His Favorite Class

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“Holy shit,” Jason thought to himself as he gazed in a boredom-induced trance at the seat in front of him in his History class, “How could God create something so perfect?”

The object of his wonder wasn’t so much the seat in front of him but what sat in it. He worshipped Carmen Garrett’s ass for a solid three hours a week. It was perfect in every way. Carmen played volleyball year-round, and Jason often made a habit of frequenting her games just to stare at her spandex-clad ass. More often as not, he also got a tantalizing glimpse of her pussy lips highlighted by the spandex as they bulged out in back or camel-toed in front. Oh, how he wished to be a fly on the wall of that locker room after one of Carmen’s games, and he would lose track of the game fantasizing of what he would see there. The volleyball not only provided Jason with a ready source of fantasy and entertainment, but toned Carmen’s body to the point of distraction. She was everything a horny eighteen year old boy could ask for: five feet ten inches of intensely sexual, well-developed hotness. She had straw blonde hair with green eyes to match and smooth, tanned skin that had never seen a blemish. She had filled out early in high school, proudly touting the perky D-cup tits that would never grow on most women. She took to wearing slutty clothes then: short skirts and shirts that showed plenty of leg, cleavage, and navel. She quickly found she could manipulate her male companions with one touch or revealing gesture and managed to ply her wares for grades, money, and gifts without giving up her virginity for three years.

Not that any man would mind taking her virginity. She had the power and lithe gracefulness of a cat, the body of a model, and the sex drive of a fifteen year old boy. And then there was her ass. Jason looked comical every week for an entire year staring at it. It was two tanned globes of golden heaven, tightened and toned by a lifetime of sports. It was perfectly framed in any pair of jeans and stuck out enough to catch a boy’s attention, but had not an ounce of fat or cellulite. Years of adolescent males had yearned almost to hormonal madness to grab her ass and satisfy their every desire. Jason was no exception. The fact that he was failing History never bothered him. He spent all period with a raging hard-on down the leg of his jeans gazing at Carmen’s perfect ass in the seat in front of him. She probably noticed him at some point or another, but by that point she was so used to boys staring she didn’t care.

On this particular day it was a yellow thong that held Jason’s attention. Lace with a blue bow in middle, it poked up from the back of her jeans like a flag, hugging the contours of her ass. Every time she leaned forward, Jason could see where the band disappeared between her cheeks, and his cock twitched against his leg. More than once this year, Jason had left class to go back to his dorm room and jack off with the image of the day’s thong fresh in his mind. They made small talk some days, mostly assignment-related, but Jason never felt like she had anything but a friendly interest in him.

Not that Jason couldn’t get women. He had a steady stream of girlfriends in high school, each as willing as the last, but he was fresh from a rather violent breakup and just hadn’t been on the market for a while. He had several girls to choose from as a rebound, but they all paled compared with Carmen. She made his fit, six foot two inch frame look bad. Nonetheless, he never missed an opportunity to let her catch a glimpse of his abs, ripped from an eon of crunches and weightlifting, or his bulging manhood under his jeans. He knew his body, his easy smile, and his quick wit were his biggest assets, and he used them well on Carmen. She had always reacted to his jokes and comments with a friendly playfulness, but rumor had it she was desperate for a man and on this day Jason was determined to give one to her.

By the end of class Jason had let her catch him staring at her ass twice, made the erection in his jeans visible multiple times, and once found an excuse to stand beside her, his boner scant feet away from her face. There was nothing else he could do but wait for her to take action. The last fifteen minutes of class were spent concentrating on the professor, waiting for and willing his boner to deplete enough to make walking possible. Carmen remained as oblivious to his lust as usual.

Jason left History dejected, cock limp in his pants, tired, and feeling like a desperate failure. He wandered the almost-deserted hallways toward the exit in a preoccupied state, looking forward to nothing but a handful of conditioner and the memory of Carmen’s thong. He never noticed the empty science lab door, cracked open ever-so-slightly, or the faint scent of perfume on the air. Never noticed, that is, until he passed the door and was immediately pulled backward off his feet and into the darkness. No sooner had he made it to his feet in the lab before the door slammed shut and Carmen was on him. She pressed bursa eskort him back against the wall, grinding her body against his, panting with desire.

