Haunted by the Futa Ghost 6: Banging My Gender-Swapped Girlfriend

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Haunted by the Futa Ghost
Chapter Six: Banging My Gender-Swapped Girlfriend
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

“You danced so beautifully in my dreams again,” my Ojo-sama cooed in the steamy waters of the onsen. “You awakened such hungers in me, Sayuri-chan.”

I blushed as I stood in the onsen’s hot waters, my breasts rising and falling with the beat of my heart. We stood so close, our nipples almost touching, both hard. My pussy itched with the hungers shining in her eyes.

“Thank you, Mitsuko-hime.”

Her hand stroked my cheek. She cupped my face and pulled me closer. My heart beat faster and faster as her lips met mine. Our naked bodies came together, the water splashing around our waists as we moved closer. Our nipples touched. I felt her thighs on mine, her belly sleek and warm. Our heads moved. I sighed. My hands slipped around her waist, holding her.

My Ojo-sama.

Her hands slipped down, cupping the cheeks of my rear. Her kiss grew more and more aggressive. Her hips moved. My heart fluttered. Feelings I should only have for a boy rushed through me. I moaned into the kiss, my hands stroking her wet sides.

She broke the kiss. “You make my pussy so excited. So wet. Touch me.”

I shuddered. “Mitsuko-hime, this is forbidden. We’re women. Kissing is bad enough. I dishonor you.”

“I don’t care.” She stroked my lips. “Even when my father marries me off, I will still love you.”

“You will?” My heart beat so badly. Ever since she said she wished I was a man, the thought wouldn’t leave me. I dreamed sometimes I had a cock to break her maidenhead.

“Touch me,” she said, eyes commanding, voice a sultry purr.

My hand slid across her side, pressing between our stomachs. I reached lower and lower, feeling the silk adorning her nethers. Reaching deeper. She gasped as I brushed the pearl hidden in her clam and caressed her hot flesh. I stroked her, rubbing up and down her flesh, feeling her maidenhead as we stared into each other’s eyes.

Yes, this was wrong, shameful, and I did not care. I loved her.

“Yes, Sayuri-chan,” she moaned and kissed me again. I so wished I was a man to love her properly. Maybe there was a way. A kami…


500 years later…

“Well, now what?” Lori Watson asked herself as she stared at the unconscious form of her best friend, Yoshiko. The Japanese girl had passed out from her orgasms. Her girl-dick slowly shrank back into her dark bush, the hairs glistening with Lori’s own cum.

She stared down at her dick. It shrank, too, now that the excitement was over. Her asshole still ached. Yoshiko had fucked her hard, cumming so much into her asshole. Lori groaned, the cum swimming in the depths of her bowels.

“I hope you speak to that ghost and ask her what do we do?” Lori said. “I can’t stay a futanari. I have a boyfriend.” She glanced at her phone and the video playing of Miyu, the Japanese exchange student, fucking a blonde girl that looked so much like Chris, her boyfriend. Lori bit her lip, staring at the big tits of the blonde bouncing on the screen, her face twisting the same why Chris’s did as he came.

Miyu was a futanari, too. Had she been molested by the futa-ghost?

That was how the whole mess started. Yoshiko was molested by the futa-ghost in the girls’ bathroom at their private high school, Redwood Academy. Then she became a futanari and fucked Lori who then grew her own girl-dick.

But it became a clit when her lusts fled.

Guilt twinged through Lori. She glanced at her phone. Chris’s face, framed in a small circle, was in the upper corner of her phone. He hadn’t answered her text on Facebook’s messenger when she sent him the link.

He can’t be a girl, and yet… She glanced at her crotch. The redhead leaned forward, her hair falling down as she stared at the shaved lips of her pussy, her clit hidden back in its sheath. And yet futanari exist. Ghost exists. What else does?

She opened messenger and typed: “Don’t ignore me, Chris. Want to hear your thoughts about the vid.” I want to know if you’re a girl.

It had to be impossible. She hit send.


Chris ran like her life depended on it.

It did.

The gender-swapped girl held up her baggy jeans in one hand, the other holding the discarded wand of Miyu, the futanari shrine maiden. Her cum still dribbled out of Chris’s pussy. Fear clutched at the blonde’s heart as she ran in only socks, fleeing the grounds of the school and the terrifying, Japanese ghost.

Phil’s dead. The ghost killed him. Or her. Or whatever.

Like Chris, the same ghost had turned Phil Parish into a girl. Probably in the exact same manner. Chris, as a guy, had been masturbating in the bathroom, stroking his dick, when the ghost appeared and latched onto the tip. After a few sucks, the ghost had fucked him, and he had become a she. Before the ghost could then strangle the life out of Chris, angry that she wasn’t Sayuri-chan, Miyu had arrived and driven the ghost off. Things only got crazier as Miyu then fought a tentacle demon called a yokai, revealed herself as a futanari, fucked Chris’s pussy and mouth, then went to fight the ghost again.

