Honey I’m Home

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It had been such a long day and I was so ready to get home. Of course traffic sucked and it only made the drive home that much more frustrating. The only thing I could think about was sitting on the couch and relaxing. By the time I got home It was getting a little late. The sun had all ready gone down and I could see the moon start to show in the cool spring air. As I step into are house I’m struck by the wonderful smell of flowers and perfume all around me. I swear you know me too well because next to my chair is the remote, ashtray and a big glass of wine. If that wasn’t enough the TV was already turned on to ESPN and ‘Baseball Tonight’ was just starting.

‘Either I did something wrong and she is trying to make a point or me being late was too much for her to handle and snapped’ I thought to myself.

“Anne I’m home, come out come out where ever you are.” I yelled up the stairs to are bedroom. Waiting a few seconds with no answer I start to think if I noticed your car as I pulled in. Hmmm well if she isn’t here maybe that explains the set up on the couch. Well not to let a good deed go to waste I sit down on the couch pop my feet up take the glass of wine and start a cigarette and begin to relax to the guy on ESPN telling me the Brewers lost another game.

After about 5 minutes I here something coming from the bathroom. ‘Wonder what that was’ I thought ‘Maybe she is home and just didn’t here me.’ Just then I herd the bathroom door open and the delicate sound of your feet walking down the steps. From my vantage point the first thing I see are those beautiful legs of yours extending from underneath your favorite bath towel, which is wrapped tightly around your breasts and tucked under your arm. You turn to look at me staring at your perfect body and stop at the last step of the stairs and give me a look that would melt ice.

I start to say Hi but you put your finger to your mouth and get down on your hands and knees and begin to crawl to me slowly never losing eye contact with a very ‘devilish’ look in your eyes. The closer you get the more erotic the features and the motion of your body becomes and soon you reach the base of my feet slowly lifting your hands onto my Tekirdağ Escort knees climbing up in to my lap. As your body rubs up my legs the towel you were wearing starts to come lose and is easily discarded by my hands gliding down the sides of your ribs. Moving lower with ease as you move into my lap Caressing your ass with my strong hands, pulling your hips against my stomach as you offer your breast to my waiting mouth.

“Mmmmmm Benjamin please,” you begin to whisper into my ear, “please baby I want you, I want to feel you, I’ve been waiting all day for you to get home.” You plead as your body screams for attention rubbing against me like a cat in heat. You begin pulling my shirt off as I reach behind your ass and tease your clit with my fingers. Sliding a finger into your wet pussy. “Mmmmmm baby I need you.” You moan again into my ear as you grind your hips against my know rock hard cock while fucking my fingers.

“Take off my pants baby and take what ever you want and whatever you need I am hear for you.”

Slowly you back up off of my lap and get on your knees in front of me as you dig your fingers under the waistband of my pants catching the elastic of my boxers and slowly pull them both off exposing my thick cock bouncing in front of you as you pull my pants down my legs.

A smile, no a smirk crosses your lips as you grab my cock in your hand. You have always loved how it feels in your hand. It amazed you that even though it didn’t look big you could never get your hand around it unless you squeezed your hand. Holding my cock in your hand feeling your fingers open up as you stroked my cock with your hand always reminds you of how your pussy feels when I put it inside of you, stretching to the limit surprised that I can fit it all in. You cant stop rubbing your clit as you look at my cock but you need to feel it. You need to feel me fill you up, all you know is that my cock is the only thing that is going to satisfy the hunger that is now building in every inch of what makes you a woman.

You look back up at me as you climb back up on top of my lap still holding my dick as you rub the tip against your now swelled clit sending shivers through Tekirdağ Escort Bayan your body as you get the tip wet with your juices that are easily flowing out of your pussy getting my cock all wet. I look into your eyes as I help you lower your hips down onto my thick cock. As you come close to getting to the base of my cock your head arches back and you close your eyes. Evan though you are soaking wet It hurts so good to feel your pussy stretching to except my entire cock and you love it. You have always loved it every time I make love to you and your body begs you to feel that pleasure of being brought to the edge of pain but feel only ecstasy.

You put your hand on my mouth as I start to moan from the pleasure you are giving me than put a finger to your lips. I give you the smile of understanding. God I love how we think alike I always have. We are always let lose in bed but every once and a while I do that to you just so I can here my-self moving inside of you. To hear the sound of your pussy sucking my cock massaging it with your expert muscles. With the quietness I can hear every breath and your heartbeat begin to settle into a pattern to match mine.

My cock is sliding in you almost effortlessly as you have become so unbelievably wet. You can feel me getting close to the edge now as my cock begins to pulse and get even harder inside of you. Faster you go taking the lips of your pussy to the very tip of my cock almost letting it fall out before you drop back down into my lap harder and faster till neither of us can hold back any longer. I pull your head down to my shoulder crushing your breast against my chest. “I’m cumming baby” I whisper into your ear as I kiss the delicate flesh of your shoulder releasing a huge load of cum into the juices deep inside of your pussy jerking my hips into you grabbing your body with all my strength I can muster. The feeling of my cock pulsing inside of you is just too much and you begin to cum all over my cock as you bite down on to my shoulder to keep yourself from screaming and waking up everyone in the building.

We lay together for just a few minutes before I role out from underneath you moving my Escort Tekirdağ self behind you as your chest rest against the cushions of the couch. “Now it’s my turn baby” I say with a devilish grin on my face as you smile into the pillow you are now hugging underneath you.

Slowly I begin to rub my cock against the lips of your pussy spreading them making me harder and harder all over again. As soon as I can handle waiting any more I insert my cock into your pussy with one strong push making you wince from the pain that is now only being received as pleasure through out your body and ignored by your brain as a sense of pain. I begin pumping into you grapping your shoulder with one hand pushing you into me as my other hand grabs your nipple and massages it making it as hard as a pebble between my fingers. You can feel my moving deeper and deeper with every thrust of my cock as I fuck you harder and faster.

“I’m ganna cum again baby don’t stop.” You beg me. You plead for me to never stop to make it go forever. You feel your pussy begin to give up on resisting your orgasm and begin to cum harder than you did even the first time. I can feel the inside of your pussy spasm from orgasm over and over again. I always enjoyed having a thick cock because I can experience your orgasm with you I know when it starts and when it ends and this time you are cumming for ever over and over I feel waves flow through your pussy as it milks my cock begging me to cum with you inside of you.

As I thrust one last time into your wet tight pussy I release into you a blast that would impress a porn star. Grabbing your ass moving you with me in unison not letting us separate. The slow sensation of my cock inside of you makes your orgasm continue again every time I bring you close and your clit rubs against my balls another orgasm rocks your body or is it just the same one continuing it is so hard to tell with the strength of the orgasm you have just been given by me for thanks to the orgasms you give me every time we are together.

We fall into a naked heap on the floor of our living room with me still inside of you feeling the continuation of your orgasm for another 10 minutes or so every time I adjust positions I feel your pussy shutter and see a smile on your face. We lay there in each other’s arms loving the fact that we found each other and that we will never know a day without each other happy we are one of the lucky ones to find true love even though we are so far away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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