“God I’ve needed this,” she growled, “I’m so horny!”

She kissed him before he could reply, forcing her tongue into his confused mouth, raping his personal space with the speed and violence of a criminal. His arms were rigid in shock at his sides, eyes agape, as her hands curled around his back under his shirt.

“I need your cock, Jason. I need to feel you inside me!”

Carmen rubbed the zipper of her jeans against his cock as it nestled against his thigh. In that fleeting instant, Jason achieved clarity. This was his moment! All his confusion evaporated and he pushed back against her, entwining their tongues and embracing her sexual heat. His member hardened rapidly, fueling her desire as she felt its heat against her thighs.

She broke their kiss just long enough to lift his shirt off, followed by hers, and then went back to tasting his tongue. She ran her nails across his chest, pinching his nipples just hard enough to make his cock twitch in his jeans. His hands found the clasp of her light yellow bra and loosed it swiftly, suspending the garment solely on the pressure of her chest against his. He then ran his hands to the front of her jeans, across her smooth, tanned stomach, to the button and zipper, which were quickly dispatched. She wriggled against him, laughing softly between kisses, as he pushed her jeans past the very thong that had so fascinated him only half an hour earlier. Her pants dropped to her ankles and she stepped back and out of them, breaking their embrace and letting her bra fall to the ground on top of her rumpled jeans. He surveyed her fit, eighteen year old form for the first time. She beamed at him, exposing straight, white teeth as his eyes roamed her curves. She appreciated his body as well, noting the sweaty sheen to his torso and toned stomach and liking the wispy train of hair that ran from his chest to the defined mass in the crotch of his jeans. He had light brown hair, not quite as fair as hers; a square chin; and an impish smile that made her womanhood damp with arousal. She loved his appearance, and lusted to see if the rest of his anatomy was equally pleasing. But even she knew her body made him look inadequate and she wanted him to have the chance to study her.

Study he did, in smiling admiration. Her mottled blonde hair was loose at her shoulders, and she tossed it back, exposing the graceful curve of her neck. Her neck, however, took a backseat as she shook her head, sidelined by her breasts. Jason stared like a priest at a miracle as the firm globes of her tits bobbed up and down with each shake. Her nipples were poker-chip sized and dark brown, complimenting the bronzed skin of her large tits. He was surprised how perky they were, the nipples pointing out and slightly up, little pencil erasers swelled with pleasure. He longed to touch them, and stepped slightly forward, feet touching her discarded jeans as his eyes roamed downward. They settled on the triangle of moist, yellow cloth covering her virginal pussy before sliding down her seemingly endless legs. He finished by staring deep into the green of her eyes, speechless with wonder.

She laughed as he stepped up to meet her, “You don’t have to speak, just touch me.” And she kissed him again.

With a savageness to compensate for her initial fervor he attacked her nipples. He sucked the left one first, hearing her moan in response as the nipple hardened, then changed her moan to a gasp as he twisted the other nipple so hard it hurt. He slapped the whole breast, striking the tortured nipple with shocking accuracy, quickly turning it a few shades redder as Carmen wailed in pleasurable pain. Just as quickly he switched, soothing her tight nipple as he pinched the left to painful arousal. He held her in place with a left hand to her lower back, his pinky curled in the blue bow of her thong. Finishing with his abuse to her left breast, he rolled both nipples firmly in his hands, feeling their painful heat, before he kissed his way up her neck to her awaiting, gasping lips. It was a quick kiss this time, an apology from him for her enflamed nipples, which still shot pain and pleasure down her spine. She accepted his apology with her tongue, then pulled him quickly to the professor’s desk a few feet away, her gorgeous ass bobbing in front of his lurid gaze.

She stopped short, swinging him around in front of her and pushing him into the professor’s chair. It rolled back against the wall with his momentum, ending beside a wall-length chalkboard. He looked past her tits, at eye level now, and noticed for the first time all the lab tables in the room. He smiled at the thought that science students would use the same room for class in the morning, and wondered if they would smell the sex in the air. His smile vanished, however, as he settled back on Carmen’s eyes, which blazed like a verdant fire.

