Helen and Alex are not alone

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I had finished getting dressed for the evening. I loved dressing up for evenings in the fabulous cocktail lounge bar at the hotel. Alex loved seeing me in dresses that suited my figure. So, I wore a short red cocktail dress, one that just covered my bottom. My legs were freshly smooth and moisturised so they were silky and shiny. The dress had a naughty cleavage that plunged almost to my belly button. With my small boobs, it created a sexy look, but wasn’t especially trashy. I wore my hair up in a tight ballerina bun. Something I had done a million times. It pulled on my forehead and took away all the lines on my face. There weren’t many, I was lucky, but Alex thought I would easily pass for forty. That was good enough.

Dinner was the usual mix of lovely food and laughter. Alex and I could laugh at almost anything. His gorgeous face would light up at the same things that made me smile. It was powerfully sexy. He could not take his eyes off me, that made me so confident. Across from him was his sixty-year-old lover, still slim, I had a tiny waist, long dancer-toned legs and my grey hair tied up to show off my face. I had been described as the poster girl of Team GB in 1984, my young face was on many of the television broadcasts. I was gorgeous back then. But I’m older now. Alex thinks I am stunningly beautiful, and I have come to terms with my age, my insecurities and inhibitions. I am at my happiest when I’m naked, making passionate love to this young man and his beautiful body. Alex is thirty-six years younger than me, and until tonight, it had not been such a big deal. Until we went into the bar that evening.

We found a table in the middle of the lower level, near the bar and slightly quieter, so we could talk. We were probably going dancing later, Alex loved showing me off on the dance floor. For most of my life, I had been paid to dance classical ballet. But that training, that discipline hard wired into my body also meant I could dance anything and everything, including modern street styles. I loved dancing and loved being with Alex.

And then she walked in. The same girl we had seen at breakfast. She was tall, slim and model beautiful. Brunette hair and long, lovely legs. Someday I knew this was going to happen. I had a sense that she was going to be the one. There was just something about her. Actually, she seemed to be perfect.

I’d already resigned to this, to the stark reality of losing Alex to a young body, a woman who could give him the things I could not. A long future of happiness and a family, which I know he would want one day. I needed to feel in control of that moment, not someday finding out in a hurtful, or undignified affair.

“There’s the girl from breakfast, the one who could not take her eyes off of your body, even though you were wearing those ridiculous flip flops.”

“It is. I’m curious as to why you mention her?”

“She is very sexy, just your type Alex.”

“Hmm. I’m on holiday with the most beautiful, smart, funny, sexy and incredible woman I have ever known. That’s surely enough, isn’t it?”

I didn’t reply. He was quite the most beautiful man that has ever been in my life. He was sincere and I knew that is how he really felt about me. I was the one working myself up about a random girl who quite naturally admired an attractive man. I decided to let it pass. I was going to ruin a lovely evening, over absolutely nothing.

Alex went to the bar to refresh our drinks. I always liked to see him move across a room. He was so tall and masculine, toned and athletic. It made me a little aroused just seeing him walk. My body was still full of his thick, gorgeous sperm after this morning’s lovemaking, and I still had the sensation of his huge penis inside me, even after all these hours had passed. He was big, filling me completely and stretching my vagina to its limit. How could I not desire him forever?

The girl was also at the bar. Alex seemed to deliberately avoid her, perhaps consciously telling me that he was not interested in a conversation with her. But she moved along to speak with him. Just a conversation, nothing more. Seeing the two of them together, I realised, had seemed natural and perfect. I smiled to myself. A nervous smile, borne from a new sensation of sadness inside. A confirmation of the strange feelings that I had growing inside that Alex and I had no long-term future.

After a few minutes he returned, with fresh drinks and a beaming smile on his face. I was not a jealous woman, I really am not, and so did not ask him the topic of conversation. That would come across as jealous, because in reality, I was quite comfortable for him to have a conversation without interrogation from me.

So, in due course, we finished our drinks and left for the club. The night spot was right on the beach and it was perfect for dancing until the early hours, which we fully intended to do. Neither of us are particularly big drinkers, we much preferred dancing our way through the night. He loved seeing Haramidere escort bayan everyone watching me dance and he always kissed me on the dancefloor, whenever our faces came close together.

As I sat down at our table, I felt someone coming behind me. It wasn’t Alex, it was a much lighter footstep.

