered and changed,” she muttered to herself.

As Amy threw off her duvet, a strong familiar smell greeted her. She must have had some interesting dreams because her joggers were soaked through around the crotch, her duvet was damp, and even her fingers were sticky as she ran them through her hair, racking her brains trying to think what she could possibly have been dreaming about.

Throwing her pants, joggers, bra, and top, along with the duvet cover into the washing machine, she was left naked. She sprinted up the stairs into her en-suite bathroom and turned on the hot walk in shower.

Amy washed and conditioned her hair, then got her shower gel and rubbed it all over her hairless body. After covering her body, she was soon massaging her tits, squeezing, pinching and lifting them, making her very turned on. One of her slender hands slowly found its way down past the pierced belly button to the bald space between her legs. She slowly let her middle finger circle around her now erect clit while her other hand played with her nipple.

Amy sat down in her shower and spread her long slender legs, revealing a bald, smooth pussy. This was slowly opening up, begging to be pleasured. She positioned herself so the water fell on her naked pussy and so she could change the temperature of the water with her free hand at the same time. She switched from hot to cold and vice versa, making her orgasm slowly build.

Amy then reached behind her many bottles of hair products to retrieve her long friend. It was an 11 inch, waterproof, vibrating dildo. She turned it onto the low setting and laid it on top of her pussy. Wriggling around, she felt she had to have something inside her. She picked it up and started to penetrate her smooth folds. After only 4 inches, she had to stop, as an incredible orgasm hit her, making her twist, scream, and writhe around in the shower, it was a big one that had been building up for a long time. Although she was tired, her lust for more was overpowering and using the suction cup on the base; Amy fitted the dildo to the shower floor. She then positioned herself like she would be if she was riding a big, hard cock cowgirl style and slowly lowered herself onto the dildo. She had never been able to take the whole length, only 7 inches of it. This time it was no exception. She slowly sped up her fucking and, using her hands against the shower walls, managed to keep upright and set a furious pace under the falling water. The falling water bounced hard off Amy’s bouncing tits, pleasuring her as they bounced. After 5 minutes, Amy had another big orgasm, and passed out.

It was another hour before she finally awoke to the sound of a very impatient Yalova Escort Bayan knocking on the door. Amy quickly picked herself up and shouted down, “I’ll be there in a minute!” She quickly attempted to dry herself, then threw on the white tank top she had left lying around the previous day and pulled on some cargo short shorts. After running down the stairs, she hurriedly opened the door.

“Oh, errrmm. Hi…” said the man, trying to avoid looking at her.

“What’s wro…?” Amy stopped in mid sentence as she saw where the handsome man could not take his eyes off. In the rush, she had not dried properly and her white top had gone see-through in all the wrong places, and not wearing a bra made her lush tits very obvious. “Oh…”she stammered.

“Don’t worry, it’s ok. I’ll turn around and talk to you…?”

“No, don’t worry about that. Please; what’s the reason you came?” replied Amy.

“I was just given a card with this address on it. In a café… The woman on the till told me you had seen me only the other day and would like me to meet you…”

Amy’s mind flashed through her best mates, trying to think who worked in a café.

“Her name was Vicky?” asked the man

“Oh yes, she’s my friend! Please, come inside from the cold.” Amy ushered him inside and as she directed him where to go. From behind him she thought about how asking her friend Vicky to give her address to the next hunk that walked in was such a brilliant idea!

It turned out the hunk’s name was James; he was tall and well built, there had clearly many hours in the gym. He had broad shoulders and big biceps, a woman’s dream.

As they talked over a mug of tea, Amy found out how James was a fireman for a living; however, he was already on his holiday break. After Amy asked if he was single and found out that he was, she started to flirt, and got him to talk about himself. As he talked, Amy’s mind drifted to that morning in her shower and thought about how it could easily be James underneath her. After this thought had ran though her head she just couldn’t stop thinking about how big his cock could be…

Amy and James were getting on like a house on fire, but soon it was time for James to leave; as he stood by the door, he said to her,

“Amy. Thanks. I’ve had a really nice time this morning. Perhaps we could go out sometime?” and with that said, he raised her hand, kissed it, and walked out the door. Opening her hand Amy, realised he had slipped a bit of paper with his number written on into her hand.

The rest of her day was a dreamland, and that night she decided to ring him up. However, just as he picked up his phone she hung up, waiting to see if he called back. Luckily he did, and they arranged a date for the next day.

Amy and James dated for another 3 to 4 weeks, when one night as James was dropping Amy home, she reached over into his car and kissed him, taking the car keys as she did so. She got out and walked into her house, leaving the front door open just ajar.

Amy ran upstairs to her bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing for James to follow as he came searching for his keys. At each item of clothing he got to he also shed a layer. He approached her bedroom door and slowly peeked in, dressed only in his Calvin Klein boxers. He saw Amy lying spread eagled on her bed, limbs stretched out wide. There they were, his car keys tucked just into the front of her French panties, and his house keys tucked between her perfect round tits.

