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At eighty-two years old, I thought all I had left to do was wait to die. When I got real sick, the agency sent over a girl to take care of me for a few hours a day. Ginger was one of those real brainy girls who graduated from high school when she was fourteen, got a degree in pre-med by the time she turned eighteen. She was working for the agency to help pay her way through medical school. It was nice having someone to visit with and she wasn’t hard to look at, either.

In the course of our conversations, while she worked at getting me back on my feet, I found that she was doing a study on geriatrics for her doctoral thesis. “Hell, that’s an easy one,” I told her. “Wrinkles are contagious. You catch them from your grandmother when you’re a kid. Every kid gets kissed by their grandmother and that’s when they get infected. The disease takes about thirty or forty years to show any symptoms. And there you have it.”

“What if I told you I didn’t have a grandmother?”

“Then you’ll stay young and beautiful `till the day you die.”

“But what if I kissed you?”

“Why’d you want to go and do a thing like that? You’d be infected for sure.”

“I have a theory that youth is contagious. Old age is a naturally occurring phenomenon and youth is the cure. Do you remember reading about Frasier the Lion a few years back?”

“Yeah, that old circus lion they retired out to some African Safari place and he sired a couple dozen litters of kittens. He was around all those young lionesses and he still got old and died eventually.”

“Yeah, but he lived a whole lot longer than he normally would have and I’m sure he died happy. Just you wait. I’ll have you up and around in no time.”

By the end of winter I was feeling much better. Ginger started me on an exercise program including walks in the park. She sure knew what she was doing. The spring air and exercise was doing me good. I was feeling better every day. Ginger would pick me up wearing the skimpiest little shorts, tennis shoes, and a little top that would display her mammalian attributes to their best advantage. As we walked, she would hold on to my arm as if I was her beau so that her ample breast would brush against me. Yes, it was having an effect on me.

During a doctor’s exam, Ginger suggested to him that I start a more vigorous exercise program. A few days later she took me to the gym on the campus to try out some of the machines. After I changed into my shorts and a tee shirt, Ginger met me in the gym wearing a little leotard that bunched right between her butt cheeks and left little else to the imagination. Just as it was starting to get difficult concentrating on my exercise while watching her, four other girls came in wearing only their gym towels.

“I thought this was `Girls Nude Exercise Night,'” a bubbly little blond said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot all about that,” Ginger said. “Maybe we should leave.”

“Your friend looks pretty harmless,” a leggy redhead said. “You can stay and finish up if you don’t mind us.”

“Of course you’d have to lose the leotard,” a slim, dark skinned girl said. “After all, it is `GIRLS Nude Exercise Night.'”

“You wouldn’t mind, would you, Harry?” Ginger said to me.

I was flabbergasted. All I could think to say was, “Your little outfit isn’t hiding much anyway.”

“That’s great!” Ankara travesti Ginger said. She bent down and gave me a little peck on the lips. I was a little surprised and I swear I felt a little spark shoot right through me straight to my groin. Watching her wiggle out of her tight little suit started that spark to smolder. We made a pretense of continuing my exercise program as the other girls went about theirs, oblivious to their delightful nakedness.

Ginger was the absolute perfection of bouncy youth as she demonstrated the workings of the machines in her all togethers, but the sights of the other girls lifting their weights, their breasts swaying to their movements, was really getting to me. The real corker was when the leggy redhead sat down on this leg exercise machine where she pressed two pads together with her thighs then let them spread slowly apart again. A quick glimpse of the bright pink orchid nestled between her smooth thighs was all it took. My penis, after being flaccid for so many years, decided on its own to begin swelling. I sat down on a nearby bench in embarrassment as my offending member continued to grow.

“What’s the matter? Are you alright?” Ginger asked as she jumped up and came over to me. The other four girls dropped what they were doing and gathered around, looks of concern on their faces. The room was instantly filled with the heady aroma of healthy young females, causing me to swell to full tumidity.

Ginger busied herself taking my pulse. I leaned over to her. “I have an erection,” I whispered in her ear.

The sweetest smile came on Ginger’s face and she turned to the others. “Harry’s all right,” she said. “The excitement of exercising with all of us girls working out naked might have been a little too much for him.”

“Ohh, I see what you mean,” a little brunette with the pointiest breasts I ever saw said, looking at the pup tent in the front of my shorts.

“That is the most sincere form of flattery,” the leggy redhead said. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. May we see it?”

“I’ve got great grand daughters older than you girls. I’d feel a little foolish.”

“Harry, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished,” Ginger said. “We are all mature women here and we’re happy to have given you some pleasure.”

My shorts were getting uncomfortable anyway, so I stood and pushed them down, my swollen, red member standing out from my bony body. It was the only part of me where skin wasn’t sagging.

“Every time I see a hard dick, it makes me want to jump on it,” the well stacked little blond said as she sidled up to me. “Harry, can I just slide that up inside of me for a minute or two?”

Just the thought of having sex with that voluptuous young woman made my erection throb. “Is that sort of thing proper, this day and age?” I asked.

“It’s even considered therapeutic if all participants are willing,” Ginger said.

“I’d be willing alright, but it’s been so long…”

“You wouldn’t have to do a thing,” the blond said as she pressed her abundant mammaries into me and gently grasped my erection in her soft hand. “Just lay back on the bench and I’ll do all the work.”

“Right here with everybody watching!?”

“We’re all mature adults,” the girl with the pointy breasts said as she helped me lay down on Konya travesti the bench. “It wouldn’t be watching, we would be sharing your pleasure.”

