He Arrested My Heart

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Stacy was your typical 19 years old. She loved the beach, boys, anything that was cool. If anyone thought something was cool, then she was all for it. So when a bunch of her friends dared her to shoplift a dress she had her eyes on, she took the bet. She had no idea that the consequences would be worth every minute.

Stacy was an only child. Her father had walked out on her and her mother when she was five. Her mother did everything she could to make sure Stacy was a happy little girl, but being an only parent and working two jobs, Stacy spent a lot of time on her own. By the time she was 16, she realized that the guys she went to school with liked looking at her body. She would strike poses and let them take pictures with her clothes on of course, and they would do anything she wanted. Although she was still a virgin at 19, she knew a lot about sex appeal and figured it could get her out of any situation.

The day our story takes place, Stacy went to the mall with some of her friends. She graduated valedictorian of her class and was still popular even a year later, one of the downfalls of living in a small town. She had her shoulder length brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, her ice blue eyes were covered by thin lens glasses that everyone said became her. She had thought about switching over to contacts, but her mother couldn’t afford it and the money Stacy made working part time at the local bookstore was barely enough to supply her wild ways. She ate at the local burger joint almost every night since her mother was seldom home. If she wasn’t working, she was out with a new guy every week.

With eating out all the time, Stacy was surprised that she was still slender. Her 38C breasts were pert and didn’t sag when she wasn’t wearing a bra. She loved her body and knew guys liked looking at it.

Sandy was sitting in the food court sharing an order of cheese fries with her friend Michelle and talking about boys when they saw the dress in the window. “That is gorgeous.” Stacy said seeing the leather dress. It was a two piece that hooked together on the side, giving the girl who wore it a look like she was wearing a bikini. It was jet black and the bodice was see-through except for the area around where her nipples were. “I got to have that dress.” Stacy said finishing her soda and throwing the cup in the nearby garbage can.

“That is Lou Anne’s.” Michelle said following after her. Stacy and Michelle had been friends since kindergarten. Some of Stacy’s friends wondered why Stacy hung out with the overweight girl, but Stacy liked her, so they didn’t say much when she tagged along.

Stacy stopped right outside the entrance to the store, her slouch boots clicking on the linoleum. Lee Anne’s was the most expensive shop in the mall. They were like Lane Bryant or a store on Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills. Stacy knew she would never be able to afford a dress that Lee Anne’s was selling. “I want to look anyway.” She said walking into the store.

Michelle sighed and followed along behind.

Stacy walked through the store drooling over the racks. These clothes looked like they belonged on a fashion show runway. It didn’t take long for her to find the dress in the window. There was a huge display of them. Stacy ran over and groaned when she saw the price tag. “$300.00,” Stacy whined as Michelle caught up to her.

“I told you they were expensive.” Michelle said gasping for breath. She bent over and put her hands on her knees as she tried to get her breath back.

Stacy looked through the rack until she found the size 7. “Perfect.” She said pulling it off the rack.

“What are you doing?” Michelle asked wide eyed as she watched Stacy. Stacy was looking around the store making sure no one was looking. The cashier was ringing up a customer, the other sales associate had gone into the backroom for something and the security guard was sitting in a chair by the counter looking bored.

“Just keep an eye out.” Stacy said crumpling up the dress and stuffing it into her oversized bag she took everywhere. Stacy had been shoplifting since she was 15. It started with magazines and worked its way up to clothes. She knew her mother could never afford the kinds of clothes that were cool now days.

The last time her mother took her shopping, she had taken her to Goodwill. It had taken Stacy 3 hours to fix the pants her mother bought her so they looked like the designer ones. After that, she decided she would get the clothes another way. Her mother thought she bought them with her paychecks. Stacy liked her idea better. “Five finger discount.” She said with a smile as she stuffed the dress to the bottom of her bag and covered it with the other items she had. She repositioned the bag on her shoulder and smiled at Michelle. Michelle just shook her head and followed Stacy through the store.

Stacy walked through the store, making it seem like she was interested in buying something. When the sales associate asked if she could help her find anything, she just Ankara Escort smiled and said she was just looking. The associate told her to let her know if she needed anything then walked off to help another customer. When Stacy was sure it had been long enough, she headed towards the door and that was when she got caught.

