Heat Of The Day

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This is my first try at erotica…Maybe it will be okay for a newbie. LOL

The sweltering heat of the sun poured down on Iris’s lithe young body. She pushed a platinum blonde lock behind her ear and reshifted her sunglasses on her nose. A sigh escaped her luscious pink mouth as the form of a man began to taking shape in her mind. As she lay sunbathing on the deck behind her house, she thought of her neighbor. He was tall, tanned, dark-haired, with devilish blue eyes, and great buns. He was in his late thirties, married, and charming as hell.

Underneath her tiny green bikini top, Iris’s perky breasts strained to be free and her nipples became taut. She placed a hand palms down on her flat stomach and the other on the lounge chair; wiggling her body. Trying to get comfortable. Her thoughts intensifying the heat. She thought about going over to his house while he was all alone. Naturally he would invite her in because he was polite. She would drink him in with her big green eyes. Taking notice of his dark blue shirt, striped tie, and black dress slacks. He would offer her something to drink. They would awkwardly chat about mundane daily affairs like they normally did when they saw each other.

Iris would move across the short distance between them and silence his chatter with a brush of her fingers on his lips. Her breathing suspended as she slowly leaned her bikini clad body against him. She would let him see the desire in her eyes. Tentatively she would brush her lips against his and lean into his chest so he could feel her hardened nipples through his shirt. Still no response from him she would cup the back of his head with shaking hands and moan Ankara travesti gently as she invaded his mouth with her tongue. Seeking out his participation in her exploration.

He would allow is for a few seconds and then grab her hands at the wrists, jerking her away from him. Dazed and hurting from the rejection she would turn to run out of the door. He would then change his mind. Coming up behind her with his hand pushing the door shut, he would kiss the back of her neck gently and tell her they shouldn’t be doing this. He was married and she was too young. Twenty wasn’t young at all to her. She would savor the feeling of him kissing her neck, place her hand behind his head as she moaned; unable to control it from escaping her throat. She would enticingly move her tight bottom against his burgeoning erection.

He would reach around to slide one hand underneath her top pinching a rosy bud while the other hand grasped her hip to pull her closer to him as he grinded his hard cock against her. Not wanting him to change his mind again she would turn around, kiss him passionately and thoroughly. He would break contact and laughingly tell her they needed to move somewhere more appropriately than right near the front door. As he pulls her into his bedroom she then takes the initiative to become in control. She takes her hands and pushes him back onto his marriage bed.

Then straddles him. Leaning forward she pulls him up by his tie so that she can kiss him once more. As he takes hold of her bottom and grinds upward she moans into his mouth. Allowing him to drop back down; she takes off his tie and makes sure to lick and kiss his exposed Konya travesti skin as she unbuttons his dress shirt. She then impatiently pulls his shirt from his pants. As he laughed and moaned excitedly she would run her soft hands across his hairy chest and abdomen. She would grind down on him hard while she sucks and bites his male nipples.

Moving her mouth lower she would slowly brush her breasts against his hard member. Then rubs her hand up and down the front of his pants as she teasingly kisses him at the waistband of his boxers. Only when he arches against her hand does she start unbuckling his belt. Belt removed she would unzip his pants with her teeth. Straightening she would jerk his pants down. Becoming wetter as she thinks about sucking him. Freeing his manhood from his boxers she massages his testicles as she teasingly licks up and down the sides of his shaft.

Finally she kisses his corona gently. Taking it slowly into her hot, wet mouth. Sucking hard and swirling her tongue around it. She savors his moans and doesn’t take him fully into her eager mouth until he enertwines his hands in her hair and thrusts his hips upward signaling his need. She then takes him deep into her throat and suckles him. Letting him set the pace of her movement. On the brink of his orgasm, he stops her to calm himself. Not wanting to spill his load just yet. He none too gently pushes her back onto the floor and kneels down.

Kissing her hotly as he reaches down and strokes her through her bikini bottoms. He slips his fingers in to find her moistness. Clean shaven and so slick. Eager, young pussy. Waiting to be filled. As he finds her spot, she İzmir travesti brazenly spreads her legs wider for him and moans huskily. Pulling her top down he takes each areole at a time into his mouth; sucking and biting hard enough to invoke a cry of ecstasy and pain. She begins writhing and begging for him to lick her.

He ignores her and takes his time with her. Fingering her slowly at first then picking up the pace. Letting her get wetter for him. When he stops the movement and rips her bottoms off of her she gasps loudly. He grabs her by her bottom and lifts her up off the floor, delving his tongue into her honey hole. Sucking and licking her clit until she shudders violently in her climax. As he drops her back down and watches the waves of pleasure wash over her, he notices her green eyes look slightly disappointed. He laughs as he positions himself above her.

He rubs his throbbing cock head up and down her dripping cunt teasingly as he says, “You little bitch, is this what you came over here for? To be fucked by and old man?”

She moans and yells,”Oh, yes!”

He stops teasing both of them and thrusts into her deeply. Enjoying her scream of pleasure. He pumps in and out of her tight pussy slowly until she wraps her legs around his waist,meeting his every thrust enthusiastically. He stops prolonging it then and enjoys her youth. Faster and faster they unite. Only after she climaxes again does he succumb to his deep orgasm.

All hot and extremely horny, Iris sighs with frustration. Sitting up in the lounger, she removes her top and grabs her breast roughly with one hand. Pulling the nipple up hard so it hurts. Then lays back. With her other hand she reaches down into her spread legs and moans loudly as she brings herself to a multiple orgasm. After the pleasure subsides, she wonders if she will ever have the nerve to test her scheme out and see if the reality lives up to her heated fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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