Horizons Ch. 03: Smoldering Fire

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This is the third piece in the Jody and Ellie love story. To see how it all began read Slow Burn followed by Stolen Moments.

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I watched as the rain ran down my office window, relieved it wasn’t snow. Spring was edging closer every day. Winter had been long and cold and snowy. I let out a deep sigh as I continued staring into nothing. I heard a knock on the frame of my door and that snapped me back to reality.

“Ready for Spring break?” Tina asked.

“I’m ready for a few days without my alarm clock.” I wasn’t going anywhere for break so honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it much. My kids both had grand plans with friends, and I figured I would probably spend half of it right here in my office catching up on paperwork.

“No girls weekend plans?” Tina asked.

“No, Jody is going to South Carolina with her family. I’m sure I’ll just be playing chauffeur all week.” I covered my disappointment with some light laughter. Jody and I had been stealing moments together for six months, and this would be the first time one of us was away for any length of time. I was trying not to be in a funk over it, but so far it wasn’t working well.

The rest of the day went as smoothly as the-last-day-before-Spring-break at a Middle and High school can go. Jessie had her license now and had bought herself a beater car. She was happily off with friends. Timmy came in, dropped his bag at my feet and informed me he was going to Dunkin’ and would be home before it got late. Great. Another night home staring at Evan sleeping on the couch. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the next week without any chance of seeing Jody. I squelched the desire to text her, knowing she was packing and preparing to leave in the middle of the night. Joe hated flying so they were tackling the long drive starting at 11pm tonight.

Fall and Winter had been nearly perfect. Jody and I had found a livable balance between work, our families and seeing each other. It still wasn’t nearly as much as I wanted. We wanted. There had been a weekend together to NYC right after Christmas, which was the highlight of the season. That trip was everything. Other than that, it was movies, dinners and far too few stolen moments totally alone. There weren’t nearly enough of those moments.

Tensions at home were at an all-time high. Evan and I circled around each other, barely interacting. When we did it was often bitter and angry. The kids were starting to notice, and I continued to wonder how much longer we could exist in this way.

I pulled into my driveway and was relieved to see his car was not home. I was grateful for that. I needed at least a little time to decompress in peace. As I was getting changed, I heard my phone vibrate in the other room.

Jody- Hey babe..I miss you! ??

We hadn’t seen each other since Monday movie night. These long pauses between our time together always got to me, but this one was going to be the worst.

Me- I miss you too…

I could feel the angsty 16-year-old in myself itching to come out and sour my mood even more. I was trying to contain her.

Jody- Are you home from work?

Me- Just got home, changing my clothes.

Jody- ohhhh…I wish I was there to help…

Instantly pangs of longing shot through my body. Fuck, how does she always do this to me? For such a small human she sure had a lot power over me.

Me- Me too

I finished changing and didn’t hear back from her, so I made my way downstairs to start some dinner. As I was looking in the fridge my phone vibrated again. Jessie saying she wasn’t coming home for dinner. I decided to text Timmy and see if he was. Nope! Fuck. Nothing in me was prepared to eat dinner with just Evan. The dread over the coming week filled me fully.

I grabbed my phone and texted Evan: Going out for a drink with some girls from work. The kids are both with friends, just make sure they get home at a decent hour.

Evan: K

That was the sum of his usual response to me.

I had no idea where I was going to go, but I was not staying here. Jody still hadn’t read my last text, so I put my phone in the console and started up the van. There was a few good movies I could go see, although I was so used to going with her, I wasn’t sure if I could go alone anymore. Is this what my whole next week is going to look like? I headed towards Barnes and Noble. If nothing else I could grab a book to help keep me distracted.

I heard my phone vibrate a few times as I was driving, so once parked I grabbed it out of the console. One from Timmy asking if he could sleepover Kyle’s. One from Jessie saying she was bringing a few friends over after they were done and Jody.

Jody- Sorry. Joe is being an ass. I really wish I had just told him I would fly down on my own in a few days. I do not want to deal with him in the car and then him and his parents for a week!

All I could muster to text back was a sad face. I wish she had told him that olgun porno too.

