Her Petite Possession Ch. 11

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Brad relaxed as Kate walked down the road. It had been a nice day and now he was enjoying the constant buffeting and massaging with each step she took. Twisting one way, then the other as her glutes tensed and relaxed. One of his hems was riding up between her cheeks, but even that couldn’t change his good mood.

Today he was inside blue cotton shorts. Unlike jeans that gripped and pressed, these shorts only brushed gently against him, almost a tickling sensation. His tiny world inside her shorts was light and airy while still giving him the privacy to enjoy the intimate confines of Kate’s gorgeous body.

Kate reached her house and collapsed down on to the sofa. She used her feet to kick off the extra cushions and then stretched out her bare legs. As well as the short blue cotton shorts she was wearing a tight pink t-shirt that contoured around her modest breasts. She opened her legs and ran her fingers up and down her inner thighs. She felt sexy, she always did and the reason for that could just be seen inside the leg of her shorts.

Nestled inside Katie’s shorts was Brad. Brad had once been her partner, her lover and her soul mate. He was still all three, even though he’d long since been transformed into a pair of pink silk underwear. In fact their relationship had only become stronger in the two years that he’d spent nestling between Kate’s legs.

Kate had the power to turn him back, it would only take her a couple of seconds, but she hadn’t done so since he’d had to carry her down from the mountain a year earlier. A couple of times in the heat of an argument Brad had demanded that she turn him back, but in her anger she had point blank refused. A couple more times he’d raised the subject, but Kate had quickly talked him out of it, usually by rubbing her butt and bringing him to orgasm. Although neither of them would admit it, Brad was in effect her prisoner, not that that mattered as Brad had no desire to be released.

Katie pulled the crotch of her shorts to one side and looked inside.

“How you doing?” she asked as her fingertip pushed Brad against her clit.

“Mmm good,” he replied as he twitched against her manicured fingernail, “I take it that this is another of your subtle hints?”

Kate giggled, “Well if you’re offering…”

Brad started to massage her clit and as usual was rewarded by Kate opening her legs. Not only did this stop the part of him that encircled her crotch from being crushed, it also gave him a glimpse of her beautiful strong slim thighs. Brad loved summer, the short shorts, the short dresses and sometimes neither when they were alone in the house.

He thought back to when she had first shrunk him, still in human form but only one inch tall. In this form, he’d spent much of his time inside Kate’s underwear with her panties both holding him in place and acting as his cell, a private and completely escape proof jail. While he could arouse her, he’d been more distracted by keeping himself in one place. One minute he’d be touching her clit, the next he’d fall down into the crotch of underwear. The next he would slide backwards towards her butt at which point Kate had inevitably sat down on top of him.

Being transformed into her panties was definitely a step up. He could be everywhere at once. He could touch her clit and vagina, hug her butt and pull tight around her hips all the time. Also, depending on what Katie was wearing, he could grab glimpses of the world, as opposed to being held in permanent semi darkness behind a sheet of sheer silk material.

Brad had been lost in thought and had brought Katie to orgasm quicker than he’d intended. Her cries of pleasure brought him back to the present, followed shortly after by darkness as she closed and crossed her legs.

“Do you know that you’ve been down there for two years now?” Katie purred in a slightly smoky voice.

“I’ve been your prisoner for two years?”

“Not prisoner… lover,” Kate corrected as she squeezed her legs together more firmly, “It must be so nice inside there.”

“It’s just as well I like it… given your obsession with me touching your clit.”

Brad laid still, waiting and hoping that Kate’s legs would reopen so he could once again see out and hear the sounds of summer. When they didn’t he started to regret his words.

“Is my body as fit and sexy as it was two years ago?” Kate asked.

“I can’t really see it,” Brad replied, hoping that he could use that to his advantage.

“Wrong answer!”

“Of course it is sweetheart. You have a fantastic body.”

“Thank you! If I’d let myself go you’ve be a much stretched pair of panties by now.”

Brad certainly did appreciate her uber sexy body, even if he’d had to endure hundreds of long, Kartal Escort hard, sweat drenched workouts in the gym and the dance studio.

