Harris – I Get Wet at a Dance

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Big Tits

Harris pulled up to my house with a cloud of dust swirling behind his pickup. I climbed in and we headed down the road. A local town was holding a dance after the fourth of July rodeo at the fairgrounds, and I love to dance. I like nothing more than a nice firm Wrangler ass on my guy.

Harris had retired from riding bulls a few years ago, but he still had the physique…long legs, skinny cowboy ass, flat tummy and best of all, great biceps. (I like something nice to hold onto.) I was wearing my Wranglers and a freshly pressed pale pink long-sleeved shirt, unbuttoned perhaps one button too many, my sheer, lacy bra peeking out from time to time, and my nipples poking out my shirt front. I am what you might call a MILF, past my younger days but still very interested in sex. I am 5’9 and no longer slender, but not fat, curvy you might say with a 36 D cup thanks to my kids, and incredibly long legs. My brunette hair was curled and flowing to my bra strap down my back.

When we arrived, the music was pounding and the dance floor under the rodeo stands was crowded. We hit the floor and danced some fast dances. When Harris wrapped me up in the pretzel move with both my arms behind me I knew my shirt was open wide and my bra was showing. It was really turning me on. We danced a two-step and then took a break to get some beer. Several of Harris’ rodeo buddies came over to visit with him and check out his new girl, and no doubt my nipples which were poking out under my shirt. Harris was happy to show me off, as I was 20 years younger than he was.

I accepted a few offers to dance and gave some young cowboys a long, uninterrupted view down my shirt while Harris was catching up on who was in the kartal escort bayan running for the NFR. I was so happy to be dancing I forgot my rule to not dance with a guy who doesn’t put his beer down. You see, this clown was holding his beer at my shoulder and decided to take a drink, or maybe he did this on purpose, but he poured his Budweiser down my shirt. The pale pink became wet and cold and sheer. My lacy bra and left nipple were completely on display. My mind went from fury at the guy (who offered to suck the beer out of my shirt) to horror that everyone could see my actual nipple. As the dance ended I followed they guy very closely so nobody could see my nipple back to Harris. Then they guy disappeared and I stood there in front of my boyfriend and several of his friends, with my left nipple on display. The guys all smiled to see me back and Harris slipped his arm around me and said, “Well, would you look at that.” Then he reached up and tweaked my damp nipple. “Let’s get that dried off,” Harris said as his friends melted into the background.

“You are making me hot. You wanna go screw in the rodeo stands? We could air your shirt off at the same time.” “Are you kidding me? Someone might see!” “Nah, they are too busy dancing and drinking.”

He led me around the edge of the dance floor and climbed up the stands about five rows. The area was dim, but not very dark, as it was lit by various yard lights throughout the grounds and the full moon. The stands had a concrete floor and the dance was being held right behind them. I could feel the bass through the wooden benches. Harris and I faced each other straddling the bench, knees touching. He reached across and cupped my chin and yakacık escort began kissing me. I scooted towards him, putting my legs across his knees to get closer. The wind blowing across my wet shirt and the bass thumping through the seat was making my pussy wet.

Harris thumbed the buttons of my shirt open, untucked it and slid it down my arms and off. He laid it carefully on the stands so it would dry. He then removed my bra. I was so excited that I nearly came. Running his hands up my stomach, he cupped my tits and pinched my nipples hard like I like it. I was so horny I could hardly stand it. We ground our crotches together as we kissed again.

“Now, take off your left boot and left pant leg and slide your panties down,” Harris instructed. Clearly this was not his first rodeo (fuck). I did as he asked. There is nothing graceful about a topless chick hopping around on one foot trying to take a boot off in a rodeo stands. I got it done and got my pants down around my right leg and straddled the bench again. Harris had his pants down too, his dick ready for some bareback action. He laid me back on the bench, took two big handfuls of hair and slammed into me.

I gasped at the sudden roughness and marked him out of the chute with my heels. (If you watch rodeo you will get this. If not, well, I had my heels on his ribs, one of them still in a boot with jeans dangling.) He slammed into me so hard I slid down the bench. He chased me down the bench and kept at it. My tits were jiggling in the moonlight and my pussy was on fire with the rough action. He fingered my clit as he pounded me until I came with a cry, maybe a little too loud. Soon after, Harris finished with hürriyet mahallesi escort a grunt and filled me with his come. I sat up and caught my breath as his seed dripped out of me. We were several feet from where we had started. Harris sat beside me stroking my hair and cupping my breasts. With a little chin gesture Harris silently pointed out some movement in the shadows in the lower areas of the stands. We had an audience. I spread my knees further apart and leaned back on the stands on my elbows, showing off everything in the moonlight.

Harris bent over and bit my left nipple hard causing me to jump and cry out. I stood up and pulled up my panties and jeans then strode over to my other boot and sat down to put that on. Meanwhile Harris had stuffed my bra into his front pocket leaving me just my shirt to put on. I buttoned it up like it was before, now definitely a button too low, and tried to arrange it neatly like it was before, unfortunately, it was hopelessly crumpled, but it had indeed dried so we went back to the dance. Harris with a little more bounce in his step, me with a little more bounce in my shirt.

After another beer or two I danced some more waltzes and two-steps with the cowboys. They liked to snuggle up and dance close, and I let them gander all they wanted down my shirt. I declined all the fast dances because I didn’t want my tits flying around. As I walked back to Harris from the dance floor, I saw he had a good four inches of my white bra strap-the back part with the hooks-hanging out of his pocket announcing “I have a bra in my front pocket.” Nobody had to wonder if I was wearing a bra at this point. I danced a few more with Harris, he held me tenderly and nosed around my neck getting a good look down my shirt and thumbing my right nipple as if it weren’t hard enough already.

The next morning he came over to my house with tweezers and pulled splinters from the benches out of my shoulders and ass. He really was a sweet guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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