Happy Birthday Honey (sly grin)

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Over the last six months that Kelly Ann and I’d been dating, we developed a great relationship that including a great series of discussions about everything imaginable.

We’d also graduated from making out to awesome sex.

What I really liked about Kelly Ann – a 5-4, 125-pound, brown haired (with a slight tint of red) – lady was that she could carry herself well at a fast food joint or a fine dining restaurant. She could hold her own in conversations with construction workers and company executives. She worked as a cardiac nurse at a local hospital.

She could take a joke and give them as well. Even the ones that were borderline or maybe just across the border inappropriate. Heck, she would even comment on how good a guy looked – to his face. And she gratefully accepted comments about her own looks.

Kelly Ann was a pleasure to be around, and I loved being around her.

From a serendipity perspective, Kelly Ann was a willful partner in crime in several naughty situations. We had had sex at a local park and nearly were caught in the act. We’d had sex in a mall parking lot stairwell and were stumbled upon by an electrician who was doing something or another with cable. It was quite embarrassing. We’d had sex in her parents’ basement, with them upstairs.

Nothing was off limits it seemed, as she was as adventurous as I. Oh, I’d pressed her for sex at the hospital, but to this point that hasn’t happened, nor have we done the deed in a hotel room with the shades partially open. But those were on our “list”.

Which brings us to last Monday night. It was Kelly Ann’s birthday and I’d been promising her some birthday swats for weeks. She told me I didn’t dare, but with a big old smile.

She knew I wouldn’t hurt her, but that I really did want to spank her sweet ass.

We were meeting at a park and ride near her office, so that we’d only take my car to the casino where we’d have a fine dining experience. It was a place we’d met several times, and in fact she’d given me several blow jobs in the car over the months we’d dated there. So, we had fond memories!

The plan I had was to move the seat into a sort of prone position before she got there, and have her lie on her stomach in order to receive the first half of the spanking I’d promised. I’d administer the swats, promise her the rest, and whiz off to dinner. Short and sweet, sexy, and with promise.

As plans go, it wasn’t brain surgery. But it was to be the start of a fun evening.

Kelly Ann had left me a message that she’d be on time, which was good since the ride share vans wouldn’t arrive for a while after her arrival. Wanted to make sure unwanted eyes weren’t there.

I drove to the park and ride with a semi hard on, thinking of her luscious ass that I’d redden, then wondered to myself when I’d finish the job with a bare bottom çorum escort over the knee spanking. Maybe over the weekend.

Arriving at the park and ride I noticed several side-by-side spots available away from the road. Great. Pulling in, I texted her that I’d arrived and she soon texted back she’d be there in 10 minutes. I was excited, smiling to myself, thinking of her arrival. I walked to the passenger side of the car and moved the seat back as flat as possible, and when I rose to walk back to my side I glanced around and noticed a woman in a car to my rear. She was in the front seat of a pickup, watching my actions.

Uh oh, a great plan coming apart.

Closing the passenger door, I walked toward the rear and the woman gave me a little wave. I waved back, wondering if I knew her. Something told me to walk over and say hi, and I did. Getting closer I realized I had no idea of who she was. Just someone in a parking lot.

Approaching her truck, I said hi, and mentioned I was awaiting my girlfriend.

“You have a strange way of preparing for her,” she said with a smile. “Is she coming on a gurney?”

Laughing, I replied it was a long story.

She said she was waiting for a ride share van to drop off her boyfriend, whose car was in the repair shop.

After some awkward silence, she asked again what was up.

I explained the birthday story, and how I planned to give her a few innocent birthday swats. Simple as that. All the while the girl smiled at my embarrassment.

“That’s so sweet. So, you’ve been kidding her and promising right?”

Nodding yes, I said I’d never hurt her.

“Well I guess I should leave then. I guess I can wait down the road a little and let you two lovebirds have some fun. But remember, the vans will be coming in about 35 minutes,” said the girl. “I mean, unless…”

Looking at her, I asked unless what.

“Well, I could stay here, out of sight, when she arrives, then warn you if someone else pulls in…I mean, this is such a sweet story, and hey, I wouldn’t mind watching! It would give me some ideas with my boyfriend Mark. He’s such a plain vanilla do-gooder.”

The mere thought of having an audience hardened my cock. Here a pretty girl would be watching as Kelly Ann got her spanking and that thought excited me to no end.

“That would be really hot…you watching. Heck, you might even come over and catch us in the act!”

She laughed. “Yes, I’m safe. You’d be safe. Now your girlfriend might not like me watching her ass get reddened. But…”

“Oh, she’d like it,” I interrupted. “I mean not at first, but later. I’d probably get some serious action when she thought about it later!”

The girl shooed me back to my car and I noticed she slipped down in her front seat to be relatively out of sight. Hoping that Kelly denizli escort Ann wouldn’t see her, I awaited her arrival.

