Hairytage Ch. 1

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Double Penetration

In my house we are all hairy. My mother has been very hirsute. A thick pubic bush and extremely bushy armpits, my aunt who stayed with us also had extremely hairy underarms. I too since I was in my teens never shaved my body hair as being hirsute was natural in my family. All of us would move around the house in loose sleeved or sleeveless dresses and since each of us had really bushy underarms we found it funny when we saw shaved women in public places.

My first real brush with the sexual aspect of my long thick underarm hair was when I heard whispers emanating from my dad and mum’s bedroom. I thought they were having an argument but when I heard my name repeatedly being used. I peeped in as I slowly pushed he door and I heard Dad say, “She must shave her underarms or wear tight sleeved long dresses. She’s old now and you know how turned on by hairiness. I get a solid erection seeing her bushy armpits and even though I turn away I keep thinking of her hairy underarms.” He carried on telling Mum “darling she’s my daughter and I cannot keep having these thoughts about her hairy armpits. God she’s so hairy she has much more hair than either you or Jane and one day I will lose control”

Mum replied “darling Sam look at your hardon you are really turned on by your daughter’s hirsute body I better call Jane.” Mum unzipped his trousers and out sprang Dad’s massive cock. My Mum and dad’s talk were arousing me. Did my dad really feel so sexual about my extremely hairy underarms? What about when he saw my thick pubic hair. Was he also fucking my aunt Jane?

Mum pulled Dad’s massive cock as his organ swelled in her hands. He was great, baby. God, his cock was a thing of beauty. They then went into the bathroom. I tiptoed across the room and since the bathroom Ümraniye Escort door was ajar, I saw them. When they got to the showers, my dad started stripping her. He took off her shirt, undid her bra, and fondled her breasts until she was hot and moaning. Her arms were raised and the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in Mum’s armpits was visible. Dad pushed his hands through her armpit carpet and caressed her hairy underarms. She was certainly hairy but there was no doubt that my armpit hair was far thicker.

She pushed him away and ran her tongue over her sweet full lips. She knelt down in front of him and inserted her fingers under the waistband of his pants. She pulled them down slowly, until they fell to his feet. Then she pulled his boxers down until his thick, long cock sprang out and hit her in the face. He was already hard and the head of his massive cock was glistening as he said, “Suck it baby.” She opened her mouth and started licking his cock. She parted her lips wide and managed to take half of him into her mouth. Mum was bobbing her head up and down his shaft trying to take more of him in her mouth. Meanwhile, she was playing and tugging at his huge balls. Immediately, his breathing got heavier and he started moving his hips to match her rhythm.

Dad too is very hairy. His rugged chest is filled with dense dark hair, which runs al the way to the forest in his crotch from where his huge organ long and thick was standing. Mum’s nose was buried in his pubic hair and she had all of him in her mouth and throat. I could see she was gagging having myself sucked off a few cocks but quickly got over the gag reflex and started milking him with her throat. He was moaning loudly when he suddenly tensed up I could feel him cumming Anadolu yakası Escort down her throat. Some of his spunk made its way into her mouth and spilled out through the corners. She managed to swallow most of it. He withdrew his softening cock from her mouth, and pulled her up.

They soaped each other’s bodies up and started kissing while the warm water soaked them. He started lathering her hairy underarms. She had so much hair in her untrimmed armpits that it had bunched together. He moved down towards her thatch of pubic hair and rubbed his fingers through the rich crop of jet-black hair, which ran from her navel in a thick carpet all the way around her anus. Her pussy hair looked so much like mine.

I was very wet seeing my mother suck Dad off and seeing him soap her hairy body. I put two fingers inside my pussy and played with my clit. He was still rubbing the bushy hair outside of her slippery cunt and then plunged two fingers deep into her cunt, and started rubbing her clit with his thumb. Dad’s cock was getting hard. Her hands were jerking his cock and the monster must have been over 12″ long! It was covered with thick bulging veins and the tip was red.

Suddenly he pushed her down onto his cock so that she was impaled upon it, and it was buried to the hilt. He then picked her up off his cock, and forced her down again. Mum let out a loud moan as his massive head pushed against her cervix. Soon he had her bouncing up and down on his cock, grunting and moaning. Mum started screaming and I knew she had reached an orgasm “Ahhhh…mmmmmmmmmmm… Sam drive your pole into me.” Dad pushed his member all the way in and Mum’s climaxing pussy caused Dad to cum. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh you hairy slut Melissa” he grunted İstanbul Escort as he shot his wad in her hot pussy.

Did he say Melissa? I wasn’t sure. Melissa was my name. Was Dad thinking of me while he was fucking Mum. I was really aroused and as if I was in a trance. I walked into the bathroom. Am I mad or what, one part of me was screaming into my head “get out.” But my parents looked up a little ashamedly. Dad spluttered “what are you doing her Mel”

I quickly recovered and said “Dad I heard you call out to me.” He looked red faced and embarrassed but I noticed his limp organ was getting hard. I then put my hands behind my head (Now I was being naughty) and since I was in a sleeveless dress my extremely bushy armpit hair spilled out. Ever since the hair started sprouting in my underarms it has continued to grow and it had now grown to immense proportions. It was jet-black and grew at least 6 inches long and ran from the tip of my breasts right up till it tapered away half way up my arms.

Dad was staring at my underarms as his cock became bigger and bigger. Mum who initially had her hand on Dad’s limp prick could feel it swelling and she looked up at him but the hair in my unshorn armpits engrossed him. He licked his lips, as his gaze was transfixed in the luxuriant hair in my unshaven underarms. I walked towards him and kissed him on his cheek and I felt his engorged penis against my skin. It felt very hot and I was giddy a bit by the sight of his massive prick coupled with the hot sex I had seen Mum and Dad indulging in.

I lowered my hands on his dick and slowly wanked his hard cock as his lips touched the long and bushy hair in my unshaven pits. I trembled and felt an orgasm run through me as his hot breath stung the heavy hair in my unshaven underarms. I jerked his cock a little more as I gripped his cock with one hand as I lifted my other arm and showed him the depth of the soft silky hair in my bushy underarms. He was loving my “hairytage” what I had inherited from my Mum, “my hirsuteness.” Then I bent down and…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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