Hearts Afire Pt. 02

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Water. Drumming. Cascading. Em lay on her back resisting the urge to claw my way out of a deep, satisfying sleep. Eyes closed, she lay perfectly still and allowed her other senses to search out the source of the falling water. Ah, the guest shower! Mac was already awake and freshening up. In confirmation, Em’s hand felt an empty space beside her where Mac slept last night. Her body arched in a luxuriating stretch … ahh … it’s Saturday, and I am on vacation­—the first I’ve treated myself to in years. She rolled over onto her stomach and, resting her chin on her crossed arms, watched Mac’s shape shifting behind the stand of bamboo where she showered. Tendrils of steam leaked up through the fine leaves and a frown creased Em’s brow. Weird. That feeling yesterday morning—one of foreboding—was still there. Left her last night during their pleasuring, but now it was back. Strange. Yet nothing untoward happened yesterday. Hmm—probably just the fact that she was on vacation and her mind didn’t like the idea of shutting off from work. That must be it. She rose slowly and made her way up to the kitchen.

Em’s hands were busying themselves with making fresh orange juice as her mind mused on the weather outside—a little more promising than yesterday morning she decided. She didn’t hear Mac approach then suddenly hands were reaching around in front of her cupping her full heavy breasts. Mac brushed the back of Em’s neck with her lips, then the tip of her tongue, immediately an electric charge raced through Em’s body and gooseflesh appeared the length of her arms.

“Mmmmm,” Em sighed, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Good morning, angel,” she whispered.

“So, what’s on the agenda for today?” Mac asked as she snatched Em’s glass of fresh juice. Em shot her a perfunctory frown and began preparing a second glass—this one for herself.

“Oh, for starters I thought we’d have breakfast at my favorite morning haunt, then I thought we could take a drive in the country—get out of Dodge.”

“Great! Sounds terrific. And I know what you mean about getting away for a bit. Why do you think I’m here?” Mac drained the last of her juice and, running her tongue around glistening lips, gave Em a mischievous grin. “I enjoyed your welcoming party last night. Well …,” she turned to leave and ran a well manicured finger nail down Em’s arm, “… I’m going to get dressed”. Em watched as Mac headed down pass the pool area to the guest room situated behind the jungle of bamboo. Just before she disappeared into the foliage the blonde turn. “Hey, you’re so thoughtful … I mean, the roses, and all”. She vanished behind the bamboo screen before Em could offer a response. She frowned deeply. What roses? She didn’t organise any flowers for her friend? For long minutes she stood there, eyes riveted on the spot where Mac had disappeared into her room. Her mind awhirl with worried and confused thought­—what the hell was Mac talking about? Roses? And more to the point—how the hell did they get into the apartment?


The McLaren purred along the blacktop like an unleashed jungle cat. Breakfast was terrific as always, the staff over-attentive to their favorite customer, ‘she of big tips’, but the occasion was tainted by the troublesome thoughts racing through Em’s mind. She couldn’t shake that sense of foreboding, especially with the sudden apparition of the mysterious roses. Having decided not to worry Mac unduly, she had gone along with her friend believing Em responsible for the flowery gift. Mac believed Em had done a marvellous job of being an entertaining host and friend because she never once remarked on her being distracted by her pondering. Em did, however, take the opportunity of a rest room break to place a call to her personal security service to instruct them to let themselves into the apartment to check for any break-ins, and to immediately install the most sophisticated security system they could manage while she was away for the next few days

“Em? … Emily … are you listening?”

“Wha—? Oh, I’m sorry, Mac,” Em stammered, dragging her attention back inside the car, “I guess it’s going to take a while to get my mind off work. What were you saying?” Mac waved a dismissive hand.

“It doesn’t matter—nothing important—just that I’ve left my husband, and that I’m pregnant—with triplets.” Em almost lost control of the car.

“WHAT?!” She shot a glance Mac’s way to see her friend chuckling. “Hey, wait a minute. Since when have you been interested in men? You haven’t changed on me, have you? When did you—?” Now Mac was laughing. “Oh, I see,” Em said, feigning anger, “Ha! Some joke! Don’t do that to me!” Tears were rolling down Mac’s cheeks.

“You should see your face! Priceless! It’s been a long time since I could catch you out like that. Fantastic!” Em joined in her laughter.

