Granny’s Laundromat Legs

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I’ve always had this thing for older woman. I’m 25, banged my share of MILF and more than a few GILFs, grannies in their 60s. Something about their enthusiasm and experience more than offsets the wrinkles and sags of their bodies, especially bodies they work to keep in shape.

Maddie was one I’d had my eye on for awhile, she works at the Laundromat I go to. She’s well built, and very pretty for her age, which I didn’t know. She has dark red hair, no doubt dyed, a pretty if saggy, puckered kind of face, and fairly solid little body. She’s a granny sort to be sure, very friendly, helpful.

I was there just before closing one hot, steamy summer night, and she was wearing a sleeveless top, showing her marvelously thick but firm arms, wrinkled around the shoulders and biceps, but sexy as she moved heavy baskets around. Mostly it was her legs this hot day: She had a pair of knee-length Capri pants on, and her calves looked amazing, creamy smooth, pale, with a hint of purple veins running in the backs of them, and a decent amount of muscle beneath that quivering meat as she moved.

“Wow, I gotta say, Maddie, you have an amazing figure for a woman your age,” I said, leaning on the counter and looking down at those calves and red-painted toes in her sandals. “And your legs…you have incredible calves, ya know?”

“Aw, thanks, Sam,” she blushed, looking down. “Yeah, I take care of myself, walk a lot..I guess I’m doing OK for 75.”

I blinked. 75? Seriously? This really pretty, well-preserved GILF was 75? She looked 65, maybe, perhaps less. I couldn’t believe it.

“No way, Maddie,” I said. “That’s impossible!”

She laughed and took out her license. Sure enough, she was 75 – and in a month, about to turn 76!

“I have never seen such a…well, forgive me, but such a delicious pair of legs and feet or anything else on a woman your age!” I gushed. “That’s incredible!”

She smiled, then a mischievous look gleamed in her dark eyes.

“My late husband loved my legs, especially my calves, and my feet,” she said softly. “But maybe that’s too much information…”

My dick stirred.

“No, not at all, I love hearing…stuff like that…uh, tell me more..”

She looked around. We were alone, and it was 10 p.m.

“Wait here,” she said firmly. “And watch these!”

She came around the counter, looking back down at those marvelously sculpted old calves and walked to the doors, locking them, the muscles flexing nicely beneath that slightly wrinkled but amazingly smooth white skin. She walked back to me, smiling.

“Have a seat,” she said, motioning to a row of seats behind some machines, out of view of the glass front of the now closed Laundromat.

I obeyed, transfixed, and she sat next to me – and swung those meaty little legs up, plopping her feet on my lap, kicking my balls and making me grunt.

“Oh, sorry, silly me!” she giggled like Starzbet a schoolgirl. “Now be a good boy and rub granny’s tired, old, smelly feet!”

I looked at that smiling old face and slipped off her sandals, watching those wrinkly toes wriggle as my trembling hands embraced them, massaging them, caressing them. I groaned, felt my hard dick push up into her heels as I worked the wrinkled soles and insteps, marveling at the soft feel, inhaling the sweet-sour aroma wafting up from her sweaty feet. I looked at those shiny white shins, the flare of old calf muscle on each side of them. It was driving me nuts.

“I used to work long hours in a store, and would come home and have my husband do this,” she said softly, watching me work her feet. “I loved it, so did he, even in winter when I’d have on these thick, wools socks that got all sweaty…I always sweat a lot in my feet for some reason..but he never minded, he’d peel them off and just have at them! It’s been a long time, Sam….but you’re doing very well, young man, very well..”

Her eyelids were heavy now as she got caught up in the rub, my fingers digging into that moist flesh. I leaned toward them, sniffing the air.

“Frightful, isn’t it?” she giggled, clenching her meaty thighs together, presumably rubbing her pussy with them as she did.

“No,” I hissed. “Heavenly…”

“That’s what my husband said!” she laughed. “Then he’d clean them…slowly…with his tongue, lips and mouth…I miss that…”

I took the hint, bending, gently licking those painted toes, long and gnarled, lapping beneath them, then over and around, finally digging between each one, savoring the sweat and funk of her granny feet. Maddie’s eyes closed, the eyeballs visibly trembling beneath, her thighs squeezing and flexing, her ass wiggling in the seat as I suckled her magnificent, magnificently funky toes, devouring them wetly.

“My calves,” she moaned. “Don’t forget those calves…he used to love massaging them…they were a lot more muscular then…”

“they’re perfect now!” I groaned, cupping the thick meat in my hands, turning in my seat to lift her feet to my mouth and lap her sweaty soles and suck her nasty heels as I continued to massage her calves.

They were soft but firm, supple yet saggy, and they were indeed perfect. I licked her feet roundly, and then ran my tongue up each shin, lapping the salty sweat as I worked her calves. Lifting one foot higher, I then ran my slavish tongue from her heel up the sexy swell of her wrinkled calf flesh, suckling mouthfuls of it, then the other, her moans mounting, my cock threatening to burst in my pants.

“My GOD, that’s so good!” she squealed, now shamelessly thrusting a hand into her pants and playing with her cunt.