And lost.

The ghost had possessed Miyu.

Chris ran in terror, helpless to do anything as the ghost-possessed Miyu killed Phil. And Chris knew she was next. It was why she was running. And kept running, not knowing where she fled. Her phone kept beeping in her jeans, someone texting her.

Chris didn’t care.

She couldn’t stop running. Her legs were still long and lean, she still had her endurance from playing basketball and surfing. She ignored the discomfort of her large boobs bouncing before her and her poor socks fraying as she ran down sidewalks, ignoring passing shouts.

She had to keep running She had to flee.

Miyu and the ghost were after her.


Lori frowned, brushing back her red hair. Yoshiko still slept, her large breasts rising and falling. The half-Japanese girl was short and petite, but despite that had the biggest boobs at school. Lori was often jealous of her friend’s size.

But not right now.

Lori was growing worried.

She glanced at her phone. She had sent Chris seven different messages asking for him to respond. And he hadn’t. It wasn’t like him. He always replied back to her. Before they started dating over the summer break, they had been best friends for years. The three of them were inseparable, getting into trouble, joking around.

He always answered.

“Did he really turn into a girl?” Lori asked herself again. She couldn’t believe she was thinking it, but that was the sort of day she was having.

She glanced at her MacBook Air sitting on her desk, the pink, slim laptop closed. She stood up, cum leaking out of her ass. She frowned then grabbed off the floor a dirty skirt she had worn to school and set it over her computer chair to keep the jizz from staining it. She sat down and opened her laptop. She bit her lip.

Should I really do this?

She and Chris had exchanged phone passcodes. It was an act of trust. She could log into his cloud account, see his texts, his messages, and his pics if she wanted, and he could do the same for hers. She never planned on doing it. In fact, it was his idea. She felt dirty even thinking of doing it, but she was worried. He wasn’t answering his texts after twenty minutes.

That wasn’t like him.

It’s this crazy day. It’s making me paranoid. She glanced at her sleeping friend, wondering if the ghost was in the room watching her. What would the ghost do to a guy? Maybe it made Miyu into a futanari and Chris into a girl.

And then she cheated on me.

Lori blushed as she opened her laptop. She really had no cause to complain about Chris and Miyu. She cheated on Chris with Yoshiko, lost to the lust of seeing her friend with a dick, then lost to her own desires once hers had sprouted. Girl-cocks had minds of their own.

She logged into his account and went to the GPS. She had to know where he was. He should be at school working on his art project with Mariah Young. Is he fucking her? Did I send him all those nude selfies, get him horny, and then sent him right into the hussy’s arms.

Lori shook her head. No. She knew her boyfriend loved her.

The map came up. She blinked, zooming in. Chris wasn’t at school. He was up on the bluff overlooking San Fransisco Bay. Redwood, their small community, was in the foothills around the bay. There were spots that had breathtaking views of the entire area. He was in a small, out of the way park, running up the trail. He was moving fast.

What are you doing there?

Lori glanced at Yoshiko. Her friend was still sleeping. She bit her lip.

Her decision was made in an instant. She hopped to her feet and pulled her covers over her friend, hoping none of the cum stains were visible. Then she moved her dirty clothes to cover the cum stains on the carpet.

Futanari jizz so much. My mom is going to kill me.

She lit an incense stick to mask the scent of sex before quickly dressing. She left Yoshiko sleeping and headed downstairs. “Mom, I’m going out. Yoshiko’s taking a nap in my room.”

“Oh, is she okay?” her mom asked from the kitchen, no doubt cooking with a glass of white wine in hand.

“Just been a long day for her. I have to meet Chris.”

“You going to be home for dinner?”

“Not sure.” Lori reached the front door and snagged the keys to her mom’s Prius. “I’m borrowing your car. Love you, thanks.”

She darted out the door before her mom could answer. She probably would have said yes, but Lori didn’t see the point in risking a no. She had to get to Chris, see that he wasn’t a girl, and that everything was normal.


As much as she liked her cock, she wanted to go back to normal. Chris wouldn’t like her having gaziantep eskort bayan a dick. Probably. He was into hentai, including futanari porn. She had seen a few of the videos and pictures on his computer.

It was hot watching porn with her boyfriend.

Her clit itched at that thought and she grit her teeth. “No sprouting,” she told her nub as she reached her mom’s powder-blue Prius, one of the first sold in California—her mother was so proud of that fact. She hopped into the car. “I mean it. Don’t even think about getting hard.”

