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Jenny shuddered. It was time to schedule her annual gyno appointment again, an event she always dreaded. The whole thing just made her feel uncomfortable and exposed, and her doctor was brusque and rough. Yet she knew it was a necessary evil. She flipped through her phone book and called her doctor, learning that she was on vacation for the next two weeks, but that a Dr. Ryan would be handling her patients. Jenny rolled her eyes and made an appointment with Dr. Ryan, thinking that one gyno was no worse than the rest. At least that unpleasant task was over with.

Later that week, Jenny arrived for her appointment. She had freshly showered, carefully washing and shaving her entire body, giving extra attention to the pink folds of her pussy, not wanting to embarrass herself when spread out on the examining table. She had even washed and dried her long blonde hair, and wore light makeup to highlight her high cheekbones and big blue eyes. She took a deep breath and smoothed her skirt before walking into the doctor’s office.

“Hi! You must be Dr. Ryan’s 2:30 appointment. Have a seat.” The receptionist smiled as she greeted Jenny.

“Yes, I am! ” Jenny smiled back shyly, and tucked herself into a hard plastic chair to wait for her appointment. Waiting was the hardest part, and she felt the familiar anxiety blossom in her stomach as she anticipated the appointment. She waited for quite a while before a nurse called for her.

“Jenny Meyers?” The nurse motioned for Jenny to follow her. After taking her vitals, the nurse led her into a clean, white examining room, and gave her a robe to change into.

“The doctor will be right in.” The door closed with a click.

Jenny peeled off her red sweater dress. She had worn nothing underneath, knowing that she would just be undressing, but her firm, round breasts and taut stomach and hips did not need help anyway. She pulled the robe on but found that it was so small that most of her tanned smooth skin was on display. If she pulled it up to cover her breasts, her round ass was exposed, and if she pulled it down to cover her pussy, her breasts spilled over the top. She started to panic and blush, and was doubled over trying to cover herself when Dr. Ryan walked in.

“Oh hello!” She was blown away by his chiseled, handsome face, and blushed even deeper to a dark shade of red.

“I’m sorry Jenny, it is nothing I won’t see during the examination though.” Dr. Ryan smiled. He was secretly pleased, as most of his patients were not as sexy as Jenny. “Just hop on the table and we will begin.”

Jenny backed up to the examination table to keep from exposing her ass, and sat on the table, with the robe covering her lap and her arms crossed over her breasts.

“Well Dr. Ryan, I’m just here for my annual. I haven’t experienced anything out of the ordinary, nothing I’m concerned about,” Jenny said as she tried to maintain her dignity.

Dr. Ryan opened her notes and frowned.

“Well, I’m very glad to hear that, but I like to do a thorough exam nonetheless, just Starzbet to make sure that my patients do not have any problems.” He locked eyes with Jenny, and she felt a shiver run through her spine with the intensity of his gaze.

“Yes Doctor.” She nodded, rapt.

“Well, lets begin with the breast exams. Please lower your hands and lay back.”

Jenny carefully unfolded her arms, and lay back on the table, painfully aware of how her big, round, taut breasts stood out from her chest.

Her nipples were hard and stood out, both from the coldness of the exam room, and from the intensity of Dr. Ryan’s dark brown eyes.

Dr. Ryan let his hands trace her firm orbs, and then started a methodical circular massage on her left breast, spiraling from the outside of her breasts, carefully probing every bit of flesh with his warm hands, to her nipples. He paused at her wide, deep red areolas, and then used two fingers to trace a circle around her hard, long nipple before pinching and milking her nipple for several moments.

Jenny clenched her eyes shut as Dr. Ryan moved to her right breast. She always had had sensitive tits, and she could feel herself blushing again as a wave of arousal moved from her nipples down to her pussy, and felt a gush of wetness between her legs as he milked her right nipple. She struggled not to moan.

“Ok Jenny, now put your arms above your head, and we will repeat the same process.” Jenny slowly moved her arms above her head, stretching out her body and making her big breasts stand out even more again her chest. Dr. Ryan touched her left breast again, and she flinched, feeling so vulnerable and exposed and uncomfortably turned on by the doctor’s touch.

“Hmm Jenny, we don’t want this kind of jumpiness ruining your exam. I may need to restrain your arms if that is ok with you.” Jenny’s eyes flew open in shock.

“Oh.. ok doctor.” She stuttered. “If I’m going to ruin the exam I guess it’s ok.”

“It’s for your own good, I don’t normally have to do this.” Dr. Ryan frowned down at her as he fastened black straps around her hands stretched above her head, and then around her rib cage above and below her breasts, making her firm, fat, globes quiver. Jenny closed her eyes again.

Dr. Ryan repeated the circular massage of each breast, and Jenny felt electric shocks shooting to her pussy as he got closer and closer to her nipples. This time he pinched and twisted her nipples roughly and she couldn’t help but moaning as the sensations rocked her body.


“I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable Jenny, it is very important to see if your nipples are expressing any breast milk.” Dr. Ryan let go of Jenny’s tits and her dark red nipples stood up after his abuse.

“In fact, I don’t see any from manual simulation, but that doesn’t rule out many potential medical conditions. I’d like to try a breast disease diagnostic machine just to make sure everything is ok.”

“Ok doctor, as long as you think its necessary.” Jenny was covered in fine sheen of sweat by Starzbet Giriş now.