Putting my phone back in the console, I shut the van off and headed in the store. I grabbed a latte ,and a piece of Hersey’s cheesecake at Starbucks, a new book and settled down to read for awhile. An hour or so later I headed back out. I still had some time to burn, but with Jessie bringing friends over I was less stressed about going home. I figured a good stroll through Target would be perfect. I checked my phone quickly before I drove off. Another text from Jessie telling me she and her friends would be home around 9 and could someone order them pizza. Sure kid, someone. Me, I’m always someone. There was also a few from Jody.

Jody- I really don’t want to go on this trip.

Jody- Maybe I won’t go

Jody- Yeah I think I’m going to tell him I’m not coming.

Jody- Ugh but the kids will be mad. What do you think?

Jody- Maybe I will fly down in a few days… the ticket will be costly but worth my mental health!

Jody- El?

Jody- Ellie??? What should I do?

I read through the series of texts. She had sent them more than forty minutes ago. Did she really want me to tell her what to do? I couldn’t be the person to tell her NO don’t go, stay with me all week. It’s exactly what I want to tell her, but exactly what I could not. We both carefully straddled our family lives and our “us” lives and I wasn’t going to come between her and time with her kids. I took a deep breath and readied myself to say exactly the opposite of what I wanted to.

Me- You should go and spend the time with the kids, while they will still go on family vacations. It will be sunny and warm. The vitamin D will be so good for you. And you love the beach!

My heart sunk a little as I hit send.

She texted me back almost immediately, which was unlike her.

Jody- Too late, I already bought the plane ticket

I reread it three times to be sure that’s what she really said.

Me- You bought the what???

Jody- I told Joe that I’m staying here and flying down Wednesday. I’ll drive back with them on Sunday. He wasn’t thrilled but I didn’t give him any choice in the matter. The kids seem fine with it.

I didn’t even know how to respond. She was staying, at least for a little bit of the week. I smiled to myself. Before I could think of anything to type another text came through.

Jody- This means I can see you, a lot… If you want.

I took a deep breath.

Me- Of course I want… But I don’t want you to give up time with the kids for me…

I sighed again. I loved that she wanted this time with me, but I was struggling with it also. She was giving up time with her kids. Time she would never get back. Kids grow up and leave.

Jody- I’m still spending time with them El. I think it will be better time. I won’t be stressed from Joe and his parents as much. It will be better time… I promise

I didn’t respond. She knew how much I struggled at times with the intricacies of this relationship with her. All of me wanted her all the time and I battled with the parts of myself that didn’t want to be a homewrecker. I hated that neither of us were free yet. In a perfect world we would cut ties with our husbands and be together and our kids would be happy and there would be no drama. We don’t live in that perfect world though.

My silence told her that my anxiety was doing the thinking for me. As if on cue my phone went off again.

Jody- Stop overthinking this..

Me- Do you even know me?

Jody- I do, and I love you.

I sighed.

Me- I love you too..

I couldn’t manage more right now. I started up the van and headed home. I didn’t look at my phone again until I crawled into bed at midnight. Jessie and her friends had filled the rest of my evening and I was exhausted. Jody had only texted me once during that time.

Jody- Joe and the kids just left. I know you’re processing. I love you. I will talk to you in the morning. ????

I sent her back a ??, shut my phone down and got some much-needed sleep.

I woke up to the sound of Evan slamming the garage door. I rolled over and turned on my phone. 5am. Lovely. I guess sleeping in was not a thing as long as he had a bug up his ass. Thanks a lot asshole. This was the passive aggressive game he played every day now.

I stared at the last text from Jody. I was flooded with memories of our time together. As much as I overthink everything, I have never once doubted her. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me besides my kids. She was my anchor. I was sure she wouldn’t be up, but I needed to let her know I was feeling better anyways.

Me- good morning gorgeous. I stupid crazy love you ????

I waited a minute and when the message stayed at “delivered” I made my way to the kitchen and started coffee. I checked on Jessie and her friends, all still crashed out all over her bedroom. I sat down, turned on the TV and drank porno my coffee. I was enjoying the quiet and the peacefulness of the morning.

I finished my coffee, put the mug in the dishwasher and decided to wipe down the kitchen. I was just finishing up when I heard my phone vibrate in the living room. It was Jody.

