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The feel of the cords around my wrists and ankles were a sharp contrast to the soft touch of his fingers on my skin. I was completely exposed, my arms stretched wide and my legs opened even wider as both were bound to the solid headboard behind me. I had never done anything like this before. The lights in our bedroom were still on giving the sheen of sweat on my body a warm glow. We’d been married for two months now, dated for three months before that, and while we had been intimate countless times, this was the first time I felt truly naked.

His fingers grazed my right calf absent-mindedly as his eyes drank in the sight of me. My small, firm breasts with their long and thick nipples standing proudly at attention. My flat stomach clenched tight in anticipation of his next move. The mound of my pussy with its coarse triangle of hair and thick lips spread obscenely open showing the dark pink of my core. My breasts rose and fell quickly as my breathing became more rapid.

Normally the lights are low or totally off, for all the time we’ve spent making love it has been in the dark. I’m still shy. I like to hide myself in the shadows to be unseen even though I know I’m desired. To be completely opened to him like this in the full light of our room has me nervous. It also has me very wet.

“Are the restraints too tight? I can give you a bit of slack if you need it.” He says as his fingers now play down to my thigh. He’s not looking at my eyes though. He can’t seem to look away from my increasingly wet snatch. My labia lips are full and wide, my muscles are straining to close my legs making my pussy twitch slightly. I can feel my juices flowing down through my short pubic hair and down the other way to roll over my ass.

“No.” is all I manage to say. His fingers are down to the edge of my pussy. I inhale sharply as I ready for him to touch me. He loves playing with my pussy. Massaging me, pulling my lips apart and gently rolling them till my clit is fully erect and he can suck on the nub as he plunges his fingers into my core. I never have to beg him for oral the way I know some of my girlfriends have to with their men. It’s all I can do to keep him away. Yet just as I’m sure he’s fixing to go down on me, his hand instead travels up through the dark triangle of hair, massaging my venus mound briefly before moving up my belly.

“Lewis?” his name is all I can get out as he finally climbs onto the bed. Both of his hands are on my stomach now. His fingers pressing into the taut flesh. I titans izle can feel his hard cock pressed against me as hands explore my abdomen.

“You do want kids, don’t you Amy?” he asks finally looking into my eyes.

My whole body tenses. Sure we’ve talked about it, but we’re both in our early twenties just starting our careers. I thought we’d at least give ourselves a year before we started trying to have kids. I wanted to enjoy being a wife before I tried to tackle motherhood. He rose up and kissed my left leg, just below the cord around my ankle, his eyes not breaking contact with mine.

“Do you really want to start trying now?” I asked, unable to keep the nervousness out of my voice.

I felt his lips break into a smile against my skin. “No. Just liked that nervous look on your face.”

I strain against the cords as I try to slap him which only makes him laugh. Finally I’m laughing too. He comes down to me and wraps himself against me, putting his full weight on my small frame. The feel of his skin, the hardness of him against my softest place, the way his arms hold me tighter than the cords yet somehow softer than the mattress. I can smell him, feel him, know he is with me. “Though it is kind of hot to think about. My sexy wife all tied up, completely unable to stop me from thrusting all the way in and erupting inside of her. Getting her pregnant, filling this tight belly with my baby.” He brings his head up and nibbled my left ear.

He positions the tip of his penis at my entrance. His precum mixing with my juice. I’m torn inside, restrained just as much as my body is. Afraid to fully commit to this fantasy of his, yet desperately wanting him inside of me. My whole body trembled as he slides down to capture my stiff right nipple between his lips. He sucks hard making me moan his name.

My arms pull against the cords even as I can’t decide what I want more. Every time he opens his mouth there’s another sentence about making me pregnant. I want to drag him up to kiss me as he finally plunges his cock inside, I want to push him down and have his tongue silenced as I smother him between my legs.

He trails kisses across my chest, up the tiny mountain to the nipple at its summit and playfully nips at the erect flesh. I let out a yelp as his hand comes up and crushes my other breast, pinching the nipple as he sucks the one in his mouth. He’s never played with them this roughly before and I’m shocked and aroused at the same time. too hot to handle izle “Do you think you’ll breastfeed? Imagine if I did this…” and he pinched my right nipple hard, “and a stream of your milk shot out.”

