Home For The Summer Ch. 4

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It must have been well after 2 A.M, before I was home and in my own bed after my delightful tryst with Peg at the bank. I slept late the next morning and it was not until maybe 10:30 or so that I was at the Stockton front door. It was Carol who answered my knock and invited me in. She was cool toward me, not at all unfriendly, but quiet and reserved, and I thought, perhaps a little embarrassed. Peg was waiting by the pool for us and right away she came to the point.

“Have a seat Ricky,” she said motioning to the porch glider chair. She sat down on the couch in front of me where the night before I had pulled Carol across my knees and spanked her bare bottom. Carol sat down beside her there. Both girls were in their bikinis and I would have been drooling even more than I was were it not for the serious look on their faces. Something was afoot, but I said nothing and tried to wait patiently for the other shoe to fall.

Peg began, “Carol and I had a long talk last night after I rescued her from that humbling predicament that you left her in. With your help, she and I have come to an understanding. She accepts that I am not going back to her father. She agrees that I am entitled to a life of my own, and that I am not required to behave as if I was a nun in a convent. I in turn accept that she is a big girl now who is entitled to run her own life without my meddling. We are mother and daughter, and we will talk and communicate, we may suggest and recommend, but we will not try to control each other. Can you guess why any of this concerns you Ricky?”

I was afraid I might, but since I wasn’t at all sure I was going to like the WAY it might concern me, I gave a stammering and non committal answer. “Well… er… not really, No.”

Peg continued, “Well, perhaps the most important part of our new understanding is a mutual promise not to meddle in the relationships, sexual or otherwise, each of us may have with male companions and lovers. Likewise we have promised not to be jealous of each other, or to compete with each other, over our men… even if on occasion, it should happen that we are both attracted to the same one. I don’t need to tell you that last part is already a problem we must deal with, nor do I need to tell you who that man is.”

“Peg, I think that maybe I had better…” I tried to interrupt but my lover cut me off before I could get anything said… which was probably just as well because at that moment, I had absolutely nothing helpful to offer. The truth was I was frantically stalling for time to think, and I hadn’t a clue about what I intended to say after my “…maybe I had better…” opening phrase.

“No, Ricky,” Peg said refusing to waste time with my interruptions, “You have been around here waving that spectacular oversized penis of yours under the noses of a couple of horny females without any appreciation at all of what you were doing to our hormones. Damn you anyway. Man or boy, stallion or not, you have a responsibility to the women you tempt with that thing. You, however, haven’t even considered how you are going to take care of Carol and I now that you have us all hot and bothered, and eager to spread our legs in your bed. We have decided, therefore, since you have no plan about how to deal with us, then we had better make one for you. Tell him Carol.”

“You bet I’ll tell him, the dope,” Carol began. “Ricky, you made me promise to be your whore. O.K. but if that’s what I am, then I expect you to fuck the bejabbers out of me, often and with enthusiasm. As your whore I have a right to expect that even tho you and my mother do have this thing going between you. Like I told you last night, ever since you have been fucking her, she goes around all mushy and satisfied, and you, every time she smiles, or shows you a little skin, you forget I’m even in the room.”

I interrupted. “Now Carol, that’s not altogether true. You may be a little bitch at times, but you are also a lovely and sexy woman that would give any man alive a hard-on.”

“Can it man! I know what the score is around here. I am what the Chinese call a number two wife. I accept that. But even if my seat is at second fiddle, I am still entitled to have my pussy filled more often than just when you are horny and my mother isn’t around. Mother and I have agreed that I am entitled to a fair share of your big cock. That doesn’t necessarily mean that for every time you fuck her pussy, you must dip your wick in mine as well. We, me in particular, only expect you to take good care of each of us sufficient to keep a smile on both our faces. Fairness and equality, those are the things.”

Nor are we are suggesting that the three of us will be carrying on one big continuous orgy. Far from it. My mother and I may be horny and hungry for your cock, but we are not really whores. We are females, and we tend to be romantic about our men. We would therefore prefer that you treat us as ladies first and sluts second, and as a routine, fuck us privately, one at a time. On the other Gaziantep Escort İlanları hand, however, we are very much aware that every man dreams of making love to two women at the same time, and that a mother and daughter team is the adult male equivalent to Christmas morning for a six year old. We would not deny you that male fantasy, because if not overdone, to have you take she and I together in the same bed is certain to be fun for us too.”

