Greg’s GF Pt. 02: Dinner

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Adriana Chechik

“That was really hot,” Kate managed to get out while catching her breath.

“I know,” We had just had our hottest sex ever. Driven by a flirtatious afternoon which had gone a little too far. I admitted, “I suppose a little teasing doesn’t hurt.”


“Yeah, but within reason! I don’t want..”

Kate cut me off, “oh I know! Don’t worry no more letting Steve play with my breasts! This will be fun! Now come on the guys are waiting for us!”

I was concerned by her choice of wording that we had different ideas of what is too far. But she had quickly thrown on a small pair of shorts without panties and a t-shirt without a bra and was out the door before I could say anything.

We decided on a place in town. Steve told us, “It’s about a 15-minute drive, why don’t we all drive together. We can all fit in my Jeep!”

Dean yelled, “shotgun!”

Things were a little tight in the backseat. “I’m not sure if there is enough room.”

Kate pipped in, “it’s fine I can just sit on JJ’s lap, and we’ll fit!” She gave me a little wink. Clearly she was trying to be a tease. I just hoped she would show restraint.

Steve started telling us a story about one time he was visiting the lake house a bear walked into the back yard. We went over a bump and Kate pulled JJ’s hand across her stomach to keep her from falling.

“Wait, was there more than one bear?” Kate asked.

“Yeah it was a momma bear and two cubs. So you know there was no chance of me going out there!” One thing about Steve is he always had a story. “They even took a dip in the hot tub!”

“No way, the same hot tub we were just in!?” Kate bounced as she spoke. Causing her ass to push down on JJ’s lap. Also forcing him to hold her tighter, so she wouldn’t fall in the bumpy truck.

“Well not the same exact hot tub,” Steve replied. “My uncle had to replace it after that.”

We all became engrossed his Steve’s story. I noticed JJ moving his hand slowly, rubbing Kate’s belly. As he did so the shirt started to move up eventually exposing her midriff.

At this point his hand movements got a little lower. His hand was moving over the top of her shorts. I didn’t think it was too low, but it still made me uneasy. After all I knew she was naked under those shorts. They were skimpy workout shorts. Loose material that cutoff right at the bottom of her butt. They aliağa escort honestly didn’t cover much more than a pair of panties might.

After a couple minutes things hadn’t gotten worse and I found myself pulled back into the story. When I glanced over JJ’s hand was no longer moving, but was much lower. Resting right where nothing but a thin layer was covering Kate’s pussy.

I didn’t want to make a scene in the middle of Steve’s story, plus JJ’s hand wasn’t moving. In fact, it looked like he was just holding her on his lap, possibly not realizing he was firmly cupping her pussy. Or at least I told myself that.

I was so busy trying to convince myself nothing was happening I let my attention wander again. I looked back and was pretty sure I couldn’t see the end of JJ’s middle finger. And there seemed to be some and movement. Was he rubbing Kate’s clit? Fingering her? I couldn’t tell, his hand was large and I couldn’t even see if the material of her shorts was pushed off to the side.

Kate made a slight moan and just as I was about to intervene when Steve stopped and said, “we’re here!”

Kate and JJ jumped a bit. In almost one motion he moved his hand, and she got out of the truck. But before she could fully move I could see the edge of her labia from behind the crotch of her shorts. It wasn’t definitive, but at that point I was pretty sure JJ had slid her shorts over and touched her pussy.

On the way into the restaurant I took Kate beside whispered into her ear, “what happened in the jeep?”

“I’ll have to fill you in on the details later but I really teased JJ really good!” Sure looked like more than teasing to me, but I would have to reserve judgement until we could talk further.

After we got our food we went into a corner booth, the kind of shaped like a circle. Dean and JJ sat on either side of Kate before I could. Then Steve sat next to get to JJ and I ended up having to sit the furthest away from my own girlfriend.

We scarfed down our food and Kate asked hear more stories from Steve from over the years, and he was happy to oblige. As he was telling another story I noticed JJ’s hands were not above the table. At one point I saw Dean glance down and do a double take. Then looked away as if trying to not draw attention. A minute later Dean’s hands disappeared under the table as well.

