His Mother’s Boss Ch. 02

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Reese feels very nervous about what she is mentally preparing herself to do. She has given herself an entire night to get ready yet she feels like she is still back at square one, not sure how she is going to pull this off. Her son would be leaving his bedroom in about seven or eight minutes. That gives the woman a little bit of time to try to calm herself down. She takes deep breaths and sits down on a chair in the living room. This is going to be difficult. She knows it would be. How could it not? Her son just got dumped after dating someone for less than ten minutes and now wants to take it slow with her boss, but her boss wants to fuck him so she needs to find a way to get her son to do that.

She growls in frustration, feeling the urge to throw a glass of water across the room at the wall. But Reese doesn’t do that and instead waits patiently for her son to turn up so she can have an extremely awkward conversation with him. One that no mother should ever need to have with her son. Reese still can’t wrap her head around the idea of what she is about to do. She is going to treat her son like he’s a hoe she can sell to her boss for a promotion. Reese reminds herself that she gave birth to him and is therefore entitled to his body and can get him to have sex with whoever she wants.

Finally, Noah emerges from his bedroom. He has black circles under her eyes. Like his mother, he spent the night up until late, thinking over some problems related to a certain 28 years old ebony. He is ashamed to admit to himself that, whilst he is still pissed at how she used his mother’s career as a chip in a poker game, thinking about her perfect chocolate skin got him so hard. He found himself masturbating last night, imagining the powerful black woman on top of him, riding his hard on. Perhaps he should just forget about the argument and let her into his pants already?

The boy suddenly notices the look on his mother’s face. He can see how she is clearly frowning. Noah has never seen his mother look so tired before. Concerned for her, he quickly approaches Reese with a worried look on his face. “Is everything alright?” Noah asks his mother softly. She looks like she has been up all night last night, just like he kind of was. “Are you okay, mom? Do you have something you want to share with me?” He has no idea that he is walking right into her trap right now.

Reese feels a brief bout of guilt assail her but is reminded of the rewards she will get if she pulls this off. She forces herself to appear as frail as possible to evoke her son’s sympathy. Thankfully, her acting skills seem to be good enough. “Alicia called me to her office last night,” she tells him. Noah feels his entire body tense up. “She told me that she is going to fire me if I don’t do what she asked me to. I’ve already started packing things from my cubicle. Quite frankly, there isn’t much.”

Now he feels terrible about himself. He failed his mother. When she needed him the most, he couldn’t protect her. He let her fall victim to her predatory black boss’ evilness. Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves, he asks her in a shaking voice “What did she tell you to do, mom? What did she want from you? Tell me.” Noah is desperately hoping that there is some other reason she is getting fired, other than him not wanting to have sex before even going on a first date.

“It’s about you, actually,” Reese says. He could feel his blood run cold in his veins. So his worst fears are now about to be realised. He just can’t believe that Alicia would actually go this far. “She wants to have sex with you. When she called me over last night, she told me that I need to get you to sleep with her. If I couldn’t do that, then I’d have to look for a new job somewhere else.” She sighs. “I can’t believe I used to admire someone like her. Someone vindictive who only cares about she wants. Well, I guess I’ll start having to go to job interviews no. Might be difficult to land a job at my age with my credentials though.”

It makes Noah want to strangle himself for landing his mother in this mess. Because of his own selfishness, his mother is now unemployed, a very difficult situation to navigate a way out of. He has to fix this. There has to be a way. “I’ll go talk to her for you,” Noah tells her. “I’ll really try to persuade her not to do this. Maybe she’ll take pity on us.” He gets prepared to go to the office but she stops him, shaking her head.

“No,” she whispers. “I can’t ask that of you. It’s not your fault. This is life, my son. Shit happens to us even when we did nothing wrong. You just have to accept that. I have to accept it too. I now no longer have a job and that’s a fact. There is no denying it.” She sniffles slightly, wiping away ‘tears’ with a tissue. It breaks Noah’s heart to see her that way as she goes into the kitchen to prepare them their breakfast, telling him that she’ll start working on her resume in her room right after they finished the meal.

After having breakfast, yeni gaziantep escort Noah realises that there is only one thing he should be doing right now. He can’t let his mother become unemployed in this economy because of him. It will be very difficult for her to get a new job right now, much less one that pays as well as the one she has, or had. Even if he doesn’t want to have sex with someone who doesn’t respect him and sees him as an object, he still has to do it to save his mother, who raised him with great difficulty all by herself.


