His First Violation

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I saw you step through the door. The room is dark and you look nervous. Eyes darting around the darkened house, looking for me. You hesitate closing the door, blanketing the room completely in darkness. You stand there, your little backpack in your hand.

From across the kitchen and in to the living room, I sit there watching you. My eyes long ago adjusting to the darkness. I can see your face, look of uncertainty.


I say nothing. Letting your words get swallowed by the silence.

“Mistress are you there?”


“Shut up boy, of course I am here.”

I can see your figure freeze, startled.

“Put your backpack down.”

“Kick your boots off.”

“Take your shirt off.”

“Roughly grab your right nipple with your finger tips. Squeeze hard, turning 180 degrees, pinch the tipper harder as you pull off.”

“Ahhhh, ohhhhh.”

I can see you hurting yourself, loving it. Your head back a bit, eyes closed.

“Now do the same to your left one.”

The moan escaped your lips, broken.

“Did you like that, my little pain whore.”

“God yes!”

“Take your pants off, slowly. Unbutton them as I watch you, rub yourself in the material before you slip them off.”

“Slide your boxers down, when you get to your ankles, hold that position.”

I watched you pull them down, your hands pausing at your ankles. You do not move. I smile to myself, good boy. I get up from the chair, walking quickly to you. Coming up behind your exposed ass. I take my crop and smack you hard on your right cheek. You jump in surprise a gasp is audible.

I laugh, “Didn’t see that coming, eh?”

Not waiting for a response, I smack you harder on your left ass cheek. I pull back and aim again, lower. The leather strands coming down with a thwack, hard on your balls, inner upper thighs.

Your body jerks, pleasing me further. I hit you 4 more times twice on each cheek. I hit you on your thighs, your back, gently tracing the red marks softly with the strands afterwards. I bend down, biting your ass, making you jump. Laughing I continue. Biting your ribs. Extremely pleased with every moan, whimper and plea that I can coerce from you.

“You like that bitch?”

“Yes Mistress, God yes.”

“Stand up, step out of your boxers completely. Now get on your hands and knees, assume your rightful position at my feet.”

You get down on all fours. I push my leather boot in your face, “Lick it bitch.”

After a moment I back up. I insert a silver bullet in to my pussy, pushing it deep, sinking in to my walls. I grab something else off the couch and walk back to you on the floor. I climb on top of your back, squishing my lips and my juices on to your skin. I want you to know, that hurting you, turns me on, makes me wet. I put my hand around your throat, circling it, putting a collar around your neck. I clasp it in the back towards me. Clipping a leash to kuşadası escort the clasp, I jerk up on it. I wrap my hand around it to get a better grip, testing the leashs’ strength. I start to grind on your back, “Tell me, tell me how you want to please me.”

“I want to lick…”

I pull on the leash hard. “Not in english, bitch you know what the fuck I want.”

You immediately switch to spanish, voice husky, strained. I release my grip on the leash. “Do you feel how wet you make your mistress? How hot I am against your skin? Do you feel the vibrations from the silver bullet deep in my pussy? Do you wish you could be there, inside of me. Feel my pussy lips wrap around your head down your rod.”

“Oh my God yes.”

I laughed a little, “Too bad bitch. Denied.”

I got off of you. I go and sit on the couch, spreading my legs wide. Your leash still in my hand, I pull you over to me, guiding your face into my hot throbbing lips. “Lick me now, please me.”

“Yes mistress.”

Your tongue darts in between my lips, instantly going for the clit. A moan escapes me. Flattening your tongue out, you start to lick and lap like a dog. The bullet is alive inside of me, adding extra extreme stimulation. You stop to suck on the top of the lips, where they come together, taking it all in your mouth you begin to suck. Oh my God, I grab the back of your head. Pushing you deeper, forcing you to smash against my pussy. You suck harder, greedily sucking. I cum instantaneously, squirting into your mouth, down your face. I do not release my grip on your head. Holding you fast to me, forcing you to continue sucking. My engorged cunt is sensitive, I cum again almost immediately.

“Kiss me” I pull you up to me. Crushing your lips against mine. I lick my cum off your lips, mingling with your tongue in your mouth for a moment. I scoot down on the couch, my pussy close to the edge, I take your hips and guide you in to me. Slowly, ever so slowly, relishing as every thick hot inch goes inside of me. The sound that came out of my mouth was catlike, high pitched. It felt so good, my cunt squeezing around your dick. As you fully slide in, I felt stuffed full, no extra space. Then your cock pulsed, growing larger inside of me. Not moving, I twitched around you.

“Fuck Mistress, this feel so good. You feel so good, swallowing my dick. I am so deep inside of you.”

I move against you, pushing the bullet deep deep inside, vibrating away. My breath is coming faster, the room is definately gettting hotter. I cum all over your dick, clawing your back as I do cum. My legs wrapped around your back, pulling you closer, deeper.

“Get off of me.”

You quickly withdraw, pouting in the dark.

“Move to the side of the couch, bend over the arm, put your hands palm sound down on the cushions.”