He could not believe his eyes, and as he slowly approached her, she whispered just loud enough to be audible. “Come and get ’em big boy.”

James crawled onto the bed, grabbed his car keys by his teeth then tossed them aside. After giving her a kiss just above the panty line, he moved up to where his house keys lay. Slowly and sensuously he pressed his face between her tits and grabbed them. He tossed them aside, kissed each tit, then moved up to her face.

James was just resting on top of Amy, and they were staring into each other’s eyes. Amy whispered, “I love you…”

And with that, James leaned down and kissed Amy on the lips. This then turned into passionate tonguing. Amy’s arms wrapped around James and rolled him over underneath her. His arms reached behind her trying to find the clasp on the bra when Amy lifted herself and straddled him, undoing her bra’s clasp at the front and winking at him. James proceeded to massage her tits, and play with her nipples. Underneath her bum, Amy could feel his cock getting Escort Yalova hard, and it felt very big.

Amy leaned back down onto him and then slid herself down his body, licking and kissing his pecs and 6-pack all the way. She got to his boxers and ripped them apart with her teeth. It was very erotic for James as he looked down in amazement.

James’s hard cock sprang out from his shredded boxers and hit Amy in the face. She started to take it into her mouth as if it was what she did since birth. She only managed to fit three-quarters of his cock in her mouth comfortably, and still, after deepthroating and even gagging on him, she couldn’t get balls deep. Amy then felt James’ hands on her head. She looked up at him. Instantly after making eye contact she knew what he wanted and turned around, sitting on his face while sucking his cock and balls.

It was then James’s time to shine. He carefully licked all around her pussy, never actually touching it, but when he finally did, she had a spasm of delight of finally being pleasured. He then proceeded to give her the best cunnilingus she ever received, paying attention not only to her clit, but her outer lips, then her inner lips, the walls of her pussy, the very base of her clit and of course, the tip of her very hard clit. Amy’s orgasm was building slowly, and she could tell that when it hit her, it was going to hit hard. Just as she thought she was going to get it, James stop licking her clit, but kept pleasuring her.

He moved his attack from his tongue up, to her small, tight, virgin asshole, which was extremely sensitive. Although Amy had never tried anything anal before, she was keen to try new things. At first it felt strange, but soon the delicacy of James’ tongue hit all the right places and it felt absolutely amazing. She was going to cum soon…

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Amy as her orgasm hit her like a train, and it was fuelled by James’ tongue starting to enter her tight little ass. Amy wriggled and screamed and shook her way through her most incredible orgasm ever, and throughout this, James continued to lick, kiss, suck, and penetrate her delicate, sensitive ass.

Amy, without much strength left, simply rolled off James. When he laid alongside her, they kissed passionately. When Amy regained some strength, she told James how that was the best thing she had experienced in her life. He replied, “I love you, but you will be getting much better, trust me.”

With that, he climbed off the bed and positioned Amy on the side. He grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs up and back as far as Amy said she could go. She rested them on his shoulders, and he placed the head of his big cock at the entrance of her tight snatch.

“Oh my, it’s so big. Will it fit inside me?”

“Don’t worry; I’ll go slowly. Tell me if you need me to stop.”

“Ok babe, I love you. Go for it.”

And with that, James started to enter Amy’s pussy. Amy screamed even louder this time.

“It’s too big! It’s too FUCKING big!”

James, kept it in the same place, waiting to see what Amy asked for,

“Keep going. I want it. Put your big fat cock inside MEEEEEE!!!!!” Amy screamed when he pushed more into her, splitting her open.

“Are you sure babe?” asked James, worried.

“More, just more, OH my GOD, you are just so big!”

Eventually James managed to get 3/4s the way inside of her. Then he decided to pull out a bit, he went slowly 3 or 4 more times, then started to speed up.

“Oh baby, you want my big fat cock in your pussy? Yeah? Oh take me, oh yes, let me fuck your tight hole, oh baby I am fucking you so hard,” grunted James as he thrusted into her.

“Oh YES, split my tight pussy. Oohh harder! Harder! Oh that feels so good. Oh that’s Amazing!” squealed Amy.

Amy had two or three more small orgasms when finally James started shouting,

“Oh baby, make me cum, make me cum. You want me to cum inside you? Yeah? Oh fuck! Milk MY big fat cock!” Amy squeezed her abdominal muscles to pleasure his cock and milk the cum out of him.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ohhhhh. Yeahhhh. Oh baby that felt so good. Fuck your pussy is so tight and beautiful!”

“Not so tight anymore!” giggled Amy, as the excess cum pooled out of her pussy, and dripped onto her asshole.

They both collapsed in a sweaty pile on the bed and somehow managed to get into a spooning position. Completely knackered, they dozed off.

The next morning, James made Amy some breakfast, and left it on the bedside table. He picked up his keys and left a note on the kitchen table, it read:

“Hope last night was as enjoyable for you as it was for me. It was the best night of my life! I hope you would like to go out again sometime?

With love from all my heart, James xoxox”

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