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I was lost in finding the best way to express a coding problem when I heard Julia behind me.

“The cab’s here” she said softly. “We’re off now.”

I spun around in my chair and hugged her to me.

“I don’t know how I’ll get through the next six weeks without you.”

“You’ll manage,” she said. “You always do.”

“But six weeks is longer than you’ve ever been away.”

Julia is a writer, a very successful writer. I’m a writer too, and successful in my field, but Julia is the well known one, with a long line of successful novels to her name. I’ve read them all too, which is more than she could say about mine, but then bodice rippers are a damn sight easier to get to grips with than technical manuals for computer aided engineering tools, which is my speciality.

Because she is so successful and so prolific, she has to go at least once a year on book signing tours. Up to now these have been only two or three weeks. This year though the publishers have combined trips to the US and Canada with Japan and China, where she sells well in translation. That’s why she’s going to be away for six weeks.

We’ve been married 15 years. We have no kids, although we both wanted them, but it turns out we can’t. If it had been me we would have gone down the donor route, but sadly it turned out that the problem is with Julia. We talked about surrogacy but if we had kids I wanted them to be Julia’s. So, no kids and lots of money.

“You know I tried to get them to break it up, but they want to use the tour itself as publicity.”

“I know love, but it will still be hard.”

She kissed me on the top of the head and hurried out. I knew she was as upset at the separation as I was, but I knew also that she enjoyed the tours, although the publishers set a gruelling schedule.

After she left I went back to my own book. I had one last chapter to edit before sending it off to the company who had commissioned it. Knowing I was so close to finishing and Julia being away I worked until the early hours before collapsing into bed.

The next day was a Saturday. I woke up about 11 am and listened to the quiet while I planned my day. A swim first I thought, then breakfast then a shower before I did anything else. I opened the bedroom door heading for the pool and almost had a heart attack as one of the other doors on the hallway opened and Annie stepped out holding a pile of clean laundry. She laughed at my surprise then I saw her eyebrows twitch as she registered that I was only wearing the ancient pair of boxers in which I had slept. Annie was the housekeeper and I had forgotten she was going to be in today having taken a couple of days off earlier in the week.

I was about to apologise for my state of undress and go back into my room for a robe when she spoke up.

“Haven’t you got anything better to wear than those ratty things?”

Now we were not overly formal with the staff, but I wasn’t prepared for quite such informality, especially from a girl who was only just 20 and half my age. Before I could say anything however she grabbed something off the top of the pile and threw it towards me.

“Try those.” Instinctively I reached out and caught what she had thrown. I looked at them and saw they Maltepe Escort were another pair of boxers, although I didn’t recognise them. I was tempted to test her by changing into them on the spot, but decided that would be pushing things too far so I said nothing and retreated into my room as she sallied off down the hallway wiggling her backside.

Once back in my room I decided the naked swim I had initially planned was out of the question if Annie was around so jumped into the shower instead. Once I was dry I pulled on the boxers she had given me without thinking. They were a bit tight but otherwise OK. I pulled on shorts and a t shirt and went down for breakfast. Annie was in the kitchen having a coffee when I arrived.

“Sorry about earlier,” I said “I had forgotten you were going to be in today.”

She laughed. “I guessed you had from those shorts. I know you are not into fashion but really those things are past even using for cleaning.”

“OK, point taken. I really only use them for sleeping in.”

She laughed again. “You might as well sleep in the buff for all the coverage they give you, they are so stretched out of shape. Did the others fit?”

“Yes, a bit tighter than I’m used to but they are comfortable enough. Did Julia go shopping before she left? I didn’t recognise them.”

“No, I got them.”

“Oh.” I hadn’t expected Julia to send Annie to buy my underwear, but OK.

“They are not yours though. They are mine.”

“Yours? I didn’t realise you had a boyfriend.”

“No” she said. “They are mine. I wear them.”

I was a bit slow on the uptake.

“Yours? Why do you wear men’s underwear?”

“I don’t,” she said, smiling into her coffee cup.

I looked at her blankly.

“So I’m wearing your knickers?”

She smiled again.

“Yes. Don’t worry though. They were clean.”

Involuntarily I looked down at my crotch.

“I’m wearing your knickers that you have worn before?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got plenty more. You can keep those if you like. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

With that, she jumped up.

“Do you want me to get you some breakfast before I get on with my work?”

“No thanks” I stammered.

“OK then. I’ll get on. Give me a shout if you need me for anything”

I grabbed a cup of coffee and retreated to my bedroom. Stripping off my clothes I looked at myself in the mirror in the boxers she had given me. They were tight for boxers yes, and also quite small. I took them off and examined the label. Size 36. My own were sized as M, but that wasn’t definitive, nor was the make, a well known chain store. I opened my lap top and called up the store site. There they were — in the women’s lingerie section.

I was about to throw them to one side and put my own on but faltered. What was she up to? Was she coming on to me knowing Julia was away for six weeks? I thought she was gay though? I’m sure Julia said she was when she gave her the job. The other staff were after all — the gardener was gay, her secretary was gay and Julia had appointed both. Annie though?

Julia often wore men’s shirts and men’s jeans. What was different about me wearing women’s underwear I wondered. Anadolu Yakası Escort I looked at the boxers still in my hand, then stood up and pulled them back on and got dressed again. They were tight fitting but no more so than a jock strap. Otherwise they looked much the same as any men’s, neutral colour and neutral pattern. What the hell, why not?