“I’m glad that we have restrained you partially. Many patients find this uncomfortable. In fact, I may restrain the rest of your body now, for your safety, so that you don’t injure yourself or me while I operate the machine.” Dr. Ryan began pressing Jenny’s legs apart before hearing a response. Jenny nearly jumped off of the table when she felt his strong hands on her inner thighs.

“That’s a good idea. We don’t want anyone getting hurt.” She gasped. Maybe this would be good idea, if she became uncontrollably aroused, at least she would be restrained and the doctor wouldn’t know.

Dr. Ryan smiled as he pressed Jenny’s legs apart to near splits. He could smell her wet pussy. He tied each leg wide apart, then buckled a wide strap above waist right above where her light blonde public hair ended. This was the best part of the job.

“Ok then, lets hook you up to the diagnostic machine.” Dr. Ryan pulled up a cart with a small appliance tangled in a pile of cords and tubes, and separated out two wide rubber cups attached to the machine by clear tubing. He rubbed the inside of each cup with clear liquid from a tube, and placed them on Jenny’s breasts.

“This may feel odd, Jenny, don’t worry.” He jiggled each cup to fit on her round breasts, then flipped a switch on the machine. Jenny’s body stiffened as the cups began a gentle sucking motion on her breast and nipples. Her back arched involuntarily and she was glad for the straps holding her body down.

“Well, lets just let the run as we go through the pelvic exam.” Jenny opened her eyes wide once again. The straps could hide her body responding, but now Dr. Ryan would see how wet her pussy had gotten during the breast exam. And how much wetter she was getting as the machine gently sucked on her sensitive titties.

Dr. Ryan removed the robe that had been lying over Jenny’s lap. He took in her bound, writhing, tan, taut body for a second. He loved his job. He could see the glistening pearls of moisture on her pink pussy, and smiled.

“Ok, Jenny, I’ll just begin with the external exam.” Dr. Ryan pulled his stool between Jenny’s wide apart legs and pulled on a fresh pair of gloves. Her pussy was wet and glistening, and when he placed his fingers on her fat outer lips, he saw an extra spurt of moisture. Jenny quietly moaned again, and Dr. Ryan smiled as he lost count of how many times she had tried to conceal her arousal. He ran his fingers down both sides of her fat pussy lips, then pulled them apart to reveal her pink inner lips. He gently palpated both sides, before moving up to her clit. He placed his index finger on her clit carefully and she moaned, louder.

Jenny couldn’t believe the electric shocks she was feeling from Dr. Ryan’s examination. It had been so long since she had felt this turned on. As the breast machine gently pulled on her engorged tits and nipples, he had placed his index finger right on her clit, and then had pulled up her clit hood and massaged Starzbet Güncel Giriş her clit carefully to make sure nothing was amiss. She couldn’t help but notice how well everything was working, and hoped against hoped that he couldn’t hear her soft moans over the sucking of the breast machine.

Dr. Ryan stopped massaging her clit, and slid two fingers down Jenny’s slit into her pussy. He carefully massaged the inside of her vagina as he pressed his other hand down on her pubic mound, feeling her internal organs. He could feel her fleshy g-spot, and gave carefully attention to palpating it, hearing Jenny moan when he hit the center. Feeling nothing abnormal, he withdrew his fingers.

Jenny was almost at the edge of an orgasm before Dr. Ryan withdrew his fingers and flexed her hips again the straps restraining her.

“Are you still doing ok, Jenny?” Dr. Ryan asked. “You seem.. anxious.”

“Yes Dr. Ryan,” Jenny moaned. “This is just an intense exam.”

“Well I will be gentler. I don’t want you ill at ease.” Dr. Ryan chuckled to himself. It was a perfectly normal reaction for women to get a little turned on during exams by an attractive male doctor, and he enjoyed trying to toe that line.

“Next we will do the external exam. Before that, I’ll complete the breast exam.” Dr. Ryan reached over to the breast machine and turned the intensity up to high. Jenny gasped as the cups sucked even harder and involuntarily bucked her hips against the straps.

“Ohh!” She shuddered, as her pussy gushed. “OHHHH!!!”

Dr. Ryan ignored her reaction and professionally slipped back between her legs. He carefully prepared a speculum, and traced the index finger of his free hand through her slit, sliding it knuckle deep into her pussy. He hooked his finger and drug it across her g-spot before teasing her clit. He pinched her clit as he thrust the speculum into her pussy.

Jenny screamed as her body exploded into orgasm. The metal thrusting deep into her pussy while Dr. Ryan massaged her clit, and the breast machine sucked her delicate nipples, were all too much for her to handle.

Dr. Ryan opened the speculum as wide as he could while massaging Jenny’s clit. He watched her cervix pulse.

“Well Jenny, everything looks good, you are very healthy.” He withdrew the speculum as Jenny lay back gasping. He carefully removed the breast cups and began unbuckling the straps that held her body bound.

“The office will send you the results for your breast examination, although I don’t anticipate anything abnormal. Come back to see me anytime.”

Jenny heaved a deep breath. “Thanks Dr. Ryan.”

She lay still for a few minutes before dressing and walking back out into the reception area.

“Hi,” she said to the receptionist.

“Oh Jenny, I’m so sorry, you must have been waiting for so long!” The receptionist shuffled her papers around sheepishly.

“What? No, I just had my exam with Dr. Ryan, it went fine,” Jenny said quizzically. The receptionist gave her an odd look.

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.. Dr. Ryan has been with an emergency patient for the last hour. I’m not sure what..”

Jenny had already run out the door, hoping to catch up with her mystery doctor. She just wanted to make sure her next appointment was with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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