Jody- ???? right back at you. How did you sleep? Obviously not long enough

Me – pretty good.. it’s fine Evan was being loud when he left and it woke me up..I miss you so much. How are the travelers?

Jody- half way there. well I’m home alone except for the cat for 4.5 days.. so get your sexy ass over here

I smiled to myself. 4.5 days. Oh, how I wished I could just stay at her house the entire time.

Me- I will. I’m gonna shower and make sure Jessie and her friends are set then I’ll be over. ??

Jody- I’ll be waiting.

My heart fluttered. It was such a cliché, but it did. I hoped she always had this effect on me. I showered and got ready for the day then went to check on Jessie and her friends. Still sleeping. I made some pancakes and left them on the island with a note to text me when they got up and that I was going to Jody’s. I shot off a text to Timmy telling him I wouldn’t be home but to let me know when he was leaving Kyle’s.

I didn’t bother to text Evan. He was either at work or on his bike, either way he wouldn’t respond. I hopped in the van and was in Jody’s driveway before I knew it. I sat for a second before I made my way to the front door, I needed to steady my brain a bit.

I left the van and walked up the entry steps, knocked and walked in. I half expected her to be in the in-law apartment. That day was still one of my favorite memories. She wasn’t. She was in the kitchen and I could smell fresh coffee and muffins. She was not a good cook, but the woman could bake. I loved her muffins almost as much as I loved her.

I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around her. She leaned into me as she stood by the stove. The heat from her body almost as warm as the heat from the oven. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. I needed her so badly.

“How much longer do they have to cook?” I asked her as we stood there.

“5ish minutes.”

I turned her around to face me and I started kissing her. I could wait 5 minutes to feel all of her, but I needed this right now. Something about knowing without a doubt we were alone and wouldn’t be disturbed always brought out a different side of us both. Her fingers grabbed the back of my hair and her tongue exploded in my mouth. We kissed like this until the oven timer started shouting at us. She broke off the kiss and checked the muffins. “another minute or two.”


She glared at me. I sat down at her island, waiting for the damn muffins to be done. My face was pouty, and I knew it.

“Don’t you want coffee and muffins?”

“After.” Was all I replied.

The timer went off again. This time the muffins were ready, but not as ready as I was. She barely had them out when I reached for her again. Our tongues collided; hands began their frenzied flurry of exploring. We made our way out of the kitchen, our goal I knew from experience was the bed in the in-law apartment. I was overcome with lust and had her backed up against the wall on the way to the living room. Her knee moved up to my waist as we kissed and my hand was on her mound thru her pants. I could feel the heat building as I rubbed. Her breath was in my ear as I pulled her shirt off. I began kissing down her throat and neck, making my way slowly to her amazing breasts.

I took my time and devoured every bit of each one. Buried my face in the valley between. Taking the time to kiss her gorgeous mouth. I made my way down to her naval. I kissed every part of her stomach and reached to possess her ass. Feeling it in my hands, kneading it before I removed her yoga pants, no panties on. “Fuck” I said as I began spreading her legs just a bit. She playfully bopped me on the head, “stop swearing.” She knew that was never going to happen. I pulled her right leg over my shoulder and plunged my mouth between her legs. She tasted as amazing as always. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, in and around all her folds, teasing her hole. I took her clit in and sucked. I could feel her reacting, her body twitching against the wall. My tongue flicked and licked. Her hands were on my head, holding and guiding me. I drank up her juices that were flowing so well and then I stilled my mouth.

“Fuck Ellie don’t stop.” She panted. I loved when she swore at me.

I took her leg off my shoulder and started back up her body with my tongue. Her nipples were so hard. My tongue lapped at them, my teeth nipped and tugged. I loved listening to the moans escaping her mouth as I played. Slowly my hands trailed down as my mouth went up. One reached her ass and grabbed as much as it could hold. She gasped. My tongue entered her mouth as the fingers on my other hand plunged into her hole. Porno 64 First one then two. I thrust with all the force I could, her hips meeting every movement. Our tongues danced as she rode my hand to climax. When her muscles finally relaxed, I withdrew my fingers. As she often did, she took my fingers in her mouth and sucked her juices off. This was one of the biggest turn-ons to me and she knew it. She had that sheepish grin on her face that I had fallen in love with so many months ago.

