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It seems forever since we booked the trip, but at last we’re on our way. You sit beside me, excited as I am, looking out the window at the ground getting ever closer as we come in to land.

The pilot announces, “Welcome to Jamaica. The temperature outside is 83°F and the sun is high in the sky. We hope that you enjoy your trip and wish you a safe onward journey”. We climb down the steps and onto the runway, hand-in-hand, and make our way to the terminal.

It doesn’t take long to get our bag and we only have a single, small one between us anyway – we don’t have much need for a lot of clothes here, least of all in May.

We make it through passport control and head outside the terminal building, finding the coach headed to our destination; Hedonism II. We approach the young woman at the door and give her our name and she ticks us off the list and we get on-board.

We sit towards the back of the coach and watch as it fills up with lots of other couples, ranging from early 20’s – like us – up to mid 60’s; and everyone seems as happy as we are.

We sit and watch the beautiful scenery as the coach drives down to the resort, but can’t help notice one couple across the row from us already getting a little excited as they kiss, and her hand in his pants already, squeezing what seems to be quite an impressive bulge. We smile at each other and kiss too, and you give my cock a cheeky squeeze through my pants.

We arrive at the resort and disembark the coach, going into the hotel to check-in. We see a few other guests around in the lobby; some nude, some not; as we queue at reception. We get the keys to our room – a suite, overlooking the pool – and head upstairs.

Before I even close the door behind us you are taking your clothes off and head to the balcony, and once I put our bag down on the bed I’m right behind you. I walk up behind you as you hold onto the rail, wrapping my arms around you and kissing you on the neck.

You turn and meet my lips with yours for a kiss and then you smile as you feel my semi-hard cock pressing into your back and you whisper, “There’ll be plenty of time for that later”.

We don’t bother to unpack properly yet but just grab a couple of towels and some sun block and head out to the beach.

As we get into the elevator there is an older couple in there who, noticing our lack of a tan, ask if this is our first time at the resort and we tell them that it is, and that we’ve been looking forward to the trip for months now.

The woman says “We’ve been here each summer for the past 10 years now and never tire of it” and it’s obvious from their tans that they are nearing the end of this year’s trip. I notice you looking at the man’s penis and when I look too I see that he’s wearing a shiny, silver cock-ring. He catches us looking and says “You noticed my ring, huh? I wear it most of the time; keeps me semi-hard, and that’s never a bad thing”.

I know that we’d looked up the rules before we came here and they do tend to enforce the rule of no sex in public areas, but that it does happen in quieter, out-of-the way places.

You ask them and they confirm that it’s best to just be a little cautious, as she reaches over and gives her husband’s cock a quick squeeze, smiling at us, just as we reach the ground floor and the doors open.

We walk out with them and say goodbye when they stop at the pool, as we head on down to the beach. Along the way we see a fair few people; of all shapes, sizes, ages and colours. It isn’t quite the busy season yet – not for a few weeks at least – so it’s just how we like it.

I nudge to you and point out a man lay asleep in the sun, and the rather large erection he has. You are very surprised. It looks to be about 9 inches – mine is about 6 – and the man’s wife sits chatting and giggling with another lady and they take a sneaky photo, obviously to tease him later.

We find a couple of empty loungers on the beach and put down our towels and sit down. We get out the sun block and start to apply it all over each other. It is the spray kind, SPF 50 – we like to be careful – and we spray it onto each other and rub it in.

We can’t help being a little naughty though, as I slowly rub it into your breasts, giving them a squeeze, and then touching your pussy softly, teasing you a little. You get your own back by giving my cock a quick squeeze and stroke as you rub the sun block in, giving me a good semi.

There are a couple of young women on loungers beside us; one of them nude, the other in just a bikini; and they smile at us knowingly. We lay down in the sun for a little while and I go to the bar to get us a couple of drinks – still feels a little funny, as this is our first proper nude trip.

After a little while we decide to go cool down in the water. You give my arse a playful spank as you run past me, and I am quick behind you, trying to grab you. We get into the water and are splashing at each other, laughing all the while. There are a few other people around, but no-one really paying us Bycasino much attention.

