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I entered the loft doing my best to juggle my duffle back and a dozen roses I was carrying. I looked around and didn’t see you. I called out and you responded that you were up in the bedroom. I leave the bags on the floor and make my way up the spiral aluminum staircase to the second floor where the bedroom is. I see you lying on the king size bed, with black satin sheets. You were wearing a very sexy outfit, that resembled that of a dominatrix but with a few differences, it was sheer. Your breasts and sex were clearly visible to me; the thong string hid nothing of your rear. You also wore spike heels with straps that wound up to your knee.

I felt my erection growing rapidly, as I looked up and down your entire body. I found myself walking towards the bed. Then when I reach the bed I start moving across it on my knees towards you, the roses still in my hand. You lay back so that your entire body is supine. I’m stretched out next to you, and place the roses down. I then take one of the roses out of the bouquet and bring it to your lips where I run it across them. After they clear your lips I lean down and kiss you gently and lovingly.

“Roses… That’s so sweet.” you say lying back on the bed letting my hands roam over you for a minute before you sit up and push me onto my back on the bed. “But…” You clear the roses off the bed with a sweeping motion before throwing one leg over me to straddle my hips. “I’m just not in a sweet mood.”

You take your time slowly stripping me, your touch lingering and teasing. When I reach for you however you move just out of reach.

I’m temporarily taken back by both your aggressiveness and your teasing, but only for a second. I decide that it’s best for me to just lay back and enjoy the whole thing. My shirt was one of the first things that went. My body shuttered as I felt your mouth kissing my chest, then your tongue lightly flicking at my nipples, just before you bit one of them.

“Damn!” I yell out in surprise, but you can tell I’m enjoying it. I lower my hands to my sides and reach out in an attempt to feel your thighs.

You take my hands into yours, when you feel my fingers brush your thigh, and then lift my arms over my head. Leaning over me you let your nipples brush over mine and whisper into my ear, “Shhh. Just relax…” You lean down closer and rub your whole front over me. I can feel the sharp contrast between your skin and the cool material of the outfit your wearing.

You give my earlobe a quick nibble before sitting back up and proceeding to strip off the rest of my clothes. You toss each piece of clothing behind you as you remove it until the floor is cluttered with my clothing and I lay naked on the bed.

I smile, as I lay naked before you. I can feel my cock getting harder as I look you over, admiring your awesome breasts. Your nipples look as if they want to burst through the sheer material of your outfit. As I continue to explore your body with my eyes I see that my current condition has affected you as well as I see the wet spot forming on the material just above your sex. “You my dear make relaxing difficult. So am I just supposed to lay here and do nothing?”

“For now.” You tell me trailing your fingers up my legs, following with an occasional kiss or lick. You move over me barely grazing my cock as you continue up my body.

“You should rest now, after your trip you must be tired.” you continue to lick and kiss your way up my chest. Once you’ve settled your hips over mine you let your nail scratch down my front.

I growled. “Rest… I don’t need no stinking rest.” I say half laughing as I grind my hips a little, trying to get you worked up. “Seriously I’m fine. And all I need is you. So why don’t you get a bit more comfortable and get undressed.”

Laughing you shake your head. Without a word you lean over me again and bury you fingers in my hair pulling my head up and kissing me roughly. Pulling away you bite my lower lip and squeeze me again with your thighs. Your long hair surrounds both of our faces like a curtain of privacy. Instead of letting me go, you lick my lips and kiss a trail to my neck. You release my head long enough to push your hair back out of my face so that you can bite my neck.

Your hands begin to move over my shoulders and chest. You whisper into my ear, “If you want it off, you’ll have to take it off yourself.” But you make no move to get off of me.

I smile as I move my hands down to my side and then to your thighs. My hands start sliding up the front of your body up to your breasts. I rub my hands on your glorious mounds, watching them grow larger with my touch. Feeling their warmth through the sheer material that you are currently wearing. I sit up and take your face into my hands and kiss you deeply. Then I lick the side of your face, and work my way down your neck. As I do that my hands are sliding cross your shoulders and lowering the straps of the outfit so that I can begin to take it Escort bayan off of you.