“And how many times have I sat in just my panties or worn a skirt with my legs open just so you can watch a movie?” she continued.

“Yes and been forced to touch you whenever and however you want or risk your legs snapping shut for the rest of the film.”

Katie giggled, opened her legs and reached down to stroke him.”

“You make me sound like such a bitch!”

Brad stayed quiet and looked up at the cute brunette through the leg of her shorts as he waited for the inevitable reaction. First she pouted and then she looked angrily determined.

“You’re living very dangerously today,” she said with purpose, “you’re only moments away from being inside my leather trousers. I can always do an ‘Emily’ on you.”

“Well she certainly had a fit body,” Brad teased.

“Right you’ve lost your fresh air and daylight!”

Kate crossed her legs tightly and checked to make sure that the blue cotton material was pulled tightly around her thighs. It was, he was sealed up. Brad was laughing and soon Kate was also giggling. These little play arguments were a fun way for Kate to demonstrate her power over him and usually led to mutual masturbation.

“Bitch!” Brad whispered as he touched her.

“I’ve just added another thousand years to your sentence,” Kate moaned back as she massaged her butt to stimulate him.

They both lay panting on the sofa. Kate was lying casually on her side with her legs together and Brad was looking between her thighs and the hem of her shorts to see if there was gap through which he could see out.

“Remember when I went rock climbing and had to wear that harness,” Kate reminisced.

“I remember the instructor saying you’d put it on too tightly.”

“Mmm, it was tight.”

“Which meant that I spent the day in the equivalent of a straight jacket.”

Kate giggled, “I wonder where I can buy one of those… to wear around the house”

It was starting to get dark and the evening air was now blowing in through the open windows. Kate looked down to see Brad nestled deeper between her legs in an attempt to keep warm, her shorts providing him with limited protection from the elements.

“Okay, so sometimes I ‘accidentally’ slip into my leather trousers and stuff,” Kate giggled while trying to position her head so that her long hair reached down to touch him, “but it’s only because I want to keep you safe and warm… like that time we were skiing and got stuck in the blizzard. It was all right for you tucked inside my salopettes.”

“And that time you wore leather trousers in the sauna?” Brad added.

“Oh yeah… one of my more sadistic days.”

“But I am cold now,” Brad admitted.”

“Me too, I’ll put some jeans on.”

Kate’s was now wearing jeans which buttoned up tightly around her slim waist. Brad relaxed again, enjoying the heat and scent building up inside.

“You know, we should celebrate our two year anniversary,” Kate said, sipping from the single glass of red wine, “and I have an idea…”


Kate and Brad woke early the next morning and drove to the beach. Brad was hidden inside a short cream coloured dress which reached only halfway down Kate’s tanned thighs. Short dresses were fantastic as Kate could pull them up to reveal him and give him one of her cutest smiles, something she certainly couldn’t do in jeans.

Kate was smiling at him as she drove, her bare toned thighs resting on the hot black leather seat. Running between them, her tight pink silk panties looked up at her adoringly. Today they were going to try something new.

“Now, you’ll need to do your best impression of bikini bottoms,” Kate smiled.

“What do bikini bottoms’ do?”

“I don’t know, bikini bottom things… I guess!”

Also hidden beneath Katie’s dress was a pink bikini top that was an almost perfect colour match for Brad. This would be the first time that Kate had worn him as an outer garment in public and they were both a little apprehensive of exposing Brad to the world.

“But you must stay still or people will see you and you’ll be back inside my shorts for the rest of the day!”

Even with the bikini disguise in place, Kate decided to walk to the far end of the beach before revealing him. She knew Brad was getting excited by the constant twitching between her legs, the anticipation was getting to him and he was still tucked away inside her dress. Brad would be watching her bare feet step and sink in to the hot white sand and then re-emerging, flicking dry sand into the air and stepping again. Poor guy, she thought to herself, this beautiful Pendik Escort beach and all he could do was watch her feet.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” Brad exclaimed, as Kate found a quiet spot and slipped out of her dress, “I can see so much!”

