Happy New Year

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It’s just after six; 31st of December 2007. The ground is frosted over and the entrance to Victoria Wine has frozen shut. A few strong jolts later and Mac slipped her slight torso through the small gap between the shutters and the door and walked to the counter.

“Bottle of red, please. Any red.” she smiled.

“We’ve got this?” the cashier held up a bottle of red wine with an Australian label on the front, “£10.89?”

“That’ll do. Cheers.” she handed over the money and slipped back out onto the street.

She was freezing; winter Scotland. Not at her usual, she had opted to dress up for the occasion; although she was pretty convinced her efforts would go unnoticed. Her ‘little black dress’ was in fact the only dress she owned, and was indeed very ‘little’. Her short, punk hair was blonde with a black streak through the fringe, past her ear and round to the nape of her neck. Never anything other than a styled-as-you-like dyke spike. She liked it that way. Spit and it’s up; no messing about.

Walking down the street with just the bottle of wine in her hands, she watched her feet to avoid the black ice. Her knee high New Rocks buckled from toe to shin; glistening in the bitter winter air. She had decided it wasn’t her best decision to wear only a small leather jacket after all, although nothing would have matched with quite the same kick.

The flat was only down the street, so she sucked it up and walked a bit faster. Once at the porch she found a flight of red carpeted stairs inside that lead to the front door. She quietly ascended, almost nervous. ‘Knock knock, here I come’ she thought with a grin.

The door opens. The body disappears back into the bedroom which is directly across the hall. Not one for pleasantries, büyükesat escort Charlie turned to look at her.

“What are you wearing?” she laughed.

“Fuck up, I thought it’d be nice.” Their friendship wasn’t exactly common. Charlie looked at the wine Mac had placed on her bedside table.

“What’s that for?”

“Drinking.” Mac looked unamused. So much for trying to be romantic. Obviously it wasn’t ever going to be that kind of friendship.

“I don’t like red wine”, Charlie said plainly as she sat on the bed.

Mac shrugged and started to remove her jacket and shoes when Charlie made a move towards her. She pinned her up against the closed bedroom door, lifting her little black dress up to her navel and revealing little black French knickers underneath. Charlie’s fingers slid them delicately down her smooth, slender legs and off onto the floor. Mac felt her weight double as the shock of Charlie’s warm tongue sliding over her clit made her legs melt like snow drops. Definitely not one for pleasantries.

Charlie held Mac’s hands against the door and let her dress fall over her head. Her lips and tongue working their way around and inside Mac’s wanting cunt. Although Charlie was taller, she certainly had no issues getting comfortable on her knees. After only a short time, Mac gave out and collapsed down on top of her unlikely lover, straddling her legs and finding her lips. Charlie’s where the most intense kisses she had ever felt.

They looked at each other; for a second it felt like the rest of the world could fall away and neither of them would notice. Before they had time to think too much about it, Charlie shot up and made herself busy with the cebeci escort DVD player.

“That was fast.” Charlie scoffed as she slid a Massive Attack CD in to the disk drawer.

“You’re just that good.” Mac was used to her mean retorts. Sarcasm was a strong component to their relationship. It was part of their routine. She moved to the bed and lay on her side. Charlie moved over to her, manoeuvring herself behind her and kissing her bare shoulders. She slid her fingers up the inside of Mac’s inner thigh, stopping where she found her wet.

“Get up,” she ordered. Mac stood. “Close your eyes.”

Charlie pulled a white fluffy tie from a house coat that hung over an open drawer. She placed it over Mac’s eyes and tied it behind her head. Mac sighed. She’d let Charlie do anything. She’d always let her do anything. Charlie pulled Mac’s arms up behind her and, with the long ends of the tie, bound her hands as far up her back as she could. Whenever she tried to move her hands down, the tie that blinded her yanked her head back. She was forced to stay still.

When her knees where kicked from under her she landed on a pillow; soft touch.

Mac found herself bent over the side of Charlie’s bed, bound and blind and aching for every single touch. Charlie reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out her Rabbit. She flicked it on; the blue, see through, rubber shaft thrusting up and down with metal, rotating balls that worked on the inside. The little, soft rubber rabbit’s ears vibrated loudly.

Charlie kicked Mac’s legs as far apart as they would go. For a moment Mac couldn’t think of anything other than that her hips may break. Not for long. Charlie moved the head of her kolej escort toy to the wetness of Mac’s lusting body and pushed. Hard.

“Oh God…!” Mac wasn’t the quietest of girls. She moaned out loud as Charlie slid the shaft slowly in and out; just warming up. The machine made it hard for Mac not to move, as she struggled to keep herself calm while the small thrusts teased her to within an inch of her sanity. When Charlie finally slammed deep into her, Mac couldn’t help but scream. The rabbit’s ears flicked at her clit as Charlie’s hot breath left traces of moisture on the back of her neck and the side of her face as she leaned over her back and kissed her.

Mac’s chest was flat against the bed, her face hard against the quilt. She bit down on the soft covers as she let out louder and louder squeals. Charlie grabbed her bound wrists and yanked them high up her back to the point of her shoulders aching; Charlie’s body pressed down heavily on top of her, and Mac realised that she hadn’t been the only one moaning in pleasure. Charlie’s little noises echoed through Mac’s head. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt like this.

“Oh God, Charlie…” she whimpered, “Oh, don’t stop…” Charlie didn’t miss a beat; curving her body around Mac and kissing her full and tenderly on her mouth. Mac came, biting Charlie’s bottom lip and breathing a deep, hot moan into her mouth.

“Hmmm,” Charlie sighed, smiling, “Do you want a glass for your wine?” She stood up and pulled Mac to her feet. The tie still tight around her arms and eyes, Mac managed to move to the sound of Charlie’s voice and kissed her. Charlie’s arms came round her back and untied the binds, sending it to the ground around them; their kisses never faltered.

“Yeah.” Mac answered once their soft lips peeled apart.

“Yes, what?”

“Yeah, get me a glass for the wine seeing as you don’t like it.” Mac sounded sharp, yet laughed in the process.

Any time spent with Charlie was more surreal than the last. And although she knew it was fleeting, she loved it with everything she possessed.

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