I’m very hesitant as I lower the outfit down past your breasts and I immediately place my head in between them and first nuzzle in between them, before I start licking, sucking, and biting them.

Pulling my head away from you gently, you ask me, “Are you sure you want it off?” you press your now bare breasts against me leaning close to kiss and lick my neck. “I think it would be fun if we left it on… something different anyway.”

Then you reach down and boldly stroke me. Rubbing the head of my cock against the now very moist material protecting your sex. Slipping it aside you glide it’s head over your entrance, teasing us both in the process. “Hmmm? What do you think?” you ask again.

I smile mischievously and simultaneously raise the outfit so that it’s one again covering your body. I then lean back into your breast and flick my tongue over your now covered nipple. “Feels different, but I’m game if you are.”

I take my right hand and slide it in between us and place it over your hand and help you in stroking my hard cock along your sex. Once I have the rhythm that you’ve created down, I move you hand (and my cock) away from your sex and then place my hand on your sex, covering it with my palm and start rubbing up and down the wet material. “If you get any wetter down there this outfit might break.”

“If you don’t give me what I want soon my outfit will be the last of your concerns.” you say. While one hand continues to stroke me, you move off me and lay beside beside. You move your hips out of my reach and begin to kiss and lick me from my neck to my navel.

Your mouth then takes the place of your hand. You lick and suck me until neither of us can take anymore.

I place my hands on your head as you lick and suck my cock. I never thought that I could get any harder, but I did. I could feel your hand rolling my balls around and it makes me want you even more. We both feel my balls begin to tighten as I approach climax. I try to warn you, but you don’t seem to care. Then as if you knew exactly when it was going to happen you pull back so that my cock isn’t completely in your mouth and I begin to cum.

After several large spurts, I was done. I looked at your face and you had drops of my cum on the edges of your lips. You then lick your lips and take the excess cum into your mouth. “God baby I’m so hard for you. And now that you’ve helped me I’ll give you whatever you want. So do you want me to eat you or do you want me to make love to you until you beg me to stop or both?”

You smile contently and lay back on the bed beside me. “Both sounds fun.” You lean over me to kiss me passionately rubbing your body against mine and letting your hands roam over my body. Subtly reawakening it.

I smile as I climb on top of you, my body mere inches from you as I begin to kiss you starting at your neck and then working my way down to the valley between your breasts. I open my mouth and barely graze your body with my lips while I make a trail with my tongue. When I get to your breasts I take turns sucking on each of your nipples and flicking at them with my tongue. Your nipples are gloriously hard (just the way I like them). After what seemed like forever I begin to move down yet again, passing your navel and going to that hidden treasure chest that is your sex.

Once at your sex I become extra playful as I lick your entire area, your pubic hair, your lips, and then finally I enter your sex with my tongue and thrust it into you deeply and twirl it around while inside of you. As I pull my tongue out I hook it so I can scoop you juice out. I then raise my head and look at you as I pull my tongue back inside of my mouth and enjoy the taste of your sex, before I once again place my tongue inside of you.

You growl as your back arches. You love the way I tease but you want more. “Enough!” You say impatiently. “I need you!” you reach toward me to pull me up over you.

I go willingly as I rise up until my body is perfectly over yours. I feel your heaving chest and it not only makes me harder but I also want you more. I then lean down to you and slip my steel hard cock into the warmth of your sex. You seemed a little shocked that I was able to enter you through the material. So as I pull out and start to thrust back into you I tell you that while I was feasting on your sex I made a hole in the material.

You try to scowl at me for tearing your new outfit but as I thrust back into you all you can do is moan loudly from the pleasure. The material still covering the outer lips of your sex as I move in and out of you is strange and extremely erratic. Your back arches and your nails dig into my shoulders, as your moans get louder.

I encourage you to moan loader as I begin to thrust into your steamy love tunnel even harder. I can hear my balls slamming into your body, and it only further Bayan Escort encourages me. While I’m thrusting into you I place my right hand over your sex and begin to rub your clit.

