Honey, I’m Home Ch. 07

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Brittney got dressed and told us to do the same. We headed back to her office so she could explain everything. We all sat in the lounge area and Britney said not to worry. Sara would have to dominate someone in front of the board. She looked at me and said that I have to be the person being dominated. I looked over at Sara and she had a huge grin on her face.

Britney told us not to worry that this was just a formality. She said the board will listen to her recommendation and that they just like to get their rocks off watching the newbies. We had some more paper work to do and then asked to give her a few minutes to get the board together.

She came back into her room and said they were gathering in the observation room and to follow her. She took us to a room with lockers in it and told us to get undressed and we both stripped down to what we had under our cloths.

She handed Sara a collar and leash and told Sara to put it on me. She did and they both lead me to a door to the side of the locker room. She stopped before she opened it and told us that Sara had to be in control. They like women who can be femdoms. She told Sara not to hold back because they knew he is your husband and you will get a lot of appointments from them if they can see the real you.

She told us to wait a few minutes and then to come in the door. Sara flung the door open and pulled me through. I was shocked but excited as well. We looked up and noticed this room was more like a theater and we were on the stage. The audience was above us, we could clearly see at least 10 people. The two that were the most visible were Britney and Glen. Sara loved an audience.

She pulled me over to the cross yelling “FOLLOW ME PET!”

She attached me to the cross facing the audience. As she did she slapped me a couple times and whispered “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” She walked over to the wall and grabbed a switch with a leather patch on the end. The kind horseback riders use. She started slapping my hips with it. I was yelling ouch, playing it Betist up a bit for our audience.

She was sliding it all over my body. Then she lifted up my thong with it and my boner fell out. She giggled and said “it looks like someone is enjoying this.” I heard the crowd giggle.

It was true, seeing this side of Sara was turning me on. Sara walked over and grabbed something from a table and came back to me. She cut off my thong and freed my cock and balls. I was watching the ladies whisper to the person next to them. What a turn on.

Sara whacked my cock lightly and I yelled as the crowd gasped. She was talking to them and telling them that she could tell that I wanted her pussy. She also told them that I could not have it unless Britney approved. I was thinking “good one”, as my boner got even harder.

Sara removed her studded bra as she walked back to me. She started teasing me with them. Holding them up to my mouth and pulling them away as my tongue got close. I could see in her eyes that she was really enjoying this. She playfully whacked my boner as she walked back to the wall.

She replaced the implement she had with a silk whip. She released me and turned me around so my ass faced the crowd. She told me to stick it out so they could get a good look as she whipped me repeatedly. I begged her to beat it red.

I was watching her out of the corner of my eye as she slipped her latex shorts down, bending so the board would get the best view of her ass. As she did that Britney yelled. “Strap on time!”


Sara came into view at the box of goodies. She picked up a dildo but it was one of those two sided ones that did not need a strap. She removed her thong and I could see it was soaked at the crotch with her juices. As she slipped her end into her soaking wet cunt she picked up some lube and her thong at the same time.

She walked up and stuffed silky thong into my mouth. I could taste her sex and it was yummy! She could see my fear and was enjoying it. She slapped Betist Giriş my ass with her gloved hand as she lubed up her tool.

“Stick it out!”

She reached around and stroked my throbbing cock as she positioned herself behind me. Fortunately it did not look like a huge one and could hear a buzz. She slipped it in as I screamed out! She held it in for a bit as it vibrated. She was stroking me quickly.

After the initial shock it actually started to feel good. Sara dropped my cock and started to pound her vibrating cock in and out of me. It was clear to me that it became more about her pleasure at this point. She was adjusting the vibration to hit her spot and soon moaned with the release of an orgasm I could only guess was awesome.

The audience applauded. Someone even whistled.

Sara moved back but left her cock behind, still vibrating in my little butthole. She soaked her latex covered fingers in her pussy and teased me with it, rubbing some of it on my nose.

Britney yelled “HE MY TASTE YOU!”

Sara moaned and walked over and undid my shackles. She grabbed my leash and led me to a bed. She said that her cock better not fall out of me. I clenched my butt cheeks as I walked over to the bed. She told me to lie down.

She sat right on my face and soaked it with her warm fluid. I was lapping up what I could like a puppy as she slid her cock back in me. A muffled moan came from under her.

Britney yelled “FINISH HIM!”

Sara started stroking me as while riding my face. She must have been using her own juice as her gloved hand stroked me fast. She could probably feel my moans more than hearing them and must have realized I was close. She ripped her vibrating cock out of me. The sudden pain and pleasure sent me over the top and I sprayed as the audience applauded and yelled their approval of the show. That sent Sara over the edge and her juice flowed over my chin.

We were catching our breath when Britney yelled. “APPROACH THE BOARD!”

We both jumped up and walked over to stand in front of Britney and Glen. Totally nude and felt totally venerable.

“Anyone have any questions!”

“You two are married?”

I started to answer but Sara slapped me and jerked on the leash.”SHUT UP! Sorry, he forgets his place sometimes, yes, we are married.”

She told me to get on my knees and be quiet.

Britney had a huge grin on her face after that. She than asked “Did you enjoy putting on this show for us tonight?”

“Very much so, she exclaimed. I would love working here and I am sure your clients would enjoy them as well.”

A woman in the front row asked. “Are you willing to share your pet with me?”

Sara said she would as long as she can be present and enjoy the fun as well.

I grinned and looked up as Sara and she just ignored me waiting for more questions.

Britney asked, “Any more questions?”

Silence! “Very well.” Please take your pet and get cleaned up.

I will come get you in a few minutes and we will talk about the next steps.

Sara led me to the locker room. When we got there, two girls were waiting with towels and walked us to the showers. It was an open area with room for at least 20 people to shower. She asked Sara to remove my collar and told her she would place it in her locker for her. We chose two showers that were closest to use and started the water.

As we were waiting for it to get warm Sara just blurted out “That was so damn hot!” I told her that I agreed and was pleasantly surprised at how she could be dominating. We hugged under the warm water and started making out. To my surprise I was getting hard again.

I lathered up Sara and bent her over so just her ass was out of the warm stream of water. I started pounding her hot wet pussy. She was enjoying it but stopped me by pulling me out of her warm wet cunt. She moved it up to her ass and said. “Here, you deserve this after what I just did to you.”

I pushed it is slowly. It slid in easy after soaking my cock with her juice and Sara’s ass was nice and soapy.

Just as we were starting to get into it Britney walked in. “You guys! Can’t you control it! Just come to my office when you are ready.” Then she walked out.

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