She pulled down her pants just enough so I could slip my fingers beneath and plunge four into the wettest cunt I have ever felt, slicing through Starzbet Giriş the matted fur of her pussy and fucking her hard, her calves now on my shoulders, my face madly turning side to side to lap the muscular old flesh, tonguing the smooth meat, suckling the veins running delicately beneath them. As we both worked her cunt, she came hard and long, scissoring her meaty calves together, cinching her pretty feet together, squeezing me in the surprising muscle, making me moan and go dizzy as those powerful GILF calves slowed the blood to my brain.

She slowed her orgasm, pulling her hand out of her pants, and me my fingers from her sopping cunt, bringing them to cup the calves crushing my neck, gently pulling them apart, leaving a slimy residue of her gel on the left one which I hungrily licked off, inhaling the aroma as I did. She looked at me and giggled that giggle, finally unlocking her lethal calves and dropping them back to my lap, brushing my boner.

“Sorry, I used to get carried away with my husband, too,” she laughed. “I actually knocked him out a few times!”

“I can see how,” I groaned, thrusting my cock into those meaty calves. “God, they’re so strong for a woman your age!”

She smiled that quirky smile, her mouth a sexy pucker of wrinkles.

“Lemme show you what my husband loved about my calves most of all!” she growled. “Take your cock out.”

Something about an old woman saying ‘cock’ that makes me nuts, and I fumbled madly with my pants, fishing my dick out. She smiled, opened her calves around them and then closed them over it, the fleshy steel of them devouring every inch. Using the copious pre-cum that oozed out, she started sliding them up and down, one at a time, the silky scissors just about putting me over the edge the instant she started.

“My calf job, that’s what he’d call it,” she growled, watching her wrinkly calf flesh milk my wet prick. “He’d do my feet right and proper and then I’d reward him with my calf job…like I am now…does it feel good, son?”

“FUCK YES!” I screamed. “You’re gonna make me fucking cum in your calves, Maddie!”

She stopped and gave me a stern look.

“Language, son, language,” she clucked, reaching between her calves, grabbing my bloated balls and pulling them up to scissor them, and my dick, between them. “You must be punished!”

If this was punishment, I wanted more. The pain of those silky calves crushing my balls was immense, but the pleasure that came with it was out of this world. She resumed her pumping her legs up and down, mashing my balls flat along my dick she was milking and the pain-pleasure line was firmly blurred. I screamed in agony, and begged for more.

“My God, Maddie, your calves are killing me!” I bellowed, watching the skin of her shins wrinkle and fold as she worked my balls mercilessly in her killer calves, my dick purple and about to explode. “Don’t Starzbet Güncel Giriş stop!!!”

“I won’t, believe me,” she said ominously, squeezing harder and frigging her pussy again.

I came like I’d never cum before, my punished, squeezed balls erupting a lava flow of spunk that arced high in the air and landed with a sizzling splat up and down those shiny shins, thickly blanketing them and running down the outside and inside to coat those clutching, flexing calves. She came as I did, moaning, scissoring my package harder, milking every last drop of my spunk until she was soaked in the stuff, including gobs that landed on those impossibly sexy old toes. I panted, looking down, almost every inch of those sexy shins and calves and feet covered in my sauce.

She looked at me, pulling her hand from her slacks, and smiled.

“Wow,” she hissed. “It was a lotta years since my husband shot a load like that! Oh, you young studs, God bless ya…”

My dick started to shrivel in her calf scissor, which she left locked on as she looked at me, that gleam in her eyes.

“I’ll…get a ….towel…” I panted, smiling weakly at the GILF still gripping my dick and nuts in her amazing calves.

“No, you won’t,” she growled. “You’ll do what my husband did..what I MADE my husband do…”

She was dominant now, voice low and sultry, those eyes glaring at me, that puckered mouth tight.

“Lick,” she snarled. “Lick my feet and shins and calves clean!”

I hesitated. That little puckered mouth puckered more – and she clamped her muscular old calves brutally hard on my package now, making me roar in agony.

“Please Maddie, STOP!!!” I begged.

She didn’t answer, just cocking her head in a “well?” motion. I obeyed and as she released my package, I sighed, bent forward and started lapping my cum from those shins, cursing myself for having dumped such a massive load.

“That’s right, that’s right, get it alllllllllllllll up, stud!” she snarled, watching me work, fingering her tireless cunt again. “Off those shins…that’s it…now the calves, there’s a lot there young man, you deposited a LOT of sperm on my granny calves! Eat it…that’s right, that’s right, put your mouth on those calves and suck…’em…clean!”

I was a goner, caught up in the nasty dominance of this woman 50 years old than me, slurping my load from her shins and calves and then holding those trophy feet in each hand to suckled the cum-stained toes. When I was done, she had cum twice more, pulling her oily fingers out of her pants and making me lick them clean as well.

She giggled, pulling a towel off a nearby machine to wipe my spit and any cum left on those magical legs and feet off, tossing it aside. She swung her feet down to the floor, wriggling into her sandals and stood up.

“Well, that was interesting,” she sighed, snapping her pants together. “Thanks, Sam, you don’t know how much I needed that.”

“And you have no idea how much I STILL need that!” I laughed, standing to hug her. “See you next Saturday?”

“If you can handle it, son,” she growled, unlocking the door to send me on my way. “If you can handle it…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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