Harem Sisters Pt. 12

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Group Sex

Author’s Note

Sorry about the big delay on continuing this story, life gets in the way. Christmas and new years were quite crazy, and I’ve been working on other stories too (nothing submitted). I’ll try to get each part out within a week or two of each other, but I’m starting my own business in the next month so time will be short. I won’t leave harem Sisters unfinished though.

Enjoy dudes.


Chapter 34

The news bomb Hayley had just dropped on me floated around my mind, and I had a hard time concentrating on what she’d actually said. I repeated her words over and over until I was positive I had heard her correctly. She was pregnant. I was going to be a dad.

She was still grinning like a fool and I could see a bright happiness in her eyes. There should have been a part of me that was terrified of becoming a father at such a young age–especially with a girl I hadn’t known for very long–but I wasn’t. I loved her and I knew she loved me.

I was still shocked that this was happening—although I’d been filling one or two of my girls daily for the past couple of months, so it was bound to happen.

“That’s fantastic news!” I finally blurted out.

I hugged Hayley close and kissed her forehead. She wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head against my chest.

Neither of us spoke for a while and I started to wonder how far along she might be. There were no visible signs showing. Her stomach was still as smooth as the first day I met her, but I really didn’t know what to look for in a pregnant woman aside from the swollen belly.

“When did you find out?” I asked after a few minutes passed.

“I knew for certain yesterday,” she replied.

“You weren’t sure?” I asked.

“No,” she smiled. “I missed my last period, so I went to the doctors. I got a call yesterday morning with the good news.”

I looked into Hayley’s beautiful blue eyes and smiled.

“This is great news,” I said, grinning like a fool.

“I was worried you might freak out,” she laughed.

“Maybe I did a little. But I’m happy,” I kissed her.

“I’m glad,” she returned my kiss and I saw her eyes sparkle. “And don’t worry. It’s definitely yours.”

I hadn’t thought about it being anyone else’s to be honest. While it had happened quickly, I understood that it could take only one time to make someone pregnant. It could have happened the first night we slept together, or the tenth. That’s just how shit happened.

I guess the break-up between Leon and her wasn’t too long ago, but I wasn’t sure when they’d slept together last and to be honest. I really didn’t want to. She was mine now, and she was carrying our baby.

I wondered what my parents would say. My father knew Hayley and I were sleeping together, but he also knew about Vicky and I assumed he’d caught onto my relationship with Lucy. She’d stayed over a few times over the last couple of weeks. Even so, getting a girl pregnant at my age might be a shock to them. Although, dad would have been about my age when he and mum had me. My mother might have even been younger.

Thoughts of my mother brought back the awful confrontation we’d had the day after Lucy and I had sealed the deal. The following couple of weeks had been tense after that and I rarely found myself wanting to be alone in the same apartment as her, let alone the same room. I’d hid my distaste of the woman from my father and Tori, mostly so I didn’t cause any problems in the family. Dad would likely throw us both out if he found out what happened, and Tori would likely hate our mother for trying to blackmail me for sex.

The following weeks had been a little easier, although I’d seen my mother looking more than a little down. She hadn’t gone out as often as she used to, and she didn’t dress herself up as immaculately I was accustomed too. When my father asked her if anything was wrong, she only reply was that she wasn’t feeling well and just needed space to herself.

I’d noticed a change in my father’s behaviour too.

He spent more time at work and golfing than he did around the house and he rarely offered to take my mother out when he had a work event or meeting with a client. Tori had noticed a change too, but she couldn’t get much out of our mother too.

Thoughts of my mother drifted through my head as I held Hayley against me. Hayley was carrying my child. A child we would love and raise together. I would never do anything to harm this child. But people made mistakes.

Some people had errors in judgement.

My mother had been out of line for what she’d done. She put the family in jeopardy for her own selfish reasons. She wanted something and she was willing to blackmail her own son to get it. But she was still my mother, and if coming home had taught me anything about family—my family in particular—it was that people made mistakes and people can change.

My mother’s mood made more sense now and I knew she regretted what she’d done and was now paying for it.

“Can you give me a moment,” I asked Hayley. aksaray escort “I want to call my parents. Give them the good news.”

“Of course,” she smiled. “I might call my mum and let her know too.”