“Excuse me. I’m so sorry to bother you. I feel I should apologise to you for my behaviour earlier.”

“Apologise? You’ve no reason to apologise?”

“Well, I’m sorry, I thought you were, well I mean, I didn’t know that your, er, husband was, well your partner. I’m sorry.”

“Ah, you mean you thought I was his mother, not his girlfriend?”

She lowered her head. It was obviously excruciatingly embarrassing for her, and I really wanted her to stop worrying.

“Don’t be silly. I’m over thirty years older than Alex. Of course, you would think I am his mum. I’m older than his actual mother, so you’re forgiven. Completely and totally forgiven. Here, come and sit down.”

“Oh, thank you. Well, anyway, I am sorry. He is your boyfriend and he is clearly totally in love with you. I really meant no offence. You look incredible, by the way. If I may say, you are a very stunning lady. I’m envious of your legs and you move with such incredible grace. Can I perhaps buy you a glass of wine?”

“Yes, perfect! Why not. But what makes you say that Alex is in love with me?”

“Well, in the hotel I asked him if he wanted to come out dancing here with me tonight, you know, just us two. He told me that he was here on holiday and whilst he was very flattered to be asked, he was completely in love with you. I’m so sorry. I’m Charlotte, by the way.”

“Hi. And I’m Helen. Alex is a wonderful man for sure. But I’m guessing you find him attractive then? He is rather lovely.”

“Well yes, he is gorgeous. You are very lucky. Well, no not lucky, you are stunningly attractive. Sorry. I’m really putting my foot in it, aren’t I?

“Not at all, here, you sit and I will go and get some wine. Don’t move from that spot Charlotte.”

I caught up with Alex at the bar. He was still waiting to be served. He is tall, but far too polite. He just stood there, waving his euros.

“Let me try, my love. We will need a bottle; we have a guest at our table.”

“A what?” Alex looked around at our table. He saw Charlotte sitting, still looking a bit embarrassed and sheepish.

“A guest. Her name is Charlotte and she said sorry for trying to tear you away from me.”

“Hang on! She didn’t do anything.”

“Ha, I know. I’m teasing. She is a really sweet girl. Let’s get to know her a little better.”

I squeezed under the waving arms and caught the barman’s eye. I’m a good flirt and in my dress, I can usually get what I want. The queue parted and I quickly returned with a fresh bottle of conversation.

Charlotte was a newly qualified lawyer. This was a trip she was taking with two university friends and they were halfway through their week, a bit like us. Her friends were somewhere on the dancefloor and she spent some time pointing them out.

Alex was clearly nervous. I think he was consciously trying to definitely not flirt or show any interest at all. In fact, he did seem a bit sullener than I had ever seen him. He held my hand, but it was less a hand hold and more of a hand placement. I was being unfair, putting him in this situation.

After I had poured three large glasses, I picked mine up and kissed Alex on the forehead and told him I was going for a quick dance to a number I really enjoyed. He should stay and chat with Charlotte.”

As I sipped my wine and moved across the dance floor, I could see Charlotte. Her body language changed. She was clearly attracted to Alex; her movements and body language were quite plain to me. She fancied him, through and through.

Alex was almost motionless. He was talking to her, but I’m sure he found this situation all too awkward. Perhaps I was overplaying this feeling of mine. Maybe I was manipulating them both. It felt wrong. I felt ashamed. I felt sick suddenly.

“Alex, I’m going to go back to the hotel. Stay here with Charlotte and I will see you later in the room. Charlotte, lovely to meet you. I’m sure I will see you around the hotel.”

Alex half got up to leave, he seemed totally confused. It was all my fault. I had changed something and it upset me. Let them be friendly, let him be amongst unattached young women and let’s see what fate brings.

Four hours later, I heard the door open with the click of a key card. I was on the balcony, naked with just a slightly see-through wrap around my body. I wasn’t sure what Alex was going to say, do, mention or deny. I wasn’t sure what I wanted him to say. It was wrong of me to put my beautiful man in such a position. I was going to apologise. And I was going to suck his huge, gorgeous penis all night long, to make it up to him, if I had to.

“Helen, Charlotte is outside. She wants to say Escort İkitelli goodnight. She isn’t drunk or anything, but I think she wants to say sorry one more time.”

“Oh, she really doesn’t need to. I’m feeling really bad that I…”

“Helen. I wanted to see you. To speak with you. I just wanted to say something. Can I come in?”