He moved down further, kissing across my belly as his right hand finally moved down to start touching my pussy. He was just petting but I was so wet that I was sure our next door neighbor’s could hear the sloshing sound. He kissed his way down to my belly button and then stuck his tongue inside, lapping up the sweat that had pooled there causing me to squirm. His right hand moved through my coarse pubic hair, pressing the flesh down against my pubic bone.

“You’d have such a sexy swelled belly. I would kiss every inch of you, coat your belly in oil till it dripped down to your pussy. Then I’d use that extra lube to finger you to a powerful orgasm again and again. Every day. I’ll keep you in such an orgasmic haze you never have time to feel bad.”

His hand moved down to the hood over my erect clit and he lightly pinched it with two fingers. Stars exploded behind my eyes as my whole body seized in pleasure. I fought the restraints as I came, wanting to grab Lewis and hold him as I rolled through this wave of pleasure. The headboard creaked but held firm. He held my clit by my hood the entire time, the constant pressure keeping my peak high, and when I’d settled enough, he went at it with his tongue.

Every fiber in my body strained for me to be released as he sucked and licked at my clit like an oyster. His left hand slid down my thigh and soon I felt two fingers push inside of me. I screamed at the intrusion even as I clamped down hard on the digits, the muscles of my vagina trapping his fingers and trying to draw them in deeper. Tears streamed down my face as he kept up his playing of my clit and finger fucking my pussy. I screamed for him to stop. I screamed for more. I screamed until there was no breath in my lungs as my whole body felt like an ocean of pleasure and emotion. I can’t say where one orgasm began and another ended. There was only him and what he was doing to me. Till suddenly everything stopped.

Lewis pulled away from me completely, left me twitching there on our bed alone as I calmed. His eyes never left my body. I felt his gaze like a tender caress. “My God, you are the most gorgeous thing in creation. How did I get so fortunate to have you Amy? What did you ever see in me?”

I was still too hot to handle brazil izle too out of it to respond. His voice was distant even as I heard him getting closer. He was covering me again, seeming to know when I had finally come back to myself, his face was no more than an inch from mine.

“I love you.” I said simply, too ragged still to say everything I wanted. His left arm tightened around me as he gripped himself in his right hand and placed the head of his cock at my gateway.

“I love you too Amy. I love you, I love our life together, and one of these days I’m going to love the children we make here in this bed. Or on the kitchen counter, or dining room table, wherever we happen to be when I finally come all the way home.” And with that he pushed himself inside of me. The noise of his entrance was obscene from all the juice I had produced as he slid in all the way to the hilt, bottoming out deep in my guts. I gasped as he felt deeper and harder than ever before.

He hugged me tight to him as his hips rolled back and forth pulling and pushing against my vaginal walls. He didn’t break eye contact with me even as his arms unwound to rest on either side as he gained more leverage to really start fucking me.

My name was on his lips every time he pulled away and when he plunged in. The nearness of him, the fullness of my man inside of me had my body achingly close again. And in the back of my mind I wondered if he was going to do it, if he was going to thrust deep inside of me and release himself deep into my womb. Here I was trussed up like a whore, would this make me a mother? That thought set something loose inside me and I began to urge him on. My whole body burned in the desperate need to be ravaged by my husband.

He noticed the change and moved to match, his cock gliding back and forth inside of me as my muscles tried to draw him in and hold him tighter and tighter. He was crying out now too, our voices mingling in the high ceiling of our bedroom. The anticipation became too much and my orgasm hit like a freight train. I tried to shout for him to cum with me, to cum in me, but all that came out was this high pitched keening as he kept moving faster and faster, desperately holding himself back to the last possible moment.

Then he pulled out and erupted over my stomach. Strand after strand of scalding hot semen landing against my skin. A couple shots went high and splattered down against my breasts. Once he was spent he reached over me and undid the knots that held me in place, allowing my body to finally relax. He rolled off of me and onto his back and I moved with him. His seed cooled against the press of our hot skin as I now lay atop him. Both of us quiet in our afterglow. My heart beat and breathing synched with his as we lay together completely spent, each held fast in the others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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