Your eyes close and you lean your head back, lifting your back further off the bed. You moan even louder. You reach for my free hand and move it to your breasts that are aching for my touch. But instead of complying with you, I tell you to hold them while I use my free hand to lift your ass so that I can push even deeper into you. I move my right hand and use both hands to push your legs wider. Your hands reach out above you to brace against the headboard and push back down on me as I thrust hard into you. This leaves your breasts, freed from the confines of your outfit, to moving with the motions of our love making and teasing me to touch them.

I continue thrusting into you as hard as I can. I lean forward so that my weight adds to our lovemaking and has me penetrating deeper into your sex. This also gives me the freedom to get my mouth over your breasts and to start playing with them.

“Oh, I like that.” you moan. Your arms go around me pulling my head close, and then move down my back to my ass. You squeeze my ass as I move into you and hold on to me, lifting your legs higher. But you want more of me and in this position you know it’s not possible. You sit up pushing me back onto my knees. I look confused for a minute but when you pull yourself up onto my lap I pull you close and moan when I feel how deep my cock is sheathed inside you this way.

Holding onto my shoulders for leverage and with your feet on the bed behind me, you start to move. Faster now than before almost frantic to find your release.

“Oh yeah baby that’s it.” I say slightly out of breath but no less excited as I squeeze your ass with my hands and start to slam you down on my cock that seems to be still growing even more inside of you. I also become more feral and start to bite your breasts as I suck harder and harder on them.

You practically scream with the pleasure and intensity of our lovemaking. Your grip on your shoulders tightens and your nails dig into my shoulders. “Now! Give it to me now!”

I smile mischievousliy and say in a part growl. “Not quite time yet my little minx. I’m not ready to finish this just yet.” I seemed to drive my cock up into your stomach. You felt so full and yet i continued to push in. I looked down between our bodies. I could see where my cock disappeared into your sex. The lips of your sex stretched obscenely around my fat shaft. I slowly pulled back and watched as the inner lips of your sex stretched and pulled out with it. With each thrust the distance that i pulled it out before i slammed it back into you shortened and the thrusts became harder and faster. I plowed into you with long fluid strokes as I watched your face as you chewed on your lower lip and tossed your head from side to side. You moaned and groaned as the pleasure built up inside of you. You couldn’t stop yourself from yelling out as the pleasure mounted.

“That’s it! Oh God Yes! Drive that big cock into me, give it to me hard!!” you screamed as you stared into my eyes.

“I’m going to give it to you alright.” I say as I pull out of you and in almost a continuous motion i roll you over onto your hands and knees with your ass sticking out into the air. I lined my cock up with your asshole and pressed forward. Suddenly, the head of my cock pressed past the sphincter and half of my cock slammed into your ass.

You could have killed me for stopping but when I started pressing into your ass you gasp arcing your back to accommodate me. “So big!” you moaned.

Once i start My long even strokes plunging deeper and deeper inside of you, you moan and scream with pleasure. You reach down between your legs and rub your aching pussy as I a start to slam harder into your ass.

I looked looked down and saw the small red mouth of your asshole grasping my cock. I watched as it slid into you as you pressed back against him. My cock disappeared into you and I moaned at the clutching of your asshole. I grasped you by the hips so that I could guide you. You seemed seemed to be enjoying the sensation of my fat cock sliding in and out of you. You picked up the pace trying to match that of the rubbing you were giving your aching pussy. You grunted every time I pushed into you. I straighted out one of my legs and slightly raised myself so that i was at a better angle for a deeper penetration and i started pummeling your asshole.

I was lost in ecstasy and thrust like a machine. The pressure around my cock was constant and intense. I watched as you tossed her head from side to side. I could hear you mumbling, but didn’t know what you were saying. I raised a hand and slowly traced a finger along your spine. You shuddered at my touch. My hand slid along your side and reached around to grasp one of your breasts. I squeezed your large tit Escort and then rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

You let out a loud shout and I felt you shudder. Your back arched as your orgasm rushed up your spine and down into your legs. Your mouth opened and a strange animal moan escaped your throat. The sound of your throaty moan spurred me on and my cock slid in an out of you like a jack hammer. I moved my hand until it covered your hand and i add more pressure to your rubbing.