It was not a long wait. Kelly Ann pulled in to a space near me, and soon she was at the door, looking questionably at the front seat.

“Uh, something wrong with the seat?” she said, seeing the seat back totally down into a semi-flat state.

“Time for a bit of a down payment on your spanking,” was my witty reply.

She shook her head, called me a pervert, but didn’t say no. She just looked a little out of place. I loved her red dress, as it clung to her body excellently. Soon she was kneeling on the seat, scooting back a little as she laid face down on the passenger side.

“You really thought a lot about this, didn’t you?”

I chuckled then said, well, you are the Birthday Girl, and I will be lenient because you remembered that you deserved a few swats. Only a few though, because you will get the rest in a more fitting place and time. The over the knee time!

“Yea, yea, yea, big talker,” said the girl.

Fondling Kelly Ann’s ass for a bit I glanced in the rear view and saw the lady in the pickup looking over with interest. That was hot. Soon my hand was working its way down my lovely girlfriend’s thighs and slowed when I reached skin. Grasping the hem of her dress, I slipped it up as Kelly Ann maneuvered around to give me better access.

Slipping the hem under her belt, I admired her panty clad ass. She was wearing a tight cut cotton style, which hugged her assets. But, in this scenario, they had to, well, come down. Slipping the panties off her ass and down her thighs, baring her buttocks, I smiled.

This was going to be fun.

“Well, are you going to spank me or are you going to gape all day at my behind,” said my sweet girl.

SWAT was my answer, sending a blow down onto her ass.

“OUCH” said my lovely girlfriend.

I looked back at the pickup and the girl was nowhere to be seen. That’s when I noticed she’d somehow gotten out and was off to the side with a view of the goings on in the car. Oh, that was really hot, and I sent another SWAT down on Kelly Ann’s ass.

This was fun, naughty and erotic.

Soon I sent a volley of three spanks down on her ass, waited a couple seconds, then sent town several more. Kelly Ann was touching and reacting to the spanking like the little birthday girl she was. “You are hurt me you pervert, you bastard.” Oh, those were the words, but her hand said something else as it snaked its way across the seat to by pants, rubbing my cock. She was getting hot.

Sensing I’d probably need to end this, I counted out three more swats and reminded her there would be more to come at a more appropriate time. I reached over pulling her head up and over toward mine.

We kissed, diyarbakır escort all the while with her stroking my pants.

“Someone’s all hot and bothered,” she cooed.

She reached back and hit the lever to move her seat back up, and once there reached down to slide her panties back on correctly. Then she smoothed out her dress.

“Did I do that?” she asked, pointing at my midsection. “Let me see it.”

Slipping down my zipper, I slid my cock out of my underwear in its full glory. Kelly Ann began stroking it, and soon maneuvered around and bent over my side of the car.

Kneeling on the passenger side seat, I reached over and played once again with her ass while she lowered her head and began sucking my cock in earnest.

It was amazing. Soon, it was more amazing as I saw the girl from the pickup truck outside the passenger side door, eyes glued to the in-car action.

Instead of covering up, I reached onto both sides of my pants and pulled them down to give a better view and Kelly Ann more room to play.

The excitement was incredible. Damn, it was a hot time made hotter when Kelly Ann scooted a little closer and bent her head over and began to slowly and precisely lick my cock. She had a way with her mouth.

She licked all over, up and down and around, as I reveled in the attention. She worked my dick for a couple minutes in that way before beginning to suck my cock in earnest.

Up and down her head worked my dick as I luxuriated in the act. Up and down she went at my dick, sucking away.

I glanced to the side and saw the pickup truck girl watching intently. When she noticed me looking she gave a big thumb up.

I couldn’t help myself, and rocked to her sensuous actions. The amazing blow job continued as I moved in time with her sucking. I couldn’t help myself, as the cum boiled

in my loins and erupted into her sucking mouth.

“Oh yes, oh yes! Don’t swallow, keep it in your mouth,” was my request. “I want to see it!”

Kelly Ann merely kept bobbing her head up and down on my cock for a bit before lifting up and smiling, opening her mouth to show me her cum filled mouth.

It was amazing. I smiled. Thought a second or two, and then asked her to turn to the woman watching and show her my load.

Kelly Ann smiled again, thinking of course that I was just playing. But she did turn before choking a bit on the load and looking back at me, some cum running down her cheeks.

“What the fuck!” said Kelly Ann.

“Honey, honey, it’s alright. I just saw her and she wasn’t complaining and gave me the thumbs up. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

My embarrassed girlfriend held me as I pulled up my pants and got presentable. When I did we looked around and couldn’t see the girl, but did see her pulling out of the lot in her pickup truck.

“Happy Birthday Honey!” I said as a sly grin emerged from my lips.

Kelly Ann scolded me but admitted that it was a very hot rendezvous. We drove out of the lot, turning one way while in the distance the other way I notice the pickup truck parked. That was so sensitive, allowing us to leave without interaction.

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