Kate smiled to herself. She’d walked passed many attractive women, but had waited until they were tiny specks in the distance before undressing. She sat down, picked up some warm sand and let it fall out of her hand and on to her bikini bottoms.

Brad hadn’t seen, smelt or tasted anything other than Katie’s body for so long that he was in sensory overload. The soft sand, the smell of salt mixed with the scent of the vegetation at the back of the beach, the hot wind and the sound of the waves were almost too much to take. They were also invoking memories of his old life.

“Do you remember when we made out on this beach… back before…,” he said, not wanting to say the word ‘transformed’.

“Kind of.”

“Fuck that was fun…”

Kate didn’t like to talk about their life before transformation. She picked up the sun cream and started to massage it into her long legs, spending several minutes on just her inner thighs. Her panties were now silent and she knew from experience that they would now be totally focused on her shiny tanned legs.

She lay down on her front on the towel and rested her brimmed sun hat on her head. It was midday, the sun was at its hottest and Kate’s skin was sizzling with a mix of perspiration and sun cream. Kate could feel the heat with almost no breeze to dissipate the sun’s energy and when Kate was hot, Brad was hotter. The strong UV hit him from the outside and Kate’s butt radiated heat from the inside.

“You’ll become my new bikini line,” Kate giggled, enjoying the heat on her semi naked body.

“It will be an honour,” he joked.

“Well make sure you stay straight, I don’t want a lopsided tan line.”

Kate started to daydream, her eyes closed, focusing only on her twitching bikini bottoms that were increasingly blinking and fidgeting in response to the heat. They had already tried to pull in between her butt cheeks to escape the sun, but she had quickly ordered them back out. It was a cruel fact of the spell that Brad could twitch and pull and tighten, but was completely unable to pull himself off her hips. She could dose in the knowledge that he was going nowhere.

Kate rolled off the towel and on to the hot dry sand until it stuck to her damp body. “Imagine we were shipwrecked on a desert island,” she purred as she stretched out in the hot sand, her hips thrusting forward as a signal for Brad to touch her.

“You’d have to turn me back into a guy so I could find food and shelter.”

“You’re so sexist!” she exclaimed, “Why can’t women do those things?”

“Just trying to help.”

“Your job would be me kiss my clit.”

“Aren’t food and shelter more important?”

“Not to me,” Kate breathed as she rolled over and over until Brad was covered in sand.

The initial excitement had gone and Brad was starting to feel exposed, the sun’s rays, the wind and the sticking sand were starting to make him feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

“Maybe you should put some clothes on?” he asked hesitantly.

Kate’s lips broke into a smile, “Really?”

“It feels strange out here.”

“Oh baby… would you like to snuggle up safely inside my dress?”

Brad was eyeing up a pair of her white cotton shorts that were lying in her bag, “And shorts…?”

“Oh my sweetie,” Kate blurted as she stood up and squeezed her damp butt back into the cotton shorts and buttoned them up, “Is that better?”

Brad started to relax and let out another sigh of relief as Kate sat down on her towel pinning him beneath her. With her legs wide apart, she looked down into the trouser leg of her shorts to see the pink fabric lying deep inside.

“You okay in there?”

“I’m fine,” Brad replied, embarrassed that he hadn’t been able to survive exposure to the elements. Fuck, she had made him so dependent on her.

“It’s okay to want to stay deeply buried darling.”

“I’ll be okay next time.”

“There won’t be a next time sweetie.”

“I just need to break myself in slowly.”

Kate lay back down on her towel, her head resting on her bag, her long wet ponytail snaking down behind her. The sun was still as hot and this time she was dressed in tight shorts.

“You are going to sizzle,” she purred with her eyes closed.

She perspiration was starting to soak through him and into her shorts.

“Next time I’ll be fine,” Brad repeated.

Kate sighed to herself. “Every day you spend on my body makes you more dependent on me. Soon I’ll Göztepe Escort have to keep you beneath a second pair of panties… to keep out all that nasty light and air.”