We wade out a little so that we’re still standing but almost neck-deep and we move closer to each other. I feel you grab my cock under the water and pull me towards you, grinning as you do. We kiss, and you wrap your arms around my neck. You feel my cock getting harder, pressing into your stomach, and I reach down and guide it into your pussy as you use the buoyancy of the water to jump up and wrap your legs around my waist.

We’re careful not to move too much; just holding each other and kissing; enjoying the closeness of me being inside you; knowing that there are people around. I feel your pussy squeezing my cock, but I know that neither of us is going to cum now – this is just a little tease.

After a few minutes we walk out of the water – my cock still pretty hard – and head back to our loungers. The women next to us are smiling at me, and the nude one asks us if we had fun. You reply “Just a little tease, for now” and they giggle. They tell us that they had just got there today, their first time here, and we tell them that it is our first time too.

They introduce themselves; the nude one saying “I’m Michelle, and this is Natalie”. I say “Pleased to meet you. I’m Nigel and this is Jackie”. Michelle is a brunette, about 5’5″ with curvy hips and rather large breasts with small, dark nipples, and she seems to be totally smooth down below – as we are – whereas Natalie is a blonde, about 5’8″ with a much more slender figure. She was still wearing a bikini, so there were some things that we couldn’t see.

You ask Natalie why she isn’t nude, and she says that she’s never been nude in front of anyone but ex-boyfriends before, and is just easing into it – but that she’s getting more and more comfortable already; that we’ve helped her see how comfortable it can be to be nude.

She sits up and reaches behind her, unfastening her top and taking it off, letting her pert breasts hang free, her big, pink nipples looking a little hard. We both smile at her as she slips out of her thong too, revealing a tuft of soft, blonde hair.

I still have a semi, and they don’t miss this, looking at each other with a smile – obviously taking it as a compliment.

We talk for a while, having a few more drinks, and we find out that they’re actually in the room next to ours. As it starts to get a little cooler Natalie suggests we go back to the hotel for something to eat. We go back to our rooms first, to drop-off our things, and obviously to talk a little of what we think of them.

You tell me that you noticed how my cock stayed semi-hard, but that you were feeling a little wet yourself as you looked them both up and down. We hope that they liked us as much too, of course.

After a quick shower we meet them back down in the lobby and go the bar by the pool, just getting some little snacks rather than a full meal in the restaurant. We sit and chat for a while after we’ve eaten, as it starts to get dark, and get on to talking about sex.

It is Natalie who broaches the subject first, when she says “I’d never seen an uncut cock before” making us both laugh a little. We’re from the UK so it’s not common to be circumcised, but Natalie and Michelle were from America, so it is a much more prevalent tradition there.

I say “I’m glad I have my foreskin – it means that the glans underneath is very sensitive, due to not rubbing against clothing all of the time” You admit to them that you’re a little bi-curious, that you find them both attractive, but that you’ve never been with a woman before.

It is Michelle who answers “Well I’m straight, but I know that Natalie has told me before how she’s always wondered what it’d be like to be with a woman” which makes Natalie look a little shy and embarrassed all of a sudden.

I laugh a little and tell her that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and I wink at her as I say “You never know what might happen while you’re here” and I don’t even have to look to know that there’s a little wet patch on your towel right now.

You suggest that we head over to one of the hot tubs so we grab our towels and make our way over, finding a small, empty one and getting in. There are a few people in one of the others, and we all sit and watch as one of the men there sits on the side, while a woman sits in front of him, idly stroking his cock. This, of course, leads us to talk about sex again and there is certainly a lot of laughing and coy smiles exchanged between us all as we exchange stories and experiences.

Natalie tells us that she used to be very inhibited and that, since she became friends with Michelle, she had opened up a lot more. She even said that she’d bought her first dildo a few weeks back – a rampant rabbit – and that it made her feel incredible, giving her orgasms like she’d never had before.

You smile as you say “We have one of those in our bag upstairs – amongst other things” which surprises them both, as they never thought to bring anything Bycasino giriş like that; mostly for fear of their bags being checked at the airport; but we don’t care about that really.