Though bursa bayan escort she was dressed in only athletic socks and a yellow lace thong, Jason quailed a bit in fear as she descended on him like a hawk on a mouse. Fresh meat she found, too, as she pulled his sneakers off, followed swiftly by his jeans and boxers in one pull. She hadn’t anticipated his size, and her eyes opened wide as saucers when his dick finally popped out from under the elastic of his boxers. It almost hit her on the way up, brushing her hair before settling in front of her face. It was a solid seven and a half inches but slim like his entire stature and curved slightly to the left as it pointed up his stomach. The head sat poised and bulbous on the top of a smooth, almost veinless shaft like a purple helmet. She was astonished to see that his pubic mound was smooth, freshly shaved, abruptly ending the thin trail of hair she had admired. All in all, however, she was not displeased in the least and longed to feel its size.

Jason watched, amused, as she cautiously grabbed his shaft and began to stroke. She loved the heat of his erection, its smoothness and the way it pulsed in her hand, and quickly found a perfect rhythm. He moaned in pleasure as she pulled the skin of his shaft around the base of his head up and down with each stroke, and his hips thrusted slightly with her guidance.

He gasped as she began to lick his scrotum, lapping at it like a cat, bunching his sac into folds on the tip of her tongue before going down for another lick. He could feel her hot breath on his taint as she wet his balls, sucking on them gently, one by one. Suddenly, she sucked hard and began to grind her free hand into his taint. He yelped as her mouth brought him to the verge of pain, but couldn’t pull away without stretching his nuts. The insistent hand at his taint, however, combined well with her strokes and generated a surprising amount of pleasure. She let his nuts go and smiled at his obvious enjoyment. Then she started on his cock.

With suction that would make a Hoover proud, Carmen went to work on his cockhead. If it wasn’t already swollen to the point of bursting, she soon remedied it, sucking blood to it as hard as she could. Her tongue caressed his head inside her mouth, flicking it and toying with his glans, making him groan. Her hands fondled his spit-moistened scrotum, pulling his nuts lightly to help him last longer. It was a technique she had mastered years earlier, and it left every guy on which she used it speechless.

Soon she started bobbing her head on his shaft, taking more of him and bumping his head against the back of her throat. He encouraged her, pushing the back of her head and thrusting his hips involuntarily, caught up in the sensation. She knew she couldn’t pull away so she participated wholeheartedly, gagging a few times but staying with it. She was able to take his whole cock after a short time, his balls hitting her chin with each bob of her head. She had given up trying to be erotic, and strings of saliva ran freely from her chin to his nuts and cock. Sweat made its way with the spit between her swaying breasts and down her stomach. He fucked her face unrestrained, using her like he had longed to, held back from orgasm only by her steady tug on his nuts.

His violent frenzy passed after a few minutes, to Carmen’s quiet relief, and she became active once again. His eyes rolled back in his head as she brushed her teeth with his dick, popping it out of her mouth with each brush. Her tongue continued to flit over his cockhead periodically, making him grunt and push into her throat, but she helped restrain him with one hand on the base of his shaft. For another five minutes she would methodically lick his smooth mound, run her lips down his shaft, then suckle his cockhead until he strained against her hands.

Bored with the rhythm, Carmen acted on a whim: while Jason was relaxed, waiting for her to tongue his mound again, Carmen swiftly located his glans below the head on the underside of his prick. He barely had time to stiffen in surprise before she nibbled it, rolling the bundle of nerves between her teeth and lightly stroking his shaft. Jason went wild. It was like no other pleasure he had ever experienced sexually, and he groaned with wild, animalistic vocalizations. He knew if she kept it up he’d blow his load all over her face in seconds, so as soon as she loosened her grip he pulled away.

He leaned forward, pulling his throbbing cock out of range, and lifted her face to look at him. Her hair was plastered to her face and neck, she panted furiously, and the lower half of her face was covered in spit and precum. But she was smiling and her eyes begged for more, so he obliged.

Wordlessly, he kissed her once, tasting his own cock on her mouth then pulled her to her feet. Still sitting, he rolled forward and rested his hands at the waistband of her thong. He smiled to see that the fabric over her pussy was completely bursa ucuz escort soaked with her desire, the moisture continuing to run down her thighs. She gasped excitedly as he suddenly yanked her panties down to her ankles, leaning in at the same time to smell her sex.