He gets to the building soon enough. Alicia is waiting for him in her office and quickly closes the door once he’s entered. She locks the door immediately after he got in and shut the drapes. “I knew you’d whore yourself out to save your mother,” she tells him before grabbing his chin and smashing her lips against his in a violence kiss. Her other hand reaches down and caresses his ass, before moving over to his crotch. His dick quickly stiffens when he feels the older woman’s hand on his balls. Alicia might have flat breasts but her perfect face and toned body more than make up for it.

Grabbing his balls, the beautiful black woman cups them and squeezes, feeling the tip of his prick pressing against her wrist. Noah blushes in spite of himself as she slides her hand up to fondle his diamond hard tool. Squeezing the rod through his pants, she presses her lips to his ear, exhaling on his cheek. “I’m only doing this if you promise you won’t fire my mother,” Noah tells her, backing away slightly, only for her to pin him to the wall with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I promise,” she says, unzipping his pants and stripping him so that his lower body is completely exposed. His full six inches is revealed to her and she touches the flesh, feeling his plump manhood throb in her fist as she starts jerking him off. She then gets rid of her tight pencil skirt, and he finds out that she isn’t wearing panties. The sight of her hairy pussy turns him on so much and he can tell that she is horny too, from how much juices is flowing from her black pussy. “Now get on your knees and start giving me head like a good little bitch. You are mine now.”

Her full bush is glistening and her black vagina smells slightly sour with sweat. He could see the sneakers in the corner of the room with a pair of used socks and she says “Yes, you guess correctly. I used the gym downstairs an hour ago and didn’t take a shower. My pussy still stinks.” Swallowing his pride, the white boy gets down on his knees and buries his face in the black woman’s pussy. “Good job, slut. Start eating me out and don’t stop till I cum all over your face.”

Noah grudgingly starts giving her oral. He kisses her vulva, licking up the sticky nectar. Her cunt tastes like vinegar as he sucks it, eating her pussy the way he’s seen porn stars do. It seems to be decent enough as she starts moaning. “That’s it, white boy. Suck my pussy,” she orders him, grinding her clit against his nose, face fucking Noah roughly. Pretty soon his face is covered in her nectar, throughly drenched with her womanly juices. She thrusts against him very hard and only pauses to give him a break after a few minutes.

Suddenly, someone walks into the room and squeals. Turning from the black pussy in front of him, he is surprised to find an attractive blond woman in her thirties, her eyes wide as saucers. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry, Ms Humphrey. I had no idea you were, you know….” she says nervously, watching the cute boy with his face inches away from her black boss’ cunt. Alicia grabs the back of his head and slams his face back between her muscular thighs, trapping his tongue in her pussy after he sticks it up into her tunnel.

“No worries, Stacey. I’m just using my whore’s tongue for the first time,” she says as she keeps on slamming her meaty pussy into the boy’s face. “Look at how slutty he is, eating his mom’s boss out, just to keep her job.” Alicia moans before climaxing. She squirts into Noah’s mouth and he can feel her pussy juice hit the back of his throat. “Do you want to see me suck his cock?” Stacey excitedly nods and Alicia yanks him up to his feet before getting on her knees.

The beautiful blonde watches, transfixed. She is staring intently at the way the black woman takes Noah’s dick into her mouth in one go. Alicia quickly starts bobbing her head back and forth, sucking the white dick eagerly. “You’re such a slut,” she says to Noah. “Look at you spreading your legs for a superior black woman. I bet your mom is proud of having a whore for her son.” Being slut-shamed somehow makes Noah’s dick even harder inside Alicia’s mouth as she continues to make his legs tremble with the amazing blowjob.

Alicia has given blowjobs before to muscular guys who demanded it. It’s the first time she is dominating a boy by sucking his dick so well he can hardly think. She looks up at gaziantep yeni escort him with his dick still in her mouth before withdrawing him from inside her lips. “You can get down and lick his balls too. I know you think he’s cute. Your face says it.” Stacey blushes slightly before getting down on her knees next to the ebony manager and then whipping her tongue out. “After he starts cumming in my mouth for a few seconds, pull his dick out and jerk him off so he pours the rest of his cum on my face,” Alicia orders Stacey before getting back to sucking Noah’s dick.