Before long we are both sat close together, and we know that Michelle and Natalie have noticed our busy hands below the water. They ask if we’d like a little privacy and make a move to get up, but we tell them to sit down, and that we’re comfortable with them, if they are with us, so they smile and sit back down.

I whisper to you and tell you to get up and sit on the edge of the tub. You smile and kiss me first, and I touch your chest, feeling your heart starting to beat faster, knowing what’s about to happen and feeling very, very naughty.

You climb up and sit on the edge, spreading your legs for me as I move between them. You smile at Natalie and Michelle and tell them that we’ve never been watched before, and that you’re feeling very excited already. You spread your lips with your fingers, giving them a hell of a view, and I move forward to taste you.

I run my tongue up and down your smooth pussy. I look up and usually you’d have your eyes closed, but I know you want to watch them watch us. I don’t have to turn around to know that they both have their hands on their own pussies.

With how excited you are it doesn’t take me long to make you cum – and I look around to see people in the other hot tubs watching too as you can’t help but moan.

You drop back into the water and kiss me; tasting yourself on my lips; and I turn around to find both Natalie and Michelle with huge grins on their faces. I ask them “Did you enjoy watching us?” and it is Natalie who replies with “Oh yes” as she still lightly touches her pussy, and then Michelle asks you “Are you going to return the favour?”.

We look at each other and smile, sharing another quick kiss before I stand up and sit on the edge. You turn and take my cock in your hand, stroking and squeezing to make me hard – and making sure that they both get a good look. You know just how to turn me on, so of course it isn’t long before I’m at full mast and you are stroking me hard and fast, letting my foreskin slip back and forth over the head of my cock.

You turn around now and take me into your mouth and I watch Natalie and Michelle playing with their pussies again below the water, and I smile at them. You turn around to look when you hear Michelle get out of the water and sit on the edge too, soon followed by Natalie when she sees Michelle do it.

You smile and look them both in the eyes and wink at them before returning to my cock, looking up at me with a very naughty look in your eyes as you suck me, your head bobbing up and down along the length of my cock.

Both Michelle and Natalie have spread their legs wide and are rubbing their clits hard as they watch you suck me, and it is so hot to see them play with themselves. I don’t think I can last much longer and I let out a deep moan as I fill your mouth with my cum.

You take it all and turn around, opening your mouth to let them see it on your tongue before swallowing and winking at them, making them both grin.

I sink back down into the water, tasting my cum on your lips in a kiss as we watch them both bring themselves to orgasm. It is Natalie who cums first, letting out quite a soft, quiet little moan, and then she gets back into the water and moves beside you as we all watch Michelle bring herself off.

She has her eyes closed as she cums, almost oblivious to us watching, and almost screaming – which certainly draws the attention of everyone else. When she’s finished she actually gets a round of applause from everyone, including us, which quickly brings her to her senses and she sinks back into the water, a look of almost embarrassment on her face.

We carry on talking for a while until it starts to get late, and we decide to call it a night. We head back to our rooms and make plans to meet down by the pool in the morning for breakfast.

As we say goodnight it is Natalie who moves to hug you, and instead of a kiss on the cheek you give her a soft kiss on the lips, making her blush a little, and making myself and Michelle smile before we hug too, and mirror your kiss on the lips.

I then hug Natalie and kiss her too, while you and Michelle hug and just exchange a cheek-kiss. We wish them sweet dreams and go into our room.

We unpack and get ready for bed, and talk about how much fun we’ve had already today – and this is just the first day of our 3 week trip. We’re pretty tired so we get into bed together, too hot to need any sheets – even with the balcony door open a little – and we lay on our sides, with me wrapping my arms around you and pulling your body into mine, falling asleep in each other’s arms, as one.

I wake slowly the next morning to the feel of the breeze blowing over my body and I lay there a while, listening to the sound of the ocean; such a peaceful morning. You stir beside me and I move to kiss you lightly Bycasino güncel giriş on the forehead and say “Good morning, sweetie”.

