Heather Ch. 03

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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 2…


I had been dreaming of Heather as I went to sleep, wetting myself and the sheets too, as she haunted my sleeping as well as my waking. Then the real thing came along for the third time..

I got another message from my mother that Heather wanted to see me, after school this time on a Tuesday. I called by, and rang the bell, not really knowing whether the other times had been real or just some amazing fantasy.

Heather opened the door with her welcoming smile. She was wearing the same pale grey cardigan as the first time, buttoned up to her neck with a folded over collar. As ever my eyes were focused on her breasts, which looked somehow softer and more rounded than I’d remembered, but just as goegeous as before. This time she was wearing pale grey slacks, with dark shoes.

“Oh hello, Andrew, I’m glad you could come round.” She said, smiling with that twinkle in her eye. “Come on in, and I’ll shut the door.”

I followed her into the living room, where she sat down and beckoned me to as well. As she sat down there was a wonderful wobble in her breasts, as though she was not wearing a bra – but she must be, surely.

“I was just wondering how your new underpants were!” she said, raising her eyebrow meaningfully. “Have you been thinking about me since you came round here last weekend?”

I wondered how I could possibly forget. And it wasn’t a dream either.

“Well they fit OK,” I began, “… “and I keep thinking about what you did to me, it was all just so amazing.”

“Well, pet, I don’t have long this time, as Ken will be back in about an hour, but if you’d like to go up to the bedroom and strip down to your underpants, I’d like to have another look at you and I think it’s time for your next lesson!”

My heart was going crazy now, as I realised what she was saying.

“Go on, up you go!” she smiled, “And I want you stripped off to your underpants as soon as you can!”

I left in a daze, and went up to the bedroom, with its double bed, wardrobe and mirror. I undressed quickly, putting my clothes on the empty chair, and desperately worrying about Ken coming home – what would I possibly say if he saw me now? My cock didn’t seem to care, however, and was just expanding in anticipation when I heard Heather coming up the stairs.

“Coming to get you, ready or not!” she said, opening the door. “Ah, I’m glad to see you’re ready, pet.” she added, looking directly at my groin and the bulge in my pants. She came towards me, smiling.

“But before I attend to your hardon, I think you should learn to please me a little. It’s only fair, after all, isn’t Gaziantep Yabancı Escort it?”

I nodded, wondering whatever she had in mind.

“Well I feel all tight in my shoulders, so I’d like my massage boy to come and help ease my tensions – do you think you could do that?” and without waiting for an answer, she sat on the edge of the bed, with her hands reaching backwards to steady herself. Again there was that wonderful hint of a wobble in her breasts…

“So how do you want me to massage you?” I asked, looking down at her.

“Just come and stand in front of me, and put your hands on my shoulders, pet, then use your fingers to squeeze and relax my poor tired shoulder muscles.”

I stood in front of her, realising that she was looking straight at my underpants, and at my throbbing cock held tight inside them. Then I just leaned forward slightly and put my hands on her shoulders. It feld so magical to touch the soft grey wool, and feel her warm body beneath. I began to stroke over the wool, trying to squeeze her muscles as she’d asked.

“Mmmm…” she moaned gently, “that does feel good. Try moving up towards my neck too, as my muscles are very tight there.”

So I moved my hands inwards, delighting in the feel of her cardigan and her body beneath. I reached her neck and began squeezing and massaging her, feeling the hardness of her backbone and the softness of her shoulders and neck. My hands were under her collar now, the soft wool flopping aginst the back of my hands as I continued my learner’s massage.

She was smiling now, and gently rolling her head from side to side. She looked up at me.

“Ooooh you are very good at this, you could get me very nicely relaxed, you know. Have you massaged ladies before?”

“No!” I replied, “But I’m glad you like it – it just feels nice to stroke you.”

“Mmm, I can see that you like it!” Heather winked, looking down towards my groin. “Just keep massaging my shoulders for a little more – you’ve got to earn your treats now!”

Feeling myself blush a little, I continued stroking and massaging her neck, then moved along her shoulders, realising as my fingers stroked her body through the soft wool that there were no signs of any bra straps…

“Have you found my little secret, pet?” asked Heather, looking up at me. “Well as Ken’s going to want to have me as soon as he comes in, I thought I’d get ready early and leave my bra off. You can lower your hands down my front if you want… Look – I can’t move with my hands on the bed behind me.”

So thinking that all my Christmases had come at once, I lowered my hands from her shoulders, stroking over the soft wool of her cardigan, feeling the first swelling of her breasts then the fullness of each one as I cupped my hands underneath her soft wobbly flesh. God I was in heaven, looking at her, stroking her, seeing her smile up at me as I caressed her soft wool-covered breasts, and she simply sat there, letting me feel her.

