Halloween 2003

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Richard left work early. He had some errands to run before the Halloween party. He was anxious; he had not been to a costume party in twenty five years. Pulling to the curb in front of the costume shop, Richard was envisioning himself as batman or superman.

Stepping up to the counter, Richard said,

“Do you have a couple of costumes reserved for Richard Smith?”

Opening a book, a tall older gentleman behind the counter flipped several pages and said,

“No I don’t see anything under Smith.”

Pulling out his cell phone, Richard called his wife. When she answered, he asked,

“Linda, Didn’t you reserve the costumes?”

After a silence, Linda said,

“Oh god, I forgot!”

Getting upset, Richard told her he would get something and hung up. Turning back to the man behind the counter, Richard said,

“Do you have a batman or superman costume?”

Looking at his watch, the clerk said with a sigh,

“At five o’clock on Halloween day, we really don’t have much of anything.”

He stopped to think, then added,

“We have a two people horse costume, a gorilla and a couple of things from the middle ages.”

Richard said thanks and left. Going out the door, he was disappointed. He was looking forward to the party and going as a super hero. He worried all the way home about if they were going, and what were they going to do. Pulling into the driveway at his house, Richard resigned himself to not going. Turning towards the door, he was surprised to see his wife.

Linda Smith was standing in the door way wearing a pair of black slacks and a white mans dress shirt. Below her nose she had on a fake mustache. At five foot nine with small breast and large hips and butt, Linda filled out her costume perfect.

She raised a glass and said,

“Here have a drink. We only have a few minutes to get you ready.”

With curiosity, Richard asked,

“What costume?”

Walking in as he spoke, Richard saw Linda’s friend Tammy. The two ladies started transforming Richard into Regina. He took a couple of sips of his drink and tried to protest, but it did no good. The ladies were determined.

They stripped him to his underwear. They shaved his five o’clock shadow. They started with a pair of nylons, then a short dress. Tammy disappeared. Coming out of the bedroom, she was carrying a nice blouse to wear under the dress, a pair of rubber fake breasts, a bra and a wig. Richard tried to protest again, but his wife stepped in. In no time Richard looked like a beautiful woman.

Setting a mirror on the table, they put make up on him and topped off the outfit with a nice blond wig. Looking in the mirror, Richard Escort Bayan Antep was impressed. He was starting to get into it. Turning back to the table, Tammy gave him a pair of low heel shoes. They fit. It was then he realized they planned this.

Linda came out of the bedroom, she had on a nice pair of suspenders, a nice tie, a suit coat and a hat. As Tammy left, Richard and Linda did some finishing touches and left for the party. all the way there, Richard was wondering if there was some ulterior motive. Maybe he shouldn’t have told her about his bisexual curiosity.

Arriving at the party a few minutes late, Linda blamed it on her friend Regina for taking so long to get ready. It was a nice party at a large house outside of town. They were constantly introducing themselves because their costumes hid them so well.

At ten the host and his wife, dressed as King Henry and Anne Boleyn, came out with a box of trophies. They handed out awards for most creative, best costume, and sexiest. Richard and Linda won for most creative.

After the trophie presentation, Richard went upstairs to the restroom. Coming out a man dressed in a Tarzan costume stopped him.

“Hi you remember me? It’s good to see you again.”

Before Richard could answer, Tarzan leaned in for a hug and a kiss. Richard was shocked. He didn’t know what to do. As he felt the man’s tongue going in his mouth, he started to tingle and get turned on. Richard responded, kissing him back. It turned Richard on more when the man reached around and massaged his butt cheeks.

Moving back into the bathroom, Richard took his mouth away. Tarzan reached for Richard’s breast. Not sure if he wanted this sharade to end or not Richard stopped him. With a look of disappointment, Tarzan said,

“Okay how about one of your expert blow jobs?”

Richard thought a minute. He was going to stop him and tell him who he really was, but couldn’t. He was mesmerized when he removed his Tarzan outfit. A semi-erect cock stuck straight out. Richard bent to his knees. Putting a hand around his cock, he felt it grow in his hand. Slowly he moved his mouth closer. Opening his mouth, he felt his first cock. Reaching for his balls he moved up and down sucking on his cock. He liked giving his first blow job.

He moved his head faster, moving his hand along the eight inch cock. He heard him moan. Realizing he was about to cum, Richard went faster. As he started cuming, Richard swallowed every drop.

They both left the bathroom. Tarzan went down stairs first. Most of the people had gone by the time Richard made it down stairs. He looked around the room. He saw Mark and Terri, the host.

Mark is five foot ten. He has brown hair and a goatee. His wife, Terri is five foot six. she has large sagging breast and a large round ass.

