Growing up_(3)

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Growing up

I guess that my hormones started working quite early. At 9, the little pink dots that had been on my chest changed into little cranberries, by 10 they had grown to rose buds and by 11, I was wearing an A cup and had begun my periods. I became sexually active at 13 and my bust was 32B.

One of my cousins, Janice, 15, used to come over and spend the weekends off and on. This particular weekend was different. Janice came over, after dinner and a couple of hours of TV, we each went to the bathroom to change to pajamas. I went first and she next. I was waiting in my bedroom and when she came in and took off her robe, I gasped. She was wearing the sheerest pajamas that I had ever seen, her nipples were clearly visible and the patch of hair in her pubic area also. She came over and put her finger on my lips and said “Shhhhhh.” I said “Where did you get those things,” and she said that her older sister, Gwen, had taken her shopping and bought them. I asked if her mother had seen them and she said “Gosh no”.

I said, ‘Janice, you’re almost nude.’ She said, ‘That’s the point.” We got in bed and she began to tell me about masturbating, I asked her how she knew about this and she said that Gwen had showed her and told her all about it and she asked me if I wanted to learn. I said sure. She took off her bottoms and told me to take off mine too. There we sat in my bed butt naked and she said do what I do and proceeded to take her fingers and rub her pubic area. I could see her slipping her fingers between the lips of her pussy and rubbing harder. I didn’t seem to get it right and Janice stopped and said “Let me show you.”

She moved my hand out of the way and began to massage my pussy and WOW, I had never felt anything so good in my life. I could feel me getting hot and slightly sweaty and she kept rubbing and then stuck her finger inside me and I felt like a bomb exploded in me and I just started shuddering and could hardly breathe, I just collapsed on the bed. Several minutes later, I asked her what had happened Üsküdar Escort and she said that I had had my first orgasm.
I remember thinking that I wanted more of that. She told me to do the same thing to her and I did and the same thing occurred with her. She then said we should lick each other’s pussy and have the orgasm again. We did and both orgasmed to each others licking.

When I asked her how she learned all about this she told me that several weeks ago, when her parents had gone out dancing, Gwen, her big sister, invited her boyfriend Mark to come over. They all watched TV for a while and Gwen told Janice to stay there and she and Mark were going to her room to talk. Janice said that after half an hour or so she went to Gwen’s room and peeked in the door and saw Mark sucking on Gwen’s tits. Gwen saw her and told her not to just stand there but to come in. Janice did and Gwen told her to take off her shirt and bra and let Mark suck her tits too. Janice told me that it felt so good that her pussy began to hurt.

Mark stopped sucking Janice and went back to Gwen and put his hand in Gwen’s panties while he was sucking on her. Janice said that Gwen stopped him and unzipped his pants and Mark took them off. This was the first time Janice had ever seen a penis. Gwen then began to suck on Marks penis and it got bigger. She said that in just a few minutes, Mark let out a cry and stiffened and white stuff began to dribble from Gwen’s mouth. Then Mark took Gwen’s panties off and pushed her back on the bed and began to suck on her pussy and Gwen had an orgasm. Gwen then told Janice to lie on the bed next to her and she began to suck Janice’s breasts and Mark began to suck on her pussy and Janice had her first orgasm between the two of them.
Janice told me that she and her sister had lots of talks about sex after that and they played with each other a lot, just like we had done. During the next year, Janice came over often and we slept together and played with each other.

James and I actually grew up not far from Üsküdar Escort Bayan each other and have known each other since I was 12. His oldest sister Marty, went to school with me and we were friends. She actually introduced James and I. One day, Marty and I were talking and she said she had a secret to tell me and that I must promise not to tell anyone. I said sure, what is it. She said that she and her older brother had played doctor together and touched and sucked each other’s privates. I said “You didn’t!!!” , she said that they had been for a few months and that one day their dad had caught them and whipped them bad. That didn’t stop them though and they continued to play over in the fort in the woods across the street. She asked me if I wanted to play doctor with them and I said it might be fun.

My mom and dad went dancing every Saturday night with most of my aunts and uncles. Couple of weeks later Marty asked if she could spend the night and that James would come over and play doctor with us. I said for sure and Marty came that Saturday and after my parents left, James came over too. James said that if we were going to play we would have to take all our clothes off. We did and I saw a penis for the first time. He told Marty and I to sit on the edge of the bed and he examined our breasts. This was the first time a boy had put his hands on my titties and I liked it.

He rubbed us both and then he told us to lay back on the bed and spread our legs. He stood at the side of the bed between us and started rubbing our pussies with his fingers. OH god, it felt soooooo good, much better than when Janice had done it to me. After a few minutes he stopped and then he began to lick Marty’s pussy and she began squirming around on the bed and she had what they said was an orgasm. James asked if I wanted him to do that to me and I said that he better, so he started licking me and it didn’t take him very long before I had my first orgasm from a boy. Marty then said that we had to suck James’s dick and the both of us started licking him and Escort Üsküdar each taking his dick in our mouths and he had an orgasm in Marty’s mouth and I could see this white stuff, they called ‘cum’ in her mouth.

I said that I wanted to do that too and James said that he had to wait a few minutes before I would be able to do that to him. In a few, he said I could start and I began to suck on his dick and he started moving his hips back and forth so his dick moved in and out of my mouth and suddenly he exploded and I had this hot sticky stuff in my mouth. Marty told me just to swallow it and I did. We all three got together several times a month and “played doctor” together. I liked this sucking and learned that the penis was also called a ‘cock.’ Through out the next year I had a number of boys finger and suck my pussy and I would suck them off afterward.

A couple of weeks later, Janice’s uncle brought her over on Saturday to spend the night and he came in with her. Janice said that Uncle Tony wanted to see what I looked like now that I was grown up. She came over to me and began to undress me right in front of him. It wasn’t long before I was nude standing there in front of my uncle for him to see me. Janice began to rub my tits and suck on them and Uncle Tony told Janice to get naked also so he could see the two of us. Janice told me that her dad had fucked her a few weeks ago and that it was so good.

Uncle Tony told us to come close to him and he began to run his hands up and down our ass and up over our tits then he began to suck on Janice’s tit and put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. He did this for a few minutes then stopped and told me to come closer and he began to do the same thing to me. At first I was a bit scared because only James and to other boys I had sucked off had touched me like this. This was now an adult and also my uncle. It didn’t take long at all before I was so wet that I could feel pussy juice running down my legs. Then Uncle Tony told me to sit on the other chair and he knelt down and started licking my pussy and it felt so good. He then stuck his finger in my pussy and continued to suck on my clit and I just exploded like a bomb had gone off inside of me.

…to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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