Helping Martha Grade her Students

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I was finishing my senior year at college, and sharing an apartment with Dan, a physics graduate student. I had dropped out and spent three years in the army before returning.

Our apartment was on the top floor of an old brick building, on a block lined with similar structures that housed people like us – older students and young professionals in their first jobs.

As the school term got started, we noticed two girls rooming together in the next building. We introduced ourselves and within a week hosted them for supper in our apartment. Martha, a slim debutant-type girl had her first job as an elementary school teacher, and Janet, whose boobs looked enticing, worked in Personnel at the telephone company. Somehow, Martha became “my” girl and Janet became Dan’s.

Toward the end of the school term, Martha called me, almost in tears. She had been teaching five classes of fourth-graders, giving them quizzes in several subjects at least weekly. Now she had to turn in grades the next day and hadn’t done anything about totaling up scores for any of the students. It looked like an insurmountable problem. “I’m probably going to lose my job, just because I hate doing the arithmetic.” Could I come over that evening and help her dig out and come up with students’ grades she could submit tomorrow?

Well, of course I had to come to the rescue, not that my knowledge of calculus and differential equations was needed for the job. I ate supper early and headed over next door.

Martha and I started in immediately. None of it was difficult, just incredibly tedious. Lots of dumb little numbers to add up and average, to be recorded in the final section of the grade book. I took the lead on computations and Martha became the scribe.

After an hour, Martha was losing heart. We were barely half-way through and she was ready to give up. “Would you like a glass of wine?” she offered. I replied, “Sure, but only when we’re finished with the numbers.” Martha was disappointed but pulled herself together and we soldiered on with the mind-numbing tedium of measuring and ranking all the dear little pupils’ academic performance.

And all of a sudden we were on the last page. The job was done! Perseverance had won out. Martha was relieved and overjoyed as she poured our victory wine. What had looked impossible a few hours ago was finished by dint of a bout of dogged persistence and drudgery. We toasted each other and congratulated ourselves on our accomplishment. What was simply tedious data reduction for me was to Martha a miraculous salvation of her budding career in education. She almost broke down as she told of being able to let go of all the excuses and explanations she had fabricated to explain her ignominious failure to her family and friends back in Philadelphia.

“How can I thank you for helping me – for persisting when I was ready to give up?” she said. I was about modestly to say that it was nothing; just something to help a neighbor out, when she continued, “I asked Janet and another of my friends how I could reward you, explained the predicament I was in and how it was driving me crazy. I ranted on and on until I realized I should shut up and listen to their answer. Both of them independently gave me the same reply: “If this is as important as you say and you’re going to make that poor guy do all that work, you own him a blow job at least. Never in the history of the world has a man turned down the offer of a blow job.”

Well, I sure perked up at that! I was about to reply when Martha continued, “I know about blow jobs, but the on top of the stress about the grading, another problem that’s bugging me is that I’ve never given one. You’ve certainly earned a good one, but if you’re willing to accept an amateur performance, and advise me on what to do, I hope you’ll be satisfied.”

“And Janet is staying with a friend, so we have the place to ourselves.”

In contrast with Martha’ self-doubt and apprehension, the prospect of training an eager virgin mouth in oral stimulation seemed quite appealing. I could feel my cock start stiffening at the prospect of being the first to introduce a stiff penis into her small Bostancı Escort mouth, to encourage her to use her tongue; to show her what she could do with her hands as she sucked.

Martha was gulping down her glass of wine to calm her nervousness. I said that a blow job would be a wonderful reward for my assistance; that I would be patient and would provide the best instruction I could. She relaxed visibly, revealing a bit of eagerness to get on with her instruction. She said, “Tell me what to do; where should I be?”.

I put one of the couch pillows on the floor between my feet and instructed her to kneel on it. “Do I undo your pants?” she asked. I nodded and she started to undo my belt, her hand brushing on the bulge in my trousers. Before long she was holding my cock and inspecting it. “Wow, I’ve changed boys’ diapers when babysitting, but this is something else! Looks like you have a hard-on already.” I said that it was more of a “plump-on” but would stiffen up more with the attention she was paying. “Oh, I see, I can feel it getting harder; it’s like wood now.” I suggested she gently squeeze it rhythmically to encourage it.

“Oh, look, there’s a drop of clear liquid coming out of that little slit on top.”

“Yes, that’s ‘pre-cum’, a lubricant; it’s really slippery. Spread it around the tip with your finger. Good.”

I took her hand and showed her how to milk out some more pre-cum. I said, “Try see what it tastes like; lick up that drop.” Martha licked it up, “It doesn’t taste like anything, but it sure is silky”.