Feeling Alicia’s mouth around his cock and Stacey’s tongue licking his balls make Noah overwhelmed with pleasure. Soon he screams and begins unloading inside his mom’s boss’ welcoming mouth. His dick sprays jizz inside Alicia’s mouth and he quickly fills up her oral orifice with his warm cum. Alicia greedily swallows her employee’s son’s semen, enjoying the power she has. She has successfully blackmailed this cute white boy into cumming in her mouth and is now enjoying her reward.

Stacey yanks his dick out of the black woman’s mouth and strokes him like she ordered, making him spray his remaining loads on Alicia’s gorgeous face. When Noah sees his cum landing on the ebony woman’s forehead for the first time, it only turns him on more. He has the most intense orgasm of his life as he keeps on cumming on the beautiful black woman’s face, blasting white hot semen all over her features. His six inches cock keeps on throbbing as it fires ropes after ropes of cum onto his mom’s beautiful boss’ face. By the time he is done, he has completely soiled Alicia’s face in his cum, glazing the ebony bombshell’s cheeks, nose and lips.

“Your cock is mine,” Alicia says, touching his now flaccid dick. Fondling his balls, she tells him “Your balls are also mine.” Then she swipes some of the semen on her cheek into her mouth. “And your tasty cum is mine too. You no longer own your body. I do. From now on, you are, like I already told you, my personal whore. You will come over to fuck me whenever I want you to, if you don’t want your mother to lose her job.”

He nods dumbly and says “Yes, Ms. Humphrey.”

As he is about to leave, she says “Oh, and Noah. Once you get an acceptance letter, tell me which college you’ll be attending. I’m going to rent an apartment near it so we can be together all the time.”


Noah feels cheap and used after what just happened. He quickly gets home to find his mother still there. The boy quickly admits what he did and tells her that she no longer has to look for a new job, because she is more important than him. If he must be her boss’ sex slave for her to keep her job, then he will do it. He hates himself not only for allowing Alicia to use him as a fuck toy but for enjoying it as much as he did. He can’t believe how hard he cummed all over the stunning black woman’s face, soaking her cheeks with his semen. Stacey was right. He is a whore, a slutty white boy born to be used by a powerful black woman.

The next day, he finds himself back in Alicia’s office. This time he is slightly more relaxed after she already saw his cock once. Today she hasn’t undressed him yet though. Instead, she is fondling his balls through his trousers, making him moan into her mouth as the two of them French kiss. The woman’s strong arms then move up around his neck as she cradles him, her tongue battling his for dominance and easily winning the fight. His penis strains against the pants and press on her muscles thigh. It feels so wonderful and Noah actually finds himself quite willing to be her whore this time. He reasons with himself that it’s just him being more used to it.

Noah shivers as she creates a trail of hot kisses along the side of his neck. Her warm lips on his skin makes him feel more stirring in his groin as she gets rid of his trousers and briefs, bringing out his appendage. As she strokes his equipment with one hand and removes her skirt with the other, Noah asks her “Where is the condom?” Alicia doesn’t answer. He begins to panic as she looks into his eyes in a very meaningful way. “Please tell me you’ve got condoms. You are the one who want to do this to me. Or are you on the pill?”

Alicia shakes her head with a devious smirk on her face that makes Noah very confused. “I’m not on the pill and we are not going to use a condom. You are not going to pull out of me either.” He stares at her as if she’s grown a third arm out of her forehead. The fit ebony hottie is now shoving him onto the couch and straddling him, with the tip of his cock in contact with her opening. “I want to get pregnant with your baby. You are going to knock me up and give me your child. If you say no, then I will fire your mother.”

Noah stares at the attractive manager in complete horror as she now begins to descend upon his rigid pole. He tries to move out of the way but she grabs his pale shoulders gaziantep yeni escort bayan and press him down into the couch. The boy begs his mom’s boss “Please stop Ms Humphrey. I can’t be a father.” But she shakes her head and makes the glans enter her, sliding her body down and making his shaft go up into her warm tunnel. “Get off me. I don’t want to have a child.” She has his erection fully buried inside her in one stroke and is now resting on top of him.