When Stacy stuffed the dress in her bag, she never saw the security tag on it. When the alarms started going off as she stepped through the doorway, she groaned. Within seconds, the security guard had her by the arm and was dragging her back into the store. “This is one store you don’t rip off little lady.” He said leading her into an office in the back.

He pulled the dress out of her bag and sat down on the desk. When he picked up the phone, Stacy freaked. “Please don’t call my mom. She will kill me.” She cried as real tears streamed down her cheeks.

The security guard wasn’t fooled. “I’m not calling your mother. I’m calling the police.”

Those words made Stacy turn white. She knew some people who had been arrested for shoplifting, but she never figured she would be one of them. Stacy looked around the small room once she realized that Michelle had bailed on her the minute she had gotten caught. “Brat.” She snarled to herself as she sat back with her arms crossed over her chest and waited for the black and white to show up.

Stacy was startled when the police officer walked in. Even in his uniform, Stacy thought this guy was a major hottie. He stood at 6′ and had a slender build. When he took off his hat, his blow away brown hair fell in waves over his forehead. His dark blue eyes took her in as the security guard talked to him. When he was done, the cop turned to Stacy. “Stealing from a store is a very serious crime young lady.” He said sitting on the edge of the table where the security guard had been sitting only moments ago.

Stacy lowered her head, “I know I couldn’t help it. The dress was beautiful and I knew I would never be able to afford it.” She looked at the cop through lowered lashes, but he didn’t even blink.

“How old are you?” He asked taking a pad out of his back pocket.

Stacy sighed and crossed her arms over her chest again. “19.”

The cop nodded and started writing in his pad. He took her name, address and phone number. When he stood up he grabbed her by the arm and pushed her until she was leaning face first against the wall. He made her put her hands above her head and spread her legs. Stacy sighed again as he patted her down until his hand brushed against her breast as he checked her back. She gasped and pressed her hand tighter against the wall. She figured it was probably an accident and ignored it until he continued frisking her and cupped her pussy through her pants. Stacy gasped again. She knew there was no way that was accidental. That wasn’t part of a pat down.

She stood there as he put the cuffs on her then wondered what was going on as he led her out of the store to his squad car. “Are we going down town?” She asked as he put her in the back of the squad car and got in front.

“Yup.” He said starting the engine and heading out of the parking lot. “The store is pressing charges. You are looking at a hefty fine and a night in jail young lady.”

Stacy slumped down in the seat as she looked out the window. “My mother is going to kill me.”

The cop didn’t say anything as he worked his way through traffic. “You know, I could forget the whole thing and let you go.” He said after a few minutes.

Stacy had been working her wrists back and forth in the cuffs to prevent them from chafing, but his words stopped her cold. “Y-you would do that?”

The cop looked at her in the rearview mirror. His eyes were twinkling and Stacy was sure that he was looking directly at her breasts.

“Sure would, although you would have to be real nice to me.” He licked his lips and Stacy’s breath started coming faster.

“WH-what did you have in mind?”

The cop smiled and continued driving. At the edge of town, he continued down the road until he came to a dirt road that led to a house 5 miles back. He drove the dirt road for about a mile then stopped and turned off the car.

Stacy shivered as she watched him take his hat and gun belt off and threw them on the passenger seat before getting out of the car. She watched him as he moved towards the backseat and opened the door. When he reached in and grasped her arm, she felt like a shot of electricity shot through her body. “Come on little lady. I won’t hurt you.” He said as he helped her out of the car.

He moved her over so he could close the door then pressed her back against it looking at her with heat in his eyes. “WH-what are you going to…?” Stacy didn’t get to finish the question because he picked that moment to press his lips to hers and kiss her hungrily. Stacy moaned against his lips and when his tongue pressed at her lips, she opened willingly while his Balgat Escort hand came up and cupped her breast through her t-shirt.

Stacy had been kissed before, but never like this. She felt the kiss all the way down to her toes. As he deepened the kiss and pressed against her, she wanted to wrap her arms around him but realized her hands were still cuffed behind her. When he finally pulled away, they both were breathing heavily.

“What do you want?” She asked breathlessly.

