Great Things Cum to Those Who Wait

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It’s been months since our bodies have touched one another. The passion and heat is palpable when I knock on the door and enter the room. Upon my entering you say hi. You move toward me and we embrace my heart is racing. We linger like this for a moment. I can feel your hands move up and down my back and then you squeeze my ass. I kiss your neck, cheek, and our lips meet again while a long wet kiss ensues.

We stop for a moment and just look at each other but no words are necessary. Smiles are exchanged and we begin kissing again but this time with such passion that even our kisses bring about small moans between us. Eventually we are able to pause and make some small talk about my day. You offer me a glass of wine and then begin to share how your day ended. I can’t take my hands off you and gently stoke your hair, neck, and back while glasses are refilled.

After a bit I say that I would like to freshen up and you draw up a bath for me and wine is moved into the bathroom. You take your usual spot on the john but this time the rooms tub is large enough for both of us and I ask you to join me. You give me that smile out of the corner of your eye that just melts me, and shake your head no but with a little more coaxing join me anyway. Ah, this is so relaxing. Lights are kept low and we just relax with our wine and soak.

At first I have you lay against my chest and we continue to make our small talk about everything and nothing. We debate on what type of adult movie to watch and what turns us on. Before we get too wrinkled you want to switch spots and it’s my turn to lean against you. I have my trusty iPhone playing some jazz in the background. There is a pause in our conversation and I can feel you gently rub my shoulders and arms. Your touch is like electricity running through me.

I close my eyes and feel your hands move over my tits and gently rub and stoke my hard nipples. I sigh. I can feel my breathing increase as your hands explore my body. I sit up and turn around to face you wrapping my legs behind you and we begin to kiss again.

This time my hands are exploring your hairy chest that I love to run my hand through and I toy with your nipples as well. At this point we agree that we better get out before we turn into prunes. After drying off you say you have something for me to slip into. You hand me a kaynarca escort small bag and you dash out of the bathroom with one of the bathrobes that are provided by the hotel.

In just a few minutes I emerge with this sexy silky teddy on in red with black lace. You are grinning ear to ear quite pleased with yourself. I refill our glasses and slide up next to making sure my nipples brush up against your arm as I pass you your glass. You ask me to do that again and I smile and obey. Before things get to out of hand you grab the remote and search for our movie.

Room service is called so they can deliver something light to snack on before we head out for a late dinner. After little chastising we agree on subject matter for the movie and fluff pillows up and ready ourselves for some fun. I slip up next to you and lean back on your chest while your arms are wrapped around me. Glasses have been set aside and the movie begins.

It starts off simple enough but as the story progresses I loosen the crotch of the teddy and slip my hand inside and begin to stoke myself. This drives you crazy and you’re telling me how long you’ve wanted to see me do myself. Ha ha. It won’t be for long I joke because I can do this anytime and I take your hand to replace mine. I can feel you dick getting hard behind me and move from side to side enjoying your hardness rubbing against me.

As we watch the couple in the movie begin to eat one another we can no longer stand to just sit there and be spectators. I sit up and undo your bathrobe and your cock springs out to greet me. I eagerly begin to lick, suck, and kiss your man stick to its full hardness.

I look up occasionally and see you smile while you rub your hands through my curly hair gently scratching my head. You’re not ready to cum because we have a long evening ahead. At one point you close your eyes and tell me how good it feels. Oh, yes that’s the way I like it stay down and suck me.

I continue sucking you keeping you deep in my warm mouth. You love when I pull back and let my tongue toys with the head of your cock. This sucking and kissing makes you crazy and you moan again. Next, you slid the straps of my teddy down to reveal my breasts, pull me toward you and begin kissing them. I tell you I want your hard cock to fuck my tits and lay down while you straddle me orhanlı escort with your dick between my tits moving your hips back and forth while I press my tits around your swollen man stick.

You then back up and lay next to me so I can stroke your head and shoulders closing my eyes I feel your lips press to mine. Oh this is so wonderful to have our bodies reunited. Time has not been our enemy. Both of us have a keen sense of what turns the other on. You then move your hands to the straps of my teddy and slide it down off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor while you begin moving your lips down my body. All the while your hands are moving up and down my curvy waist and over my smooth tummy.

You gently roll me on to my back and continue kissing your way down my body until you reach my clean shaven mound that has been aching for your tongue dance for months. I gasp at the initial touch because it’s been so long. Oh Cole!!! The sensation you bring to my body causes me to let out a gasp and then a moan that you have not heard for months but recognize when pleasure is being had.

Oh fuck you are so good!! Your face is buried deep between my legs and you taste and nibble at my pussy. As my hips begin their rhythmic movement your fingers are also exploring and increase my pleasure. After many “O”s I call white flag and you chuckle and say so soon? I tap your head and we take a break for wine and watch more of the movie. Whew!!!! The break is not for long before you know it you are back at it and I am moaning with unbridled passion.

I call white flag again but this time I have you stand at the edge of the bed while I slide over and take your cock in my hand and kiss and lick it back to life. I take you in my mouth and this time your hips begin to move. While I suck on you I tease my clit while your hardness slips back and forth in my mouth occasionally just kissing the head of your dick for affect.

Now I grab your balls while your hips begin to move back and forth. This also drives you crazy. Once again you replace my hand with yours at my pussy and begin to twang my strings. Before you know it you have me squirming in no time. Your turn to call white flag and we pause again in our play to come up for oxygen!

There’s a knock at the door and room service has arrived and you quickly grab your robe tepeören escort to answer the door. I slip into the bathroom while they push the cart into the room. Trays of fresh fruit, cheese, crackers, and more wine are delivered. You tip the guy and close the door. I jump out of the bathroom and slide across the bed to join you. We are famished and snack while we watch some more of the movie.

We talk a bit and kiss each other lightly in-between conversation telling each other what we like and how we have missed this physical contact. Our hands continue to gently caress each other’s bodies and you have me laughing at something crazy you have said. I have a quick rebuttal and you laugh. God, I love your laugh. I put down your glass of wine and tell you to get horizontal.

I lay with my back against you and take your right hand and have you hold my right leg up and scoot up close to you while I reach behind me and guide your dick into my passion cave. It slides in easily and at the initial penetration we both let out a small gasp. You slid in and out of me slowly not putting your whole cock in all the way just yet. I take up holding my leg up and your hands brush over my tits and you squeeze them smiling as your hips begin the back and forth rhythm. Oh God, you are looking down at me and I am looking up at you and your pounding slowly increases. Harder I moan!!!

Your finger moves to my ass and you slowly drill me preparing me for you hard cock. You pull out and pause only long enough to lube up and slowly replace your finger with your hard cock and I let out a deep throaty moan you’ve only heard once with “Mr. B”. No mechanical devices needed this time just your warm body next to mine.

Slowly you work yourself deeper inside me and I push back to accept more and more of you. Now it’s your turn to moan, and boy you let out a primordial sound of pure pleasure! We begin slowly at first. You ask if I like this because you know it’s my first time. I whisper yes you feel wonderful don’t stop. Yes, Cole!! Oh my God Cole…As your pace quickens your hand moves over my clit and I go nuts. I let out a loud moan and hoarsely tell you to fuck me don’t’ stop, don’t stop!!!!You can tell I’m ready to cum and so are you. Before we know it our moans are in sync and WHOOSH!!!!

We pause like this and you just hold me nibbling on my ear and neck a bit. My arms are intertwined with yours. I turn toward you and look in your eyes. I say you’re the best. You just smile kiss my forehead and say ditto to you!! We get up, shower, and then head out for dinner. Dessert will be later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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