Handcuffs to Freedom

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Judy had gone to her mother’s the previous evening – Friday evening – her mother was poorly and needed her. Of course she had to go, but it left me feeling alone. End of the week, work over, I was looking forward to a good relaxing time with Judy and perhaps some friends, but Judy had to be away.

The trouble with these weekends is that by Saturday evening I’m in the pits of despair. Okay, depressed – let’s not be over dramatic, but a Friday evening of telly, Friday night alone, Saturday morning supermarket shopping – I did it when Judy was away – Saturday afternoon at my mothers – by Saturday evening I was left feeling miserable. By half past seven I had resigned myself to another evening in with the telly and some videos. A walk first, to clear my head, but perhaps I could do with another good night’s sleep as well.

I had a walk around the block, but on returning noticed something wasn’t right with the house. There was a dim light in the house – but there shouldn’t have been any. As I got closer the front door was open – but it shouldn’t have been. As I entered the front door cautiously I heard people inside, I heard voices – and there shouldn’t have been.

The voices were coming from the sitting room, so I headed there, not thinking about danger. At the door I listened for a few moments – clearly burglars, two voices, both female. They hadn’t heard me. I sneaked out and got some things from a cupboard by the front door, then returned to the sitting room. I knew surprise was my best tactic. I quickly leapt into the room, slammed the sitting door shut behind me, turned the key in the lock, and in the darkness grabbed the first girl, in seconds wrestled her to the floor, onto her stomach and had her handcuffed, her hands behind her back.

The second girl panicked, ran for the door and scrabbled with the handle, shouting “Come on, Tammy, lets go……”. I quickly grabbed her and wrestled her to the floor, and within seconds had her handcuffed as well.

With both girls squirming on the floor I turned on the light to see who I had caught. As the light came on I noticed the one called Tammy just getting to her feet, so I wrestled her to the settee, and ankle-cuffed one leg to the leg of the chair. Her other foot was lashing out but I left that for the moment. I picked the other girl up and cuffed her leg to the other leg of the settee, then cuffed the two ankles in the middle, with a struggle and some fighting, cuffing the two girls to each other. I’ve always found the cuffs that you put on hands or legs singly and then clipped together far easier to manage than the traditional handcuffs. They still had their hands cuffed behind them.

It had been a noisy ten minutes with a lot of swearing and struggling, but at last they were subdued, so I settled on a chair opposite them to see what I had caught and to catch my breath. On the left sat Tammy, a black girl about nineteen wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She was pretty dishevelled from the struggle, but I could see underneath she was quite a stunner, with a beautiful shapely figure and large breasts prominent under the t-shirt. The other – on the right – who’s name I didn’t know – yet – was a white girl, the same sort of age, but smaller than Tammy, slimmer, with short dark hair. Again she was pretty dishevelled after the struggle, but could be very pretty.

“What are you going to do to us, Mister?” It was Tammy who had broken the silence, her voice defiant.

I thought for a moment. “Well, I think I should call the police”.

It was the white girl who spoke this time, less defiant. “Please don’t do that, Mister. Just let us go, please.”

“Let you go – why should I do that?”

Tammy spoke again. “Please mister, this is our first time. Ever.” At that moment she surprised me – she burst into tears. I wasn’t sure what to do so remained silent for a few moments.

“First time?” I was confused. “First time? What on earth were you doing?”

“Please mister, let us go.” Tammy appeared to be their spokesman. “Let us go, we won’t do anything again.”

“Let you go? I need more of a story than that. First…..” I pointed to the white girl, “……….. you must tell me your name.”

After hesitating, she spoke. “I’m Lindsay.”

After prompting a bit more, and refusing to unbind them, they told me their story at some length. Their parents were very strict, members of a particular small local religious sect. The sect had chosen courses for the girls and sent them to college. The girls had wanted to go, and had tried, but just couldn’t do the work – they had not chosen the courses and didn‘t enjoy the subjects. The work was simply too hard. The parents had accused them of being lazy, there had been a row, and they had been kicked out, with their parents accusing them of chasing after boys rather than doing the work. They had been walking for three days, their money had run out, they were hungry, they had seen me go out so had decided to try their luck at burglary. It took them perhaps half and hour to Pendik Escort get the story out. The more they spoke, the more I knew they were telling the truth, the more I realised they were good girls, caught up with a harsh group of cold people.