You say “Good morning to you too” as you slowly wake up and get out of bed. You get a drink from the fridge as I get up and go into the bathroom. You notice my morning wood and grin at me, putting down your drink and following me into the bathroom. We step under the shower and slowly wash each other.

I grab a razor and bend down in front of you, lathering up some soap in my hands and lightly caressing your pussy before taking the razor and shaving you, making you nice and smooth. Once I’m done I grab the shower head and rinse you off before you bend down and shave me too.

My cock gets hard again as you shave me, making it a little easier, and you can’t resist flicking the underside of the head with your tongue while you’re down there.

We finish up in there; alternately brushing our teeth while the other uses the toilet – no need for modesty; and then we go and sit on the balcony for a little while and look out over the pool and down over the beach.

It’s pretty early so there are very few people around yet, mostly just staff cleaning up and putting out the loungers. We notice the time and head down to meet Natalie and Michelle for breakfast. We obviously timed it right because they were just coming out of their room when we did. We wished them good morning and exchanged hugs and kisses again before heading down for breakfast.

We talked a little as we ate – all saying how peacefully we slept – and generally just enjoyed the peace and quiet, as there were still few people around.

We went out to the pool and found some loungers together in a corner, and arranged them together so that we would be able to lay and chat easily and see each other. I started to put sun block on you when Natalie and Michelle realised that they’d forgotten theirs, but we said that they could use ours when we were done.

They had already laid down, waiting for us to finish, so once we had we moved around to them and asked if they’d like us to apply it for them, so that they wouldn’t have to get up. They both agreed, with a little smile, so I move by Michelle and you near Natalie and we start to spray it onto their bodies, with our hands lightly rubbing it in as we go.

I start with Michelle’s neck and move over to each arm as she lifts them up for me. I then slowly move onto her chest, spraying it onto her breasts and then rubbing it in, then down over her stomach, carefully going over her sides too.

I don’t want to overstep so I stop briefly but she looks at me and winks, so I reach lower and my fingers touch her pussy. She is very smooth – I bet she’d shaved this morning too – and she spreads her legs a little as I rub the sun block in.

I look over to see you doing the same to Natalie, and looks to be enjoying your touch – probably the first time a woman has touched her there. You smile at me.

We move down their legs, mirroring each other’s actions, and then we ask them to turn over. They do, and we start at their feet and move slowly up their legs. I let my hand slip between Michelle’s thighs, my fingers lightly grazing her pussy again, and I notice her shiver slightly at the touch.

I get a little carried away rubbing it into her arse, squeezing a little, until you say “Are you enjoying yourself over there?” making me blush a little, and making Michelle giggle and say “Well I sure am”. We move up their backs, brushing their hair out of the way and massaging the sun block into their shoulders, and then we’re done.

We move to lay back down on our loungers and Michelle and Natalie turn again to lie on their backs, so that they lay facing us – with Michelle and I feet to feet, and you and Natalie feet to feet.

It is Michelle who speaks first, saying how wonderful it felt to have someone else’s hands all over her like that, and Natalie admits, as we’d suspected, that you were the first woman to ever touch her like that, and we all just smile.

More people appear as the morning goes on and we mostly just lay there, enjoying the sunshine, and going for a dip in the pool every so often to cool off. We get some drinks and snacks from the bar and sit in the shade for a little while, chatting casually.

When we go back to lay in the sun we notice that we’re out of sun block, so Natalie goes up to their room to get theirs. When she comes back both she and Michelle take turns putting it on themselves, and ask if they can put it on us, as we did them earlier. We look at each other and smile and then lay down on the loungers, on our fronts first. It is Michelle who moves to me, straddling my back as she starts with my shoulders.

Natalie stands beside you and starts at your feet, moving up your legs. She is a little shy and avoids touching your pussy yet, even though you spread your legs for her. She moves up your back, as Michelle moves down mine, rubbing the sun block into my arse, and then down my legs.

They ask us to turn over, so we do, and Michelle is surprised to see my hard cock sticking up, and Natalie giggles a little when she notices. I notice Natalie starting at your chest first, doing your arms and then looking quite focused as she touched your breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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