Now was the time to move on to a more advanced stage. “Okay, rub that silkiness all around with your lips. Spread it up and down the shaft about half-way. Then slip your lips over the head. Remember, no teeth! See what it feels like to have the head of my cock in your mouth. Practice running your tongue all over the knob; that really feels good. And hold my balls in one hand and knead them. You can squeeze pretty hard and it’ll feel good.”

Martha came up for air and said, “That’s a lot to think about doing all at once”. “Yes, but it’s all what goes into a great blow job. And the better you get at it, the more your skills will be in demand. If you are careless and do a lackadaisical job, it will take 20 minutes or more to finish and your jaw will get stiff from the effort.”

“Are you going to cum in my mouth? How long does it usually take?”

“Yes, I’m going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to drink down every drop. Never be a spitter! Think of it as a reward for your skills; a gift – not to be discarded. Plus, it’s protein; it’s good for you. And it has a bit of testosterone in it which will make you feel sexy.”

“How long it takes depends on your technique, how romantic we’re feeling, and how long since the last time I came. A guy will often have ‘morning wood’ and erotic dreams in the morning; if you wake up early and slip his cock in your mouth, you may be able to make him come in just a couple of minutes, perhaps before he fully wakes up. And remember, even now when we’re talking, you can be squeezing my cock and kneading my balls with your hands. It’s fine to give your mouth a rest now and then.”

Martha resumed her lesson. “Slide your mouth up and down; make your mouth a vagina that the cock is penetrating in and out. Don’t forget to keep sucking, gently; it really should be called a ‘suck job’ instead of a ‘blow job’. See how deep you can let it go – some girls can take it down into their throats, but probably not on the first try.” I closed my eyes and enjoyed her efforts, reminding her occasionally to use her tongue more or to keep up with the suction. Before long I could feel a load of semen getting positioned to acknowledge Martha’s efforts.

“Okay, you’re getting close now. I’m going to deliver your treat in six or eight small installments. Once it starts, I’ll pump it into your mouth. You don’t have much to do but keep sucking and start swallowing when you feel the semen arrive.” And it started; I came and came and Martha swallowed and swallowed. I think my thrusts surprised her and she squeezed my balls harder, making my orgasm even better.

“Oh, Ümraniye Escort that was great! Keep sucking it a little until you feel it start to soften. Good job, that was pretty quick for a first try!”

As my hard on subsided, Martha let it slip out of her mouth and looked up at me with a smile. I leaned over and gave her a long kiss. “There’s something sexy about kissing a slippery mouth that my cock just filled with cum.” We wiped our respective parts with Kleenex and Martha refilled the wine glasses.

“Wow, I think oral sex is great; thanks for the lesson! I glad I did okay and I would love to do more sometime,” said Martha. “You haven’t seen the half of it.” I replied. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you performed oral sex on me but it also works the other way ’round: I can do it to you; would you like that?”

Martha looked startled, then broke into a smile, “Sure! Right now?” I got up to reposition the pillow in front of her. She spread her legs and pulled up her skirt. As I settled into place, I noticed the wet spot on her panties. “Looks like I have some juices to lick up,” I remarked as I hooked my fingers into her underwear and pulled them off as she raised her hips to help.

I blew gently on her vulva as I spread it open with my thumbs. “Oh, your breath is hot; it feels good”. “Just wait for my lips and tongue,” I replied, licking the inside of her thighs up to her crotch. I could see her clitoris standing up and glistening. I flicked it with my tongue and she jerked he hips slightly. I rubbed my lips lightly over her glistening wet genitals before pressing my tongue firmly against her clit. She trembled and humped back at me a little as I turned my head from side-to-side, rubbing the full width of my tongue on her clit.

Martha let out involuntary moans as I continued. I moved one hand down and felt for her vagina. As I licked, I slowly pulsed my finger in and out, deeper and deeper until it was as far as I could reach inside her. She humped back gently in rhythm with my insertions. I glanced up and saw her eyes rolled upward, eyelids almost closed and only the whites showing. On an impulse, expecting her to stop me, I moved my finger lower, and spread the juices over her anus. Martha tensed a little as I circled around the firm little button and pressed inward slowly but firmly. I redoubled my licking and she relaxed enough to allow my finger to penetrate an inch or so.

Before long, Martha was humping my finger furiously as I thrust it in and out of her, her eyes now fully closed, louder moans escaping constantly and growing in a crescendo to a violent orgasm. I took care to follow her motions with my mouth so as not to lose any teeth or break my nose as she humped uncontrollably. As she recovered her breath I slowly lifted my mouth from her cunt and let her gradually expel my finger from her rectum. She opened her eyes, speechless for a few moments.

