High School Mystery Ch. 04

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A short but sweet chapter before the long and shocking finale. I uploaded both at the same time, so the last part should follow shortly. Enjoy!

* * *

Walking back to his place Josh felt confused. Emma seemed so sweet and innocent, he barely believed she did the things she told him. But the images of her in an orgy on a boat were etched in his mind after her story. No surprise then that his excitement wouldn’t go away. His pants were straining and he was aching to give himself a release. It was just past four in the afternoon, his parents wouldn’t get home for another two hours, so he had the house to himself. When he walked on the patio before his house, he was stunned to see Katie lounging on the bench.

Josh stopped in his tracks. Katie had her eyes closed while she was enjoying the afternoon sun. Her legs were stretched out in front of her, a green summer dress covering the top of her thighs. Josh saw a hint of white panties in the dark between her legs. He swallowed hard.

“Katie, it’s so great to see you! What are you doing here?”

“My women’s rights’ group got canceled due to a family emergency of the coordinator, so I had two hours of free time. I thought I’d stop by and surprise you,” Katie smiled. She put a hand above her eyes to block out the sun. “I knocked but no-one was home.”

“My parents won’t be home from work for another hour or two, so the place is empty.”

Katie’s smile turned to a frown. “Is that Emma’s house you were coming from?”

“Yes, I helped her with some schoolwork,” he lied.

Still turned on by what happened earlier, he sat down on the bench. Before she could any other question, he took her in his arms, and they fell in a heavy kiss.

“I missed you,” he moaned.

She looked at him with sparkling eyes, his heart jumped. He dragged her to her feet and pulled her inside. As soon as the door closed, they were all over each other. Pushed up against the wall of the hallway, they kissed passionately. Katie moaned in response to his petting her body all over. The pent up excitement was washing over him, his fingers sliding under the hemline of her dress. He felt the soft fabric of her panties and started kneading her buttocks while she grabbed him tight.

“You’re so wild today!” she panted.

Instead of answering he kissed her neck and continued to her shoulder, licking and biting her exposed skin, rolling the strap of her dress away so it started to sag from her chest on the left side.

“Can we go somewhere more private?” Katie blushed, as her white bra came in view in his hallway.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her with him on the stairs to his room. When they got in, he closed the drapes so no one could see them. Katie had sat down on the bed and Josh joined her. They resumed their kissing Cebeci Escort and Josh slid the other strap from her shoulder, so the dress fell to her middle. Only her bra was now covering her delicate upper body. He admired her form, the way her auburn hair fell over her shoulders, how her nipples made little bumps in the thin fabric of her bra. The filtered light coming through the drapes played on her exposed skin. She looked a little embarrassed but grabbed his shirt and started dragging it upwards. He stretched out his hands so she could pull it over his head, feeling his skin glow under her gaze.

“You’re so beautiful Katie!” he whispered.

Josh looked deep into her brown eyes as his hands reached around her back. He unclasped her bra and pulled the straps from her shoulders, exposing her bosom to him for the first time. She blushed as he stared intently. They were smaller than Liz’s but very sexy in their own way. Perky and crowned by small, pointy nipples.

He laid her down and kissed her while he played with her boobs. Just like last time she seemed very much into it. His hand found the exposed skin of her thigh and started rubbing her there, making her squirm. Her face was red from excitement as his hand made his way to her panties. Softly he cupped her pussy through the thin layer of fabric. He could feel her dampness as he gently rubbed her folds, making her moan.

“Oh Josh, it feels so good!”

His fingers pushed aside the last barrier and started feeling around her pussy. He used some of the things Liz had shown him and Katie seemed to like what he was doing. He could feel his erection strained against his pants and he desperately needed to get off.

“Should I get protection?” he asked her.

She was biting her lip, looking at him with desire.

“We’re really gonna do it! That’s so hot,” she panted, “I’m glad it’s with you. Is it, is it your first time?”

“Yeah, you too?” Josh asked.

She nodded. “I’ve been on the pill for a while to correct my cycle, so we’re good.”

The realization hit him; he was really gonna have sex! The moment he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. His legs were shaking a little, but he jumped to his feet to unbutton his pants. She was watching with hungry eyes as he was stepping out of them, his boxers tenting with his erection. He suddenly felt self-conscious, but there was no point in waiting. He swallowed and pulled his boxer down letting his hard cock spring free.

Crawling back on the bed he gave her a long and sensual kiss. He felt her hand touching him down there and gently starting to jack him off. After some more kisses, she sat up straight and pulled her dress over her head, lifted her butt slightly and, pulled her panties Çıtır Escort down. She had a beautiful pussy, covered in short, dark hair. They resumed kissing, lying face to face next to each other, exploring each other’s most private parts.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“I guess,” was her giggling reply.