“Stop now,” he begs the ebony beauty as she begins to move, riding the boy slowly at first. Her cunt squeezes him tightly as she clenched her well trained vaginal muscles around the tool. Noah moans as her wet folds pump his dick, caressing it as she bounces up and down on his cock, generating a blissful friction. The searing insides make him feel sensations Noah never thought possible. Her cunt is so moist, soaking him in her juices. “I’m begging you. I don’t want to make you pregnant. Ms. Humphrey, stop.”

Alicia shakes her head again and she now starts to fuck him. The older woman begins fucking Noah with slow, deliberate moves. Her pussy slides up and down his manhood, gripping him tightly and coating his shaft with her slick nectar. “You’re going to cum inside me and get me pregnant,” Alicia hisses at the moaning boy, her firm ass slapping against his balls as she gyrates on top of him. He can’t believe how tight she is. “Do you like my black pussy, white boy? Tell me.”

Noah is incredibly sensitive down there and his dick is on fire with pleasure. He is nearly passed out, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his mouth hanging open with his tongue out. “Ahh I love it,” he cries out. “Fuck me harder Ms Humphrey.” Her pussy makes Noah forget about the risk of pregnancy and he gives himself to her in his entirety, letting her have him how she wants. She grins and fucks the teen harder and faster, making him start screaming her name in incredible pleasure.

Pretty soon, the boy could no longer fight off his impending orgasm and he cums inside her. Noah screams as his dick fires multiple ropes of semen into Alicia’s pussy, filling her up with his cum. She stands up after he’s finished cumming, showing him the obscene volume of cum he’s pumped inside her. Then she lies on her back on the desk with her legs hanging down over the edge. “Come over here. You’ll be doing the work this time. Fuck me as hard as you can,” his mother’s boss orders him. “Like I said before, if you ever refuse to fuck me, you can tell your mom to start sending out her resumes right away.”

Noah stands at the edge of the table and looks at his mom’s boss who is still lying down on her back. He penetrates her and his dick is inside Alicia’s cunt for the second time. Shoving it all the way into her, he starts fucking the dark skinned woman. Her chocolate skin is getting perspired with sweat and he leans down to lick beads of it up from her round breasts. The ebony manager moans in contentment as he pounds her. She orders him to drill her snatch harder and he obeys her, stuffing her hot box with his rod.

He fucks Alicia harder and harder with every passing second, screwing the hot black woman with all his strength. His pulsating cock throbs inside her and he bangs her roughly, pawing at her soft tits through her blouse. She moans in approval and Noah switches his focus, grabbing her firm thighs instead. Feeling her muscular legs in his grip drives him over the edge and he unloads inside Alicia the second time of that day. Noah begins pumping his sweet cum deep into her pussy, quickly filling up the ebony woman’s fertile womb with his thick seed.

“That was excellent,” she informs him as she puts her panties and skirt back on, allowing Noah to get dressed too. He blushes from her assessment and she smiles, enjoying how cute the boy is when he’s flustered. Abuse of power had never been so good to her before. She never thought she’d be using her position as a manager to get laid and here she is, after already doing it twice in a couple of days. “I’m grabbing lunch in ten minutes. Want to join me?”

Noah is surprised by her kind offer and how genuine the ebony bombshell’s voice sounds. He did have a crush on Alicia before she blackmailed him. Maybe his feelings for her haven’t left like he thought they did? He stares at her until she clears her throat. “Oh! I’m sorry I was a bit surprised,” he says to her. “I mean, of course I’d love to go and have lunch with you. But only if I can call it a date!” Noah then gets an idea and gives her a teasing smile. He gathers some of her pussy juices from around his cock. Then he pops his fingers in his mouth, smirking at the shocked black woman as he swallows her womanly juices. “I’m gonna have to eat your black pussy more often. I’ve been blacked now and I’m never going back,” he says to her teasingly before heading outside, swaying his hips as he does so.

Looks like I made him even sluttier than I expected, Alicia muses to herself before following him out. A lot of the employees are staring knowingly at the pair. Noah’s whorish screams more than gave away how she was ravishing him inside. Some of the girls are giving him ‘fuck me’ eyes and she glared at them, linking arms with Noah in a very possessive way. Not that she has to. He is already addicted to her black pussy. But it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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