“Okay, Lindsay, Tammy, the first thing I will do is feed you, then we need to talk a bit more. I’m not going to release you, yet, but I will let you both have one hand to eat with.” I undid the handcuffs and they let me handcuff them together with the hands which were between them. Their outer ankles were still cuffed to the settee, their inside ankles to each other. I made them a plate of chips and sausages which they ate greedily with their fingers. It was after they had eaten that I sat down with them again.

I know,” I said with a touch of humour in my voice, “That you both need to go to the toilet. In five minutes you will, but first I have an offer to make you.” The two girls looked frightened, but intrigued. I continued.

“The offer is this, and the choice is yours. In five minutes I am going to let you go, both of you, and I will take you to our spare bedroom out the back – it has an en suite bathroom and you can use it, and even have a shower if you want – there‘s plenty of towels there. I will also give you five hundred dollars to see you through the next few days, and you can chat, and talk, and you can decide what you do. The choices are these – you can simply walk out the front door, and I will never see you again……………..” I paused before continuing.

“On the other hand, you can stay here, lodge here, we will help you to get work, we will help you to go to college if you want, and you are free to move on whenever you want. But – and there is a big but……” Again I paused and the two girls looked expectant.

I continued. “Judy, my wife, who is back tomorrow, and me – our greatest hobby is sex. We enjoy sex, we enjoy sex with others, we have a networks of friends whom we share sex with. And we enjoy it. Sometimes we do perverted things – or at least kinky things. Sometimes we cause a bit of pain – as a gateway to deeper enjoyment. If you stay here, you have to be part of that. I can guarantee that you will enjoy it – it is wholly about enjoyment. But will you are clearly taking a risk. And there is one further thing, and that’s this evening. You have to be punished for breaking in, and that means the cane. And it will hurt. A lot. Especially when you have taken your clothes off. And my guess is that you are both virgins. You won’t be by the end of this evening. But after this evening you will be part of the family.

“So that’s your choice – I’ll take you to the spare bedroom, and I will give you the money. You can simply walk out of the front door and I will never see you again. Or alternatively, you can return here – sit on that settee and tell me you would like to stay, and accept what happens this evening. The time now is half past eight – you have up to an hour – you will need to go at half nine at the latest to get into the motel down the road. The choice is yours, but there is no other option.”

It was Tammy who spoke. “How can we believe you. How do we know you won’t just hurt us and take us anyway?”

I thought before I replied. “I will trust you by undoing your cuffs and letting you go. If I was going to do what you said I would do I wouldn’t have told you. And you have to believe me – we never force people to decide one way or the other…” I hesitated “……..but I follow through on a decision and a commitment a person has made. You walk out of here with the money – that’s fine, you go with my blessing. You choose to stay when you know the consequences, then I take that as a commitment to what I have described, and will not turn back or stop half way through. But one further proviso – I think the consequences of what I have offered you will not hurt unbearably although it will hurt a lot, more than you can even imagine now, but ultimately I think you will say by the end that this is the best time you have ever had. Does that make sense to you?” Both hesitated, then nodded.

I went over to the girls, undid their cuffs and they followed me in silence as I showed them the spare bedroom. I put the 500 dollars on the bed. I collected their luggage from where they had hidden it and stood it by the front door for them to collect if they wanted to leave.

I didn’t know how they would respond but was pretty certain they would leave as quickly as possible. I prepared myself some food, watched a bit of telly, waiting to see what would happen. Once or twice I went into the front hall and saw the luggage still there, and could hear voices in the spare bedroom, although I couldn’t make out what they were saying. At last, at about 9.15 I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to watch a comedy programme on the telly. I was still very uncertain about what would happen.

I was startled out of the quiet as the door slowly opened. Tammy walked in first, followed by Lindsay, and sat on Anadolu Yakası Escort the settee. It was Lindsay who spoke. “Mister – we want to stay, but please don’t hurt us.” As she spoke I tilted my head to one side inquisitively. There was a silence while Lindsay responded to my look then she spoke again. “Mister – we want to stay, that‘s all.”