Sounds of their friendly banter trailed them as they wound their way through heavily forested hills leading away from the city, now far behind them and fast disappearing out sarışın porno of sight. Above us a brittle blue sky was devoid of clouds and although the air was growing crisper as the road rose higher towards the mountain range ahead, the sun streaming through the blue spruce and giant redwoods still carried cosy warmth into the car. As signs of the city finally fell from sight so did the ominous feeling that had haunted Em all morning. Her hands relaxed their grip of the steering wheel, her shoulders dropped, and she sighed quietly as a sense of relaxation washed over her.


“WOW! This is fantastic!” Em couldn’t help smiling as she watched Mac leap from one boulder to another, like a small child jumping the backs of a group of hippopotamuses. It was late morning and they had pulled off the main road to grab coffee and maybe a small snack at a quaint roadhouse diner. Looking like a small cottage displaced from a seashore setting, the diner was nestled under towering pines facing across the road to a magnificent vista of valleys, rolling foothills and verdant forests. Em joined her younger friend atop a particularly large grey granite hump and slid an arm around her waist as they both breathed deep of the sharp, clean mountain air and marveled at the scenery.

“Em, this is so beautiful. You’re so lucky to live so close to country like this. Yet there you are, burying yourself in your business to the point that you never give yourself time to get out and enjoy … all this,” Mac exclaimed as she swept the panorama with her free hand.

“Yeah, I know. Don’t go reminding me, okay?” Em took Mac’s hands in hers and helped her down off the boulder. Arm in arm, they sauntered over to the diner and occupied a table and chairs set up outside. They both settled for coffee and two cheese baguettes. Em reached across the table and took the other’s hands in hers, “Mac, I’m so thrilled you’re here. It’s been way too long between visits. Let’s promise each other to make this at least an annual event.” Even she could sense the pleading in her question and Mac gave her a quizzical look.

“Em, I couldn’t think of anything better. You have my promise.” Em was touched by Mac’s sincerity.

“Here you are, ladies. Coffee and baguettes. Take your time and enjoy.” The door closed behind the waitress before they realized she had even left them.

A short distance away, pulled off to the side of the road, a car stood hidden behind a screen of trees. Inside, a lone figure sat with binoculars raised, watching the two women sipping at their coffees and heads bent close together as they chatted. The taller of the two, dressed all in leather and her long dark hair flowing from under a dark woollen cap, threw back her head and laughed. Faint strains of her outburst drifted on the mountain air to the watcher. For a few seconds the binoculars were lowered while a quick gulp of coffee was taken from a flask close at hand … then the surveillance was taken up again.


“You’ll find everything you’ll need—towels in the bathroom, extras in the closet there should you need more pillows, they’re in the closet, too. When you’re settled in, please feel free to come join us downstairs in the sitting room for drinks.” The hostess of the B&B turned at the door. “George and I are so happy you chose to stop here. At this time of the year we don’t get many people passing through this way, let alone stopping. Mostly they’re skiers, and all they’re interested in is getting to the slopes. But the snow’s late coming this season. We haven’t seen many cars at all. But the weather reports are hinting at snow any day now.” She beamed a warm smile at the two guests.

“Well, I’m keeping you two from unpacking. Don’t forget—drinks downstairs.” And with a soft chuckle that set her large bosom in motion, she closed the door softly behind her. For a few seconds Em and Mac both stood quiet in the center of the room, listening to her footsteps padding down the hallway then drifting off down the staircase.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m taking a shower.” Mac slung her small bag onto the bed and proceed to take out a few items. “Em, you had this planned all along, didn’t you,” she asked rhetorically.

“You did give me plenty of warning that you were coming for a visit,” Em pointed out. “Besides, I wanted to make our time together was something special. Before you know it, you’ll be winging your way back home and who knows when we’ll see each other again.”

“All I can say is that, so far, you’ve done a great job. The drive up here was spectacular—I haven’t seen scenery like that for—I don’t know how long.” The blonde shrug out of herr clothes and grabbed her toiletries bag. “I don’t know what else you have planned but I’ll never forget this trip—ever.” With that, she winked at her lover and her naked body disappeared into the bathroom. Moments later Em can hear the shower running.