I could tell she was back to normal when she said she wanted to go to the bathroom and suggested I join her to wash my hands.

We had another sip of wine. Martha seemed to be forming a question in her mind. “That felt really good to have your finger in me, both places. I want to remain a virgin for my future husband, but I wonder if it would count if you just put your penis in me for a few minutes, but not pumping it in or out. I would just like to see what it feels like to have something that big in my vagina. Do you think you could do that? No humping. And definitely don’t cum inside me; I’m not on birth control.”

I said that I would try, especially if she would suck me for a couple of minutes to get me ready for the task. She was glad to reply and a few moments of her no-longer-virgin mouth got me good and stiff. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs with her skirt up again. Her undies had never been put back on. I knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against the opening of her vagina.

When my precum was mixed with her wetness, I pressed more and more insistently on the spot. I suggested she take a deep breath and let it out, and as she did, she relaxed enough to let Ataşehir Escort the head pop in. “That’s the thickest part; the rest will be easy.” Fighting the urge to start pumping, I slowly pressed further until our pubic bones met. I lay down on top of her so she could experience the weight of a man together with a stuffed and stretched vagina. I could feel Martha trying kegels, squeezing my cock rhythmically.

After a couple of minutes, I warned her that the squeezing was having a positive effect on my cock and I should retreat before ejaculating again. Martha reluctantly agreed, saying it felt great and that she looked forward to full-scale fucking with her husband whe she got married. “I wish you could have pumped in and out; really banged me; I’m dying to feel what that’s like.”

I said, “There is another possibility that won’t get you pregnant and will preserve as much virginity as you have now.” She was almost startled when she realized what I was suggesting. “You mean in my anus? Will it fit? Won’t it hurt?”

“Not just your anus but deep into your rectum. I can be gentle and you can call a halt if it’s too intense. You will have to get some hand lotion or vaseline and to relax completely. I’ll take it slowly.”

Martha stood up and nervously drank down the rest of her wine. She came back with a bottle of lotion and asked how we were going to do it. “There are a couple of ways, but let’s start with you on hands and knees, either on the couch or the floor. You could also just bend over in front of me; I’ll make it work any way.” She said nothing but got down on the floor facing away from me.

Once again I pulled her skirt up, this time over her back, revealing to me a beautiful pair of buttocks. With great difficulty I restrained myself from spanking, and instead caressed her behind and the back of her thighs. I squeezed and kneaded her buttocks and spread them apart to reveal my new aiming point. I anointed it with the lotion and spread it all around and a little into her anus. I also greased my hardon, which was standing tall for the opportunity. I suggested deep breaths again to relax her whole body, as I rubbed my cock head against her anus. She tensed a couple of times and each time I reminded her of breathing. Very slowly I pressed into her, pausing if she winced.

The relaxation worked and soon the head of my cock slipped inside. Martha gasped, then relaxed and I started moving slightly in and out, a bit deeper with each movement. Martha groaned audibly as I got to full penetration. Then I slowly withdrew it until only the head remained in. I continued this for a while, picking up the pace as I went. I bent over and reached around her hip to touch and rub her erect clitoris.

After a few moments, I suggested that she take over the rubbing so I could concentrate on ass-fucking. As she massaged her clit, I picked up the pace. Soon she was humping back at me as I went faster and faster. The room echoed with the slap-slap-slap of my groin smacking against her buttocks. Martha was breathing hard and writhing as much as she could with both my hands holding her hips in place. “Oh, I’m going to come again, inside you,” I said and she moaned and redoubled her humping and clit-rubbing.

My orgasm arrived with six or eight convulsive spasms, each as deep into her as I could reach. I was really pounding her and if she also came, my hammering overcame whatever movements she made. I half-collapsed onto her back, and lay there catching my breath. Martha was panting also and we rested together. As my hard-on shrank, I withdrew it from Martha’s behind. I folded a piece of Kleenex and stuffed it between her cheeks. “We probably both want to go to the bathroom,” I said. Martha agreed and stood up, wobbling a little. We hobbled to the bathroom, Martha heading straight for the toilet. I hung my package over the lip of the washbasin and set about with soap and water.

Martha cheerfully ordered me to clean up really well, “and when you’re done, bring that cock over here; I have something to try with it.” I toweled off and walked toward the toilet discreetly pretending I wasn’t hearing the sometimes not-too-faint sounds of Martha working to discharge the load I had injected.

As I stood in front of her, she took my cock into her mouth once more, saying, “I like the idea of sucking on the very cock that just filled my rectum with all that cum I’m working to expel.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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