“Maybe if you turned me back into a man for a few minutes a day it would help me?”

This time Kate laughed out loud, “That will never happen.”

She rubbed the back of her shorts to stimulate him, taking him from his ever constant arousal to the point of ecstasy that regular guys only experience for a few seconds. Within ten minutes he was shaking from over stimulation and begging her to stop.

“Fucking hell,” he panted deliriously.

“Now if you look carefully between my legs you’ll see a hot pussy…”


Failing the bikini test had been disappointing for Brad. He’d survived a weekend inside Kate’s cousin’s leather trousers, yet an hour exposed on the beach had been too much to take.

Failing the bikini test had also encouraged Kate to wear even tighter clothing. This had always been her preference and now she had yet another excuse to squeeze into her leather trousers. It felt sexy having Brad pinned tightly against her body and she loved the idea of completely cutting him off from the outside world. Like this her body was his entire world.

Kate woke up and as always she indulged in an hour of lovemaking with her underwear. Brad had brought her to orgasm three times before she’d even pulled back the duvet and let light and fresh air into his warm damp underworld. Her long dark hair framed the sides of her face and her eyes had the glaze of an over aroused woman.

Today, though, she had a new treat for her helpless prisoner, one that involved a new pair of white jeans.

“These will become your nemesis,” she smiled, her voice dry and husky, “These are shrink fit.”

“They look as though they’ll barely fit you now!”

“Let’s see shall we…”

Kate’s pert breasts jiggled as she stepped into the jeans and eased them up her legs. She was a tiny bit bigger than she’d been two year earlier when she had first transformed Brad and he’d had no choice but to accommodate her slightly more womanly curves. The jeans also had to deal with her slightly fuller figure, but they slowly eased up over her hips until their high waisted cut buttoned up around her narrow waist.

“They’ll be no peeping out from in here?” Katie said firmly.

“I never peep out!”

“Oh really?”

Kate knew that her favourite pair of Pepe jeans, although tight, created a small gap at the back of the waistband when she sat down. Coupled with a short top, Brad could see out on to the world. She’d even felt him pull himself up for a better view.

“Your Pepe jeans don’t give the biggest view on the world.”

“Ha! So you admit it.”

“But I’m trapped inside your jeans and you’re sitting on me,” Brad protested, “I’m hardly going to run off and fuck the waitress!”

Kate loved to tease him and her lips broke into a smile. “Think you’ll see much in these jeans?”


“And they haven’t even tightened to the exact shape of my body… yet.”

Wearing nothing but Brad and the jeans, Kate stepped gingerly into the hot bath, breathing slowly as the water soaked through the denim, through Brad and into her body. “Can you feel the denim tightening?”

Kate could certainly feel the material shrinking around her hips and pulling erotically between her legs. She could sense Brad twitching around inside the tightening jeans, no doubt apprehensive about how tight they might go. She was so tempted to ask him to touch her, his touch was always amplified under water, but this time she resisted the urge and left him to contemplate his fate.

She climbed out of the hot bath, grabbed a towel and lay down on her small roof terrace. The sun’s rays were warming her jeans and sucking out the moisture. As they dried, the denim tightened further, moulding itself around her body. The jeans were now permanently locked in ‘Kate’ shape, with little room for anything else inside.

“Honey, even I may not be able to escape these jeans,” Kate breathed, “You sure as hell won’t!”

She stood up and walked back into the house. Every step created a battle between her butt and the jeans which hugged her relentlessly. The combination of Brad next to her skin and tight clothing had always aroused her and this was extra wonderful. The denim moulded and folded so perfectly against her butt that she wasn’t sure whether Brad’s movements were voluntary. He hadn’t spoken a word since the denim encased him and she didn’t like to ask.

Brad was in complete surrender, letting himself bend and stretch with her movement. Fighting against her body was pointless. He looked up at the waistband that sealed around her waist and was hopelessly out of reach above him. Looking down was even more claustrophobic, with the jeans skin tight around her crotch.

Kate laid on her bed and spread her legs. “Okay honey, unless you think you can escape me, I suggest you get to work…”

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