Carol was quite serious as she outlined ‘the Stockton Plan’ for sharing Ricky’s penis. Peg, however, was smiling ‘the smile’ at me when she said, “Well, big boy that’s the deal, so enjoy. We hope you’re up to it”

She was quite right! I had no doubt about enjoying myself. I had just been offered the most beautiful woman I have ever known, and her not-to-be-sneezed-at daughter, both mine for the taking whenever I wanted, and actually insisting on being fucked equally. And then there was the delicious mental picture of Peg and Carol together, naked and willing in my bed! It indeed must be Christmas because visions of sugar plumbs were dancing in my head. Surely I have died and gone to heaven, and not the Christian heaven full of chaste and pure virgin angels and heavenly choirs either. No, I was in the Islamic paradise filled with houris and naked dancing girls dedicated to the pleasure of fallen warrior heroes.

The shit-eating grin on my face gave me away. Peg was laughing at me when she asked, “What about it big boy? Think you can handle a couple of horny sluts like me and my daughter?

“Oh Yeah,” I answered. “No sweat! I’ll wear your poor little pussies out.”

“Don’t be too sure,” Peg argued, still giggling. “We’ll see who wears what out, but Carol and I will try to be careful. It would be a shame to have such a big lovely cock worn down to a nub. That would be a loss to females everywhere. Carol and I intend to use it pretty hard, but we wouldn’t want to be responsible for an atrocity like that.”

“Have no fear my sexy lovelies. Exercise only grows more muscle. I expect my cock to be a foot long before I’m through with you two.

“Such arrogance, mother,” Carol piped in giggling. “We ought to send him back to those prissy coeds in Illinois, and I’d vote to do that too, if only the stuck up bastard just wasn’t hung so well. Anyway I need to get even. You know don’t you Ricky Newton, that what you did to me last night was a pretty cruel way to treat a girl. One more hour with that vibrator running in my cunt and I would have gone crazy for sure, and my poor tush is still sore from that spanking. I’ve got a lot of pay back coming to me.

“Act like a bitch…” I started to say when Peg interrupted… to good purpose I think. No sense replaying something that is over and done with.

“Well,” Peg interjected, “time will tell if our boy stallion is up to his task. In the meantime tho, those government auditors are at the bank checking my books, and I must go in to the office this afternoon. I’ll be home about seven tho, and I’ll have the night off. You two can hang around here till then and play grab ass ’til I get home. Have fun Carol, but don’t you dare drain him. Remember you and I have plans for him tonight. I’ll bring home burgers or cuban sandwiches for our supper, and then we can celebrate our new deal mother/daughter relationship an appropriate way… in bed with our boy stallion.”

That sounded just about perfect to me, but I saw Peg wink knowingly at Carol who grinned back at her. These two had something cooked up between them beyond just spreading their legs for a roll in the hay. That much seemed certain, but just what they had in mind, I’d have to wait to find out.

Peg left us then to dress for work. Carol disappeared into the kitchen to fix a couple of sandwiches for she and I, and one to hand to Peg as she went out the door. I grabbed a bottle of beer from the porch bar fridge, and stretched out on that glider couch. Life was good… really good.

After we finished our sandwiches I dived into the pool for what I intended to be a quick dip to cool off from the July heat. Carol followed me in, but she didn’t come in to cool off, quite the contrary in fact. I was no sooner up for air than I felt my swim trucks yanked down to my knees by the teenage shark that was attacking me under the water. Carol came up pressed against my chest with one hand gripping my balls, the other arm grabbing for a strangle hold around my neck, hugging me close, and spewing water in my face as she tried to kiss me.

Now, just in case you don’t already know, it is not easy to tread water with the elastic waist band of your swim trunks binding your knees together. Nor is staying afloat made any easier by one hundred and twenty five pounds of bikini clad teenager locked around your neck, and holding your balls in a death grip. Unable to stay on top of the water, the only alternative is to sink, which of course, is what Carol and I did, in a tangle of arms and legs. While we were under water and struggling, I welded my mouth to Carol’s and gave her that kiss she had been searching for when we were on the surface. A kiss, however, was no way to correct our serious deficiency in buoyancy, and we continued to sink. Eventually tho, my feet touched the pool floor, and I was able to push off with a strong kick that sent us shooting upward back into the world of air and breathing. As we broke the surface, I retaliated for being ‘depantsed’ by pulling her bra off leaving her tits and hard nipples bare and pressed against my chest.

