Her Special Gift: The Dress… (director’s cut)

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Her Special Gift: The Dress… (director’s cut)

It was casual day at the High School were Jennifer taught and she and a few other teachers decided to wear school uniforms for a twist. Roger noticed his wife wearing the light cotton summer dress the students normally wore as she left for work and thought it was cute, however in the busy morning rush of getting their two kids ready for school, it was soon forgotten. However, throughout the day he thought of his 40 year old wife in the dress and found himself getting slightly aroused. Jennifer was still very fit, her attractive looks that first attracted him 15 years ago were still evident, and she was in good shape for a Mum. Unexpectedly, he called her during the day to see how her day was.

Roger arrived home at the usual time, but noticed the house was unusually quiet. As he walked into the large living area, Jennifer walked out from the bedroom still dressed in the short checked school dress.

“The kids are at your parents house tonight” she smiled passing him a whiskey.

“Just the two of us?” he smiled. As he sat in the large arm chair and switched on the television he asked “How was your day?”

Jennifer walked over to him and sat on his knee. “Strangely, I felt all the male eyes following me around. It was a bit of a turn on actually.” Jennifer smiled at her husband. Roger put his glass down “I can understand why they were watching you. That wear that dress well.” he replied.

With that Jennifer lowered her head and kissed her husband. As her lips touched his, he gently nibbled on her lower lip. He was surprised to feel her tongue slide into his wet mouth, as she normally only did that in the bedroom before they made love. Her eagerness continued with the kiss becoming more passionate. This encouraged Roger to respond in kind. His large, soft hand (an office worker’s hand) slid up her body to cup her small breast. His thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple until she grew hard to his touch. Roger nibbled his wife’s neck and Jennifer softly groaned.

Roger was again a little surprised by how fast their passion was rising. Jennifer was a good lover, but usually very conventional and confined to the bed. He felt the heat building in his groin. Roger ran his hand down the front of the school dress, over his Jennifer’s stomach, down to her well toned bare thigh. His large fingers slowly strummed her soft skin as he bit her neck. Sitting with her back to her husband, Jennifer slid her small hand down to his crotch and felt his growing hardness. The suprises continued when Jennifer Cebeci Escort whispered into her husband’s ear “Finger me.” Roger realized the dress was the reason for this act. Jennifer and he would pretend they were teens again losing their virginity. They hadn’t met each other until their mid twenties, so tonight they were making up for those lost years.

Roger lifted the checked dress up over his wife’s thighs until he saw the white cotton panties she was wearing. Jennifer leant her head back onto her husband’s shoulder, pushing her pelvis forward. His large hand ran along her thigh, over the warm cotton until he could push an long index finger under the material. He felt the soft golden brown hairs of his wife’s pussy. Sliding his finger under further he traced the soft flesh of her slit with the tip of his finger until he felt her enlarged clitoris. Jennifer moaned “Finger me, please.” Roger again traced the groove of her lips down, noticing her sudden wetness. Finally his index finger rested against her opening. Slowly he pushed up into his wife. Jennifer groaned. Working his finger out and in, his thumb circled her swollen clit. Pushing the cotton to the side, Roger’s index finger was soon joined by two other fingers working in and out of the soaking hole surrounded by damp auburn hair.

Reaching down and taking his hand away, Jennifer felt for her husband’s erection, rubbing him through his trousers. Roger quickly unzipped his fly and opened the waist of his trousers. Jennifer’s hand reached down and pulled her husband’s erect penis out of his shorts, caressing the shaft. Roger’s turn to moan. Jennifer worked her small fist up and down his hot shaft softly squeezing the head. Roger’s free hand resumed the attention he had given to her wetness.

“Make love to my virgin pussy” Jennifer whispered the lines of the role play to who husband, as she pulled his hand up to her mouth and sucked her juices off his fingers. Roger positioned himself under his wife, pulling the white cotton aside. Jennifer spread herself on the arms of the chair as her husband lifted her up. Leaning to kiss his open mouth, Jennifer was ready to receive. Roger reached down and pushed the tip of his cock under his wife’s wet lips to the waiting opening. Kissing each other, they looked into one another’s eyes and smiled. As Roger pushed his pelvis upwards, Jennifer dropped herself onto his rigid cock. Roger slid into his wife. “How does it feel to have me inside you?” he purred. A moan was her only reply. Roger lifted his wife Kolej Escort up, and let her slide back down his shaft. His thumb soon found her aching clit and continued to make little circles.