Lori pushed the ignition button, and the car started without a sound. She had grown up driving around in the Prius, so it was weird to her when normal cars started with loud growls from their combustion engines. She put the car into reverse, backing out of the driveway, and raced to the park.

It wasn’t a long drive, especially when Lori failed to respect many of California’s traffic laws. Stops signs were suggestions, and speed limits were good ideas, like something your mom would tell you as you headed off to school. She had never gotten a ticket. Though she had been pulled over twice. A little bit of crying, and she was off the hook.

Chris had gaped at her the second time. “Only girls get to do that. If I started crying, he would have just laughed.”

She drove through town and up the windy road that led to the bluff. The trail was a straight shot instead of curvy. Chris would already be there. Or she hoped he was still there. She kept glancing at her phone as she drove, looking for the telltale three dots in Messenger telling her someone was typing a reply.


The tall redwood trees that gave their community its name rose around her as she drove up the bluff. They weren’t the huge sequoias that grew in the famed national park, but a smaller species that was still impressive to look at. She rounded the last bend and reached the small overlook. Leaning against the wooden railing was the blonde from the video, gasping for breath, holding some strange stick in one hand with a streamer of zigzagging diamonds dangling from the end.

The blonde turned, looking at the car. A flushed, tan face widened in shock.

It was Chris. He was a she.

Lori hit the brakes, the gravel grinding beneath the tires, and put the car into park. She hopped out, engine still running. Her eyes were so wide as she stared at her boyfriend—girlfriend?—trembling at the small, wooden barrier at the bluff’s edge.


“Shit,” Chris said, her voice higher-pitch but the tone was so recognizable. Her large breasts stretched her shirt.

Memory of those tits bouncing in Phil’s vid uploaded to PornHub flashed through Lori’s thoughts. Her clit throbbed and itched, swelling in her panties. Her skirt swished about her thighs as she took a few, cautious steps forward.

“It is you,” Lori said. “I saw the video and… Wow. You’re a girl.”

Chris nodded, blushing.

“I guess you can get out traffic tickets now.”

“What?” Chris frowned. “What are you… And what video?” Her jeans suddenly slipped off her narrower hips, followed by her boxers, flashing a blonde bush stained with Miyu’s cum.

They really were fucking.

“Yeah, Phil caught you and Miyu… outside the art room… It’s on PornHub. Everyone from school must have seen it.”

“Phil?” The color drained from Chris’s face. “Fuck, I’m in so much trouble. It’s not safe, Lori. You need to get out of here.”

But Lori was transfixed by the sight of Chris’s crotch. No cock. Just a thick, golden bush hiding pussy lips. Lori’s clit swelled and throbbed, stretching out her panties as she moved closer and closer. Her boyfriend—girlfriend, she’s my girlfriend—looking so sexy. Those tits were huge, delicious.

“Oh, Chris, you turned into a hottie.”

“Lori,” she groaned. “This isn’t the time for joking around. This is serious.”

“Oh, yes, those are a serious pair of tits. They’re bigger than mine. They’re Yoshiko level of boobs.”

Lori reached her girlfriend, staring at Chris’s beautiful face, her sun-bleached hair whipping by the wind. Lori grabbed her girlfriend’s hands, staring up at the changed face, seeing all the similarities. Chris was even few inches shorter, but still taller than Lori.

“Wow, you are cute.”

“Come on, Lori,” blushed Chris. “Listen, this is important.”

“Like how you cheated on me with Miyu?”

Chris flinched. “I… That is… I don’t know how it happened. There was crazy stuff and…”

“It’s okay.” Lori smiled. “I think…we’re both dealing with the changes to our body. It’s like we have a free pass. Like we’re at Vegas.”


“You know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Lori’s hand stroked up Chris’s thigh, dipping between her crotch. The redhead’s eyes widened as she felt the new pussy. It was soaking wet. Chris shuddered as her fingers penetrated into the wet pussy. “What happens when you’re a girl stays when you’re a girl.”

“Lori,” Chris groaned, her pussy clenching on Lori’s probing fingers. “This is serious. I’m in so much danger. There’s a ghost.”

“I know, met her. Sayuri-chan.”

Chris flinched at the name. “Where?”

“She molested Yoshiko during lunch today and followed her to my house. She made Yoshiko like Miyu.”

“A shrine maiden?”

“No, a futanari.” I frowned. “Miyu’s a shrine maiden? Then she can exorcise Yoshiko and make everything all right. She can fix me.”

“Fix, you?” Chris frowned. “What did the ghost do to you? And what do you mean, she followed you to your house? She’s at the school. She attacked me right after you sent me those naked pics and…”
“Wait? Is there another ghost?” frowned Lori.

“This one tried to kill me.” Fear crossed Chris’s face.

