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Linda owed me. She kept having problems with her computer, and I kept bailing her out. It seemed that anytime a large deadline approached she had some catastrophic computer issue: data disappeared, hard-drives failed, applications ceased to function. Lucky for her these problems were all fixable, so every time she was sure she was sunk I was always able to save the day. After the fourth or fifth “save” she apparently began to feel quite indebted to me, asking each time what she could do to repay me. At first I brushed this off. Keeping all the computers in the building running was after all my job, so I told her it was no problem, happy to help out, etc. Of course secretly I was fantasizing of ways she could really pay me back!

Now Linda is a big girl — not just a girl who has gained a little weight since high school, but big. She makes for quite a sight coming down the halls because her ample bust appears around corners well before she does. Then everyone has to hug the wall to pass her because of her wide frame and the way her huge hips sway back and forth when she walks. To top off the package, she has a head of thick blond hair and wears a bit too much makeup. I found it quite surprising that I was fantasizing about her repaying me with sex because I’ve never been one to go for fat girls. I always had girlfriends on the thin or at least athletic side. Still, the more I helped her out with her computer, the more she asked how she could pay me back, and the more my mind wandered.

Once after a few months of helping her out of “computer jams” I even found myself imagining I was fucking Linda while I was in bed with my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I had just finished having some reasonably good sex, and I was spooned behind her when my mind began thinking about Linda – specifically her huge breasts and wide ass. I was quite surprised that with my slim attractive girlfriend lying naked next to me I was thinking about Linda, but the next thing I knew I was rock hard. It always takes me a while to get hard again after sex, but not this time! Soon I was sliding back into my girlfriend while imagining that I was fucking Linda, and in no time I blew a big second load in my girlfriend while envisioning myself driving into Linda’s giant rear.

In spite of this fantasy I figured it was all silliness. I was just doing my job when I helped her out – nothing I wouldn’t do for anyone else. Plus, I sure wasn’t going to come on to the fat girl in the office, and I figured she wasn’t brave enough to come on to me. That’s where I was wrong.

I got a call late one evening in the office. I was setting up a new server, and I thought I was the only one still there. It was Linda. She was still in the office, and as usual she had a major problem. I told her I’d be up as soon as I rebooted Gaziantep Fetiş Escort the new server. I knocked on her office door within about ten minutes. No answer, so I cracked open the door. It was dim since the only light on was a desk lamp and her glowing (although blank) laptop screen. She was sitting at the desk staring at the screen as if waiting for something to happen.

“What did ya do now?” I teased.

“Nothing! I was entering some new data into a spreadsheet and ‘poof’ it went blank.”

“That’s what they all say. Let me take a look,” I said crossing the room.

Linda slid her chair over to make some room for me to work. There was just enough room for me to stand next to her and reach the laptop well enough. I forced it to reboot into safe mode and while it booted I noticed she had on a shorter skirt than usual. I guess I hadn’t seen her all day because I surely would have noticed. The skirt would have been short enough when she stood, but sitting down at her desk the black material rode up past the middle of her thighs and boy these were some thighs! I looked back to the screen quickly, fearing that she would notice me gaping at her. I guess she must have because as I began trying to log her laptop onto the network she took on of my hands and placed it on her bare thigh.

I was speechless. I tried to continue logging in with one hand because I didn’t know what else to do. But with one hand resting on the largest and softest thigh I had ever felt I was having a difficult time. As I lamely tried typing with one hand, she took the hand and eased it up under the fabric of her skirt, pushing it deep into the fold between her massive thighs. I felt the warmth of her crotch and the warmth of my own blushing, as she moaned ever so slightly and wrapped her fingers around my forearm, holding me there in case I decided to withdraw my hand. I still trying to log her computer onto the network, mostly because I didn’t know what else to do, but also because I didn’t know what to say. Pretending to work allowed me to avoid looking at her or having to say anything. While still pretending to work, I wiggled my hand deeper between her thighs until I found her warm moist crotch. As I brushed my fingers across it she moaned much more obviously than before, and as I eased the material of her panties aside she actually gasped.

By now I was about ready to give up the pretense of working on her computer altogether. However, Linda beat me to that. While I touched her soaking wet pussy with my fingers she reached over with the hand that wasn’t holding my arm between her legs and grabbed the front of my trousers, squeezing my now throbbing cock hard in her pudgy hand.

“How’s that feel?” she asked. “Do you like it?”

Since I was still too dumbfounded to answer, she added quickly, “I guess you must like it. It’s throbbing in my hand.”

