Hauntings of the Unexpected Ch. 03

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Synopsis: Parting is such sweet sorrow, but is it what they really want?

This story contains graphic descriptions of many sexual acts, including lesbian orgies, some incest, and exhibitionism. If you are under the age of consent, or if you are offended by what my brain thought up, then please find a different website. Billions of websites are out there, so happy browsing!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Monica and I are ending our show as the guests begin to search for their clothes and leave our house, our home.

Tonight ends the forty-second orgy since all of us have started living in this house together. Back when I thought this house was haunted, it was really scary. Now that things have sorted themselves out, along with being able to share my time with Jamie, Monica, and Tracy, things have been a lot better.

I push Monica’s face away from my shivering pussy and she stands up, wiping my juices from her mouth as she slips on her robe. We’ve grown quite fond of each other, and we’ve agreed to put on shows for the guests near the end of every orgy since her, Jamie, and Tracy were brought in here as well. Speaking of which, I believe Tracy and Jamie are upstairs, tending to our male guests. Both were lucky enough not to get pregnant, but we’ve all started taking birth control in order to keep anything of the sort from happening.

I stood up and slipped on my own pink bath robe, using the absorbent inside to wipe the saliva from the inside of my crotch. Mary walks into the hallway from the dining room with a smile on her face that I’ve never seen before. Tracy and Jamie come downstairs just in time for what Mary wants to tell us.

“You all were great, girls!” she shouts, joyfully. “Best one, yet! I especially enjoyed the look on one guy’s face when you bent over and rubbed your clit in front of his mouth, Monica! And then, when you touched his nose with it! Top notch teasing, girl!”

“Thanks,” blushed Monica.

“Well, girls! I think it’s time I told you all the good news right now!” Mary announced.

All of us had no idea what Mary was talking about. The four of us just looked at each other, confused.

“You’re all free to go!” Mary declared. “Isn’t that great?”

Now, we were even more confused. I stepped forward a few steps.

“Wait, Mary. You told us a long while ago that the only way for you to live is for us to become your personal sex slaves, right? Well, we all made a lifetime commitment, and what about you?” I needed to ask those questions.

“Don’t worry about me, Heather!” she beamed. “You all have done so much for this house and everyone inside, and now it feels like we can finally move on. No matter what happens, we’re ghosts at heart. We’re done with living on Earth, and we’d all like to finally go home, up to the heavens.”

Just then, the white walls turned a dingy grey, and the lights dimmed down to almost nothing. The house almost melted and became the old house it once was. Mary and Kyle stood side-by-side, in all their naked glory, and started to glow a bright white. The door opened by itself behind us, and the four of us walked outside and got our first glimpse of the evening moon in months. Together, Mary and Kyle rose up, past the ceiling, up to the sky and beyond the clouds. They went home, where they belong.

Once Kyle and Mary were out of sight, the doors to the house shut and locked by themselves, everything going back to the way things were and leaving all of us outside in the dark, still wearing nothing but our robes.

I looked over and saw everyone’s faces. Smiles stretched from ear to ear and then continued onto the next face. We all came together in a group hug, crying tears of joy at our freedom, at long last.

While we were all walking home, I noticed the corner gas station is almost closed for the night, and I wanted to get a quick candy bar before it did. I walked in, up to the register, and searched around for the candy bar I liked. Once I found it, I picked it up and set it on the counter, letting the guy behind the register scan it.

“That’ll be 80 cents, miss,” declares the 40-year-old cashier, and I quickly realize that I have no pockets and no money.

Monica walks in now, looking for a bottle of soda. She grabs a 20-ounce out of the cooler and sets it next to my candy bar.

“Heather, what’s taking you so long?” asked Monica.

“Will this be together?” questioned the man behind the counter.

“Uh, y-yes,” I stuttered, turning to Monica. “Monica, we have no money!”

The man instantly looked at us in anger, but Monica seemed to have an idea.

“How about, instead of money, we pay you in our services?” she winked at him.

“Sorry, ladies, I’m married. Now are you gonna pay me or am I gonna call the cops?” He was starting to look impatient.

Monica walked behind me and quickly yanked off my robe, wrapping her arms around my body. “Oh, you have it all wrong. We want to put on a show for you, featuring only the two of izmir escort us!”

The man was beginning to look calmer and more interested. “Come again?”

