Good Puppy

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I’ve been waiting all week to see you. I painted my nails in a special way just to make you happy and proud of how pretty your puppy is (white with your favorite color polka dots). I climb into my car early, eager to be at your house and at your mercy. I’m wearing a blue sundress with nothing underneath to give you better access to my already dripping wet pussy, and my high heels that show off my ass to its best advantage. Once I’m on my way, I feel my phone vibrate between my legs making me shiver- it’s a text from you reminding me of our meeting, as if I could forget. I reply quickly not wanting you to think I’m ditching or disrespecting you.

“I’m on my way, Master. :)”

“Good slut.”

Your reply almost makes me get into an accident. I prudently put the phone to the side and concentrate on getting to you and the pleasure you supply.

Once I’ve arrived, I put on my collar, walk up to the door, ring the bell and sit in the proper position to await you. You decide to tease görükle escort me by making me wait a minute or two before answering the door and letting me in and attaching my leash. You ask me if I want something to drink- more of an order than a question- and get out my bowl, filling it with water from the tap and placing it before me. I lap up most of the water like an obedient puppy and look up at you adoringly and bark happily. You chuckle and pat my head before leading me to your bedroom where you make me strip and get up on the bed to cuddle. I lay my head on your chest, sighing happily.

“I’ve missed you, Master. I wish we could’ve met up before today,” I say.

“Yes. You were supposed to come up with a place for us to meet weren’t you, puppy?” You ask, getting mildly annoyed.

As I whimper at the thought of disappointing you, you stroke your chin and say, “Well I cannot let this go unpunished. Climb on my lap puppy. And bring your gag.”

I do as ordered, görükle escort bayan knowing that this won’t be the playful, pleasurable spanking I usually get from you.

“I think you’ll get twenty for this infraction, slut.”

As your hand slaps against my white flesh, turning it a light pink and then a bee stung red, I cry. I don’t cry from the pain, oh no. I cry from the horror of disobeying my Master. Once my punishment is over you hug me and kiss my hair saying over and over, “It’s ok, puppy. It’s all over. Good puppy.”

I take out my gag and kiss you, pressing my face into your neck and licking the place where I can almost see your pulse racing from excitement. As we cuddle, you touch me; palming my breasts and fingering my cunt which is soaked from my spanking. Eventually you order me to suck your cock which I do with gusto, putting as much of you as I can in my mouth. You can see how my jaw begins to cramp and hurt, but I keep going. You massage the ache bursa escort from my jaw as I lick and nibble your dick, suckling your balls, and eventually pull me up by my hair. You grab my leash and put me in position for fucking. You guide your hard cock into my pussy with one hand while the other is pulling my leash tight. I can feel you moving in me, stretching me inch by inch. Because it is my first time, you go slowly; though that is the last thing I want you to do. I am a virgin in theory only and want a rough fucking, but that is not your wish. You take me slowly, making sure I’m aware of your every movement, ensuring I know just who it is that owns me body and soul. When you can take it no more, you gradually speed up your thrusts until you are jack hammering against me, causing my tits to fly around wildly and squelching sounds to come from my juice filled cunt. As your fucking reaches a fever pitch I can’t take it anymore and I come. My clenching pussy muscles force your own release and you cum with a fury, flooding me with your wonderful come.

Once we are both finished, you pull us both back to lie down on your bed with me in your arms. As I drift off to and exhausted sleep, I feel your hand petting my head and your voice saying softly to me, “Good Puppy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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