Giving up altogether on her laptop, I turned toward her. She smiled broadly up at me and moved her hand to the zipper of my slacks. I was bent over her a bit so that I could continue to finger her soaking wet slit. This was actually difficult to do because my arms are not real long, and I had to reach deep inside her thighs in order to keep touching her. Finally I had to remove my hand and stand up straight so that she could get my zipper down. She reached into my trousers and opened the fly of my boxers wrapping her thick fingers around my cock and easing it out. Still smiling up at me she wrapped her pudgy fingers around it (they barely made it all the way around) and bent to lick the tip gently.

As I moved closer to Linda she eased more of my cock into her mouth and leaned back a bit in her chair. This also allowed her to use her free hand to slide her skirt up over her large silk panties exposing her gorgeous fat upper thighs and the wet mound I had been fingering before. Linda cradled my balls with her hand and eased all of my cock deep into her wet mouth. At the same time her other hand moved her panties aside and she started to stroke herself, moaning deeply as she did. Her moans reverberated through my cock as I put my hands on the back of her head. I began rocking my hips back and forth, keeping pressure on her head, sliding my cock in and out across her lusciously soft lips and tongue into the opening of her throat where I could feel her deep moans vibrate through my cock and up through my spine.

Linda came quickly and violently. Her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt and my dick pumping in and out of her mouth. She eased her mouth off of my cock and leaned back in the chair, pushing me back against the desk in the process. Then she wiggled out of her panties and unwrapped the skirt from her waist, throwing it on the floor as well. She then pulled me firmly toward her. She obviously wanted me on top of her in the desk chair. I didn’t know if the chair could take the weight of both of us, but I lowered myself on top of her and eased my cock down into the slit between her giant thighs, keeping my feet on the floor to help hold my own weight. I pressed my cock between the folds of her thighs, now wet from her cum and my copious precum and began to slide it in out of her fatty legs. Each stroke brought me closer and closer to her wet slit. Finally the tip of my cock was just entering her with each stroke. Linda did her best to spread her legs for me but the chair just didn’t leave much room. Her large ass filled it entirely, rolls of butt and leg pressing into and over the arms of the office chair. I drove harder but couldn’t get much further into her. Still Linda moaned loudly each time the top of my cock entered her. I pounded even more rapidly against and her she came again, throwing here head back as I slapped against her fat thighs, a long low moan escaping her flabby throat.

Frustrated that I couldn’t get more deeply inside her (although Linda certainly didn’t seem to care) I stood upright again, leaning back against the desk panting. Linda immediately followed, sitting up straight in her chair and wrapping her pudgy hand back around my stiff dick. She guided me once again into her mouth, sucking me deeply into her throat. As my cock slid in and out of her fat face I began my own moans of ecstasy, rocking my hips back and forth in time with her fabulous sucking. When her mouth got tired Linda would go back to her hand, jacking me off fiercely with her plump fist and squeezing my balls with the other hand.

“I want you to cum, ” she said softly. “I want you to cum on me.”

Linda was unbuttoning her blouse now with her free hand as she continued stroking me with the other. As the blouse came open, she pulled her bra down freeing first one giant tit then the other. The pendulous breasts once freed hung to her waist. They swung in time with her arm and head movements, the giant dark nipples dragging across her knees as she alternated sucking me and stroking me with her hand.

As my moaning increased and it became clear I was about to cum, she began to stroke my cock more frantically, squeezing it tight in her fat fist, occasionally spitting on it for lubrication.

“Cum on me. Cum on my fat titties,” she said, pointing my cock at her chest and stroking furiously.

From deep inside I felt my cum rise. Thrusting my hips forward and letting out a giant moan, I blew a huge load of jizz all over her fabulous chest. Shivers shot up my entire spine, and I spasmed again and again as Linda continued stroking my cock, milking every last drop onto the creamy white mass of her cleavage. With her free hand she rubbed my hot load all over her massive tits until it practically disappeared, leaving a shiny wet film that reflected the light from the desk lamp.

“Mmmmm,” she cooed licking her fingers and smiling sweetly up at me.

After sweetly licking the last few drops from my softening dick, Linda gently kissed the tip of my cock, zipped me up, and patted my pants front.

“You done fixing my computer yet?” she asked with a wink.

“Whooo, I guess,” I said, as I turned around and logged her onto the network. “Yep, you’re all set.”

As I turned and walked awkwardly toward the door, Linda still sat in her leather desk chair. Her skirt and panties still lay on the floor, her fat thighs reflecting creamy white lovliness, and her massive breasts hanging out over the top of her bra covered in a thin film of my fresh cum.

“God, I thought. That is a beautiful woman! Glad she doesn’t know much about computers.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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