Happy Trails

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I was chasing a nymph of the woods along a treacherous single-track. Pushing myself and my bike too the limited; if I never caught up to her, at least I was getting in a great workout. I saw a glimpse of a long pony-tail swishing in the wind when I peaked a ridge a couple of miles back. Man was she fast; I was having a hard time catching up to her.

She had now been out of sight for too long so I was about to give up. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her after rounding a corner. Just about a mile away, she was off her bike and looking at it. I kept my feverous pace until I finally met up with her. I could not check her out because she was waiting for me, face in an “I-need-help” frown.

“Hey, how’s your ride going?” I asked pulling up to her.

“Awesome until this happened,” she pointed down to her bike. I quickly saw her broken chain. I dismounted and squatted to get a closer look. Doing so I let my eyes fall across her lean body encased in her tight lycra riding jersey and shorts. Gorgeous was the only thought in my head as I saw her firm breasts, enhanced by a very erotic sweat “V” formed in her cleavage. She had lowered the zipper of the jersey to reveal the top of her breasts, compressed by her tight jersey. My eyes continued down to her skinny waist, and followed the flare of her hips framing her stunning ass. Then her legs; oh, her legs: tanned, and muscled, with that beautiful tear-drop shaped quad muscle on top of each knee. It was obvious she was a serious rider.

I quickly caught myself, after feeling a twinge in my crotch, and focused on the broken chain. “No problem, just a bent link. Must have hit it on a rock,” I told her. “I’ve got a tool that’ll fix it, at least to get you back to the trailhead. If you slow down.”

She chuckled, “My savior, and to think I was trying to lose you. I saw you way back, and used you as a pace setter. Thanks for pushing me.”

“No, thank you. You were my goal, and I caught you.” I smiled, keeping eye contact. She held the gaze until breaking it with a smile. I fetched the multi-tool from my saddle pack, removed the chain, and started to work on the bent link. We made small talk about our bikes, and the trail we were riding. Our conversation was humorous, and felt familiar.

Her name was Staci, and she was heavenly. She made an effort to fix her hair, made physical contact by touching my shoulders, and back as I worked, and I caught her a couple of times taking my body in. More notably she was sitting directly in front of me, leaning back on her hands, knees bent up, waving them in an opening and closing oscillation spread, unknowingly (?) teasing me in this open pose. As I placed the chain back on the sprockets, she served the first innuendo. “My seat has been bothering me; maybe you can take a look at it next?” I looked at her face and saw a glint in her eye, with an ever so upturned smirk on her lips.

I fired back my own double entendre: “You better let me take a look at your riding position, see if a can make your escapade more pleasurable.” I distinctly saw her pupils dilate. I was in. “Where are you being bothered?”

We stood, and she turned her back to me. “Here,” her hands touched the very lower part of her ass, basically the part of her cheeks framing her back bud. How did she know I was an ass-man? I moved in, wrapped my arms around her, pulling myself against her, planting my lips on the back of her neck. She turned in my arms and our lips met. The kiss started strong, lips locked yet molding into each other’s. It slowly let up to just a brush of lips, nose tips touching as we each caressed each other’s faces. the sandman izle Instinctively our tongues came out. At the first contact we both brought our mouths together, tilting our heads in opposite directions. I sucked her tongue into mine, and tried to wrap mine around hers. Her hands dropped down to my ass; squeezing it, she moaned into my mouth. She continued feeling me until all too soon she broke our embrace. I was flying high, and smiling like a fool. “You want me,” she sang, “you’ll have to catch me.” Quickly, she straddled her bike, clicked in, and took off like a banshee. Still in a slight state of shock, I watched pedal for a second before my dick said: “What are doing; go get her!”

I hopped on my bike and took after her. She was skilled and fast, dare I say better than me. She maintained about a 50 yard difference between us for about three miles of flat-out sprinting. We were slaloming through a rather thick tree grove when I heard an answered prayer: the snap of her chain and a shout of “SHIT!” Rolling closer towards her I saw her kick her bike over. She faced me with an angry look as I dismounted laughing. “I told you not to go all-out with that messed up chain.”

“Fuck you.”

“As you wish.”

