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Hello Journal! I believe that sometimes we do not open ourselves up to opportunities and this can rob us of some of the best experiences. We develop a tunnel vision focusing on one or two things and miss all these things on the sides. Lucky for me I have usually been good at keeping my eyes open.

There is a man in one of my classes that is nothing special when you see him for the first time. His looks are common, he dresses in nothing to fancy, and he keeps to himself. I like to talk and it bothers me when people are around me and try to be shy so his fate has been decided when he happened to take a seat next to me.

His name is Tommy and he is an older man having four years on me. He goes between working full time and taking in college classes when he can. He plans to become an engineer when everything down the road. Tommy is super nice and we really enjoy talking to each other and even decide to go out to lunch a few times. After knowing each other for about two months, Tommy asks me out on a date to dinner and a movie.

The date goes really well as we go to an Italian restaurant and have a few drinks. This is a change for me since it has been about six months since I have dated anyone. I have been on a quest of just enjoying casual sexual relationships but this might be a nice change of pace. We enjoy the dinner and talking and go to the movie and during the movie Tommy holds my hand. There was actually an element of romance in the air, the evening ends with him taking me home, giving me a nice kiss, and then he was on his way.

For the next month, Tommy was the perfect gentleman and we were seeing each other several times a week outside of class. The only problem was I wanted sex. I normally was not one to push things but on average, I was using my dildo twice a day. Thoughts had gone through my head from one side of the spectrum to the other as to why he had not tried to make a move. My concern with this was if Tommy did not make a move soon I would do something stupid like cheat.

In the spirit of not wanting to cheat and be that person, I decided to be the aggressor. Tommy came over to take me out to dinner. I told him I need to finish getting ready and for him to sit on the couch. I gave it a few minutes and took a deep breath before going out into my living room in nothing but a thong telling Tommy I was changing the menu and tonight he would be dining on me. Lucky for me the plan worked and he was quick to take me into the bedroom and we spent the rest of the evening screwing each other’s brains out. The next thing I knew I was covered in sweat and all manner of fluids as I rolled onto my back and looked at my clock telling me it was 3:30 a.m. I do not know how long Tommy had been holding back but it seems the flood doors were open.

Our next few dates never made it past my bedroom. Tommy might have Escort Başakşehir not appeared to be special in any normal way but he was a stud in the bedroom. Every time we took our clothes off together, I was having multiple orgasms and left feeling as if I had just spent several hours at the gym. My sex toys had gone from working overtime to collecting dust. An interesting thing was in between having sex Tommy loved to talk about sex and know everything about what it meant to me and what I was open to doing. It was fun pillow talk to be honest.

After another month or so Tommy finally had me over to his house. I was surprised to find out he owned his own home and it is meticulous. I had just assumed that he had roommates or something that kept him coming over to my place. Tommy gave me the tour of the house and it ended at a room in the basement. This is where he swallowed hard and asked me not to judge him before opening the door to this room. It turns out that why he had been slow to get physical with me was because Tommy was super into sex. The room we were in had sex toys of all shapes and sizes, restraints, stocks, and machines I could only guess what they did. The whole thing felt like a scene out of fifty shades.

Tommy proceeded to explain to me that he had long ago fallen in love with sex. The room we were in was his creation from years of developing kinks and desires. One of his biggest interest had been sex toys. He had a huge collection of sex toys and some of his own he had made. He explained that he kept all this hidden because he learned that it could be intense to most people and he had sent a female or two running with it. I will admit I was stuck in the middle. I have never known a man before to have a collection like this. I also am very curious as to how much fun this would be. I told Tommy I was very intrigued.

Over the next few weeks, Tommy proceeded to show me a large majority of his toys. We would go downstairs into the room and have fun with them before having sex. I will admit I was in love with every moment of it. I did not even question him when he wanted me to try something new or do something. He would tell me a position and I would abide. This all lead up to the moment of something very new.

Tommy and I left a bar and went to his house. We began kissing upstairs and then headed towards the love room as I had begun calling it downstairs. Tommy opened the door and we both went inside. He asked me to remove my pants and panties and to climb onto the bed. He had made something new. I did as he asked and stripped from the waist down, climbing onto the bed. Tommy came in carrying something large in his hands. He set in on the bed next to me as he went to get something else. The toy was huge with a giant flared head, many veins, ending at the base with a huge ball Bayrampaşa escort sack. I had no idea what this was based on but I imagine it was not something small. Tommy came back over to the bed with two pairs of leather handcuffs. He proceeded to attach the handcuffs to my wrist and then to the headboard.