Their bedroom in the rustic B&B was situated on the second floor with sex hikayeleri only one other guest room across the hallway opposite. While that room faced the road and the tall timber clothing the steep flank of the mountain, theirs had a large picture window which afforded a panoramic view of the valley below, with forested slopes in the immediate foreground sweeping down to a rollicking tumble of icy water that spilled over a jumble of boulders and rocks of all sizes as it made its way from the dizzying mountainous heights off to my right, to disappear in the growing mantle of mist roiling up the valley to my left. Occasionally Em would catch glimpses of rolling hills beyond the valley’s mouth as the mist parted to the touch of an evening breeze wafting off the hills. A dying sun bathed the whole vista with a heavy spray of gold while those areas of growing shadows were painted in deepening shades of blues and purples.

She marveled at the whole scene for what seemed for ages then turned back into the room.

Cool air wafting into the shower made Mac turn. Through the water cascading down over her face she could make out a blurred shape easing into the shower stall with her. Then hands were lathering the fragrant soapy froth all over her breasts. A smile appeared on her face, then her lips met Em’s. Their tongues pushed and shoved each other, seeking out the moistness inside each mouth. Em’s naked body pressed its full length against Mac’s, all the while her hands massaged Mac’s full breasts, thumbs rubbing her nipples into hard nubs of excitement.

“Oh, Em,” Mac murmured as she lifted her face into the falling water. Em accepted the surrender and began kissing Mac’s neck. Em’s hands were leaving a soapy trail all over Mac’s body as she eased her out from under the stream of water and against the side of the shower. Mac’s eyes closed. She took her hands and placed them atop Em’s head, gently urging it down. Em’s lips found one hard nipple, then the other. In turn she suckled each, running her tongue across and around the hardness urging more excitement to the spot. Her hands were now massaging Mac’s hips, then as she slipped one hand back to her rump, the other found its way to Mac’s flat stomach. Even with the shower still running Em heard her catch herr breath­—she held it—anticipating. Em’s hand felt Mac’s stomach tighten.

Rivulets of water and soapy bubbles followed the contours of Mac’s glistening wet body; slipping along the underside of her heaving breasts, across the plains of her stomach, then racing down to the valley between her legs. Em’s fingers trailed after the bubbles. Even while she continued to tease Mac’s nipples, she touched the tight curls of her pubic bush as Em’s fingers reached the slight bulge of her mons. Em placed the palm of her hand there and pressed ever so slightly. She felt Mac’s body move as she shifted her position, spreading her legs apart for Em. With her palm pressed over Mac’s mons, Em’s fingertips eased slowly down, felt the soft cushioned outer edge of her cleft, and insinuated themselves ever-so-slowly between her pussy lips. She heard a soft moan escape Mac, then a sharp intake of breath as she felt Em’s fingers slip inside her cunt.

Em’s head rested on Mac’s stomach, her lips kissing there while one hand massaged the squirming behind and the other delved deeper inside her friend. Curling her finger slightly, Em could feel high up inside Mac’s pussy; feel the contours of that cavern of love; feel the juices building up as her excitement intensified. Em’s finger tips searched around until coming to rest on that magic spot. She knew the instant she touched it because Mac’s whole body jerked as if electrified. A smile creased Em’s lips. Now she began to play her love song with her lover’s body. Inside, her fingers drummed Mac’s G-spot while outside her thumb fiddled mac’s aroused clit—rubbing it back and forth, round and round. Glancing up, Em could see between heaving breasts that Mac had her face turned to the side and she were biting her lower lip, trying to suppress a scream welling up in her.

Em picked up the pace. she tried to hold the other steady from behind while she concentrated all her attention on Mac’s pussy. Her fingers were thrusting in and out—fast—faster. Mac’s clit seemed on fire as Em rubbed it round and round, pressing her thumb hard onto it, rolling it as if it were some small, hard control button. Em smiled—and that’s exactly what it was! Mac’s legs began to tremble; her fingers dug deep into Em’s hair, clutching hand fulls of drenched locks. Em’s ear was against Mac’s lower chest and she could hear a primordial scream trying its best to erupt from deep inside her. Em’s orchestrating hand was almost a blur now as she intensified her erotic rhythm, and Mac’s hips were bouncing off the wall as they thrust harder and harder against Em’s fingers trying to match her pace.

Then through clenched teeth, “Oh—my—god!! Oh—oh, my—. Don’t sto—don’t stop!”

Em’s brow was a mix of water and sweat şişman porno as she worked on Mac. The blonde was standing on tiptoes, back arched off the wall, pelvis thrusting maniacally as the pressure inside her reached its explosive point. A deep guttural groan or grunt squeezed from between her locked jaw as the first orgasm took her over the edge. Em continued to thrust in and out of Mac’s pussy while her hips jerked sporadically as orgasm after orgasm swept through her. A trickle of blood seeped down Em’s face as clawing fingers dug deeper into her scalp.