I looked at Tammy. “And you?”

She spoke very quietly. “I want to stay too.”

I paused before I spoke. “Lindsay, Tammy, welcome to the family. My name is Bill. It’s great to have you here. You are both aware of what staying here means for you”. Both nodded, keeping their eyes to the floor.

Again I broke the silence “Okay, Lindsay – please stand up and take your clothes off.”

Very slowly Lindsay got to her feet and began to take her clothes off. Firstly she removed her sandals and socks, then after a pause her T.shirt. Then slowly she removed her jeans, and stood up straight with her bra and panties still on. I looked at her slim petite body for a moment, then asked her to remove her underwear. As she took off her bra she revealed a beautiful small pair of rounded breasts with brown nipples. They were stunning. She removed her panties slowly, and revealed a neat patch of dark pubic hair, and as I turned her around, a beautiful small ass which looked like it would cup neatly in a couple of hands.

After a few moments of looking Lindsay over I nodded to Tammy. Again, she stood to her feet and slowly stripped, revealing a sensational smooth black body and fuller figure, with full breasts and ass – stunning but in a different way to Lindsay.

I stood in front of these two beautiful girls and drank in their smell – they had clearly been in the shower. I gently flicked a nipple on each of them with my finger, and they immediately stood to attention, with Lindsay suddenly bursting into giggles, followed by Tammy – for the first time they suddenly looked at ease in our house and their smiles were radiant.

“Come with me” I invited them, and led them to our fourth bed room which we had kitted out with all sorts of special equipment, plus more in cupboards. Both Tammy and Lindsay’s eyes opened wide at what they saw. I let them look around the room for a few moments before I spoke to them.

“Tammy, Lindsay – you know our agreement. Tammy – will you lie on the bed please, over this.” I handed her a padded leather tube, which would raise her ass into the air. She took it slowly, then lay as I asked. I was amazed how co-operative the girls were – I suspect that they couldn’t really imagine what I was going to do to them. I turned to Lindsay. “Lindsay – you lie on top of Tammy.”

Lindsay looked uncertain of what I meant so I moved her so that her legs were astride Tammy’s body, her head next to Tammy’s. I quickly cuffed the two girls to the bed, with Tammy stretched fully on the bed over the tube, with Lindsay on all fours over her friend. It was a good arrangement – both asses available, both close to each other so that they could experience what each other was going through, yet the girl underneath not taking the weight of the top girl. I had also used this time to run my hands over their backs and legs, although hadn’t as yet touched anywhere intimate.

Again I knew they needed to know what was happening. “Girls – you are going to have ten strokes of the cane each, and before each one I will say ‘ready‘. However, I want you to count to make sure I don’t treat you unfairly. Tell me when I have reached ten. I have to tell you it will hurt, it will hurt a lot, but you are welcome to scream, but be a bit careful of each other‘s ears – when the stroke is approaching you might want to turn your heads away from each other, or scream into the bed.”

I think it was that talk which suddenly made them realise what was happening to them, and they suddenly begged to be let go, please not to hurt them, their bodies tense with the realisation of what was going to happen. For me it was a beautiful moment as I looked at these two girls open before me, now hiding nothing from my eyes. I went to the cupboard and got our whippiest cane.

“Ready?” I asked. No reply, but both tensed, as I brought the cane down hard across Tammy’s ass. She screamed out loud as the red weal appeared across her buttocks. Tammy squirmed on the bed but the cuffs didn’t let her escape.

“Ready?”. This time it was Lindsay who screamed and squirmed against the pain, but with no escape, the red weal across her ass.

After a few moments I spoke again. “Ready?”

This time there was a hint of panic in their voices as they begged “Please, no, please”. However I quickly and harshly whipped across both their asses, making a cross shape of red weals.

Again, I paused for a moment, then said “Ready?” This time I brought the cane down where their legs joined their asses, and again both screamed, struggling for a moment against the cuffs, their bodies squirming to fight the pain.

As their squirmings İstanbul Escort subsided I said “Ready”, gave a stroke across the ass of each, then immediately said “Ready?” again and repeated it, their asses showing a checker-board of stripes.