“Mmmm… you’re very good at this too, my massage boy. I could get very carried away by your touching, you know. But do carry on a little more – I’ll be all the more ready for Ken later on!”

I wished she’d not keep reminding my of her husband’s return, but somehow feeling her breasts, watching her move gently, and seeing the soft wool roll gently over her body as I stroked her, meant that nothing else in the world mattered. I was getting really aroused now, and more ambitious as I found her nipples under the wool, and began to squeeze and rub them.

“Oh, Andrew, you are taking advantage of me now!” she smiled, “And I love it! I’m beginning to wish that Ken wasn’t due for a couple of hours! Those fingers of yours are just so good at relaxing me…”

I continued to feel the fullness of her breasts, each one much more than I could grasp in one hand, and the hardness of her nipples, now clearly visible pressing forwards under her stretched cardigan. It was so good just to go from the soft stroking of her breast to the tight squeezing on her nipple, and watch her face and body respond to my touch.

“But we can’t go on like this,” said Heather, reaching her hands forward and sitting more upright.

I kept my hands on her breasts as she put her hands on my thighs with that electric touch that she had.

“Time to get these tight pants off you, my boy!” she said in her pretend stern voice, and began tugging at the elastic waistband.

She just pulled them down, catching the front on my hardness, and angling it straight out towards her, before she eased her hand inside to gently pull me out. Her fingers were electric on my cock, warm and firm and just naturally easing me out of my pants as she carefully pulled them down.

Now I was standing in front of her, cock pushing forwards, as she began to run her fingers over my hips and towards my cock and balls. I was still stroking her breasts as she put one hand under my balls and the other gripped the base of my cock.

“Well, young man, now let’s see if I can help you get rid of all this excess!” and she began to move rhythmically up and down my shaft.

I was in heaven as she jerked me off so expertly, smiling up as she continued her practised movements up and down my cock. And all the time I was stroking her breasts though her cardigan – and she was just letting me feel the softness of her body as my panting came faster and faster.

I knew I couldn’t last long – I’d been too worked up looked at her and stroking her, but I didn’t want to splash all over her.

“But I’m about to cum!” I panted, “Where will it all go?”

Heather gave me her wonderful little smile and wink, looking straight into my eyes. “Just let it all come out, pet, wherever you like. You can cum all over my cardy if you like – it does need a wash anyway… so just let it out for me, there’s a good boy!”

And as she pumped me harder and harder, so I grabbed her breasts tighter, panting hard as I let out a long moan as I came. I saw the splashes come streaming out, over her cardigan between her breasts, some splashing on her buttons, and one spurt reaching up to her chin.

She squealed as the warm liquid splashed on her, increasing her speed of pumping to get it all out of me, and only slowing down when I had no more cum to spurt. I was still stroking her breasts, enjoying the wonderful feeling and capturing the memory for ever.

As I finished, she carefully grabbed the left sleeve of her cardigan with her right hands, and wiped it under my cock to clean off the last of the dribbles, leaving a wet smear over the wool.

She smiled again. “Well, Andrew, you really amaze me – such a lot of cum and such a lovely way of stroking me. Now I must go and change this cardy before Ken gets back, so I’ll just go into the bathroom, while you get yourself dressed again.”

And standing up, she went out, leaving me to put my clothes back, on, shaking slightly with the pleasure as my body returned from its climax.

I was just doing up my shoes as she came back into the bedroom, now wearing a white v-necked cardigan with her pale grey slacks. She held her grey cardigan in her left hand and was wiping my semen stains off with a tissue in her right. I could see from the way her body moved that she’d not put a bra on, and her nipples were still clearly sticking out proudly.

“Well I think this cardy’s as clean as I can get it for now – you were such a messy boy, weren’t you?” she scolded, still smiling. “But you’ve certainly got me in the mood for Ken – I know he will want to have sex with me as soon as he gets in, so your little cumming should make it much easier!”

She laid out the grey cardy on the bed, mopping up the last of the splashes from the front, then folding it neatly.

“OK, pet,” she said, “you were very good indeed. I think next time you’ll be ready for some more, won’t you?” and she looked across at me, smiling.

“Now, as a little reminder, I want you to take my grey cardy home with you – it’s still nice and warm. Then you can keep it next to you when you go to bed, and remind yourself of me!” She reached in a drawer and found a carrier bag, before carefully slipping the folded cardigan inside.

“You’ll have to hide it from your mum, but I’m sure you’ll manage that! I’ll see you in a few days, so bring my cardy back and I’ll check it for any more stains!”

And so my love affair with wool was started…

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