He smiled as he traced her lips with his finger. “I want to fuck you. I want to make you feel so good you will be begging for more.”

Stacy took a large breath of air and let it out slowly as her heart pounded wildly in her chest. “I’ve never…”

He smiled at that. “Oh I know I have a knack for telling when a woman is untouched and you are definitely untouched little one.” He brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her again, this time deeper and harder. If he hadn’t wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close, Stacy was sure she would have melted to the ground in a puddle.

He pulled away again and smiled as he saw the heat in her eyes. “You want me don’t you?”

Stacy couldn’t speak; all she could do was nod as she felt her pussy leaking juice like it was coming out of a faucet. When he reached over and undid her pants, she gasped. When he slid his hand inside, she moaned as he cupped her pussy once more, this time touching bare skin. “Oh yeah, you are really hot.” He smiled as he pulled his hand out and started pushing her pants down over her legs. He wasn’t surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any panties. “So Stacy, you let me fuck you and I will make sure those charges get dropped.”

The whole time he was talking, he pushed her pants down until she could have stepped out of them if she wanted to and cupped her pussy again. When he said he would make sure the charges were dropped, he purposely pressed a finger inside her as he rubbed her clit.

“Ugh, oh god.” Stacy panted pressing back against the cop car.

“Tell me to stop and I will.” He said slowly sliding his finger in and out while he rubbed her clit slowly at first then harder.”

Stacy’s breath started coming out in vigorous pants and she pressed forward with her hips pressing tighter against his hand. “Please…” she barely got out.

The cop smiled at her. “Please what little one?”

Stacy looked at him through eyes filled with need. “Please fuck me.”

He chuckled and worked his finger faster inside her. When he felt her starting to loosen up under his touch, he slid a second finger inside her as he dropped to his knees before her. “What are you…? Oh my god.” Stacy whimpered as he took a long taste of her flesh. “God, don’t stop.”

He chuckled as he continued to slowly finger her and wrapped his tongue around her clit, making her whimper and cry out with every stroke. “By the way, my name is Brian.” He said as he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard.

“Fuck, oh my god, yes Brian, please eat my pussy.” She begged slamming her pussy up against him.

Brian had no intention of stopping anytime soon. He loved the taste of an untouched pussy and Stacy’s tasted just like honey. The last virgin he had deflowered had been his 18 year old sister on her birthday. She had snuck into his room and hadn’t left until the sun was coming up. He had fucked her in so many different positions; it was a miracle they could walk afterwards.

Stacy was in heaven, his tongue was sending sparks of pleasure through her body and her legs were shaking as she pressed up against him. “Ugh, oh yes, so good.” She panted pressing back against the car. Her hands grasped at the handle of the police car as she clung on for dear life. “Oh god, I think I’m going to cum.”

“Not yet you’re not,” Brian said pulling away from her making her moan in disappointment.

“Why did you stop? It felt so good.”

Brian smiled as he stood up and undid his pants, letting them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them then worked his boxers down his hips. When Stacy saw his engorged cock, she gasped. “There is no way that will fit inside me.”

Brian chuckled. He got that a lot with his 9 inch cock. It was at least 2 inches in diameter. “Oh don’t worry sweetheart, not only will it fit perfectly, but you are going to love it. Turn around.” He reached down to his pants and pulled his keys out of the pocket, when Stacy turned around, she sighed as she felt him take the handcuffs off. Once she was free, she turned back towards him.

“Thank you.” She rubbed her wrists where they had cut in a bit.

“No problem sweetheart, maybe sometime we can have fun with them.” He dropped them on the front seat. “But not today, today I want that hot pussy.” He reached out and cupped her pussy once more making her moan with desire. He ran his fingers lightly over her pussy then pulled them away and stuck his fingers in his mouth Çankaya Escort sucking up all her juices. “Mmmmmm, yummy.”

Stacy moaned as she watched him licking her juices off his fingers. “Go to the back of the car and lean over the trunk little one. Make sure you spread those hot legs wide.”

She did as he asked without argument. She leaned over the trunk and stuck her ass out wiggling it. When he smacked it playfully, she giggled. “You are going to love this.” He grasped his cock and rubbed it back and forth over her pussy lips coating the tip in her juices.