Lori gasped, hugging her girlfriend, feeling her tremble in her arms. Chris’s arms wrapped about her body, pulling her tight. Her hard girl-cock pressed into Chris. Through her skirt and panties, she felt her girlfriend’s heat. Her dick throbbed harder and harder.

“Lori.” Chris’s words were strained. “What is that I’m feeling beneath your skirt. Tell me that’s a banana.”

“No, I’m just happy to see you.” Lori tensed, swallowing. “So, the ghost haunting Yoshiko, who isn’t trying to kill us, made her into a futanari. And then… Ifuckedyoshikoandbecameafutanaritoo.” She said the last part so fast, embarrassed.

“Wait?” Chris moaned, her hips undulating. “You’re a futanari?”

Lori nodded her head.

“And so is Yoshiko?”

Another nod, her dick throbbing so hard.

“And you fucked her?”

“Yes,” Lori said, her voice tight. “Once she had a dick, well, I was so turned on. It’s so sexy.”

“Yes,” Chris moaned, smiling. “When I saw Miyu’s girl-cock, well…”

“I saw the video. So hot.” Lori undulated her hips. She knew she should be scared, but she was so turned on. Her boyfriend was this sexy girl, her dick was so hard. “Mmm, you remember our first time, parking up here in my mom’s Prius.”

“Yes,” Chris said, her blue eyes shining. They widened. “When I took your cherry.”

“Shame Miyu got yours.” Lori stood on her tiptoes. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t recreate some of it.”

Her lips kissed Chris hard and hot. She thrust her tongue, her nineteen-year-old body trembling in her girlfriend’s arms. Chris tightened her embrace, pulling Lori close. The redhead’s girl-dick throbbed harder in her panties aching to escape. Their tongues danced and dueled as she pressed Chris against the wooden railing, all of San Fransisco bay spread out behind her.

Lori broke the kiss, her breasts heaving, rubbing against Chris’s. She slid her hands up, squeezing her girlfriend’s big tits through the t-shirt. She squeezed them, brushing hard nipples, bringing low moans from Chris’s lips.

“So, how did you like being fucked by Miyu?”

Chris blushed again. She’s so pretty when she does that. “I…liked it. I’m a girl, I guess. And, well, my body reacts.”

“Mmm, so you came?”

“Hard. It kept going and going. Jesus, I’m getting so wet.”

“Oh, let me eat your pussy. I love it when you eat mine, and since you don’t have a cock…”

Chris licked her lips. “Can I…suck your cock while you do it?”

“What do you think?” Lori had a huge grin on her face. “Backseat of my mom’s Prius. It worked the first time we sixty-nined.”

Chris was eager, jerking Lori’s arm. Her jeans and boxers were left behind as Chris led Lori to the car. The redhead smiled, admiring her girlfriend’s ass. She gave it a smack, her dick throbbing so hard in her panties.

“You have a cute ass as a guy or girl,” she giggled.

“Thanks,” Chris said, her tone questioning, asking if that was good or bad.

Lori gave her girlfriend’s ass another squeeze, her dick so hard in her panties. They reached her mom’s car, and she pushed Chris against it, feeling so aggressive. I have the cock in the relationship now. Lori kissed Chris’s plump lips, feeling those big tits. Her hands shoved beneath Chris’s t-shirt, fondling her girlfriend’s pillowy boobs. They were soft, like Yoshiko’s, so nice and plump, just a delight to hold onto. Chris moaned into the kiss, lips moving harder as Lori’s hands found nipples.

She twisted them, making her girlfriend squeal and undulated, grinding on her throbbing girl-cock. A shudder ran through the redhead. She kissed her girlfriend harder, thrusting her tongue into Chris’s mouth, savoring the sweet taste.

“Oh, you feel so different,” Lori moaned, breaking the kiss.

“And you feel so hung,” panted Chris. “Don’t judge me, but I want to suck on that cock so badly. It’s not gay if I’m a girl.”

“No homo?” Lori arched an eyebrow.

“No homo,” Chris groaned.

“Slut,” giggled Lori. “You’re my slut now.”

Chris’s hands slid down, seizing Lori’s ass, squeezing hard. “But you’re my futanari-slut. You’re going to lick my pussy so hard when I’m sucking your cock.”

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge. Let’s see who makes the other cum faster.”

Chris grinned. Her face was so familiar but different. It was intoxicating. Heat rushed through Lori as her girlfriend ripped her blouse over her head. Lori hadn’t bothered with a bra, and her round tits bounced out, nipples rubbing into the bottoms of Chris’s large mounds. Lori liked that. She liked her girlfriend as a girl.

“You make me so hard,” panted Lori as Chris’s hands attacked her skirt next. She kneaded her girlfriend’s tits as Chris yanked down her skirt.