This is when we had our little moment of get ready peace. Tommy would smile at me and I would look at whatever creation he had wondering how it work or would it fit. This time I was definitely wondering if it was going to fit. The moment was done and Tommy began rubbing lube over the giant mystery dildo. My heart was beating fast as he pushed my legs open. Tommy put more lube on his fingers and inserted them inside of me spreading it all around. I did not mind him fingering me as I felt his two fingers slide in and out of me. I was a little sad when he took them out. Tommy looked at me and smiled. He put the giant toy between my legs and began rubbing the flared end up and down my slit. It was soft on the outside, which I was glad for, and getting me very excited. He then put the head at the opening of my vagina and began to apply pressure. My opening began to expand to try to envelop the object seeking to get in. I felt myself stretch as far as I had ever gone and then it kept pushing for more. Pleasure stepped aside as pain began surface and just as it was getting to be too much, the flared head went inside of me and I felt relief as I tightened around the wide base behind the head. I was already breathing hard as I looked down to see the monster in and out of me.

My vagina felt like it was pried open to its limits. It was not painful anymore but I was pushing limits. Tommy then began feeding it into me. I could feel every inch as it went deeper. I knew there was no way I was taking this monster to its huge ball and I was hoping Tommy knew that as well. I felt the giant head inside of me hit my cervix and that must have been what Tommy was looking for as well because he stopped feeding it inside of me. My body was already feeling huge sensations surging through it. For the first time as well it felt like every empty space I might have down there was full of the monster dong. Tommy began pulling it back. He went until the flared head was at my opening and switched to going inside. He started with a nice and slow rhythm moving the monster in and out. With every successful thrust, the pace quickened. He told me to tell him when I was going to have an orgasm. Given we were on the third thrust and my body was already tingling I did not think it was going to be long.

A few more slow passes and the monster began its assault on my vagina. There was no being quiet as the sensations flew through my body. My arms, covered with goosebumps, pulled against the handcuffs attached to the headboard. My head Beşiktaş escort bayan pushed back against the pillow with my eyes closed. I did my best to keep my legs spread but my muscles were beginning to tighten up. I began to feel warmth flow from my vagina outward though my body. I told Tommy I was cumming. What happened next I could only describe as amazing, shocking, and explosive. Tommy flipped a switch on the base of the monster and it began to hum. My orgasm was starting to hit when I felt the monster begin to pulse against the walls of my vagina. Tommy pushed the beast right to my cervix. I then felt the monster cum inside of me. My mind started to wonder how that was even possible but feeling something squirting and pulsing within me immediately shot my orgasm through the roof. Fire raced through my veins. I am sure I was screaming but my ears could no longer interrupt sounds as every muscle I had tightened down on whatever it could find. My eyes are closed but I think I blacked out at the height of the orgasm.

It took a few minutes for me to come back to reality. I open my eyes to see Tommy straddling my stomach and jacking off on to my breast. Apparently, he had lifted my shirt and bra at some point. I could probably be upset with him doing this while I am unconscious but I am actually glad. Everything in my body hurts and I feel fuzzy all over. I do not feel like I have any energy left to give to having sex. Tommy undoes the handcuffs and I bring my arms down. They are very sore. I look down and see the monster is still inside of me. Tommy looks me in the eyes and ask me if I am ready. I am not sure what he means but I say yes. He grabs the monster and pulls him back. The flared head meets my opening and spreads it open, as it breaks free. Following the monster what looks like cum begins to pour free from me onto the bed. It just seems to keep coming out of me never stopping. I am shocked at the amount coming out of me but honestly, I am just exhausted.

Tommy helps me stand up and takes me to the shower downstairs. We kiss in the shower and wash the collection of cum off me. I get out of the shower and dry off before heading upstairs to the bedroom. It takes me only a few minutes to get into Tommy’s bed and fall deep asleep. Sleeping that night dreams of the monster replayed in my mind.

The next day I started my day with some ibuprofen and PowerAde. Tommy tells me he created the monster to be the ultimate sex toy. He tells me how he has built a pump and reservoir into the base and ball so with the flip of a switch the monster cums into whatever it is fucking vigorously. I tell him that is an understatement. If there were ever a sex toy that could get someone pregnant, the monster would be that toy. In my mind, I am also wondering if my vagina is going to recover from the events of last night.

Tommy takes me home and I take another shower. During the shower, I feel around my vagina to see if anything feels odd. I am very tender but all feels normal and in place. Given a normal day, I am usually feeling horny throughout the day but today I am satisfied in my sexual cravings. Go figure, it takes a monster to satisfy me.

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