We stood from the couch and kissed for a few minutes. She pressed her body close against mine and I could feel the twitchings of an erection coming. I was tempted to take her here and now, but before I could make a move, Hayley stepped out of my embrace—gave me a wink—and sauntered off to her handbag to retrieve her phone.

“I’ll deal with that later,” she said over her shoulder, flashing me a grin.

I shook my head and smiled before heading to the master bedroom to retrieve my phone. I rarely kept it on me these days and once more had about half a dozen messages lined up. I ignored them all and opened the contacts. I scrolled down to my mother’s number and hit call, before I could change my mind.

The dial tone sounded and after three rings my mother answered.

“Jason?” she answered cautiously.

“Hey Mum. Have you got a moment to talk?” I replied.

“Of course,” she sounded tired.

“Mum…I just want to say that I forgive you. I know this whole situation is fucked up and there was no way to navigate it without someone getting hurt. But I’m sorry I said those things to you. I love you,” I blurted it all out before I could think, giving my mother no chance to interrupt.

The line was quiet for a dozen seconds and I had to pull the phone away from my face to check I was still connected. It would be just my luck to lose connection right before I spilled out my apology and then have to muster the courage to do it again.

“I’m sorry too Jason,” my mother replied a little teary sounding. “I’m so sorry I did what I did.”

“It’s okay Mum. I guess we’re both a little messed up,” I laughed.

“I guess we are,” she laughed softly. “Don’t worry about your father finding out. Your secret is safe with me. I don’t want to hurt you or Tori.”

“Thanks Mum. That means a lot to me,” I exhaled in relief.

“But can you do me a favour please?” she asked after a few seconds.

“What is it?” I asked hesitantly.

“Please don’t tell your sister. I know you love one-another, and it was wrong of me to threaten that relationship for my own selfish reasons,” she all but pleaded.

“Don’t worry Mum. I haven’t told her. It can be our little secret,” I assured her.

“Thank you Jason,” my mother replied with a relieved tone.

“Oh! I almost forgot. Hayley’s pregnant,” I said.

The line was quiet for about a minute and I once again wondered if my mother had hung up or the line had died.

“I’m going to be a grandmother?” my mother asked, sounding close to tears.

“Yep,” I replied proudly.

“Oh my god Jason! I’m so happy for you two!” my mother sounded extremely happy and emotional. A response I had rarely heard from my mother.

“Thanks Mum,” I smiled.

“What do the other girls think about this?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied, not sure how much my mother knew.

“Don’t act dumb Jason, it doesn’t suit you. Your father and I know about Hayley, Lucy and Vicky,” she said.

“And Liz,” I muttered with a smile.

“Really!?” she exclaimed. “I always thought she liked girls.”

“She does,” I added casually.

“Well that explains a lot. But what do they think?” she pressed.

“They actually don’t know yet. I only just found out and the girls are down at the beach,” I said.

“Well go tell them dear. They deserve to know,” she chided my in a very motherly fashion.

“Okay Mum,” I said with an exaggerated eye roll, even though she couldn’t see me.

“Call me when you’re on your way home,” she said, ignoring my tone.

“Okay Mum. Tell dad the good news for me,” I said.

“I will,” she replied.

“Thanks Mum, you’re the best.”

I ended the phone call with a grin and ignored the waiting messages. They were probably just from the girls being silly—they’d text me when I was in the next room sometimes—or Madison, my ex. I definitely did not want to hear from her, especially with the good news and fantastic mood I was in. I needed to go see the girls and give them the good news. But I’d wait for Hayley.

I took a seat in the living room and switched on the television while I waited. I could hear Hayley on the phone—all my girls talked exceedingly loud on the phone—in the master bedroom. She sounded excited and I swear I could almost hear her mother on the other end screaming in delight. I hadn’t met her mother yet—or even knew much about her—so I imagined it would be a bit strange to find out her daughter was pregnant to a guy she had only been seeing for about a month. Although, if she’d met Leon, she might just be happy it wasn’t his. The general consensus on that guy was he was a dickbag.

About ten minutes later I heard the conversation cease and I guessed my lover was finished. I waited a few more minutes, but she never came out from the bedroom. I decided escort to investigate and see what was taking so long. I switched the TV off and made my way down the hallway towards the master bedroom. I found the door was closed and thought that a bit odd. I easily heard the conversation earlier so I guessed the door must have been opened. Why would Hayley close it now?