Holding my fingers to your hungry cunt, you pull away from me, and turn to face me. Even though you have had an orgasm you want more. “I want to feel you in here again.” you squeeze my fingers that are still massaging your clit to indicate your meaning. Your other hand wraps around my throbbing cock gently pulling it toward your hot sex.

I pull your hand away from my cock and then take my hands on your legs and lay you on your side. I prop your right leg on my shoulder, which has the effect of spreading your legs and thighs for me. I then placed my hand on the lips of your sex and felt the heat and the moisture coming from it. “I think i’m going to give exactly what you need.” I say. But what i give you isn’t what you wanted. I insert 2 fingers into you and begin to finger you as if i had my cock inside of you. You know i’m stalling, trying to regain enough compossure so that i can love you all night long.

You growl at me in frustration but I only laugh and continue to finger you. You know that it’s pointless to argue with me though so you close your eyes and enjoy what I am will to give you. With your right hand you massage your breasts while using your left to push against the headboard for leverage. As good as it feels however my fingers are a poor substitution for my thick cock that you want to feel deep inside you. Your moans turn into a whimper and you plead with me to enter you.

I take my fingers out of you and replace them with what you have been asking for, with what deep down we both want. My hard cock inside of your tight dripping wet cunt. I ram it all the way inside of you, since i don’t have to worry about you not be lubbricated enough. But the tightness of your pussy still takes me by surprise as i moan out load while my cock gets used to being inside of you again. I slowly start to withdraw making sure that only the head of cock remains, then i ram it to the hilt inside of you. My balls make a loud slapping sound as the hit the cheeks of your ass.

You moan loudly when I fill you with my thick cock. I am so deep within you it’s almost painful, but you slowly become used to it and it feels way too good to stop me. Your moans are low as I continue, almost a growl of satisfaction, as I slam harder into you. You release your breast and push on the headboard with both hands to keep close to me.

I hugged your left leg to my chest with my right arm as i continued to jackhammer into you. I placed my left hand on your ass and slowly began rubbing it. I looked at your gorgeous sweating body and felt my cock grow even harder. Before I knew it i was begining to raise my hand and then spank you. After each spank i would lovingly rub the spot that i had just spanked.

You growl and reach back for my hand that is still rubbing your ass pulling you closer. Your very close and want mr to cum with you. You squeeze my fingers in yours and urge me deeper, “More,” you say with a moan. “Faster!”

Your growl and then words invigerate me even more. I feel myself becoming more animalistic. My hunger for you body seems almost unfillable. I pull my hand from you and then use bothe my arms to turn you over until your on your stomach. The movement was smooth and quick, you know that i must have pulled out of you for a few moments but you don’t remember my doing so. As soon as your on your stomach i lift you up enough that i position you enough to where i can take you doggy style. And i give you what it is you wanted. I start thrusting into you harder and faster, like a jackhammer, with my cock. I lean into you as far as possible placing much of my weight on you, keeping you in my control.

You pull your legs up under yourself and tilt your hips toward me, getting me as deep as possible with my weight on you. You love the feel of my warmth on your back and you press yourself as close as possible. “I’m so close baby…please…give me more!”

“Oh yeah… baby… I’m… going.. to give all of it… to you.” I said as I put everything I had into the next 5 thrusts, driving my rock hard cock as far into your sex as i could. I felt as if i was touching your cervix, and on the 5th thrust i came like a rocket. I continued to thrust into you as I came, even though the thrusts were nowhere near as powerfull as usual. It was just my inablility to stop moving in and out of your Hot, Wet, and tight SEX. After i finished coming, i collapsed on your back and stayed there for a few moments until i had enough strength to roll off of you. “God I missed you.” I said in a whisper.

You gasp and shudder with your own orgasm. A moment after I rolled over to your side, you straighten your legs out to lay with me, with a contented purr you whisper back, “I missed you too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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