I watch you do so, putting that sweet ass in the air. Your hard cock pressing against the arm, Yummy. I turn away, kuşadası escort bayan going back to the chair. I pull the the silver bullet out of my pussy. I then inserted a large dildo into my cunt. I am so wet, it slips in without much resistance. I then put the harness on, snapping it on, inserting the dildo in to the front. I picked this one out just for you, big. black it was going to tear your little virgin ass up. You say you have been ass fucked, but not by me. I adjust the dildo, makiing sure it is in contact with the one inside of me, pushing the head of yours testing, oh yes. Thats what I want.

I light a cigarette, stalling, making you wait, wonder what I am about to do to you. We have talked about this in passing, but just that. Never really said either way how you felt, although I have told you I love to fuck with my strap on, love to pound with it. When you said you had tried it once, thats all I have thought of, is getting my hands on you, taking you, further making you my bitch. Walking back over to you, the weight of the dildo, bounces, makes a small circle. I can feel it hanging, the weight of it pushing on the dildo inside of me, juices dripping dwon my inner thighs.

I take one nail, starting from the base of your neck slowly trailing down to your ass, just hard enough to make you wonder if I am drawing blood. The edge sharp and precise, creating a red line down your body. I feel your body start to shudder, like you have a chill. This makes me hot, turns me on. I make another line on each side of your ribs, slowly. I spit on your ass, start rubbing it gently , then smacking it, hard. Making you jump. My mouth inches from one of your cheeks, “Why do you jump, are you nervous little one?”


“Get up, close your eyes, and get on your knees in front of me.”

I run my fingers through your hair, letting my nails scrape your scalp. Your mouth opens in a moan. Seeing your mouth open, I shoved the dildo in your mouth, gagging you. Holding the back of your head, I press it further into your throat. You are pushing against me, I pull out, long enough to hear your intake of breath, then ram it back in. Muffling anything you may or may not have to say. I start to fuck your face, “Suck it, bitch. Make it wet before I shove it in your ass. I don’t recommend going in dry.”

You try to say something, I just continued thrusting in your mouth. I then take it out, and start smacking you in the face with it. Pulling back and enjoying the sound of it hitting your face immensely. I push you away from me. “Bend over, puts your hands on the arm of the couch.”

“Oh yea, that’s how I like it.”

I grab the leash and wrap it around my hands a couple of times. Pulling your head back, asking in your ear, if you are ready? When you nod your head up and down, I drive into your ass, dry, but for a little bit of spit. You scream, try to move, but the arm of the couch is blocking you. My dildo escort kuşadası rams into my pussy, making me cum. Riding the orgasm, I start to grind in to you, jiggling up and down,. ramming in hard, trying to plummet all the way down. You are not even breathing by the time I come back down to earth. Your body is tensed, eyes wide open. I do not move for a minute. Feeling slightly guilty for losing myself so quick. How could I forget this was your first time. I have probably tore your ass with my need.

I let go of the leash, letting it fall to the ground, still inside of you I unclasp the collar. Taking it off of you I rub the red skin where it was, massaging your neck and shoulders as my hands go towards your ass, where my strap on invades your body. I massage the cheeks, rubbing them against the hard dildo. I pull out half way, eliciting a gasp from your lips, I reenter slowly, going on tip toes to continue pushing deeper inside of you.

“Are you okay?”


“Would you like me to go harder?”

“Oh God yes.”

I slowly drag out of you, to slam in just as soon as the head of it is almost out. I grab your shoulders, gaining leverage to push into you. Fucking you hard, losing myself to another orgasm, I stiffen up, can’t fucking stop my body from convulsing. Rocking in to you.

“Stand up, grab your dick and start to stroke him while I fuck your ass. Oh yeah, that is what I like. Faster.”

I pound your tight hole hard, pulling you back to me over and over again. With every thrust, my dildo pushes deeper in to me. I hear your gasps of air, no longer moaning, just a high pitched noise. Your thighs are tightening, abs tensing, the knowledge that you are close egging me on. I am so close to cumming again, faster, fucking faster, so close.

“Cum with me! Oh my God, now!”

I impale you one last time, pulling up on your ass, hands pushing your shoulders harder down on me. I close my eyes to the wave of pleasure coming over me, your final cry mixing with mine. Cum shoots out of your dick, covering my couch. I have never seen so much in my life. I withdrawl from you, enjoying the weight and gravity now pulling on my clit. No longer able to handle it in my pussy, I pushed it out with my muscles, hitting the ceramic tile with a loud thud. Unstrapping the dildo, letting the harness and the rubber fall to the ground.

“Come clean me up bitch, you have made me your Mistress all wet.”

Crawling to me, you greedily lick at my pussy. Licking up every drop of my cum, all of my sweet nectar. When I am satisfied you have done a worthy job, I push you back. Leaving you on your knees on the floor, I go in to the bedroom, pull the sheets back and lie in the bed.


“Yes Mistress?”

“Come give me a kiss goodnight.”

You kneel down, softly brushing your lips against mine, tongue tracing my lips asking for entry. I touch your cheek and kiss you deeply.

“Thank You for pleasing me, you can go now.”

“But… but Mistress. I was hoping I could stay here and wake up next to you in the morning.”

I laugh. “Silly boy, I am not your fucking girlfriend. You are here cause you amuse me, get the fuck out of my house boy. I will call you when I desire you.”

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