He Asked Me To Wait.

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Big Tits

It was all I could do to control my breathing. Mr Simmons, the young, newly qualified teacher, was standing beside me. He was A HUNK and he was saying something. Register brain and take note. My legs were turning to jelly and I knew I had to concentrate. What was he saying? For fuck sake look him in the eye.

“Hey Andy, are you ok? I asked you to wait behind after class. You got that?” He looked at me quisically and put his hand on my arm. “You sure you’re ok?”

“Sure coach, sure. I.. I’ll see you after I shower,” I stuttered.

God what did he want? I had lusted after him for all of this term, my last in the Upper 6th and Mr Simmons first at this college. He was fresh out of college, about 22, and well over 6 foot tall. Dark wavy hair covered his head and poked out of the top of his athletics vest. His well defined chest and arms, coupled with broad shoulders and a firm arse made him irresistible. Just my kind of guy!!

I Antep Bayan Escort showered quickly and knocked at the office door. “Come in” He said and I tried to be confident as I opened the door and entered. Mr Simmons was sitting on the desk reading a mag. He looked so hot in his tight white t and black silky shorts. God it looked like a gay porno mag to me. What was this about?

“Andy, I’m not sure how to say this but I think you are modelling in this gay magazine. Look at this pic and tell me it’s not you.”

He smiled lewdly as he passed over the mag. “Of course if it is you you’ll have to leave.”

Oh what the fuck?? He was enjoying this and as I picked up the mag I could see the damp stain in his crotch which was straining hard and stiff. So he was gay, I thought so.

I quickly glanced at the picture and then slowly let my eyes wander up from his legs to his groin to his flat stomach and firm chest. My eyes hesitated at the chest hair poking over the top of his T. God he was hot, HOT HOT!!

“If you look at his cock you’ll see that guy is cut,” I said, looking directly into his eyes. “If you check me out you’ll see I’m uncut.” With that I undid my belt, unzipped my fly and let my jeans fall to the floor. Well? What are you waiting for?”

Mr Simmons was staring down at my body. I was commando so only my shirt was in the way. He lifted it up and smiled.”Yep, you’re right. It can’t be you can it.” I could feel his hand on my stiffening cock now.”No way this cock has ever seen the flash of a magazine photographer.” He pulled me closer. “Mind you, now that I’ve seen it at last, and I have been trying all term, it seems a shame to waste a big boner like this.”

I leant into his firm body and pressed up against the hard muscles of his chest. He opened his legs and pulled me close. Our mouths opened and I found his tongue and sucked. Mmmmm. It tasted good. His large hands were now rubbing up my smooth chest and exploring my back. One was pulling at my nipples while the other was kneeding my buttocks.

Fuck I was stiff. I could feel the pre cum oozing out.I rubbed over Sirs shorts and wasn’t disappointed to feel a big stiff bulge. I raised his shirt and he lifted his arms as I took it completely off. God that chest was WONDERFUL!! Well defined and hairy with big dark nipples pushing out ready for my lips. I sank down on one and he started to moan as I bit it roughly.

I could feel my arse cheeks being pulled apart and didnt resist as I was roughly turned around and pushed to bend at the waist. I could feel lips and teeth on my kneck and down my back and then… oh oh my arse was being eaten out so roughly it almost hurt. Fuck that stubble was so horny!!

The next thing I knew I was being grabbed roughly around the waist and a hard, stiff knob was pushing at my virgin hole. I was going to be fucked by this dream of a teacher. Was I ready? You bet!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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