Chris pulled away and yanked open the back door of the Prius. She stared with hungry eyes at the bulge tenting Lori’s panties. Her cock throbbed, precum making a dark spot in the red material. Chris fell onto the back seat, legs spread wide open, pussy dripping.

“Let me suck that cock, slut.”

“Mmm, you’re going to suck it so hard, whore.”

Chris smiled and Lori giggled. She liked this. They were both sluts now. Both whores. She shoved down her panties, Chris gasping as her huge girl-cock flopped out, thrusting from the shaved folds of her pussy. She stroked it as Chris licked her lush lips.

“Oh, you want to suck this so badly, slut,” Lori moaned as she walked around the car. It would be easier to crawl in from the other side.

“Yes! Now get that cute ass in here, slut.”

Lori was so horny. She knew they should be focusing on other problems, but lusts controlled her right now. They throbbed out of her dick, making it so hard to make good choices. She yanked open the other rear door, Chris’s head looking up at her.

She groaned and crawled over her girlfriend. Lips nipped at her nipples and kissed at her stomach as she moved into the car. Her hands stroked Chris’s belly down to her pussy, Lori’s cock dangling. The tip brushed Chris’s blonde hair, sliding across her face, and reaching her hungry lips.

Chris engulfed the tip of Lori’s cock and sucked.

“Yes!” the redheaded futanari moaned. Her body shuddered, dangling tit shaking. “Oh, you suck cock like a hungry pro. How many times did you suck Miyu’s dick?”

Chris didn’t answer, only moaned louder about Lori’s cock.

That was fine with Lori. Her cock ached and throbbed. She leaned her head down, spreading her girlfriend’s thighs, and nuzzled into tangy pussy. She licked through the folds, savoring the juices flavor while blonde curls tickled her face.

Chris moaned in delight, the sounds humming about the tip of Lori’s cock. The futanari groaned, shuddering atop her girlfriend. Pleasure raced up her girl-dick, making her tongue lick faster and deeper into Chris’s pussy, tasting the tangy flesh, exploring.

“Oh, you have such a pretty pussy,” panted Lori between licks, her lips sticky with juices. “Damn, Chris, you make a hotter girl than me.”

Chris moaned again, it sounded proud, boastful as she sucked on Lori’s dick.

“Well, my cock is bigger than yours,” Lori moaned, shuddering. Such delicious sensations rippled down her cock. Chris was so good at sucking dick. Better than Yoshiko. “Mmm, I love this pussy. I’m going to devour it, Chris. Love it, just like you would love my pussy. Mmm, I loved it when you went down on me.” She licked through Chris’s folds. “And I love going down on you, baby.”

Her tongue nuzzled through the folds. She pressed her lips into Chris’s pussy, savoring the hot feel, her hips undulating as the pleasure built inside of her. A delicious, powerful itch that made her shudder and squirm, sliding her cock in and out of Chris’s hungry mouth.

Her tongue swirled about Lori’s dick, caressing the crown. Lori shuddered with each caress, her pussy clenching. Her pussy juices leaked out of her cunt, trickling down her shaft. She felt the beads reaching Chris’s lips.

“Mmm, I bet you like that,” Lori moaned as she nuzzled at her girlfriend’s pussy. “My juices running down my cock. Dripping to your lips.”

Chris moaned a muffled sound, maybe a yes, about Lori’s dick. Chris’s hands reached out, grasping the redhead’s ass, squeezing and pulling the futanari’s dick deeper into her mouth. Lori groaned, her pussy clenching harder as Chris sucked.

“Yes, you love it, slut.” Lori licked through her girlfriend’s folds. Her fingers stroked the tight slit. “Mmm, such a juicy pussy you have. You taste amazing. Best pussy I ever ate. Better than Yoshiko’s.”

Chris groaned, sucking so hard.

“Yes, I bet she’ll fuck you like this,” groaned Lori. “You would love that. I know you think she’s hot.”

Her fingers found Chris’s clit, stroking the little nub as her girlfriend sucked so hard on her dick. She shuddered, her hips shaking. Chris’s fingers dug into the cheeks of her ass, kneading so hard, pulling her butt-cheeks apart, slipping in.

Lori shuddered. She thrust her tongue into Chris’s pussy as her girlfriend’s finger sank into her asshole. Her bowels clenched on the invading digit. Pleasure rippled hot out of her asshole to the tip of her dick.

“Mmm, yes, I love it when you finger my asshole.” Lori moved her finger from Chris’s clit. “Let me feel your juicy cunt.”

Chris moaned, her pussy clenching about Lori’s thrusting finger. She savored the hot flesh wrapped about her digit, her bowels clenching on Chris’s finger. They both pumped their digits as Lori’s lips found her girlfriend’s clit.

And sucked hard.

