Her Dom Ch. 02

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He grinned down at the woman lying at His feet. To say it was an erotic sight was to understate the situation. He pushed on one of her legs, making her legs spread apart more…and making the wet spot between her legs, on the crotch of her silk panties, even more obvious. “Mmmmm,” He groaned, crouching next to her and swiping His fingers over the damp spot. Rhia moaned in fear and arousal and moved as if to get further from Marc. He grabbed her hair, stopping her immediately. “I really need to get you a collar and leash,” He murmured, almost to Himself. He then looked sternly at her. “You are an undisciplined, spoiled brat. You need discipline and

boundaries…and I am going to be the One to teach them to you. Do you understand?”

When she failed to respond, He shook her, firmly but gently, by her long lustrous black hair. She looked at Him, shocked, and then she said quickly, “Yes…yes, I understand!”

“I understand…?” He prompted when she stopped. She looked at Him, confused. What more did He want?

“You will call Me ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’,” He informed her as His hand reached down to caress her wet vulva through the panties she was wearing. She moaned, but this time did not try to move away.

“Yes…I understand…Sir!” This time she answered fully and promptly. She felt herself getting wetter and aching even more in her cunt. What was happening to her? She was never out of control sexually like this! All this man had to do was say a few words and rub on her pussy, and she dissolved into a puddle of submissive goo??

“Now look what you’ve done…,” He sighed, as if He was disgusted or disappointed. “Your panties kuşadası escort are soaked…I think we need to take them off you.”

She began to shake…this looked like she was going to have some unpleasant experiences in her future. But her body betrayed her thoughts, as a flush traveled up her throat and face; her tongue licked her lips and her breathing began to increase. Her body was obviously not convinced it was an unpleasant prospect…!

She felt His hands sliding her dress away from her legs and then grasping the sides of her panties. He tried to tug the panties down her hips; she lifted her hips, without being asked, and He was able to pull the panties down to her thighs. She suddenly thumped back down onto her bottom again, shocked. She had cooperated with Him! He pulled her panties off the rest of the way; she was too shocked and stunned to resist. What was going on with her?

He tossed her panties aside and stroked her stocking-clad thighs. She moaned and threw her head back, feeling aroused beyond anything she had ever felt before. His fingers slid lightly over her skin, giving her goosebumps and making her shiver. She found herself wishing He would move His fingers closer to her hot, wet love canal; it ached so badly she could hardly think straight. She tried to subtly move her groin closer to His fingers, hoping He’d just think she was moving to get away from His fingers.

She heard Him chuckle, and His fingers stopped rubbing against her skin. She almost screamed in frustration as He withdrew his fingers, chiding her with, “Oh no…greedy, undisciplined girls have to learn discipline and control kuşadası escort bayan before getting a reward.” She moaned, and then begged Him, “Please…please…”

“Please please what?” she heard Him say half-mockingly, half-amusedly. “Please please take you home? Please please give you back your panties? Please please what? If you don’t tell me I won’t know.”

She gulped; could lust and desire truly make her change her mind this quickly? But right now her cunt was on fire and she really didn’t care how she got here or why; all she wanted was a good hard fuck. In her mind, she gasped to even think the word fuck, but she was losing all semblance of control. This was so unlike her – she usually had men begging her, with her teasing them, holding out the promise of more tantalizingly just out of their reach – and then in the end denying them anything at all. She was what they used to call a prick-tease; she enjoyed the power her body gave her over men.

He knew this, knew this and more about her and had decided to turn the tables on her. He knew she needed discipline and direction in her life, and only a strong hand could provide it – she’d been left far too long to her own devices and had in consequence come to believe no one could gainsay her. She was also unhappy and lonely…He knew that too. He’d seen it in her eyes and knew that her lifestyle would be the end of her if something wasn’t done and done quickly. Besides, He thought to Himself sardonically as He looked at the flushed, aroused woman beneath Him, who said being a Good Samaritan couldn’t also be good for Him?

He placed His foot between escort kuşadası her flung-apart legs, His heel balanced on the floor, His toes hovering just mere centimeters above her aching vulva. She pushed herself up on her elbows, looking down at His foot, groaning out, “Oh god, just touch me!” He simply grinned and swung His foot back and forth, teasing her with its nearness to her need. She suddenly thrust her hips up – but as if He had read her mind, He rocked back onto His back foot and moved His weight back, causing His front foot to rise up and away from her efforts. She sobbed in frustration and sank back onto the rug. “Now darling Katt,” He purred at her, clearly enjoying the sight of her helpless and powerless, “let’s not forget who is in charge here, shall we?”

She glared at Him, then gasped when He grabbed her by the front of her dress and hauled her up to look her in the eyes. “I think we need to reinforce the fact that you are not in command here, my dear – I am,” He growled at her and had the satisfaction of seeing her eyes widen with fear. “I do have – resources – that will get the point across much more effectively, I think. And with much more lasting…impressions.”

He grabbed her wrist and half-dragged, half-led her out of the room, to a set of shadowed stairs that led down into a dark abyss. She shivered. It finally hit her – she was alone in this house with Him, and she knew nothing about Him…just that He had always been a kind, funny, genial man. But now…she shivered again. He could be an axe murderer! Then she mocked herself. She was getting paranoid…but this was not normal either!

They got to the bottom of the stairs and He fished out a key that unlocked a door in the wall. As the door swung open, she tried to peer around and see what was in the room, but couldn’t. She couldn’t see anything, in fact, due to the darkness..until He flipped the light switch.

And she gasped…

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