“Ugh, oh yeah.” She sighed feeling her body come to life once more. When she felt him pressing the tip of his cock at her entrance, she stiffened for a moment, then forced herself to relax.

“Easy little one, you are going to love this.” He said leaning forward and biting her gently on the neck.

Stacy shivered as she felt his teeth gently pierce her neck. When she felt his large rod starting to split her open, she gasped and held onto the trunk of the car. “Ugh, oh god, you’re so big.”

“Just relax little one, you are going to love this.” He nibbled at her neck more while his hands slid up inside her t-shirt and cupped her breasts. “Oh god, your breasts are heaven honey.” He moaned pressing inch by inch into her tight hole.

Stacy sighed in pleasure as he caressed her breasts. His fingers teased her nipples, making her purr with pleasure. As he continued to slide slowly into her, Stacy grunted feeling as if he was trying to shove a huge log into her cunt.

“God, you are so tight, I love it.” He growled softly against her ear as he bit gently on it. When Stacy gasped at the sudden slight pain, Brian slammed his hips forward burying himself completely inside her tight sheath.

“Aaaaaggggggghhhhhh…” She screamed digging her nails into the trunk lid of the cop car as she tried to pull away from him. “Stop, it hurts.”

Brian held himself buried deep inside her, he wrapped his arms under her breasts and just held her as he spoke softly in her ear. “Easy little one, it will only hurt for a minute, I promise.” He could feel his cock pulsing with need but he held himself still making sure she wasn’t going to force him out of her. “God you feel so fucking good.”

He breathed softly in her ear, as he moved his hands back to her breasts and started caressing them again. When he felt her relax, he pulled about an inch out of her then slid it back in again.

“Oh my…” She said softly her eyes widening as she felt him start to move inside her. “Ugh, it feels so strange.”

Brian kissed her ear as he smiled. “I know baby, but it is going to start feeling really good.” He kissed her ear again as he pulled more of his cock out of her before sliding back in to the hilt. His fingers were busy manipulating her nipples until they were rock hard pebbles.

When he thought she was completely relaxed, he pulled out until he held just the tip of his cock inside her. “Ready to go for a real ride little one?”

Stacy turned her head to ask what he meant when he suddenly slammed forward with his hips burying himself completely inside her once more. “Oh my god, yesssssssssssssssss…” She cried feeling no pain, just pure pleasure as he slid out once more and bottomed out once again. “It feels so good.”

Brian chuckled as he took his hands from her breasts and put them on her hips. “Just hang on honey; I’m going to give you a ride you’ll never forget.”

Stacy wanted to ask him what he meant but she was lost in a fog of pure pleasure as he would pull almost completely out of her before slamming back in full force. He did this for a few minutes, while she purred with pleasure. “Oh yes Brian, fuck my hot pussy.” She hung her head as she pressed back against him meeting his strokes with ones of her own.

“That’s it baby, fuck back on that hot cock.” Brian looked down at where his cock was connected with her body and moaned. “Oh yeah, I love this hot pussy of yours.” He tightened his hands on her hips as he started fucking her faster. “Take it baby, take that hot cock.”

“Oh, ugh, oh god yes,” she growled slamming back against him as her nails dug into the trunk of the cop car. “Fuck me. Oh god, fuck me, I’m cummmminnnngggggg…”

Brian howled as he felt her walls tighten around him. “So am I baby, so am I.” he slammed full force into her pushing her into the trunk of the car as he shot his cum deep inside her. When he was finished, he slumped against her panting.

“Oh my god, that was amazing.” She panted resting her head against his.

“Yes it was honey.” He pulled his spent cock out of her and pulled away. “I hope we can do it again sometime.”

Stacy turned around and looked at him with a smile. “Sure, sounds like fun. Next time you don’t have to bribe me with dropping the charges.”

Brian actually blushed. “There weren’t any, I just said that because I figured that was the only way I could get in your pants. The store said they would drop it if you promised never to step foot in there again.”

Stacy giggled. “Somehow I had a feeling it was something like that when you cupped my pussy while you were patting me down.” Brian blushed again. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. “I should be upset, but that was so wonderful I can’t be. Just remember…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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