I was conscious that I was naked and although I wore a revealing bikini by the pool, I was completely nude in this wrap.

“Er. Yes, of course. I’m not dressed though.”

She smiled and stepped inside, deliberately keeping her eyes on mine. She was so beautiful. She was the image of me, thirty-five years ago. Gorgeous, sexy and we both have the same figure, except her boobs were obviously a little bigger and fuller than mine.

She looked at me, smiled and her expression softened.

“Alex has not stopped talking about you. I just wanted to say sorry one more time. There was no need to leave earlier. It was me that should have left.”

I lifted my hand and placed it softly on her cheek. To my shock, she tilted her head on to my hand and slowly ran her fingers along my wrist. An electric spark of arousal shot through me.

Oh, my goodness! Oh fuck. Fuck…fuck…fuck.

Charlotte gently stepped to me, one tiny movement and our faces were almost touching. She looked down and lifted my hand to her mouth. She kissed my palm and rubbed her cheek against mine.

“Please don’t be upset. If I have embarrassed you, I’m sorry. Can I just kiss you before I go?”

I placed my finger under her chin and lifted her beautiful face to me. I kissed her gently on the cheek. She was warm and smelled divine. Her skin was soft. I’m so used kissing Alex and his stubble intimately, but this was a new sensation. I had never kissed a girl. But, right now, I wanted to kiss her. In fact, devour her, but I just didn’t know how.

She turned her face to me and our lips met. Neither of us were used to kissing another woman and so it was awkward, but also sexy, raw and unexpected. We both went with the moment.

She placed her hands on my waist and drew me in a little, kissing me more deeply, slowly parting my lips and exploring my mouth. One hand lifted to behind my head and she started to kiss me passionately, sighs of pleasure as her tongue stroked mine, our mouths locked together. She was so very sexy.

I lifted my hand to her hair and found her hair grip. I knew the style and unclipped it, letting her hair drop around her shoulders. The scent of her hair filled the room.

I was standing at the doorway, naked in my wrap, deeply kissing a beautiful young woman. Her tongue was eagerly circling mine, exploring my mouth and pushing deep. Charlotte I later found out was twenty-five, but for now I was passionately kissing a stunning and mesmerizingly beautiful young woman.

Her hands moved from my waist around to my stomach. Her fingers trailed over my abdomen and up towards my breasts. Charlotte whispered softly into my ear.

“You have an incredible figure, Helen. You have muscles on muscles. I’ve never seen a sexier body than yours.”

She slipped her warm hand inside my wrap and on to my small boobs. She caressed my shape. Ran her fingers around them, feeling their size. She cupped them and gently stroked my body, clearly enjoying the sensation. As her fingers settled on my nipples she sighed, a deep, pleasure laden sigh.

“God, you are so hot Helen.”

“I’m so turned on Charlotte. I really want you. I’ve never done this. I don’t know what to do really.”

“Well, neither have I. Let’s not judge, let’s make love. Call me Lottie.”

She stepped back and slipped off her dress, once unzipped from the back, it fell to the floor. She wore black underwear, tiny knickers and a bra that contained her gorgeous boobs. I really wanted to know what young, firm, large boobs would feel like.

“Do you want me to be naked Helen?”

All I could do was nod.

She took my hand and lifted it to her chest. I could feel her heart beating fast. I guided her to the bed and gently crawled on, not letting her go. She joined me, the two of us kissing again in the half light of the moon. Alex was on the balcony and the warm breeze created a perfect moment.

She took the cord of my wrap and opened it up. It fell off my shoulders and on to the bed. I was now naked with a young woman and she was making love with me.

Lottie bent down and kissed my boobs, first gently, then more urgently, she moved down and sucked both my nipples. Her touch was soft and yet, she sucked my nipples much more firmly than Alex. It was a lightning bolt through my body. It was such a different sensation. Her mouth devoured my breasts, she pulled them into her and sucked me, licked me and kissed my boobs all over.

She laid me down and gently got on top of me, I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed, our legs moving together, wrapping around one another and letting our skin touch Çapa escort everywhere. She was eager, keen and like me, inexperienced with a woman. In fact, we had no experience at all. This was all so unexpected.

“I want to be naked for you. Will you take off my bra?”