She turned on her back and he faced her. They smiled at each other, the feeling of shared intimacy was overwhelming. He tried to line up his cock and pushed, but instead of going in, he just slid through her slit making them both moan at the same time. It was so weird they both laughed.

“Second try? he whispered.

“Here let me help,” she replied.

He felt her hand grabbing his dick and putting in the right spot she pulled a little and he moved along, feeling the head sliding in.

“Softly now!” she moaned.

It felt so incredible he had to resist the urge to just drive ahead, the feeling of warmth and wetness around his dick was driving him crazy. He slowly pulled back before pushing himself a little deeper inside her. Watching down on her he saw she had her eyes closed, her face showing her ecstasy. As he slowly rocked back and forth, he could sense the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm. He took a deep breath to calm down and held still for a moment. The pause made Katie open her eyes and her gaze bore deep in him. He leaned in for a kiss that was slow and wet.

When their lips parted, he pushed himself in her again. He felt his body tensing and knew he couldn’t stop himself anymore. He started rocking harder, driving himself deeper and deeper while Katie’s moans were turning into screams. Her hands were on his buttocks, digging her nails into his tender flesh. He couldn’t control his own breath anymore, grunting as his dick seemed to swell up and explode inside her, one push after another he felt his semen spurting into her while his body was trembling and shaking. He fell down on her panting

“That was so great Katie!” Josh gasped.

“You can say that again.”

“That was so great Katie.”

She slapped his butt. “Idiot!” she giggled.

He grabbed her and started kissing her.

“When are your parents coming home?”

He checked the alarm clock next to his bed.

“We have at least another hour and a half,” Josh said.

“Can I take a quick shower here?”

“Depends, can I shower with you?”

“I guess,” she blushed a little.

They got up and he took her by the hand. She was walking a little funny, cupping her pussy with one hand.

“You don’t have to hide it,” he smiled.

“That’s not it,” she murmured with a red face. “You put quite a lot in me; I don’t want to make a mess.”


It was a little weird walking Demetevler Escort naked through the corridor to the bathroom door, but at the same time, it made him feel like he was a real adult. Once inside Katie immediately hopped in the shower and he followed her. They were looking at each other a little awkward, but soon they were rubbing soap all over each other, playing around and tickling. Josh put a lot of effort into washing her boobs and pussy while Katie thoroughly cleaned his cock that was coming back to half-mast. As the water poured down on them, they lost themselves in kisses again. Josh felt his stiff dick riding against her belly.

“Can we do it here?” he asked.

Katie looked unsure. “Not like this, I think. Maybe if I turn around?”

She faced the wall, leaning against it with her hands for support, her upper body leaning forward. From that position, she looked back at Josh, with a shy smile. He had never seen something quite so erotic as the water pouring over her back and dripping from her butt while she looked back at him, her long auburn hair wet and clinging to her back.

He stared at her mesmerized for a few seconds. In a trance he stepped forward, putting a hand above her hip. His lips found her neck and started kissing her wildly while his other hand started rubbing her pussy. He let his fingers slide through her slit, exploring her folds and probing her wet hole.

“Please, Josh,” she grunted.

He lined up his dick and slid it in from behind. Grabbing her hips, he started fucking her, the hot water battering down on the two of them. His body pushed up against her so he could feel her skin all over him. It freed his hands to wander upfront and massage her boobs. Katie was moaning his name. She felt so good he knew he wouldn’t last long like that. He pulled out and spun her around so he could pull her close for a deep kiss.

While they were kissing Katie tried to push herself down on his cock again, but it was difficult like that. He let himself drop to the floor of the shower on his knees and she followed, straddling him. He felt how she sank down on his cock. Their kiss became frantic as she started bouncing up and down driving him deeper and deeper inside her. His cock felt like it was burning when he reached his second orgasm, spilling his seed inside her. She kept fucking him, milking him to the last drop until it became painful, while never breaking their kiss. When it was finished they lay there in each other’s arms under the shower, staring at one another breathless.

It was a moment he would never forget the rest of his life. After rinsing off again, they giddily toweled each other dry and got dressed. They agreed to try and see each other that weekend, as there would be little time to meet up at school the next day. He had explained he would be busy on Saturday afternoon although he thought it better not to explain it would involve Emma and Brian. He assumed that would not take too long so they would meet up in the later afternoon at his place. After some more kisses, they dressed and said their goodbyes and Josh crashed in his bed, spent from the afternoon.

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