Chris bucked beneath Lori and moaned about her dick. Pleasure raced up her shaft, making her moan louder and harder on Chris’s clit. They both shuddered. Her pussy burned, the duel pleasures of her ass being fingered and her cock sucked mixing, swirling, building in her depths.

“Chris,” she moaned between sucks on her girlfriend’s clit. “Oh, yes, Chris!”

Her tongue flailed Chris’s clit, driving her girlfriend wild. The gender-swapped girl bucked and moaned, wiggling her hips, humping her pussy into Lori’s mouth. Chris moaned loudly about the futanari’s dick, the humming pleasure increasing.

And then hot, tangy juices squirted into Lori’s mouth.

Her girlfriend came.

“Yes,” Lori hissed. “That’s it, slut. Ooh, you’re cumming so hard. But not as hard as I am.” Her bowels clenched on Chris’s finger. “Just keep sucking my dick, whore. Oh, my god. Sooooo fucking good. Mmm, you are such a good cock-sucker!”

Lori’s body bucked and spasmed as her orgasm exploded in the depths of her pussy. The pressure shot down her cock in powerful pulses. Cum spurted into her girlfriend’s mouth. Lori’s red hair danced as she threw back her head and screamed out her orgasm. The bliss burned through her body. She bucked and shuddered, her body whipped by the rapture shooting through her.

The bliss. The wonder. It filled her. It made her ache and shudder. It made her gasp and moan.


Her girlfriend gulped down load after load of jizz, swallowing like a pro while she drank down tangy pussy juices. She lapped up the flood as they both trembled. The Prius’s shocks groaned as the car rocked back and forth.

“Damn, Chris,” she moaned, collapsing on her girlfriend. She lifted her hips, her still-hard cock popping out of Chris’s lips. “That was amazing.”

“Yes,” panted Chris. “And I won.”

“Hmm?” Lori still dwelled in a daze of pleasure.

“I made you cum the hardest.” Such pride burned in Chris’s feminine voice, the same pride she had as boy whenever she made Lori cum.

“I think we both won.”

“Mmm, and you’re still hard. Just like Miyu.”

“Oh, yes,” Lori moaned. “I have stamina. And I need more.”

“Ever heard of paizuri?”

“What?” blinked Lori.

“You’re going to love it. Sit on the edge of the car, your legs dangling out, and I will use my big tits to make you cum.”

Lori’s eyes opened. One of the reasons she always wanted to have big tits was to do just that for Chris. She knew her girlfriend loved titty fucks—paizuri must be the dumb Japanese name for it—and she always wanted to do it for Chris.

And now Chris was doing it for her.

“I love you so much,” Lori said. “You’re the best.”


Chris hurried around the Prius. She hadn’t lost her girlfriend’s love by becoming a girl. Whatever fortuitous turn of events ended up with Lori becoming a futanari had stopped this from being a disaster. Lori still loved her.

The afternoon sun shining on Chris’s naked, tanned body. Only her crotch was paler—she didn’t sunbathe nude, though she was wishing she did now, it was so freeing being naked in public. An excited tremble went through her body. We could be caught at any moment.

Her fears of Miyu and the ghost were subsumed by her lust. Her brain couldn’t think of anything but the big, throbbing dick her girlfriend had. My girlfriend is a futanari. This is the hottest fucking thing in the world.

As a guy, Chris had jerked off a lot to drawings of dickgirls and futas, loving their busty, feminine frames contrasting with their huge, throbbing dicks. It was so impossibly wrong it made him so achingly hard.

“Let’s do this, baby,” Lori moaned, sitting on the edge of her seat, looking so beautiful, her green eyes shining, her red hair spilled about her shoulders. Her round breasts bobbed and heaved while her dick waggled before her, thrusting from the folds of her pussy.

That impossible sight. Pussy and cock. But no balls. Chris always liked the futas with balls, but he wouldn’t complain.

“Damn,” Chris moaned, kneeling on her discarded shirt, padding against the gravel. She leaned forward, nuzzling at Lori’s tart pussy. She licked through the folds as her girlfriend moaned, reaching the base of her dick.

“Oh, that’s hot,” panted Lori as Chris dragged her tongue higher and higher up the shaft. She could still taste the salty flavor of her girlfriend’s cum. “Mmm, warp those big, lush boobies about my dick and make me cum.”

“Yes,” Chris said, her pussy clenching. Her heart raced. She had always wanted to be on the receiving end of a titty fuck, but was glad to give this treat to Lori.

Chris cupped her large breasts, her fingers sinking into her pillowy mounds. She lifted them up and brought them to her girlfriend’s cock. She sandwiched the throbbing dick between her tits, savoring the hard shaft’s heat. She pushed her tits tight together, her silky flesh engulfing the big shaft.