I twisted the handle slowly and opened the door to peer inside. I couldn’t see my brunette lover anywhere in the room, but I heard the shower running from the bathroom. I grinned and flung the door open, striding into the room. How dare Hayley think she could get wet and naked without me. Especially when we had the house to ourselves.

I crossed the room with purposeful strides and flung the towel off as I reached the open bathroom door. Thick billows of steam from the oppressively hot shower spray escaped the bathroom. Immediately my skin began to perspire from the intense heat. It could be a million degrees outside, and my girls would have scorching hot showers.

I thought of it as a small price to pay to be in the company of one of my naked women. Plus, their bodies looked all sorts of fantastic when they were covered in water and sweat.

I pulled open the shower door as soon as I reached it and was greeted with the familiar—yet still tantalizingly alluring—sight of Hayley’s backside as she stood facing the shower spray. The door must have caught her attention—or she was waiting for me—and she turned to look over her shoulder.

“About time,” she winked.

I stepped into the shower and wrapped my arms around Hayley’s waist from behind. Like usually whenever I saw one of my girls naked, I was hard enough to hammer nails in an instant. I pressed my erection between her slim thighs as my hands roamed her torso, running my hands over her hips, stomach and chest before tweaking her pierced nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Hayley was moaning immediately at my touch and I felt her cute little butt press into my pelvis as she rocked her hips into me.

“You feel so good,” I whispered into her ear.

“I love how you manhandle me,” she replied in a breathy whisper. “I’m yours and only yours Jason.”

Her words seemed to somehow make my dick even harder and I felt the blood pulsating through my shaft. My women certainly knew how to make me feel like a king or a lord with a harem. I couldn’t get enough of any of them, and knowing they wanted me just as much made every waking moment pure ecstasy.

As much as I loved staring at Hayley’s tight little butt, I wanted to look into her eyes when I penetrated her. I spun her around and pressed her back against the shower wall. Hayley gasped as her skin contacted the cool tiles and her arms wrapped around my neck. I hooked both arms under her thighs and lifted her off the ground, holding her slim figure easily.

“I love you Hayley,” I said as I ground the tip of my penis against her entrance.

“I love you too Jason,” she moaned.

We stared into each-other’s eyes as I rubbed my tip and length of my shaft along her wet lips, moaning with each pass. It took me a few tries to get the angle right since I couldn’t guide myself with my hands, but on the fourth pass my cock slipped into Hayley like a heat seeking missile. I moaned loudly as I sank deep inside Hayley’s warm, wet tunnel. There was nothing in the world that felt as amazing as being inside of one of my lovers and I could never decide which one felt better. They were all so different.

Hayley gripped me tightly, but I also fit inside her like she was made for me, and her body fit against mine like we were two sides of a jigsaw puzzle placed together. I didn’t have a favourite in my little harem—I wasn’t allowed too—but making love to my curly-haired concubine was an experience like none other.

Hayley pulled my lips to hers and we shared a lone, wet kiss. Her tongue slipped passed my lips and explored my mouth like it was an adventuring travelling to their first dungeon. I fought back against her tongue with my own appendage and we battled over dominance as I started to pump my iron-hard dick into her soft, wet pussy. Hayley finally gave out when I started rocking my hips and working my dick inside her like the piston of an engine, and like an engine, I was only getting warmed up.

After a few minutes I was slamming home into Hayley’s welcoming pussy. My body weight was against her and my lover clung on to my shoulders like she was drowning, and I was the last lifeboat. Her legs were still draped over my arms so the pale-skinned beauty could do nothing. She couldn’t even fuck me back as I ploughed into her at an unrelenting pace.

She simply clung to me—pulling my chest against hers—and buried her face into the crook of my neck.

I could feel Hayley shaking nearly constantly as I fucked the life out of her—or into her—her pussy was clamping down like a vice, but she was so wet that I had no trouble keeping up the hard pace I’d set. My hips slapped against her wet thighs with an audible clap that kağıthane escort echoed in the small shower cubicle and could probably be heard downstairs. Her moans definitely could.

“Holy fuck Jason!” Hayley moaned into my ear.