Monica quickly shed her own robe before rubbing my nipples to hardness in front of him. She pulled on my nipples until they were dark red. “Do you like the show so far?”

Before he could answer, Monica spread my legs from behind and knelt down, pushing her face between my legs and licking my pussy lips for this man. I gasp and struggle to hold myself up, and the man stretched far above the counter, trying to get a better look at our “show.”

I decided to step it up a notch by reaching down and rubbing my clit for him, gasping loudly and causing him to swallow nervously. Monica continued licking my nether lips for a little while longer, and then she pushed her tongue inside me. I was already so far into rubbing myself that when she began to tongue-fuck me I came immediately. Monica pulled her face away from my crotch and I shook and jiggled, squirting a bit of my cum onto the hard tile floor below me.

We both looked up and saw a huge smile on his face. Of course, any man would have smiled at the sight of two naked women, with one of them licking away at the other. He flung himself back behind the counter, though, and I’m sure his hard-on was pushing through his pants.

“Uh, that’s very nice, ladies, but I’m afraid company protocol states that…”

“Heather, you’re not just gonna leave me hanging out to dry, are you?” Monica interrupted, pouting.

“Don’t worry, Monica. I would never do that,” I soothed her, all in an attempt to finish what we started with this man. “Here, lay down.”

Once Monica was on the floor, I bent over and took her right nipple into my mouth. The cashier is practically floating above the counter, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, staring down at us. My ass was pointing directly at him and my pussy was dripping down my legs. Once Monica moaned in satisfaction, I stood up and turned around, looking straight into this man’s eyes.

“Hey, Monica,” I asked, “do you want me to return the favor that you gave me?”

“Yes, she does!” exclaimed the excited cashier, immediately realizing what he just said. He drops back down behind the counter, obviously trying to regain his composure.

“Okay, Monica,” I started. “Can you hop up on this counter here and maybe spread your legs?”

Monica stood up quickly and was more than happy to pull herself up onto the counter, kneeling and pushing aside the candy bar and the soda as she spread her legs wide, creating a small gap between her pussy and the countertop. I turned around and bent backwards, pushing my head through this small gap and I began licking her out in perfect view of this man. I noticed Monica reaching up and tugging on her own stiff nipples, moaning and crying out for more.

The cashier was drooling by now, his slobber trailing down to the counter in which we were having our fun. He wiped his mouth clean once he realized what was happening.

I stopped eating Monica just long enough to tell her the worst news ever. “I’m gonna stop now, Monica.”

She whined in disapproval, but then she breathily asked the cashier if he wanted to continue what I started. He agreed without question.

I pulled my head out from under Monica’s slimy pussy and after cracking my back I grabbed her by her arms, allowing her to readjust her position and sit on the counter with her feet out. She bent backwards and I supported her top half while the man quickly went to work licking the horny pussy of my lover.

He only stopped once, hurriedly grabbing his wallet out of his pocket and paying for our stuff. We then allowed him to finish Monica off, giving her her first orgasm by someone outside the house.

Once I helped Monica slide off the counter and put her robe back on, the man behind the counter told us that he has a rod of steel that hadn’t been used for a while. He wanted us to help him fix that little problem. I slid my robe back on and walked beside Monica.

“Sorry, but you said you were married!” we laughed before we walked hand-in-hand out the sliding doors.

Tracy and Jamie were waiting outside for us as we walked back out to the street.

“What the hell took you two so long?” Tracy barked at us.

“We were just having some fun with the cashier,” Monica stated. “What’s wrong with that?”

“Can we just go back home?” Jamie whined. “I want to finally sleep in my own bed, and give my pussy a rest for once.”

We all giggled, understanding exactly how she felt. We all walked together, dropping Tracy off at her house, then Jamie, and finally Monica.

As I walked down the street alone, finally heading towards my own house, I noticed a few cars pass by. The drivers of each of them simply stared at me in my robe like I was a hooker or something. It disgusted me.

And then there was this one convertible. It was too dark to see the color of the car or alsancak escort the license plate, but the driver pulled up next to me and asked me to hop in, flashing a hundred-dollar bill at me.

“Sorry, I’m not for sale, pervert!” I hissed at him, walking under a street light.

“Now, come on!” he quipped. “Surely, a pretty girl like you needs some company on a lonely night like this!” I could tell he wasn’t gonna stop until he got what he wanted.