And slid her tits down.

Lori bucked, her mouth opening wide as she moaned. Her green eyes blinked as Chris slid her tits back up the throbbing girl-dick. Precum leaked out of the crown, smearing onto Chris’s flesh, lubing the way as she pumped her tits up and down. Her hard nipples rubbed on Lori’s naked stomach, sending tingles racing down to Chris’s pussy.

She squirmed, her cunt growing hotter and hotter. Juices dripped down her thighs as she pleasured Lori’s dick. Chris stared at the tip of her girlfriend’s dick emerging over and over from the valley of her tits, the pink crown popping into sight.

“Mmm, that’s kinda hot,” Lori moaned, her hips shifting. “Watching it pop out. It’s so cute.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed, licking her lips.

Then she licked the tip of Lori’s dick when it emerged, gathering the salty precum.

“Damn,” Lori panted, her body bucking at the sudden contact of Chris’s tongue.

Chris grinned and did it again. And again. Every time Lori’s dick emerged from her tits, the gender-swapped girl licked the wrinkled, pink crown. Her tongue bathed across it, savoring the salty precum, making Lori gasp and moan.

The futanari’s voice echoed through the car. She leaned back on her hands, the seat creaking as she smiled down at Chris. That beautiful smile encouraged her to fuck her tits up and down faster and faster. Her hips swayed from side-to-side, her pussy burning. She squeezed her thighs tight, her clit throbbing, begging to be touched.

But her hands were full of her tits.

Her nipples throbbed as they rasped and rubbed Lori’s belly. Tingles raced through Chris. She groaned between licks. Her tongue flailed the tip of the futanari’s cock. The tip throbbed and twitched. The cock was so hot between Chris’s tits.

“Oh, god, I’m going to erupt,” panted Lori. “Oh, your tits are heavenly, Chris. Just fucking amazing.”

“Do it,” moaned Chris, excited. “Give me a pearl necklace.”

“Oh, so I have to buy you jewelry just because I have the dick in the relationship?”

“Yes,” Chris panted, tits sliding faster and faster, her arms burning from the strain. She pumped through the pain, eager to give her girlfriend a treat. “Cum on my face, baby. Just erupt. I want to feel your jizz splatter me.”

“Yes,” Lori moaned. Her green eyes squeezed shut. Her hips bucked, fucking her cock through Chris’s tits. “You nasty slut. Oh, yes! Yes!”

The dick throbbed between Chris’s tits. The tip swelled. Cum spurted out and splattered the bottom of her chin. The hot jizz washed across her neck. The thick, hot spunk clung to her flesh. Chris groaned, loving the feel of it.

The next spurt erupted, landing on her lips and chin. She licked the jizz out as Lori moaned, savoring the salty flavor. Her tits slid up, milking the spurting cock. Cum splattered across Chris’s big, pillowy tits, running hot as it fell down into her cleavage.

“Oh, that’s so hot,” moaned Lori, eyes fluttering open. “Oh, damn, Chris, you have a shiny pearl necklace.”

“Uh-huh, “Chris panted, her pussy on fire. It felt so hot to be jizzed on. So demeaning. She truly was a slut. Lori’s slut.

The futanari’s dick was still hard.

“I love it,” Chris moaned as she moved, straddling Lori’s waist. The gender-swapped girl grasped the futanari’s big dick, guiding it to her hungry pussy. Her big tits pressed into Lori’s face, smearing cum on the redhead’s features.

“Fuck me,” Lori moaned as Chris rubbed her pussy on the cock’s tip.

“Yes,” she moaned and slammed her new pussy down her girlfriend’s dick.

The huge cock stretched out Chris’s cunt. Her back arched. Her tits smeared into Lori’s mouth. Her tongue licked, sucking on Chris’s cum-stained nipple, shooting pleasure down to the gender-swapped girl’s cunt.

She clenched down on Lori’s dick. Chris fucked her girlfriend hard and fast. The shocks of the Prius groaned as the two humped and writhed. Lori’s hands seized Chris’s ass, gripping both butt-cheeks.

“Oh, yes, your cock is so huge,” panted Chris. “I’m such a slut for this dick.”

“I’m such a slut for this pussy,” Lori answered, her fingers kneading Chris’s ass. “Fucking ride me hard. I want to dump so much cum into your snatch.”

“Yes!” Chris’s pussy clenched hard on her girlfriend’s thick dick. Her hips moved faster and faster. “Do that. I love it. I want to feel all your jizz spurt into me. Oh, god, this is so hot. I’m fucking my big-dicked girlfriend!”


Chris’s hips rode her girlfriend faster and faster. Her pussy drank in the friction of Lori’s huge dick. Chris used all the tricks she remembered her girlfriend doing when she was a boy. The way Lori twisted her hips, undulated, ground her clit into Lori’s pubic bone. The gender-swapped girl wanted to make the futanari cum so hard into her pussy.