“Group loving is very in,” the redhead said as she knelt beside the bench and kissed me full on the lips, her soft round breasts caressing my shoulder.

Ginger straddled the end of the bench and rested my head between her supple breasts as the dark skinned girl supported me opposite the redhead and rubbed my chest. The blond cutie positioned herself over me astride the bench with the pointy-breasted brunette right behind her. The blond stroked her hands up my torso, pushing my tee shirt up and grazed her stiffened nipples over my chest. I felt a soft hand grasp my erection and hold it steady as the blond lowered herself down onto it. The sensation was incredible as her hot, moist flesh engulfed my raging member like a gripping velvet glove.

“Oh Harry, you feel so good!” she said, sitting up slightly so that I slid effortlessly up inside of her to the hilt. She undulated her hips from side to side and back and forth then raised up slightly so that I could see my shaft slide in and out of her through the thick fur between her legs.

All of the girls were humming and cooing as they stroked me and watched as Blondie impaled herself over and over again on my rigid penis. Soon, she let out a low moan as she began to quiver. Her private parts gripped me tight as her body began to spasm in delight. The look of rapture on her face made her the most beautiful girl in the world right then. With a whoosh of breath she collapsed on me, crushing her ample breasts against my chest.

“Hey, don’t be a hog,” the brunette said. “Looks like there’s some left for the rest of us.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening as Blondie slid free to lie on the carpeted floor, still moaning. The little brunette hurriedly replaced her on my still erect member. The aroma of sex was thick in the air as she rode me like a cowgirl, one hand fingering her sex and the other pinching her pert little nipples. It wasn’t long before she was huffing and puffing in orgasmic delight. When she was done and had joined her blond friend on the floor, the little dark skinned girl was right there to take her place, sliding herself down on my erection. Even though she was well lubricated, she was so small down there she had to make several tries to work all of me into her. Once she had me gripped fully inside of her, she rode up and down me full length gasping and letting out little squeaks of pleasure. In just a few minutes her body was shaking like a hound dog trying to shit a peach pit. As she climaxed she hugged me and kissed me all over my neck, chest and face.

Big Red helped her off of me as the other two girls came back to my side to help Ginger steady me on the narrow bench. With a sly grin, Big Red grasped my still throbbing member in her hand and put it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue lav along its underside as her lips slid up and down the length. The sensation was incredible, stirring up feelings in my gut that I hadn’t felt in over a decade. “You have a beautiful cock, Harry,” she said as she treated it like a lollypop.

“Why don’t you turn around so Harry can see your pussy up close?” Ginger said. Without letting loose of her treat, Big Red moved around, throwing İzmir travesti one of her long shapely legs over me and Ginger so that I was greeted by the full round moons of her butt and the bright pink petals of her feminine flower nestled below them. Drops of her dew were clinging to the soft auburn hair and there was the most enticing scent. I raised my head up and ran my tongue up the center of the crevice over the silky skin from the little button to the soft opening.

I was almost there from Big Red’s talented mouth, but when I tongued her tantalizing crevice she let go for a second and I lost it. It still felt incredibly good, what she was doing, and I could have gone on for days. ‘Eating pussy,’ as you call it, was something I had always wanted to try. My wife, Evelyn, bless her, seemed to think it was nasty, but I got my licks in once in a while. It was really something new having a beautiful young redhead let you lick her down there and just love it.

Shortly after I figured out how to breathe by holding her labia aside with my fingertips, Big Red decided to move my throbbing erection from her mouth down to her sex. With her facing my feet like she was I had a perfect view of my member as it slid in and out of her slippery folds. As she continually raised up and lowered herself over and again, she brought one of her legs over between mine, turning sideways, not missing a stroke. She was like an acrobat as she held the bench with her hands, brought her other leg over Ginger and me so she was half facing us. Finally she moved the first leg so she was fully astride me, facing me, without once letting loose of my erection.

She hugged herself down on me while her bottom end continued gyrating all over the place. She then took both my hands in hers, placed them over her firm breasts. “Squeeze my tits,” she breathed. “Pinch my nipples.”

I gladly did as instructed and was soon rewarded by a look of rapture on Big Red’s face. She sat bolt upright, supporting all her weight with her legs. She stopped all outward movement but I could feel the lining of her sex convulse around my penis. I didn’t let go of her luscious breasts as her thighs began to tremble and spasms could be seen rippling up her abdomen. She turned her face to the ceiling as a hiss escaped her teeth. Then with a loud “OH!” her body convulsed once and she collapsed on me.

I didn’t mind her weight at all and just held her succulent body to me until she quit shaking. “Gawd! That felt good!” she breathed into my ear. “Harry, you’re the greatest.”

“What? I didn’t really do anything.”

“That’s just it,” Blondie said. “You let us pleasure ourselves.”

“Yeah, most guys have to be studly, always in control,” Pointy Breasts added.

“I can’t even count the times I’ve been relentlessly pounded into a mattress wishing the dude would finish up and go home,” The dark skinned girl said. “You, Harry are a marvel.”

When Ginger got me home she asked, “You didn’t climax, did you, Harry?”

“What difference does it make? The whole situation was amazing. I haven’t felt that good in decades.”

“I’d like to make it up to you, Harry,” Ginger whispered as she slid her little shorts down her legs. “I was feeling a little jealous with those other girls.”

“With you, I’d like to do it the old fashioned way, with me on top.”

That was a couple of years ago. Ginger has moved in with me full time, I’ve been training to run a marathon, and I haven’t missed a `Girls Nude Exercise Night’ since. Poor Ginger, though. She’s starting to get those little lines alongside her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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