Her Craving Pt. 01

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All the characters participated in such action are aged over 18. Enjoy the story and keep an eye on the sequels to.


We were young and beautiful. It was a fine evening when my best friend Anna approached me. I was quickly finishing my school work so that can leave for the home. She came and asked me if I can accompany her to the library to find a book which she cannot find herself. I thought it won’t take much of my time besides she is my best friend.

She was a tall, slender, slim girl with firm breasts and a long leg which I admired mostly. She was gorgeous with her dark brown hair and sharp eye. Her lips were perfectly shaped at the edge. I was always a small one compared to her. We went in the library. Students don’t come here often if not they want some mischief to be done. We were looking through some pile of books filled with dust. It was an old section of the library.

I asked her, “what do you want this book for?”

“For my uncle honey,” she replied, “he is in academics so he wanted it for some research.”

We kept looking. Suddenly she looked at me and said,

“Can you do me a favor? can you rub my pussy a bit, üvey kız kardeş porno John kissed me and was just going to put her penis in me when our teacher came and we had to stop but then he left for another bitch, cause he couldn’t wait.”

I knew John, he was almost a school gigolo, with all his favor of doing sex to the ladies.

Although it was weird for me but I said to myself, “it won’t hurt to rub a pussy and when she is your best friend and want you to do it.”

No one was at the library, it was after school that we were there, doing some extra work. I took the opportunity. I turned her front to the wall which was in between two book shelf. Pulled her skirt up and stretched her pantie down, she was wearing a pink thong. I put my hand onto her warm and wet pussy, felt friction of her inner lips on my finger and slowly started rubbing her clit with my index finger. It was so slippery and warm that I felt really good. She purred like a cat which turned me on suddenly. I started rubbing really nice and gentle. My finger is rubbing against rim of her inner pussy lips and sliding into her clit for xnxx porno it was so slippery. She started dripping on the floor. Her wet fluid dropping all the way downward on my feet now. I got excited, I pulled her skirt upward and her pantie out of her legs then slapped on her pussy. She wanted to scream but bit her lips instead. Her slippery and wet pussy made a squishing sound. I rubbed my whole hand on her pussy so fast and her butt trembled.

She was standing on her toe with her face on the wall attached and her hands too, trying to cling to it in pain and pleasure. I came close to her neck and started kissing it and sucking it while my hand is on her pussy rubbing her clit and her lips very fast. She moaned and I could feel her warm pussy fluid pouring on my hand. She turned to face me and kissed my mouth. She took off her skirt and we closed the door quickly. She sat on the table with her legs open wide for me and craved me to come and eat it. I was only doing a favor but I was excited too. I kissed her inner thigh and run my fingers on her sexy leg. She closed her eyes and her neck was facing her back revealing her collar bone. zenci porno I went up kissed her on her collar bone, she pressed me close to her breasts. I unbutton her shirt and took her reddish nipples into my mouth. I played with the tips of her nipples with my strong tongue. She could feel I have a strong tongue. She craved me on her pussy by holding my one hand placing it to her pussy. I went down and started the licking. I stick my tongue into her pussy and then went back and forth, when she was used to that way suddenly I reach for her clit with my tongue. I put her clit into my mouth and started sucking it. Her clit was big and her inner pussy lips were full. I sucked it so hard that she squirmed. She tried not to cum for a long but then she moved her hips, opened her legs wider, and started pushing her pussy on my tongue.

“Yeah, keep doing that baby, make me your little slut,” she added moaning.

I took her inner pussy lips into my mouth and started sucking and licking. As my strong tongue touched her lips she couldn’t wait any longer. She screamed aloud and filled my mouth in her cum. Her cum was flowing through the edge of my lips. It was tasty. She removed her pussy from my mouth and was breathing hard.

We heard a throbbing at the door. She quickly get dressed and told me that next time she would bring a surprise for me. And she wanted more of it. I like doing her too and I imagined myself what could that be,

“Well a strap on I wish.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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