Richard looked around the room some more. He saw Tarzan standing next to a short red head dressed as Jane. She is slim with small perky tits. Looking at Tarzan he thought about what he just did upstairs. Tarzan is five foot ten, and muscular.

Richard saw Bill and Kim Maxwell. He was dressed as Superman and she came dressed as Lois Lane. Bill is five eight with a little bit of a pot belly. Kim is five foot two with long blond hair and large firm breasts.

Mark and Terri took off their costume. bill took off his Superman’s cape and tights. Standing in the living room in a pair of shorts, Mark said to Debbie Moore, dressed as Jane,

“Have you met Richard and Linda Smith?”

Richard pulled off his wig and Linda took off her hat. Behind Debbie, her husband, Larry looked shocked. As they shook hands Richard almost made the comment that they already met, but changed his mind.

Breaking the awkward moment Larry Looked at his wife and made a comment about her perky tits being beautiful. Her tits were almost visible with the skimpy costume. After a couple of more comments about her perky tits, she pulled her top off and asked,

“Would you like to see more?”

All the guys said yes. After more talk about breast and butts, everyone was naked. Mark walked over to Kim, like he had done this before, he led her to the couch. She lay on the couch and he got on his knees next to her. He leaned in and started licking her bald pussy. Watching Mark and Kim, Bill didn’t notice Terri come over and go to her knees. She started making love to Bill’s seven inch cock.

Watching the two couples, Larry walked up behind Linda and started kissing her neck. He leaned down and sucked he left tit. They laid on the floor and went into a heated sixty nine.

Richard and Debbie pulled up a piece of carpet. Richard was getting excited about licking Debbie’s red haired pussy. The sight of her bush turned him on even more. He started licking and fingering her to a hot thigh exploding orgasm.

After Debbie came twice she moved Richard to his back and positioned his cock at the opening to her pussy. Grabbing his hands she started riding him to another orgasm. After going at it harder, Richard moaned loud and came.

He looked over at his wife next to him. She was on her hands and knees with Larry sliding his cock in her pussy doggie style. they were meeting thrust for stroke. Larry was holding Linda’s large hips and going faster and faster. He met Linda’s strokes a couple of more times, moaned, came and leaned back to realx.

Mark and Kim were relaxing near the couch. they were both drenched in love juices and sweat.

As Bill and Terri finished, they all relaxed and had another drink. After a little samll talk, they all decided to help Mark and Terri clean up from the party.

The ladies cleaned up the kitchen and the men cleaned up the living room and den. with most of the kitchen finished, Linda set down her towel and sat at the table just off the kitchen.

Terri walked behind Debbie at the sink and put her arms around her. Reaching under her t-shirt she caressed her right breast. Terri moved Debbies red hair and suck her neck. A tingle went through Debbie; she turned around and kissed Terri.

Pulling up Debbie’s shirt, Terri caressed and sucked both her perky tits. They were rubbing and touching each other. Terri reached a hand inside Debbie’s shorts and felt her moist pussy. Debbie moaned and came. Terri moved her hand sensously and Debbie came again.

Debbie wanted to touch Terri also. She reached into Terri’s shorts, feeling her bald pussy excited her even more. with a hand moving around the folds of Terri’s Pussy, Debbies turned to kiss her. As they kissed, Terri started coming.

The guys returned from taking some garbage outside just as the girls were finishing.

Larry looked at his wife and said,

“I hate to leave, but we have a baby sitter at home and have to go.”

Debbie seemed disappointed, but she knew Larry was right. they said good bye and left.

Bill and Kim also had to leave. Richard was thinking about leaving also, when Mark offered them the spare bedroom.

They all went up stairs, after showing Richard and Linda the spare bedroom, they stopped at their room. Mark put a hand on Linda’s broad shoulders and asked,

“What do you say we try something new on the king size bed?”

Going into the large bedroom, Linda took off her shirt and shorts. Terri and Richard followed. Positioning Linda on the bed, Mark started licking her pussy. At the foot of the bed Terri started sucking Richard’s cock. They went into a sixty nine. Moaning in ecstasy, Linda enjoyed Mark’s tongue. After cumming a couple of times, Linda rolled over to take Mark doggie style. He got on his knees and slid his cock in her wet pussy.

Linda turned to watch Richard and Terri as they moved into postion, Terri on her back with Richard on top. Richard and Terri came at the same time. stopping to relax, they just sat there.

Meeting every thrusts, Linda came. She started to relax, then Mark moaned then came.

Linda and Richard moved to the spare bedroom. they made hot passionate love, then fell asleep. In the morning they had breakfast and some small talk. By ten thirty Richard and Linda left. They made plans for another party soon.

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