“I’M CUMMING—OH, SWEET—JEEZUUS!,” Mac hissed. “OH—NO—no, more.” She all but collapsed, dragging the other with her till they both lay crumpled, exhausted on the tiled floor of the shower. Water rained down on them as they sobbed quietly, both enjoying the aftermath of our lovemaking. Cradling Em’s face in shaking hands, Mac kissed her hard—passionately.


“Well, there you are!” The jovial announcement from our hostess welcomed us into the cozy living room. Heavy drapes had been drawn against the darkness and cold outside and the inviting crackling and popping from the open fireplace beckoned us closer. Mr and Mrs Steinbeck, we soon learned, had accompanied their respective parents from Germany as war broke out in the early 40s. The two families had kept close contact over the years until finally these two life-long sweet hearts had seeked each other out and married. Well into their 80s now, they had been operating their snug little two storey cottage as a bed & breakfast for the last 8 years. They particularly loved meeting the younger people who travelled the mountain road in search of the ski slopes as it brought the youthful exuberance for life and fun into the Steinbeck’s otherwise quiet winters.

“I’ve made you both some tea. But I can make coffee if you prefer?”, the kindly woman asked. “Is your room to your liking? Is there anything at all that I can get for you?”

“No, thank you”, Em replied, sipping her steaming tea. “Everything is just perfect … Mrs Steinbeck.”

“Ach! Call me Anna, please. And this is Maximillan … Max … Max! Welcome our guests!”

Mr Steinbeck reluctantly looked up from a heavy, thick book cradled in his huge hands and squinted at us through the round lenses of his spectacles perched precariously on his short round nose. “Eh? … Oh, please forgive me, ladies. I forget my manners sometimes once I engross myself in a good book. Welcome, welcome. Is Anna looking after you?”, he asked as he put the book down after first inserting a well-worn bookmark.

“Your wife is proving the perfect hostess,” Mac replied.

“Good, good.” The kindly gentleman shifted forward to place another log on the fire. “I think this winter we will see much snow,” he said to the dancing flames. “And I will have much use of my tractor to pull autos from the snow. These young people …. they drive too fast for the conditions.” He collected his book and resumed reading. His wife merely shook her head but Em could clearly see how much she loved her husband. She turned back to her two guests.

“Are you hungry? Can I get you anything to eat?”

Em rose from the over stuffed lounge with some difficulty. “No, thank you … Anna.” She glanced at Mac. “I think we’re both only interested in getting to bed. We’ve been on the road all day.” Mac joined her as she went into the small kitchen and placed her cup in the sink. Their hostess bustled after them, fussing.

“Of course. I understand perfectly. It is a long drive up from the city. You two get yourselves off to bed, I will look after these things.” She rinsed the cups and placed them on a draining board. Herding the women towards the stairs like a mother hen hustling her chicks to bed, she shushed them out of the kitchen. “Get some good rest. We have breakfast about 7 o’clock, but come down whenever you are ready. Now, go!”

A mumbled ‘Gut nacht’ came from Maximillan, still fully engrossed in his book. Anna’s warm smile followed them up the stairs, then she turned back to join her husband by the fire.

“What a lovely couple.” Mac was undressing for bed. She paused a moment and looked at Em from her side of the queen size bed. “This has been such a perfect day, Em. Thank you.” For long seconds neither of them said a word, the love passing between them said everything they wanted to say. As they snuggled up to each other, entwining their legs and gazing out the window to those stars they could discern through wispy clouds, Em sighed and allowed herself to be swallowed by the abundantly soft mattress and pillow. Mac’s soft breath moved the hairs on the back of her neck. She was already asleep. Em continued to gaze up at the stars for a while, then her eyelids became way too heavy.

The reading light left on at the desk by the window was a soft beacon identifying the upstairs bedroom where the two young women now slept. The figure standing under the nearby pine had eyes fixed on that part of the cottage when they noticed the light downstairs wink out as the two elderly people made their way to their own bedroom. The glow from the fire cast a macabre dance of light that spilled from the cottage and out onto the ground. Snow began to fall, and the figure hugged the heavy parka tighter and slinked back to the car hidden among the trees.

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