Judging çiğli escort by the location of their arms I didn’t think they were anywhere near her crotch, thank God, but I think they did have their hands on her knees or thighs.

But after a while I noticed Kate’s face looked a little blushed she moved her hands down and appeared to shoo the guys away. Well at least she drew the line before they went too far. I guess her face must have been red, because they were annoying her.

I felt comfortable that things had settled down and focused once more on Steve and his story. Until I realized that Kate’s hands were still under the table.

Her arms weren’t moving, but based on their position that her hands were definitely on JJ and Dean’s laps.

Eventually the server came by to drop off our check, putting an end to whatever was going on.

Walking back to the Jeep Kate yelled, “shotgun!” Dean cut in front though and sat in the front seat before she could. “Hey not fair I called shotgun first!”

“Well what’s stopping you from sitting here?” Dean asked with a grin patting his lap.

“Fine,” she said shrugging her shoulders and sitting down on his lap. I definitely did not like that, because unlike before I was in the backseat she was in the front. I wouldn’t be able to see what was happening and after what happened in the restaurant I figured Dean was going to be very bold.

On the drive back Steve told more stories but Kate was a lot quieter compared to the earlier trip. I was a little worried about what Dean was doing. When there was a break in Steve’s story I said asked, “Kate you’re a little quiet is everything OK?”

She stuttered, “yeah hunny everything’s fine. I think I’m just getting a little tired from such a busy day.”

I took her at her word, but could have sworn I heard a couple muffled moans in the front seat as the drive continued.

Finally, we got back to the house, “hey boys Greg and I will be right back. I want to put on something more comfortable before we go back outside.”

We closed the door and Kate gave me a deep kiss. “Oh my God I am so hot from all the teasing!”

As we kissed I moved my hand down to her crotch only to discover her shorts were completely soaked. “What happened Kate? Things didn’t look all that innocent.”

“Don’t worry hunny alsancak escort it was teasing and meant nothing.” Kate replied.

“Well it looked like it was very sexual things you did.”

“No no nothing like that. Not exactly anyway, just teasing so it wasn’t real sexual stuff. It was just what we talked about.” She reached down to my cock, “you are so hard!” Kate bit her lip. “Tell you what. I’ll give you every detail about what happened to put your mind at ease. Ok?”

Kate pulled my cock out and had me sit on the edge of the bed. She sucked me for several seconds then transitioned to stroking me as she spoke. “It started with the drive to the restaurant. I was on JJ’s lap and it was a bumpy ride. Each bump caused my ass to push down onto his lap and I felt his cock get rock hard. It didn’t take long until his hard cock was grinding against my butt with every bump in the road.” Kate ran her tongue along the length of my cock. “Is that hot baby knowing that my teasing got your friend hard?”

I could only groan as she returned her mouth to my cock.

“And then of course dinner. It was so cute how JJ and Dean were so quick to sit next to me.” Cute isn’t how I would have described it, but Kate playing with my cock felt too good for me to interrupt. “So JJ put his hand on my knee and that he started to gently stroke my leg. Dean of course noticed as well as start doing the same thing. I figured get them worked up no big deal, besides attention from two men at once was really an ego boost. But when they began rubbing my inner thighs it got me really turned on and so excited I had to push their hands out the way.”

The last part made me feel better. They had their hands on her inner thigh, but at least not her pussy.

“Anyway after that I decided to return the favor by putting my hands on their thighs.” Kate paused to lick the length of my cock and suck it more before continuing. “Then I used my hands to tease their laps and let me tell you they have nothing to be ashamed of!”

Kate took me deep into her mouth again several times. I was getting close to cumming. “Of course Dean got me back for teasing him when I was sitting in his lap for the drive home.” Before she could finish I came in her hand.

“What happened on the drive home?” I asked as I regained my composure.

“Oh just teasing! I just wanted to get you excited, but don’t worry it was JUST teasing.”

Did that mean she made up everything? That seemed to be what she was saying. Of course, I should have known better I thought.

“Come on Greg let’s get dressed and join the other guys out there I feel like we still have a lot more fun ahead of us tonight!”

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