high school dance

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Its crazy how life can turn around in just one night.

I think so introductions are in order. Hi, im Liam im 15 years old and a sophomore at saint Joes high school. im 5’8 160 lbs white kinda husky. In fact I played center on the football team for jv. After the season was over there was a lot of free time in my life and I had to figure out. Then I met Amanda.

She was super hot. She was 5-4 maybe 120 in my class and had the most beautiful ebony skin tone, long jet black hair, and had the most beautiful curves ive ever seen. At least had a 34 c cup and had the biggest ass in the school. I swear I could follow that thang around all day and love it.

I had to figure out what to do with myself after school now that football was over, and she was there so we started talking. Nothing major, just talk about school and basically mess around. Then we started to text. That was great for me cuz I was texting the hottest girl at school.

One night we were talking and She asked me “Hey are you going to the dance on Friday night.”
“Yah probably, are you.”
“I don’t know yet, do you think it will be fun.”
“Yah you should totally go.” I responded
“ ok Ill go”
“ wear something sexy for me, lol.” I said jokingly.
“ you’ll see Friday night ;).” She responded.

That blew my mind because at that point we were friends and I didn’t think I had a shot in hell with her. That sexy response had me taking aback and made me rethink about a lot of things. Mostly I got excited for the dance.

That Sex hikayeleri Friday, all I could do all day was think about that night and the dance. It seemed like the day went on and on forever, but finally mercifully the final bell rang at three o’clock. The dance didn’t start till 7 so I had 4 hours to blow. Some of my football friends and I went back to my house to chill and play video games and stuff. I kicked them out around 530 so I could get ready.

I showered and shaved, and put on my nicest jeans and a collared button down shirt. I looked good.

I show up to the dance around 715 and im just chillin with my bruh cuz there isn’t that many ppl there yet. Then she walks In.

She deffently took my advice. She comes in with this skin tight strapless pink dress that only goes about 3 inches past her ass. Her 2 best friends were looking good to. Her friend white friend elizabeth had the same style of dress except in black. It really showed off her curvaceous ass. Her other friend Asian colleen had the same style of dress in gold. She had amazingly big tits atleast DD and this showed it. But Amanda looked the best.

She came over to me and said. “Well did I wear something sexy enough for you.”
I was speechless and barely said “yes.”
“good” she said “That’s exactly the reaction I want. Now come on lets dance.”

We all started dancing in a group but as the night progress the dancing got raunchier. Colleen had me up against the wall and was twerkin’ me hard, and then Elizabeth switched on. Sikiş hikayeleri I was really surprised cuz I didn’t know them that well but they were going all out. Then no hands came on by waka flocka and Amanda walked over to me and said. “ive been waiting for this song to come over and start dancing wit you.”
I said “why?”
She said “you’ll see in a minute.” In the sexiest voice ive herd in my life.

Right as the song started, she turned around bent over and back right into me and started grinding me so hard I thought my dick was gonna break through my pants. She turned around and said “ you like that”
I said “hell yah”

She responded in her sultry voice “ well your gonna like this even more then.”
She immediately pulled her dress up and revealed a small pink lacy thong and showed off her beautiful ass. She continued working me without missing a beat. As soon as the song was over she stood back up but still had her as on me and said “ you’ve seen mine. Now let me see yours.”

With that she drops right down and pulls down my pants and underwear to reveal my throbbing 9 inch member in all of its glory.
She said “OMG Liam, I had no Idea you were this big, I would a done this along time ago.”
“Do what?” I said.
“this” She responded and immediately took my dick in her mouth.

It was the most wonderful feeling in the world, her rolling her tongue over my member and taking it in after about a minute she had about five inches in and she reached her limit, so she just went up and Erotik hikaye down for another 5 minutes. Finally she took my dick out her mouth pulled her dress completely off and she looked amazing! Her tits perfectly accented her slim body and her ass was so perfectly round It was like it was sent from heaven.
She looked at me sexily and said “ you ready for all this…. Daddy.”

Her calling me daddy almost had me blow my load right there but I kept it together. She bent over again and backed into me for the second time that night. I lined up, and went in side of her. She instantly moaned, and was stationary for a second. But then she got going.

She was bouncing up and down on my dick yelling “oh daddy, fuck me daddy.” In fact people were starting to stare. Luckly my school was very liberal and this wasn’t the first time this had happended so every one went back to dancing. Amanda continually rode my cock in that position for another ten minutes. Then she told me to lie done and I did. She got on top of me and started riding cowgirl. She was moaning and said “you like it like that, daddy. You like my big juicy ass going up and down on your fat cock.”

Once again we switched back to doggy style and said “oh daddy im gonna cum.” Ten seconds later she screamed “OMG YES YES YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME.”
She squirted for a good minute and a half. I was about ready to blow my load. So I pulled out and told her to turn around. As soon as she did I came all over her face and her tits. A lot of it went in her mouth and she drank it all up. Then she sucked my dick clean. We both went into the bath room and cleaned up.

We both kissed and said goodbye, and I went home. It amazes me how much can change in one night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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