I reached and found the hooks and eyes. Backwards I found it tricky but then her straps parted and her bra fell on to me. She moved forwards and her large, perfect breasts bounced free of her bra and on to my face.

I licked whatever I could reach. Her skin was soft, warm and every touch of my lips made her squirm in pleasure. Her breasts were full, heavy and firm. My lips found her nipples and I tried to replicate the sensation she had given me. Her nipples were solid, aroused and I imagined the feelings of pleasure my touch was sending through her. My hands grabbed her hair gently, I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. I was finding my feet with this gorgeous body.

I slipped my hands down along her waist and to her hips. I found the band to her knickers and began to pull them down. I could not move them any lower than her bottom, but then I felt masculine hands on mine. He lovingly stroked my fingers and took hold of the cotton fabric. Alex was on the edge of the bed and had taken Lottie’s knickers and was slipping them off over her ankles. He had a perfect view of her cute, sexy bottom. We were both now naked. She was still wearing her heels and I thought, why not. Alex is here as well. Nobody is getting hurt. Let’s fuck one another.

Lottie gently parted my legs. She lay between them and I felt her pubic hair against mine. She moved slowly against my clitoris and I realised that our vaginas were touching. In fact, I could feel her soft labia sliding over mine.

I could feel the wetness on my vagina. I suddenly realised that it was Lottie’s pussy that was so wet and it was sliding against mine. The feel of thick, slippery juice was delicious. I ran my hands over her back and kissed her, drew her body to mine and let our two cunts become one.

“God you are so wet Lottie. You are soaking my pussy.”

“You make me wet Helen. Your fucking gorgeous body is driving me crazy.”

She kissed my neck and ears. She gave out a deep, full body cry as Alex placed his hands on her.

He had run his tongue along her tiny, sexy bum. His tongue tracing the line of her bottom and then his hands had slowly parted her slim cheeks. He had moved his tongue deeper, searching out her anus and had found it, hot and damp from our lovemaking.

Lottie’s mouth moved to my ear and she sighed deeply in pleasure.

“I’ve never had this before. I’ve never had my bottom licked like that. God it’s fucking amazing.”

Alex licked her anus and I could feel her rocking to his touch, in and out, back and forth. Her vagina was free-flowing with thick and sticky cunt-juice. Her young cunt was preparing for Alex’s huge penis. I’m sure Lottie had never had a cock like Alex. Her juice was smearing all over me and I could feel myself aroused and wanting to orgasm with this wonderful experience.

Then she stiffened and cried out again. Alex had moved his tongue to her cunt. He had searched out her clitoris and was eagerly licking her. I could feel his chin. Then he found my cunt and sent sparks of pleasure through me. His two willing lovers were screaming in pleasure, as we fucked one another and Alex licked two adoring vaginas locked together in a sexy fuck.

I sensed him move off the bed and seconds later I could feel his huge cock slipping between our two cunts.

Lottie gasped, she could feel his thick head and shaft slide over her vagina, over mine, between us. His movement was powerful and masculine, he was fucking our labia, searching out our clits and as he was doing so, he held Lottie’s beautiful bare bottom in his hands. I could smell her vagina now. It was heady and arousing for Alex and for me.

I felt his cock against the entrance to my soaked vagina. He pushed slowly inside me, then deeper and more powerfully. His long shaft pushed all the way to the end, hard against my cervix. In this position, his cock pushed against me, bulging my abdomen and Lottie could feel him fucking me. She could sense his huge erection pounding my soaking wet cunt. Slippery and lubricated by Lottie’s thick cunt juice.

“Oh my God. Is he really big?” I could not answer, I just threw my head back and screamed in pleasure. My toes pointed to the sky and I wrapped my legs around this perfect woman’s body.

Alex fucked me. He was loving the sensation of just being able to enter and fuck me, my cunt soaked and slippery with Lottie’s juices. He pounded my sixty-year-old cunt hard and deep, holding his cock deep in me with each thrust. On top of me, Lottie’s clitoris was being pushed hard against his body as we fucked, causing her to scream and tremble in pleasure.

Alex pulled out and before he could move away, Lottie lifted up from me and quickly turned around.

She looked at Alex’s enormous erection for the first time. She was clearly turned on by his size and thickness. She shuffled to him and kissed him deep on the lips, her hand reached down and grabbed his cock and moved her fingers up and down his thick shaft, soaking her fingers in the wetness from my vagina.

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