And then erupt in her own pleasure.

Her sun-bleached hair brushed Lori’s face as they kissed. The futanari’s cum stained both their lips. They licked and nuzzled, sharing the treat. Chris groaned, her pussy clenching as she slammed her pussy up and down Lori’s cock, driving them both wild.

Lori’s fingers squeezed so hard on Chris’s ass. Their tongues stabbed at each other, dueling with a frantic desire. They fucked each other, Chris’s fingers scratching at Lori’s back. The friction burned as Chris fucked up and down on the girl-shaft, loving how deep it stabbed into her cunt. Filling her. Driving her wild.

She broke the kiss. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it,” hissed Lori. “Cum on my dick. Milk my cock. You want it, slut.”

“Whore,” Chris moaned. “You’re my futanari-whore. You love my pussy!”

“So much! The best pussy!”

Chris shuddered at her girlfriend’s words. She slammed her cunt down the redhead’s shaft. Her clit rubbed into Lori’s crotch. Sparks flew. Pleasure burst in the depths of Chris’s pussy. Her sheath spasmed about the thick cock, massaging it as her body spasmed and writhed. Pleasure flooded through her.

Wonderful rapture.

Ecstasy slammed into her mind as her hips went wild, bucking on Lori’s dick. The redhead moaned, gripping Chris’s ass, fucking her hips up and down. Her spasming pussy slid up and down the thick, hard shaft.

“Cum in me,” screamed Chris as the pleasure burst through her. “Give me all that girl-spunk!”

“Yes,” Lori hissed, her green eyes staring into Chris’s blue.

She was lost to those green depths, staring at them as the pleasure of her orgasm washed through her mind. She slammed down the futanari’s dick, taking every inch into her writhing flesh. Lori groaned. Her dick erupted.

Cum flooded Chris’s pussy.

The gender-swapped girl’s head snapped back. Another orgasm exploded in her as her girlfriend flooded her cunt with jizz. Hot, thick, creamy cum. It was amazing. The rapture boiled through her mind as her pussy milked Lori’s cock.

“That’s soooo good!” Chris screamed as their bodies heaved in shared ecstasy.


Yoshiko dreamed she was in a hot spring. She sat on the edge, the hot water around her calves up to her knees. She trembled, staring at Mitsuko. The princess moved through the water, her small breasts trembling, jiggling, her hands behind her back as she sauntered across the steamy water. She was so lovely. A moan came unbidden from Yoshiko’s lips.

I’m dreaming Sayuri’s life again. Or her memories of it.

“Look what my maids procured for me,” purred Mitsuko. She had a naughty smile on her pink lips, her slanted eyes burning. Her hair was pinned up by a white hair comb. It looked like it was made from some sort of shiny, white stone. Alabaster? wondered Yoshiko.

“What, Mitsuko-hime?” Yoshiko said unbidden again. It wasn’t her body really speaking. She was in Sayuri’s body. Her breasts were nowhere big enough to be her own.

“It came all the way from the province of Hiko,” Mitsuko said, pulling the object from behind her back. It was wet, the pale-yellow fibers of a plant forming into a cylindrical shape. Two strands of knotted cord made from the same material bound the middle of the object, keeping the fibers together. More cords connected the bands, each knotted. “It’s made from itadori, and the women of the province swear by its pleasure.”

It’s a dildo, Yoshiko realized. She stared at the knotted cords binding it, trying to imagine the added sensation they would add.

“I don’t understand,” Sayuri said.

She wants to fuck you with it, Yoshiko said to her host as Mitsuko came closer, a naughty grin on her face.

“It is a kokeshi.” Mitsuko smile. “Surely you’ve heard how older girls play with their kokeshi in different manner than when they were younger.”

Yoshiko was confused. The word was unfamiliar to her and its context. But Sayuri gasped and blushed. “Oh, yes, I see. You want to use it… On me.”

“Then you can use it on me,” purred Mitsuko, stopping before Sayuri. “I want you to take my virginity. Not a man.”

Sayuri, we need to talk, Yoshiko said. I have to understand why you’re haunting me. Please, please, answer me.

Sayuri trembled. “Will it hurt?”

“Don’t be afraid,” Mitsuko said, leaning over and capturing Sayuri’s hard, brown nipple in soft lips. She sucked.

Sayuri moaned.

I’m here, Yoshiko called as she felt pleasure rush through Sayuri’s body like it was her own. Don’t ignore me.

But Sayuri only moaned her delight as her lover, her princess, suckled at her nipple. Mitsuko brought the strange dildo down to her wet, black bush, rubbing it on virgin flesh.

To be continued…

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