Her Arches are to Die For

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I had a neighbor whose name was Sheila. Her, my mom Buretta, and aunt Debra were 62 years old.

They were foxy petite women. 5 feet tall, 160 lbs, 44 jjj-30-68 measurements. But best feature of all was there high arched feet.

I lived in a suburban neighborhood. We were African American and i loved my neighbor. On a nice summer day, she’d come out in just a bra and tight boy shorts. The image was irresistible.

Her glistening dark skin, beautiful heavy juggs, tight waist, huge round fleshy hips swaying in the breeze. To top it off was her nice barefoot dangle.

She was the very reason i would get up in the early morning. As the dun rose, she would garden, didnt mind getting her feet dirty. I’d twist my neck for the sight her dirty feet.

Those deep, wrinkled soles scrunching upwards towards me. Mom and aunt were doing the same thing. They were the delicacies of the eyes. I would take pictures of their arches. Draw them, and masturbate just before going to work. They didn’t know about this as it was my secret stash like a porno mag.

Mom was a secretary at a therapy office. Debra was an IMF or caseworker. And my neighbor Sheila, was a college teacher of English. Best of all, Gaziantep Escort Numaraları i was the psychologist at mom’s work. I actually loved my job. I got to help others. I saw many women of color with high arched feet.

They dangled their feet on high heel mules, sandals, loafers, flats, and low heel wedges. Being Summer, they were sweaty, which meant their feet stank and dripped wet once their feet could breathe. I had to pretend to not notice. These were normally middle aged women who were widows, got dumped, treated badly, were insecure and other issues.

This was why i felt like the happiest man alive. Sheila just moved in two months ago the neighborhood welcomed her gladly, including I. We were very friendly people. But many didn’t know the secret we kept. My mom and aunt were dominatrixes.

Their jobs may seem mundane, but dominating me at home was the perfect balance in their lives. They were the bosses of me at home and at work. But kept it professional. No one even noticed. They kept their work life, separate from their sex or home life. And I was totally submissive to their tastes. I needed them and they needed me.

They knew I was a slave to their arches. But my neighbor didn’t know I was also a slave to hers as well. All i knew was that she was friendly. And my matriarchs let her take me to work each weekday. I think she really loved a younger man such as myself. I was just 22. And on the way to work we talked so much and got to know each other. That was when she displayed her arches on the dashboard and made me hard without her knowledge. After the Summer was over, she even started to rub my leg.

She even wanted me to rub her feet just before i got out the car. Things got steamy. With body like hers, how could i turn her down. I gave her foot rubs each work day. Then one day, she felt my cock in stead of my leg.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. I was rock hard. This was when she drove me to her house.

In front of her garage, she was curious. She proceeded to unzip me. Then pull down my boxers. We were already in her house before this happened.

Once my member had breathing room, she wondered what made me so hard.

She just kept staring in awe. “Your high arched feet make me hard. I love the shape, the curves, the beauty of the sex appeal behind it. It is like the forbidden fruit. Yet, it is so irresistible to the eyes. Once i become stiff, i am horny for so long. Fantasizing of what I could do with your feet afterwards. Wanting to keep the image of your arches in my mind, i masturbate to the desires i have about them. Thinking about them.” I explained.

“Wow, you must really love arches, your cock is bouncing because of my foot dangle?” She asked.

“Yes!” I replied.

“You fantasize about my arches ever since i moved in?” She asked.


“Ive never met a foot man before. Let alone one into arches. Im so old. But i have always wanted a man to rub my feet. I didn’t know my feet could make a man so hard. Am i that so desirable? So sexy? ” She asked.

“Oh yes, Sheila. I’ve wanted you since you moved in. Your plus sized thick body, and high arches make you pure dynamite. You’ve always been my type of woman!” I said.

“Thank you!” She replied. “You’re welcome.” I said.

Then at that moment, she kneeled. Lowered her head and started to wrap her mouth around my stiff member. We eventually had sex that night. It’s been continuing for months. We became so happy, mom’s minister led our wedding and had mom’s blessings. Although i moved into Sheila’s house, I was still controlled by mom and aunt. They were still my bosses. And visited whenever they wanted.

But Sheila’s arches were now a dream come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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