I went downstairs again and across the hall to my office as Annie came from her office at the rear of the house. She looked at me and smiled again.

“You checked didn’t you? Are you still wearing them? Still comfortable?” She didn’t wait for an answer but went out into the garden to talk to the gardener. I shook my head. I still couldn’t work out what she was up to. Perhaps she was just teasing me. I would have to talk to Julia about it when she rang me — I looked at my watch. Her flight had left just after 10am yesterday, flight time was about 12 hours plus about 2 hours to get through customs and get to the hotel, which took her to about midnight our time, 8.00 am Tokyo time. It was now about 1 pm here so about 9pm in Tokyo. She would have crashed out when they arrived but was probably awake by now. I didn’t expect a call yet though. By now I knew that her secretary Phil would almost certainly be balls deep in her anus.

This is the thing you see. I’m probably one of the few men you will come across who doesn’t like anal sex. Unfortunately Julia loves it. We’ve known each other for 25 years and first got serious about 20 years ago. She got me to try it when we first got together but I was never happy somehow. Then one day, after a particularly drunken publisher’s party we ended up in a foursome. The other guy was very much into anal and fucked her hard, much harder than I ever felt comfortable with. I was banging his girl from behind so we both watched as Julia went berserk. I’d never seen her come so hard as she did that night.

Neither of us were really into group sex but we tried it a few times more for her sake. Sadly none of the men ever matched that first time and most of them wanted to have her every other way too, which neither of us really wanted either. Then Phil came along. Phil is her secretary. He’s gay, and one night on a book signing trip she confided in him. That’s how we reached our accommodation. When they are away on book signings Phil goes along too and fucks her up the arse as much as she wants. I dare say she gives him a few blow jobs too, which she is very good at, but essentially he keeps her happy. The rest of the time she is mine. I don’t go looking elsewhere while she’s away. I don’t see the need. Phil gives her something I don’t want to do. I get everything I want from Julia, she holds nothing back. I think she feels guilty sometimes and has said several times if I want to go elsewhere when she’s away she wouldn’t object. That’s why I need to ask her about Annie. There’s a possibility that this is something she’s set up for me because she’s going to be away for so long.

I didn’t see Annie again that day, except when she stuck her head around the door to say she was leaving and would be back on Monday. No more teasing. It was about 4pm when Julia rang. She sounded tired but relaxed so I knew how she’d been spending İstanbul Escort her time.

We chatted for a while about the flight and the hotel and Phil too. She was quite explicit about the number of times he’s made her come since they had arrived — four as it happens, God knows how he managed it, but she was relaxed and happy.

“Have you tried to set me up with Annie while you’re away?” I asked.

“No — I’ve given up trying to do things like that, for now anyway. Why?”

I explained what had happened.

“Nothing to do with me, but if she’s offering, take it!”

I didn’t bother protesting, I knew she wouldn’t listen anyway, so we wound down our talk and we hung up. Now I had the house to myself I decided to go for that swim. I went down to the basement and stripped off, and plunged into the water. I loved swimming naked and so did Julia. I got a hard on thinking about her which made swimming a bit awkward, so I climbed out, gathered up my clothes and went upstairs, still naked. I was just at the top of the stairs when I looked down into the central hallway to see Annie leaving. As she went through the hallway, she turned and looked up at me, grinned broadly and waved, then closed the door behind her. I thought she had gone several hours ago, but she came and went to pretty much her own timetable, so I assumed she had come back for something. She lived in a cottage nearby so it wouldn’t take her long.

I shook my head. She was up to something, but only time would tell what that was. I went into the bedroom to shower off and get dressed. I was meeting a couple of friends for a meal later. As I went into the room I saw a package on the bed with a note attached. It was from Annie.

“These should keep you going for a few days. I think you’ll like the blue pair. Wear them tonight.”

Inside were three more pairs of boxers like the ones she had given me earlier. Two were still in the original packaging. The third pair, the blue ones, were unwrapped. They felt different somehow. I looked closely at them then held them to my face — yes there was a slight musky odour to them, not unpleasant. I realised with a slight shock that they had been worn already, but this time were unwashed. Unbidden, I felt my cock stir.

I dropped everything on the bed and went for my shower. I found my erection growing, but not because of thinking about Julia this time. It was the unwashed boxers lying on the bed. I tried to put them out of my mind but couldn’t. In the end I gave in and started to jerk myself off. I came very quickly sending a huge jet of semen all over the shower wall.

I cleaned up and finished my shower before getting dressed ready to go out. The blue boxers stared at me from the bed. I gave in and slipped them on. It was probably my imagination, but I thought I smelt that faint muskiness again. This pair were not exactly the same as the previous ones. They seemed slightly smaller all round, only just containing my now limp cock. I looked at myself in the mirror. I liked the close fit, the way they were cut high on the hips and only half covered my cheeks. The material was different too. The earlier pair had been cotton. This pair were lighter in weight, stretchy and slightly shiny. As I looked at myself I felt myself harden slightly and they stretched around me, holding me tighter at the same time. They felt right.

Just then my phone buzzed with a text message. I didn’t recognise the number but the message made clear who it came from.

I bet you chose the blue pair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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