We locked lips again, and my hand made an immediate grab of her jersey’s front zipper. With no resistance, her zipper came down, as I followed the rapidly exposed flesh with kisses. Kneeling in front of her, I focused my mouth on her belly-button. Using broad swaths of tongue along with pointed jabs, I feasted on her salty flesh. Her hands guided my head with their grip on my helmet. I felt her body leaning on me for support. I wrapped my hands around her hips to grab that glorious ass. Getting my finger tips to the “bothersome” area, I massaged the area deeply, knowing I was stretching her back bud o-ring.

I slyly tucked my thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and started to peel them down. My mouth covering any newly exposed area of flesh. After the first couple of inches Staci helped with the strip and pushed her shorts down with her hands. Just like me, she didn’t wear anything under her riding shorts. As soon as the short’s chamois pad was accessible, I buried my face, and sucked and inhaled in as much as possible. My senses were overloaded with the tastes and smells of her hard ridden crotch. “OH you nasty boy, come get the fresh stuff!”

I helped her step out of her shorts, backed her against a tree, and dove in. The smell of her sweat mixed with her developing pussy quim was intoxicating. With a wide tongue I bathed her outer labia with cat licks. Her engorged inner lips immediately emerged and parted. Milky pussy quim was waiting for me, pooling on the edges of her hole. I plunged my tongue in as far as I could get it, scooping it out and letting it pool in my mouth. “Oh lover, that’s so good, eat my puss, I love that long tongue.” I sucked in her enflamed lips, flicking them rapidly while I held onto them, stretched, and pursed between my lips. I nuzzled my nose into her baby smooth mound. She must have just shaved this morning, and there was a cute mole exposed that would otherwise be hidden. My tongue plunged into her again. Fucking her with it, I pulled her clit’s hood up with my fingers, uncovering a pencil-eraser sized nub. “Yes, lick it, take me in your mouth and lick it,” she pleaded.

I wrapped my lips around her nub, and plunged two twisted fingers into her. Rotating my wrist while going in and out of her pussy, I finger-fucked her, while giving her pointed licks along the length of that raging clit. Staci’s the snow girl izle hand ripped my helmet off, and grabbed my sweaty hair, pulling me hard into her. “Fuck Yes, here I cum, uh, here I cum,” I was almost suffocating as she held my head against herself. Standing on her tippy toes, knees bent, her hips began to buckle. “Ah yes, AH YES!” I grabbed one leg behind her knee, raised it up against her body, and braced her against the tree with my face. Her pussy quim was flowing copiously into my thirsty mouth as her orgasm was overtaking her. At her apex she pushed my head away, to sensitive for me to touch. I sat back, my erection trying to escape from my tight bike shorts, enjoying the show of her hands pressing on the outsides of her pussy, its lips rhythmically flexing with after-shocks, and her body quivering as she leaned back on to the tree.

She opened her eyes and told me to get my shorts off. My dick sprang out, swelled thick, veined and purple, once released. Staci lay on some soft needles and beckoned me to enter her. At our first cock-to-pussy contact, she winced, still overly sensitive. I took this as a cue to enter slowly, painfully slowly. I stayed on my knees, control my depths into her, careful not to bump her nub. After a few control paces she told me to fuck her. I lay over her, her hands on my waist, only our hips and mouths touching. “Fuck me, Brad. Fill me with your cum,” she was almost begging. I thrust my hips in a long and forceful rhythm. But just as I started a yell came out from behind us: “Woo-Hoo! Ride ‘em cowboy!” The biker cheered us on as he rode by on the trail we were lying next to. Then a second and third came racing by, egging us on. Then, to top things off, two more howled and yipped as they glided by.

We started laughing together thinking how we must have looked, Staci with her legs draped over my ass, as I mooned the approaching riders. She reached up to my face, pulled me in and gave me a deep, meaningful kiss. This quickly pulled my attention back to her, and solely her.

Our tongues wrestled in her mouth. I scooted my body up, increasing the downward angle of my pumping cock. Feeling the stretch on the top part of my cock, I felt my balls swell up. “I’m cumming beautiful, I cumming!” I exclaimed. “Fill me lover! Fill me with your passion!” I pumped my cum into her as I sucked on her tongue. We stayed connected like that until we heard a shout in the distance from our past audience. This brought me to a giggle, and I broke our kiss. Staci looked into my eyes demurely. I smiled, and slowly withdrew my half-hard cock. Staci curled up and took me in her mouth. Not sucking to hard, she drained the last of my cum, and licked our combined cum off my coated cock. Being very gentle, but driven, she cleaned me spotless.