As we struggled, I kicked my swim trunks all the way off, freeing my legs to help keep me afloat. Never the less, I still had this little blond terror with her arm around my neck and worse, that frightening grip on my balls had not loosened one bit. THAT worried me the most. Now at least, however, I was able to tread water, and most of the time I could keep my head where I could breathe. Carol’s head, however, I kept dunking below the surface where her supply of air was decidedly limited. Luckily for me she never used her most powerful weapon… the grip she had on my balls, and eventually she turned me loose and tried to swim away. Fat chance I would allow her to do that. I swam after her and quickly caught her by the legs, stripped her of her bikini bottom, and threw it into away where it joined my trunks and her bra that were already on the bottom of the pool.

We circled each other, treading water, looking for an opportunity to grab a good hold on naked flesh at just the right spot. So she wanted to wrestle did she? Poor Carol didn’t have a chance in that game. Gradually we drifted into more shallow water where my feet could touch bottom but hers could not. With that advantage in leverage, I simply overpowered her, spun her around, seized her around the neck from behind, and pressed her body against mine.

My cock, by now fully hard and erect, slid easily and naturally down the crack of her ass with the tip end probing into the valley between her legs. The big ridge of my cock head punched its way into he crease of her thighs and the tip end came to rest barely short of her cunt. With one arm over her shoulder and around her body, I was able to squeeze her close and at the same time fill my right hand with the firm melon of a teen breast. My other arm was reaching down low, across her belly, and that hand was pushing its way between her legs hunting for her pussy. One finger found the slit it was looking for, and hooked itself inside at the very top end. Above that finger, my thumb, and the butt of my palm, pressed down on her clit.

“Oh God, Ricky, Oh God!” The sound came out of her mouth more as a moan than as words.

“Give it up little bitch! Say uncle!” I asked for her surrender.

“Oh God, Yesssss! Uncle! Uncle! I give up”

“Now my horny little tramp, are you sorry you pulled my trunks down?” I asked.

Despite her distress, I heard her giggle a little as she answered, “Well… not really…”

I didn’t wait for the rest of what she had to say before I increased the pressure on clit by squeezing it with my thumb. “Well then my little girl whore, let me put it this way, you don’t get fucked until you apologize for treating your pimp so disrespectfully.” Whether it was the additional pressure from my thumb, or simply that she wanted so desperately to be fucked, Carol’s moment of good natured resistance crumbled.

Oh, Yesssss, Sir. Don’t tease me. I’m sorry. I apologize. Oh, Please, Please Ricky fuck me now. Your cock is pressing into the crack of my ass… And, Oh God, I can feel its tip between my thighs. You are driving me crazy. I want you in me… Now! Take me out of the water and fuck me… Please.”

When I was about 14, my father insisted that I take a YMCA course on the techniques of life saving. I had always blamed good old dad for wasting my time until I used my best lifeguard carry to haul Carol’s limp ready-to-be-fucked little ass over to the concrete steps built into the shallow end of the pool. I led her out of the water and onto the deck where the air mattress we had used the night before still waited. I laid her on her back there, and gave the single word command, “Spread!”

Carol, however, had something else in mind.

“No, Ricky, not on my back. Last night… it was so awful to be teased like that, and then to be left unsatisfied and disappointed. I swear, I was so hot. I had never before so needed to be filled with cock. Even in my sleep last night I dreamed about the things you did and way you tortured me. What a sight I must have been… spanked, my hands tied behind me, kneeling, my head down, my ass in the air. My God Ricky, it was all so sexy. I want it that way again, but this time, please you must fuck me. Please Ricky, abuse me, then take my cunt while I am helpless and at your mercy.”

“Yes my little whore,” I answered, “I can do that, but what do I tie your hands with tonight?”

“You whore knew her pimp would ask that. Behind the bar is the same sash from my robe you used last night. I hid it there this morning for you.”

“Why you little tramp. You had all this planned all along. Didn’t you! Didn’t you! Admit it slut and tell me how you want to be fucked.