In the mirror on the wall they watched as she slid on and off his glistening shaft. Jennifer slid down his six inches until her stretched pussy nestled into his pubic hair above his throbbing balls. The dress was riding up her stomach and the white panties were soaked. Up and down she slid, increasing the pace. Roger felt his approaching orgasm, brought faster by the role playing and daringness of his wife. Fighting hard to hold back his inevitable explosion, he bit his wife’s neck, leaving a love bite like teenagers do. Jennifer’s breath was starting to quicken too as Roger whispered between clenched teeth “Can I come in you?” . Jennifer nodded eagerly as she concentrated on her own climax. “I want to feel you cum inside me” she replied still in character. Roger could no longer control the thrusts of his penis and surrended to the tight grip of Jennifer’s pussy. With a loud moan, he shot his load deep into his wife as she descended on to his shaft again. Jennifer continued to ride him. Up and Down. Now his shaft was covered with her juices and his cum. Finally Jennifer screamed as her intense climax riddled her body. Still unable to talk, they hungrily devoured each others mouths.

Sitting on her husband with his cock still hard inside her, Jennifer regained her breath. “I wish you had been the one to take my virginity all those years ago.”

Roger replied ” I am just pleased to be with you now.” he smiled. “But it would have been special to have been the first. another bond between us. I do regret missing that.”

“Mmmm” Jennifer replied “Hang on I have got an idea. Are you still horny?”

Roger felt like a teenager again, still hard and ready for seconds.

“Give me a minute and I will be fine”

“Stay here” Jennifer purred, climbing off her husband and walking to the bedroom.

After a brief moment, Roger heard his wife call him into the bedroom. When he got there she was lying on the bed still in the school dress with a cheeky smile on her face. Laying next to her, Roger kissed his wife and asked “What do you have in mind?” Caressing her husband Jennifer replied ” I want you to be the first” . Roger looked confused. Taking his hand Jennifer lead it down to her tight butt cheeks and placed his hand between her cheeks. “There” she whispered in his ear.

Roger was stunned. His Yenimahalle Escort wife was a sensible, conventional teacher and had never shown any interest in kinky sex, let alone anal sex. His excitement at the idea became obvious through the returning hardness in his cock. “Are you sure that is what you want?” he queried.

” I want you to experience a first with me. I want that special bond. I want you” Jennifer whispered in his ear and then rolled onto her stomach. Placing her palms flat onto the crisp white sheets, Jennifer drew her legs under her stomach, pushing her butt into the air. Roger had also never done this so he quickly knelt behind his wife, his cock swaying in the air. He then lifted the school dress over his wife’s shapely arse and stared at the white panties covering her raised butt.

Jennifer trembled with anticipation. She wouldn’t want this normally, but tonight she wanted to give her husband a gift – her virgin arse.

Slowly he pulled the panties down revealing her smooth butt cheeks and the waiting crack between them. He looked down seeing her trim bush slightly poking under leading up to her puckered sphincter. Roger smiled as he noticed she had already applied the lubricant – she was serious about this. Roger ran his hand along her crack and felt her tighten. “Relax” he assured her “Let me know if you want to stop.”

Leaning over his wife, Roger moved closer until his rock hard prick was resting between her hot cheeks. Reaching down he massaged her clit and Jennifer raised her head. “I want this” she said.

Roger pushed the tip of his rod to the tight bud. Applying pressure he still could not enter her at first. Pushing a little harder the head of his cock slid into her cherry butt. Slowly the length of him was swallowed within. “I love you” he whispered. Slowly he pulled out. Jennifer was surprised how easy it had been. The pain was minimal and the pleasure and bond they shared made up for any discomfort. She felt him slide back in. Roger was impressed by tight feeling of her butt caressing his shaft, and felt in complete control of this beautiful woman. For fifteen years they had made love, but this was the first time she had offered him this gift. It was well worth the wait.

As he quickened his pace, Jennifer began to push back onto him taking him deeper. Roger caressed her wet pussy as he pumped into her. Soon he felt the unmistaken feeling of an approaching orgasm and pushed in faster. Sensing this, Jennifer huskily said “Let me feel you cum inside me” . This was too much for her husband as his body shook in convulsions, he blew hot semen deep into her butt. As he slowly pulled out of her tight gripping hole, Jennifer moaned as his juices slid down her crack and tangled her golden hair. His stiff cock jerking involuntarily, glistening with his wife’s fluids, Roger collapsed next to his wife. She kissed his mouth. Their love was complete.

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