Again both girls squirmed, screaming out in the pain, writhing in their bonds. However, as their writhings slowed I noticed something different. I noticed that Lindsay was rubbing herself – he breasts – against Tammy’s back; I noticed a glistening forming on Lindsay’s pussy. I checked Tammy but it wasn’t happening with her.

“Ready?” I asked, and quickly brought the cane down, then repeated it with the seventh stripe immediately. Again they screamed, but now I was sure – Lindsay was also becoming quite aroused as the moisture around her slit was becoming obvious.

After a few moments I gave them their eighth, and again paused as they screamed and cried out.

“Ready?” It was the next to last, and this time I brought the cane hard across the back of Tammy’s thighs, I brought the cane hard up under Lindsay’s ass. Again they screamed in the pain – I knew it hurt more on these spots.

“Ready?” I wanted to make this one special. I brought the cane as hard as I could across Tammy’s ass, deliberately hitting the stripe which had been the first I had made. I knew this would hurt more than any of them. She screamed and screamed out loud.

“Lindsay, ready?” Again I whipped the cane as hard as I could across the first weal I had made, and again Lindsay screamed out loudly, her body squirming on top of Tammy’s.

This time I noticed that their was a trickle of moisture running down the inside of her thighs, and knew she was ready. I quickly removed my clothes, scrambled on top of the girls, and put the tip of my cock to the lips of Lindsay’s pussy. I waited, letting my finger gently caress her clitoris. Suddenly I felt her body move back towards mine and take the tip of my cock inside the soaking lips of her pussy. In one thrust I was deep inside her, breaking through her barrier which she hardly noticed. I waited for a few moments, but she was squeezing me with the muscles of her pussy, so I gently began to slide my cock in and out, holding on to her hips. After the few days of abstinence I was ready for this – but not as ready as she was. I began to thrust deep and hard inside her when she suddenly screamed in orgasm, her body shaking and twitching as she came hard. It pushed me over the edge – I thrust deep inside her and cried as I spurted my cum, more and more, deep into her, the first man ever to enter her, and give her his seed.

We both relaxed and my cock which she had milked dry slipped out of her. I stood off the bed and undid Lindsay’s cuffs, helped her to her feet – she was still wobbly from her caning. I lay her beside Tammy on the bed. As I undid Tammy I told them both to lie there on their fronts and I would give them some soothing oil. There was little fight in them and they lay there waiting for what would happen.

I did get some soothing oil and rubbed into them gently, easing the pain of the cane, although sitting would be pretty painful for them for the next few days. After working on Lindsay I rubbed the oil into Tammy, and it was clear that all the sensations she had had were having an effect. The caning. Having Lindsay cum on top of her, and now the caressing with the oil – all brought on the occasional murmur of enjoyment, and she was moving in a way that was opening up rather than closing.

I turned her onto her back and kissed her, feeling myself hard already. I caressed her beautiful full breasts before taking her already hard nipples one at a time into my mouth. I moved down her body until my tongue was circling her clitoris, tasting her now wet pussy. I thrust my tongue inside her, tasting her, arousing her, before moving back up her body.

I moved so that my cock was at her lips – than whispered softly to her. “Tammy, invite me in.”

Her reply was instantaneous. “Please fuck me.”

I slowly slid my cock in to her barrier, then thrust my cock through and deeply inside her. I heard her gasp as I broke her barrier, but in seconds she was holding on tight. I began to fuck her slowly, then with quickening speed as her body responded to mine. Her breathe was getting faster as we fucked, then suddenly she cried out as her orgasm began. I quickly slipped my hands under her ass and dug my fingers hard into the deepest weal across her ass – where I had hit her twice. As I did she screamed out in a glorious mixture of pain and orgasm, her body writhing under me, the muscles of her pussy pulsating against my cock. It was enough – I cried out, and pumped my cum deep inside her, as her orgasm seemed to go on and on.

At last we had relaxed, all three of us, and I helped the two girls to the kitchen where they stood as we had hot drinks.

We went to bed together, and in the morning we fucked again – I still had plenty of energy for both of them. I even got them to make love to each other in a sixty nine which they seemed to enjoy.

We were still in bed when Judy returned home and found us. It was fun telling her what had happened, and she took to the girls immediately. The arrangements were set in place, and they moved into our separate bedroom.

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