Her words spurned me on. I hadn’t been able to fill her last time because I wanted to visit all of my women. But this time it was all for Hayley.

I grabbed a fistful of Hayley’s brown ringlets and pulled her head back. Her mouth hung open in a constant moan and she was panting heavily as our eyes met. Her gorgeous blue orbs bore into mine with a mixture of lust and love. This woman would do anything for me, and I for her.

I stared into her beautiful eyes as I hilted myself inside her and sprayed her inside with my cum. I moaned loudly and almost closed my eyes. But my lovers hand on my cheek brought me back to her beautiful face. We maintained eye contact as I filled her womb once more.

“My god you’re beautiful,” I whispered breathlessly.

Hayley pulled me into an urgent kiss as a reply and I slipped my cock from her warm embrace before letting her feet touch the tiled floor. I held onto her hips as she steadied herself, then she was in my arms again. We kissed and ground our naked bodies together for what must have been ten minutes before we finally parted. My cock was still rock hard, and I could easily go another round. But Hayley looked exhausted.

“As much as I’d love to keep playing with this monster,” she wrapped her dainty fingers around my angry red pole. “I’m a little sore after all the attention you’ve been giving me.”

I grinned at Hayley and she chuckled lightly.

“I don’t know how Tori takes this every day and still walks straight,” she added with a wink as she squeezed my shaft.

“We’ve had a lot more practice,” I chuckled.

“Something we can do more of when we live together” Hayley said.

Her hungry eyes and half smile told me everything I needed to know about what was going on inside that beautiful head of hers. Her mind was willing. But her body was weak.

Just knowing that this beautiful specimen of a woman wanted me as much as I wanted her—plus didn’t mind sharing me—was all I needed. I had never felt particularly wanted by anyone and it had done a number on my confidence and self-esteem, and I knew now that was why I worked so hard at the gym. It paid off in the end, but I also knew my girls loved me for who I was, not just my body. It was fantastic having so many beautiful women love me, but it wasn’t just their looks. Sure, it was a great benefit, but each one of them had their own unique personality and were wonderful women. Hayley could put on twenty kilos and I would still love her. Something I’d have to keep reminding her once the pregnancy was further along.

“We’d better go meet the others,” Hayley said, breaking my train of thought.

“Yeah. They’ll want to hear the good news,” I replied.

“The sex is always great Jason, but I’m not sure it equates to good news,” Hayley winked.

“You know what I mean,” I slapped her tight, wet ass.

Hayley squealed and danced out of the shower. I followed her quickly and wrapped my arms around her waist, lifting the slender woman up from behind. She squealed again and giggled in a very un-Hayley manner before I placed her back on her feet. She spun around and we embraced once more, kissing sensually for a few minutes before we dried off and dressed. We had some good news to pass onto our friends.

Fifteen minutes later we were heading down to the beach, hand in hand. Hayley had dressed in a sexy two-piece bikini that modestly covered her small breasts and cute butt that was now partially hidden by the sheer shawl she’d wrapped around her slender hips. As usual for Hayley, the outfit was entirely black. I didn’t mind at all at her choice of colours—or lack thereof—since it contrasted well against her complexion, making her pale skin almost glow in the sunlight. She’d spent a little time on her make-up, applying her signature winged eyeliner and dark lipstick and her hair was now completely dry and it the chestnut ringlets shone with a red hue from the sun as they bounced with each step. She was as beautiful as the day I met her, and I made sure to remind me of that before we left the house.

I’d taken far less time getting ready—as was usual when compared to any of my women. I pulled on a pair of blue swim trunks—forgoing underwear—and decided to go shirtless. Hayley had spent a few minutes rubbing sunscreen into my skin before we left. Her hands on my flesh had caused a longer delay as we began making out once more. It took all of my willpower to not take her to bed and make love to her for the rest of the day.

“Hey guys!” Tori called out as we approached the shaded picnic table the girls sat around. There were half a dozen bottles of water situation around the table, all glistening with condensation in the Australian summer heat.

“Greetings all,” I winked to my girls.

Hayley slid onto one of the bench seats beside Vicky and gave the blonde girl a friendly hug. Vicky whispered something into Hayley’s ear and the girls shared a knowing smile. I had some idea what passed between them but didn’t feel the need to ask. Vicky could be as one track minded as any guy I knew.

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