I stopped suddenly and he braked as well. Turning to him, I quickly opened my robe and then shut it, giving him a quick peek at my naked body. “Was that what you wanted, pervert?” I continued walking, closing my robe as tight as I could around my body.

“You got me all wrong, baby,” he insisted, driving slowly next to me. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed my arm with one hand, opening his door with the other hand. “That’s what I needed all along!”

He forcefully pulled me into his car and across his lap far enough so that he could shut the door. I tried to scream, but he put his top up too quickly and rolled the windows up, turning this into a true kidnapping. I struggled my hardest, but my actions were useless. He had me pinned across his lap.

As we drove carelessly along the highway, he took the wheel with his right hand. His left hand began slowly inching its way up my leg and under my robe.

“Don’t even think about it!” I yelled as I shook violently, trying to loosen his hold on my leg. I ended up tiring myself out, and I reluctantly ceased to fight back. Once he realized that I had stopped struggling, his hand continued its ascent, brushing along my buttocks. I cringed at the unwanted feeling, but his fingers soon found their way between my legs, and I shivered at the pleasant sensations he was giving me. It reminded me of all the good times I had in that house with all my friends, Mary and Kyle too.

My pussy gave him plenty of lubrication as his fingers rubbed up and down along my nether lips, and I could feel his hardened penis pushing through his pants against my skin as we drove down the road. He laughed and told me about the “good times” we were going to have when we arrived at his place. I wanted to yell at him again, but he shoved a finger inside me just as I opened my mouth to scream. I gasped and held my breath, wanting to feel every millimeter of his long digit. I soon lost control and exhaled loudly, crawling and sitting up in the passenger seat of the convertible. I reached over to help unzip his pants and I bent over, giving him the longest blowjob I’ve ever given a man until we pulled into his driveway.

I don’t know what came over me, but I never even got out of the car before I jumped on him and fucked him into oblivion. My moans were barely muffled by his unrelenting mouth as he kissed me all throughout. Once I felt him shoot his thick load deep inside me, I allowed myself to release an orgasm that could shatter boulders. My pussy slobbered all over his dick and I still couldn’t stop. I wanted to have another orgasm, and I didn’t let him pull out of me until it happened.

I practically lost my voice screaming out my climaxes from having sex with this man, my kidnapper. He helped me to the door and he turned his key in the lock as I was propped up on his other shoulder, my arms wrapped around his body for balance. Once he opened the door, he took me inside and let me drop onto his fancy red couch, pulling my robe from my body as I fell.

“You won’t need this tonight,” he told me as he threw my robe onto the coat rack by the door.

“Uh… are we?” I moaned as I tried to stay awake on the soft fabric of this incredible couch.

“Are we what?” he called back to me as he grabbed a soda out of the fridge.

“Are we gonna have sex again soon?” I shouted as he walked back into the living room.

“Are you serious?” he laughed. “You almost killed yourself having sex with me out in the car, and all you can think about is doing it again? What have you been up to before I saw you?”

“Mmmmm,” I groaned as I remembered exactly what I had been doing before he found me. I really should have let that cashier put his dick inside me. It would have felt incredible.

“If you help me out, I won’t call the police for kidnapping,” I bargained, trying to cure the tingling down below that hasn’t gone away since this man grabbed me off the street.

Standing up, he exhaled as well. “I’ll tell you what. I’m a little tired myself from what you did to me out there, but I’ll give you this to hold you over.” He grabbed a wax banana out of the fake fruit basket on the coffee table near the fireplace. “Maybe you can help yourself until I get my energy back. Okay?” He tossed the banana on my stomach and I quickly grabbed it.

He walked somewhere else, and I shoved the wax fruit as deep inside me as I could. I can’t really figure out why I’m so horny all-of-a-sudden, but I know I’ll figure it out soon. At least, as soon as I can… “Ohhhh… buca escort that feels so good!”

– – –

I feel kinda sad for messing up his couch with my squirting orgasm, but I’m sure he won’t mind. When I stood up, I wiped the couch off the best I could, licking my fingers of my juices. I even kneeled down and applied my tongue directly on the couch in an attempt to get it as clean as before, but no luck.

“You must really like the taste of yourself to go that far,” said the man from just inside the doorway. “I’ve never met a woman who loves the flavor of her own sex that much.”

