Hey Neighbors…

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The afternoon summer sun filtered its way through the mature oaks and palms that lined the street as the sweat beaded on my body and rolled off. Rounding the corner on my way to the deli, a newly familiar face appeared walking from the other direction.

“Hey man! Nice to see you not running for once, too damn hot to be doing that here. I’ve been waiting to catch you without your headphones in, you new to the neighborhood?”

“Yeah! I just moved in a couple weeks ago, I’m Pete, nice to meet you!” I replied.

“Pete, I’m Bill. I’ve noticed you bustin’ your ass running around here all the time, nice to see you taking it easy for once, where ya headed?”

Bill had a dark tan and light brown hair that was just starting to gray. He had a build like an ex-Tight End and was about 5’11. He was in great shape for a guy in his mid forties and showed it off wearing athletic shorts and a loose T-shirt.

“I was just headed down to get a Sub, not in the mood to cook tonight.” I responded.

“Oh man don’t waste your money there, c’mon in I just fired up the grill, you don’t have plans do you?”

I was a bit hesitant, but figured why not. I had been meaning to meet people in my neighborhood and wasn’t having much luck between work and exercise and up-keeping my place. I figured maybe he had some kids my age or something.

I followed Bill into his corner lot and was amazed with the beautiful secluded backyard he had. A high wood fence surrounded his pool and patio. Mature Banyan and Palm trees provided shade and a tropical ambiance. Reflections from the pool danced along with cool blue wood siding of his house while reggae played softly from just inside. Smoke from the grill lifted and diffused into the air and I was immediately at ease, taking a seat in a big Adirondack chair as Bill poured me a beer from his tap.

“So Pete, what’d Starzbet you move down here for?”

“Well, I had an opportunity to work with a Lab down here and guessed I wouldn’t mind living by the beach. I have no regrets about the move so far. Your house is awesome by the way.” I responded.

Bill poured himself a drink and came to join me while burgers sizzled on the grill. “Thanks! I don’t mind this place too much. I’m semi-retired with my wife here and we like to entertain. We don’t know too many people in this neighborhood though. There are a lot of snobs, so its nice to meet a young nice guy like yourself.”

My relaxation and amazement with the property didn’t allow me to question the appropriateness of a guy in his 40s to invite a 23 year old kid fresh out of college over for beers and burgers. Bill seemed genuine and nice, he was very easy to talk with. Landshark after Landshark didn’t hurt either. We were feeling a nice buzz by the time we heard a car door shut from outside the fence.

“Here comes trouble!” Bill chided as his wife walked into the yard. Debbie, also in her 40s, was the epitome of the women I pictured while I masturbated. Sun-kissed, a tad overweight in all the right places, and a personality that could get you hard in an instant. Her light auburn hair fell down just passed her shoulders and her sculpted legs popped out of white shorts. Her ass was wide and full and her tits hung a bit low in her bathing suit top.

“And what did the cat drag in this time?” Debbie smiled as I stood up from my chair to greet her. “So this is the speed demon who runs by every afternoon?” she inquired.

“Yes haha, it’s nice to meet you Debbie!”

“Nice to meet you Pete, excuse me guys, I’ll be right out.”

Debbie came back out in a beach cover up with a glass of wine and laid herself Starzbet Giriş down on a lounge in the sun. She chatted on the phone with someone as Bill and I polished off our burgers. The sun just hung on the horizon and the sky was a dim pink.

“Thanks so much for dinner Bill, it was nice meeting you and Debbie!” I said as I stood up.

“Hey Pete no prob! Why don’t you stick around for a bit, its Friday after all, right?”

I didn’t contest this as I really just would have watched TV the rest of the night at my place anyway. I settled back down for another beer as Bill started lighting tiki torches and candles around the patio. Debbie walked over and sat on the arm of my chair and went through the usual questions…do you have a girlfriend, do your folks miss you, etc., etc. While we were talking Bill snuck up from behind and playfully grabbed her tits. The lack of a reaction from Debbie was very sexy to me, as if anyone could grab her at anytime.

Bill pulled out a bottle of rum from behind the bar. By this time he had removed his shirt and his shorts were riding awfully low. I just figured he was too drunk to realize. You could tell that he had his pubic hair completely shaved and that he had started getting hard. After a few rounds of shots, Debbie grabbed his waist band and yanked down his shorts, “Oh just take them off already!” She shouted as everyone laughed. Bill made no attempt to regain his clothing and kicked his shorts to the side. “Alright your turn Pete!” Bill yelled. I played along and took off my shirt, but Debbie and Bill were persistent. I hesitantly slid my shorts down, and my cock catapulted out and slapped my stomach. Debbie shouted “Woooooooo!” And exposed her large pendulous breasts and shaved pussy as she playfully rubbed her ass against my pulsing cock. “Alright man!” Bill Starzbet Güncel Giriş exclaimed in approval.

I was at total ease and the gentle night breeze felt amazing on my naked body. All three of us continued doing shots as Debbie progressively would grab our cocks more and more, first playfully, then stroking.

As the alcohol soaked in, Bill explained how they usually hung out nude, and he was glad I was cool with it. we were sitting down on bar stools watching Debbie dance, and Bill reached over and took a hold of my cock. I had never had any desire to do anything sexual with a man, but for whatever reason I didn’t stop him. I was aroused beyond anything I had experienced and I let Bill’s hands rub over my body and cock. Debbie caught an eye of this and walked over, grabbed my neck and kissed me passionately. I laid down on a lounge as she sat on my face. Her thick thighs made it hard to breathe as I grabbed her ass and licked her persistently. Bill stood by and jacked off as Debbie slid down from my face and kissed me while gyrating on my body. Bill walked over and presented his hard cock in front of Debbie’s face as she took it in voraciously. Saliva and precum fell onto my lips as she licked it off. Debbie stood up and repositioned herself as my dick slid into her warm pussy. Her thick ass slammed into my thighs with a distinct thud as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. Her tits swung in perfect rhythm as Bill’s thrusts became more violent. A loud grunt preceded a thick load that fell over Debbie’s and My face and chests. “Oh fuck yes.” Debbie moaned. I felt an unmistakeable warmness in my taint as I slapped Debbie’s ass and told her my load was ready. She slid off me and took my cock into her mouth as the warmness moved through my balls and an explosion of sensation erupted in the tip of my penis. Cum leaked out of the corners of Debbie’s mouth as she slid my wet hard cock around her lips and greedily gobbled down every drop.

After cleaning up and recollecting my clothes, I said bye to the couple as they headed for bed. Leaving the gate, Bill high fived me and Debbie kissed my neck and bit my ear. “See you around stud.” she whispered into my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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