“I’ve missed you.” I sighed into her neck. My hand cupping her breast, her softness and heat surrounded me. “I have missed all of you.” My arms wrapped around her, drawing her even closer. I just wanted to hold her, feel her body next to mine without worrying about time or being seen. She had other plans. She removed my shirt and bra. Landing kisses as she went. I couldn’t wait for her to make it lower and stepped out of my leggings and panties. Her tongue worked its magic in my mouth as she slowly guided me away from the wall and towards the couch.

She pushed me to sit down and climbed to straddle my hips. She sat facing me and her tongue danced in my mouth. She started lacing kisses down my neck and spent what seemed like hours devouring my nipples and breasts. I basked in the attention. Every time I tried to touch her back, she growled at me. It was the sexiest she had ever been. Painfully slow, she made her way lower and lower, now kneeling on the floor in front of me. She pulled me closer to the edge of the couch, spread my legs and buried her face between them. Her tongue licked and danced while her hands grabbed my entire ass. I was closing in on climax when she stopped. I opened my eyes to question her and saw that sheepish grin on her face and a dildo in her hands. I had no idea where she pulled it from, and I didn’t care. She kissed my inner thighs as she’s plunged it in me. Her tongue went to work on my clit while thrusting it in and out.

“FUCK.” Spewed out of my mouth. She continued working me hard. My orgasm hit harder and tore me open. She stayed on her knees in front of me as my body rocked, her hands on my legs. When I calmed, she climbed back to straddle me, kissing me, burying her head in my neck and whispered, “I’ve missed you more.”

“Fuck” was all I could manage. She playfully bopped me again. We sat intertwined, neither of us in a rush to break the connection. We stayed that way not nearly long enough when her stomach growled, breaking the silence.

“Muffins and coffee time.” I said, kissing her to hold the connection just a little longer. We slowly separated and walked to the kitchen, grabbing clothes as we went. We fixed our coffee and sat next to each other, with a muffin each. I picked up her hand, holding it in mine while we ate, drank and talked. This is what contentment looks like, I thought to myself.

“Wanna watch a movie?” She asked me. I thought on it for a minute. I was never a movie person before Jody, I never wanted to sit that long. Now I loved sitting watching with her. We hadn’t watched one together alone in months. I smiled to myself knowing we could sit closer and actually touch each other because no one was here.

“Can we go for a walk first?” I really wanted to walk off the muffin before sitting still. Plus, I don’t sit still well to begin with, and she knew this.

“Of course, just let me go put a bra on.” She giggled as she headed upstairs. I grabbed my phone to check on the kids. Timmy was home and Jessie was bringing her friends home. I told them I was staying here for a few hours. No word from Evan, which I wasn’t surprised by. Jody was back and I frowned just a little. I much preferred her without a bra. She caught my frown and grinned, “it can come back off later Ellie.” God, I loved this woman. Before we headed out, she checked her phone. Joe and the kids were only a couple hours from their destination.

I was beat after our walk. Jody picked the movie, knowing full well by now that I really didn’t care what we watched. I joked with her all the time that I would happily watch paint dry with her. She came downstairs with “Silver Linings Playbook” and a blanket. Once the movie was set-up she climbed on the couch and I sat next to her. I was already yawning as she spread the blanket over both our laps. I yawned again and she looked over at me. I managed a “Sorry.” She smiled. I put my head on her shoulder as the movie started. It wasn’t long before my eyes were closing and my head bobbing.

“El.” I heard Jody saying.

“Huh..What?” I startled awake.

“Hun, lay down, you’re exhausted.” I shook my head no at first but saw the look in her eyes as I yawned again. I relented and said ok and started to move to lay on the other end of the couch. She put her hand on my shoulder drawing my head towards her lap. I smiled and obliged. I curled up, head safely in her lap and she adjusted the blanket around me and restarted the movie. Her arm laid across my shoulder, her fingers occasionally moving over my forehead and behind my ear. I missed the rest of the movie. I started to wake as I felt her hand stroking my arm. I didn’t want to open my eyes. I wanted to lay there feeling her every breath as my head rested so close to her core. I felt safe and loved. There was no better feeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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