She was shaved as smooth as he, making her engorged clit and labia even more pronounced. Her lips glistened in the dim light, quivering slightly as she panted in arousal. He inhaled her pungent aroma, making sure to exhale his warm breath on her sex. She had never had a man this close to her most intimate parts before, but she was more eager and excited than she had ever been. She was also more ready. No sooner did he begin to lap the juices off her thighs than she snapped, slamming his shoulders back in the chair and straddling his cock.

“God, I’m ready!” she gasped huskily, widening his eyes with surprise and amusement, “Pop me, Jason. I want your cock!”

And without further ado, she lowered herself, slowly but surely, on his throbbing manhood.

She gasped and moaned as his cock tore through her maidenhead, pushing the limits of endurable pain, but still she sat. She tolerated his girth inside her until she painfully rested her ass on his scrotum. He almost laughed at her, so desperate but in so much doubt, and let her sit with him inside her long enough to adapt to the experience. After a few seconds he could flex his dick and draw nothing but moans of pleasure from Carmen. That’s when she started bouncing.

They were tentative bounces at first, more of a raising and lowering onto his dick, only taking half of his shaft at a time, until she realized it didn’t hurt anymore. He laid back, hands under his head, enjoying watching his dick slide in her wet cunt. As she rode faster, she felt the stirrings of something deep in her loins, something good. She leaned forward slightly, flexing her thighs to tighten herself around his smooth shaft. He now rubbed her swollen clit with each penetration as well, sending shock waves of pleasure up her spine. She opened her eyes for the first time, staring at his smirk, and smiled back. She brought his hands to her bouncing tits, using her hands on his shoulders to steady herself, and encouraged him to rub them. Rub he did, rolling her nipples and massaging her tits with the skill of an artist, making her shiver with pleasure as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

She started landing harder, yelping as his cockhead reached its limits inside her twat, but also grinding his nuts ever so slightly into the seat with her ass. His hands continued to twist and pull her nipples, drawing long moans from her throat, and she leaned forward, dangling her head over his chest. Since she couldn’t use her hands, she used her mouth, sucking and nibbling his nipples, drawing gasps of painful pleasure from his lips. He twisted harder and slapped her tits again, watching them sway with each smack and each thrust. She bounced harder in response, slapping her mound to his and grinding his nuts harder into the seat below him, rubbing her sex on him.

They both groaned and growled like animals, he thrusting up with all his might to meet her down stroke, their loins colliding in midair with full force. She screamed in ecstasy, forcing his pelvis back down to the chair at the expense of her pussy and squeezing his balls in retribution. She caught his arms with her hands, holding them down to the arms of the chair, out of reach of her nipples, and continued to torture his with her mouth. Her pussy was on fire, rocking her body with explosions of pleasure the likes of which she had never felt before. Her juices ran down his nuts and legs, dampening the entire front of the chair. His eyes, when open, stared around her bent head to her heaving tits, glistening with sweat from being pressed into his hard stomach.

She moaned constantly, finally distracted enough by pleasure to stop her painful retribution on his sore nipples, and never wavered in her ride. Jason knew she was close to orgasm and kept his thrusting up, driving his cock into her with full force as she threw all her weight down, impaling herself. He was close to climax himself and knew he couldn’t last much longer. His nuts rose against his body and his muscles tightened in preparation. She was clamped on his cock like a vise, wrapping his every inch in sopping silken pleasure. It was time for Jason’s last move.

Carmen had lost her violent dominance as pleasure weakened her body and her resolve. She relied on the armrests of the chair more for support now than anything else as pleasure rocked her entire form. With ease, Jason knocked her arms aside, staring into her surprised verdant eyes as she collapsed on top of him. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth, tasting his precum on her tongue, and wrapped his arms around her sweat-sheened torso to hold her in place. Her arms grabbed the sides of the seat of the chair uselessly, reaching around to hold his sides as her tits ground into his chest. He began pounding her from below, planting his feet to the tile to gain purchase and leverage. Her tits rubbed up and down on his chest with each thrust, as did her swollen clit on his slick mound. The slap of his groin on her sex filled the classroom, penetrated only by her moans and his primal grunts.

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