Blushing, I scurry up onto the couch and pose like nothing happened. “What? No! I, uh…”

“No, don’t worry about it,” he tells me as he walks over to where I am sitting. He is wearing some very loose gray sweatpants and a red striped t-shirt, and I have no trouble seeing his tent pitched and pointed directly at me.

“So, are you ready for me?” I tease him in a puppy-dog voice, dropping my hand back to my pussy and sliding a finger between my lower lips. I see him looking down at my finger, then up at my face, watching my expression change from lust to need.

I pull my hand away from below and place it on his waist. My other hand joins the first and I briskly yank his sweatpants down, making his 7-inch dick spring back up and bob in front of me. It is so erotic watching his member dance for me, and without another word I take it inside my mouth again. His hands immediately grab the sides of my head and he yells at me to take it deep. Of course, it took some practice back in the house, but I was finally trained to deepthroat as much as fourteen inches! His was only half that, but it still took some effort to swallow.

Half-way through, I heard him saying something about wanting to finally try backdoor sex, and I couldn’t have been happier to accept his offer. Unfortunately, though, that included pulling his big shaft from within my happy throat.

I hurried to the floor and positioned myself, but as soon as he knelt behind me I had an idea.

“Hey, do you think I can call up a friend of mine?” I ask with a slight sense of fear in my voice for some reason.

“I’m not gonna let you call the cops!” He barked at me.

“Oh, no! That’s not it at all! I just wanna dial up a friend who would be glad to be here with us, trust me. If you want, you can even dial the number and talk to her yourself. Just make sure to put it on speakerphone, okay?” I begged him to understand, and eventually he agreed.

Grabbing his cell phone from a coat on the coat rack, he pressed the speakerphone button and I could hear the dial tone quite clearly. I gave him the name and number and when he dialed it, I could hear the familiar ringing. It rang a few times, and just when I thought nobody was home…

“… Hello?” Tracy breathily answered the phone.

“Hello? Is Tracy there?” replied my kidnapper.

“Speaking!” Tracy yelled. “Who… is this? Ahhh!!!”

“Do you, by any chance, have any connection with the police?” He asked her, but I knew he would ask all along.

“Look, I… Oh my GOD!!!… I don’t know any cops, and I don’t have time to talk, so…”

“Hi, Tracy!!!” I yelled as loud as I could, crawling to the phone.

“Shut up, bitch!!!” He yelled at me, his face turning red from anger.

“Heather? Is that you? Oh my!!!” Tracy answered.

“It’s me!!! Um, what’s going on over there?” I ask, watching my kidnapper get angry.

“Oooohhh!!! Please, you gotta stop for a second! We’re just having some fun over HERE!!! Haaahhh, nothing strange or anything! Why?” Tracy moaned deeply, which told me that she was having some incredible sex with somebody. I soon hear someone else talking in the background.

“Are you ready for me to give you what you’ve asked for?”

I was shocked. I’ve heard that voice before, but I NEVER imagined Tracy to do something so… taboo!

“Tracy! Is… is that your mom’s voice?”

“Ooohhh!!! YES!!! Oh, God YES!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!” Tracy’s screaming was causing the phone to buzz a little.

I smiled. I’ve seen Tracy’s mother and she does look HOT, but I doubted Tracy would ever go that far.

“How did you pull that off? I know your mom, and there’s no way she’d be into that!” I shouted into the phone, over the sounds of her own yelling.

“Uhh, thank you,” Tracy exhaled, finished. “I know you thought this would be a little weird at first, but you’re gonna love it like I do, eventually. Trust me.”

“Huh?” Both the man and me were confused.

“Hey, Heather, you know when you dropped me off at my house, I was wearing my robe?” Tracy began interviewing me.

“Yeah, so?” I replied.

“Well, when my mom saw me in it, she sat me down and asked me where I was for the past couple hours. When she said that, it blew me away because I know we were in that house for months. I explained everything to her, and she didn’t believe me at first…”

“Wait!” I interrupted. “We were only gone for a couple of hours? That’s impossible!!!”

“Yeah, I know. Weird, right? Well, anyway, my mom thought I was lying until she saw me masturbating with the TV remote in front of the window for my neighbor’s husband’s camera. I told her the truth, all of it, and then I did something I never thought I would do.”

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