She rose to her feet, helped me up, and planted her lips on mine. We shared our fruit that she had kept in her mouth. I did not hesitate to swap flavors with her, and took control of our kiss, burying my tongue deep in her mouth. My dick felt like it was swelling again when she took it in her hand. But she said, “We better get out of here before someone else rolls by.”

We chuckled as she pulled my shorts up, and paid extra attention on tucking my cock in just right, giving it a little pet after pulling her hand out of my shorts. She pulled her shorts back up, and I helped her slip her jersey on. I pulled the zipper up across her chest.

“Well, your chain is done,” I stated looking at the snapped link, “and we have a long hike ahead.”

She smiled, grabbed my hand, and we started hiking the spencer sisters izle along the trail. We had about a ten-mile hike to get back, and we both cursed our luck after an hour how we had not seen another biker just when we needed one. We talked the whole time, which made the time pass fast. We peaked the last hill that overlooked the trailhead parking lot at sunset. I pulled Staci to a stop, put my arms around her, and kissed her lightly. We broke apart, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Without a word we walked a little off the trail, this time out of sight, and embraced again.

After I zipped her jersey down, my hands peeled her shorts down once again. She wriggled her hips helping me slide them off. Staci removed her jersey, letting her beautiful C cups jiggle out. I stood, removed my jersey, and freed my rapidly plumping cock. I pulled her close, and laid us down, her on top.

She started grinding her pussy on my cock until I was fully hard. She reached down, position my cock at her entrance, and with one smooth, continuous push I was in all the way. She swayed effortlessly, keeping me fully in her, softly grinding her bare mound on my small bush. Her pace was slow, not wanting to rush an orgasm, just enjoying our connection. Our mouths stayed connected, exchanging deep, wonderful kisses. The taste from our first tryst still lingered on our tongues. My hands were on each breast softly stroking, tickling her areolas. Her tiny nipples erected to my touch, I broke our kiss to flick one of them with my tongue. Using a feather touch on it, her nipple seemed to get as hard as a diamond. “Ooo, suck it lover,” she gasped in a whisper. I encircled it with my mouth, sucked in, and continued to barely flick it. Staci’s pace picked up. She was now slightly rising herself up and down my cock along with her grinding motion. She grabbed the back of my head; I increased the rate and force of my nipple worship. Not wanting to leave the nipple left out, I began to pinch and pull it. This took her to the next level.

She sat up straighter, pushing her mound forcefully into my pubic bone. “Oh lover, this is so good. I love your big hard dick.” She was controlling its depth and angle; its head banging against her cervix. I curled myself up to take her nipple in my mouth again. “Fuck, that’s it. Uh-huh, right there stud, fuck me right there.” I held my position, an ass cheek in each hand, spreading them so a finger could tease her brown bud. She was riding me hard, my mountain lioness in heat, animalistic grunts emanating all the way from her gut, as she came, and came again.

Staci released me, pushed me down, and spun around, riding me reverse cowgirl. Before I put my hands back on her ass I fully savored it, incredible: bubble-shaped yet hard, muscular yet all feminine. I grabbed those amazing cheeks and helped her grind back and forth. “Oh beautiful, that’s it,” I told her, watching her puckered brown bud winking at me with each thrust. “MMM, I want to cum again. AH, I’m going to cum again!”

Having heard that, she rose off my cock, scooted her incredible ass backwards, and lay on top of me, 69ing. My cock twitched when her mouth engulfed my slick cock. She moaned on it as my mouth encircled her pussy. She grabbed my balls: pulling, rolling, rubbing, milking them for all they had. The taste of her delicious cream pie was too much for me. All that love elixir rolling on my tongue shot a nerve pulse straight to my cock. Without warning I began to fill Staci’s mouth and throat with my cum. She never broke her seal around it, and started another cum for herself as I sucked on her pussy, screaming into her sex as my cock erupted. Pushing our hips into each other’s faces as we released our juices. I was spent, but incredibly high. Staci rolled off me, kissed my body as she came up to my chest. Resting her head on her hand there she asked, “Do it again tomorrow?”

“The trail, yes. You, in a couple of hours, my beautiful wife.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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