“Yes, I admit it. I have been lusting for your big cock all morning. I want you to take me like a bitch. Fuck me hard and without mercy. Tie my hands behind my back. Make me offer my ass. Spank me. Spank me hard, then eat my pussy. Treat me like a cheap whore. Make me beg. Hard fuck me. Punish me with your penis. Take me from behind. Dog fuck me. Spank me even as you stick your big cock up my little hole. Make me beg! Shame me! Humble me! Do it! Please! Like a bitch. Fuck me like a bitch!”

Me, I was for damn sure willing. Obviously this little blond teen was up to her pretty little tits in guilt over something. If she wanted to cleanse her conscience with some sensual punishment, well hell, I was her man. I like submissive women, not all the time of course, but they have their place, in bed certainly if nowhere else. The role of master is even more fun when someone like Carol, usually the self assured bitch, unexpectedly turns into a sexy jelly at your feet begging for your cock. This was a first for me then, but in the years to come, this was a feminine quirk I was to see many times .

“Bring me your robe sash,” I ordered Carol sternly. She brought it back draped across both outstretched hands as if carrying a sacred vestment to the altar.

I took it from her. “Turn around slut! Hands behind your back!”

Last night I had tied only her wrists. Today I had a better idea. My first knot was at the elbows, pinching them together, and pulling her shoulders back. There was plenty of sash remaining, and I used it to wrap her forearms tightly before finishing with a second tight knot at the wrists. The effect of the additional restraint at the elbows was exactly what I had hoped for. With her shoulders back, her tits were thrust forward and at my mercy.

“Turn around, Carol. I’m going to punish your tits now.”

She whimpered a little but she turned to face me. WHAP! WHAP! I slapped those teen melons that were so available and vulnerable. I hurt her. I could tell from the tears that came to her eyes. Time for a little tenderness. I cupped her right tit with my hand and stooped to and run my tongue slowly around an nub of a teat that was hard as a rock with excitement. My other hand played with her left tit, alternately squeezing and stroking.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I spanked her tit flesh again. Her teen breasts with the protruding aureole around each nipple jiggled sexily with each blow. Both tits were turning a bright red.

“Is this what you wanted Carol? To be helpless and forced to do my bidding? Do you want me to hurt you, humiliate you, and make you suffer before I fuck you? That is what You want isn’t it Carol?

Oh, yes! God yessss! You make me so hot. I want our cock in me already, but please don’t take me yet, not yet, no matter how I beg for it. Your whore needs to be disciplined before she is fucked.

“All right whore, over there on your knees, head shoulders down, ass up, you know the drill.”

As she did last night, Carol struggled with her balance trying to assume the required position. It was even more difficult for her today with her elbows tied together as well as her hands. In due time, however, her head was down, her ass was in the air, helpless to prevent anything I wanted of her.

I started her off with a solid spanking, warming her ass cheeks to the same vivid red as her tits. Satisfied with the level of her burning buttocks I crouched behind her and ate her cunt until she gave up the shattering series of orgasms.

“Eat me! Damn you Ricky Newton, eat my cunt. I’m Cummmminnnng. Oh keep your tongue there, for God’s sake eat me… I’m Cummmminnnng. Again! More! I’m Cummmminnnng.

With the tip of my social finger in her ass, and my thumb in her pussy I told her that she must beg for what she wanted.

“God, Ricky, you must already know. I want you to stretch my poor little pussy with your great cock. Make me your whore bitch! Take me from behind, and spank my ass while you dog fuck me. Oh, Damn, fuck me over and over until I can’t stand it any more. Give me your cock you cruel bastard. I have been hurt, humiliated and punished… now… you bastard… shove your cock up inside me.”

I put it to her then, as deep and as hard as I could, and with my every stroke.. with her every orgasm… SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! I spanked her ass, and made her beg for more. Our mutual climax at the finish was unforgettable.

Later the two of us lay still naked and cuddled together, resting on the concrete steps at the shallow end of the pool, cooling off in water up to our necks. For a long time we sat there in silence recovering from the emotions of our turbulent sex. My finger was in her pussy and her hand was gripping my dick, but these were only familiar and reassuring caresses rather than passionate ones. It was Carol who finally spoke first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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